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Futuristic Perspectives on Training and Development


Training trends worldwide, Technological advancements in Training, Assertiveness Training, Train the Trainer (T3) program, T&D in India: Corporate examples

Training trends worldwide

The biggest aim of any training program is to retain talent. The cost of any successful and effective training program is far less than the cost of not being able to retain the right people for the right jobs.

1. 2. 3. 4. Changing Delivery Method Performance consulting on the Rise Faster Delivery & Just in Time Training Realization that Training Volume Does not Equal Success 5. Taking Succession Management to the front lines 6. Development Plans are becoming Individualized

Technological Advancements In Training

Environmental Factors Influencing Technology-Based Training are: Globalization Economic pressures Work/Life Issues Recent advances in computing power and connectivity

Assertiveness is a particular mode of communication. Assertiveness training is a form of behavior therapy designed to help people stand up for themselvesto empower themselves, in more contemporary terms.

Train the trainer (T3) program

Training of trainers is a form of training imparted to an individual with a view to preparing a person for future role as a trainer. This is a process which aims to develop capabilities and capacities of trainers to impart training to others as a skilled professional.

Objectives of T3
To promote the activity of training as an integral element of peoples organization. To develop necessary skills in designing and organizing training programmes. To provide an understanding of the principles and practices of the training process. To sharpen communication skills of the trainer.

T&D in India
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