Question what is functional specs in sap sd and also gap analysis Question Submitted By :: BalarameshI also faced this

Question!! RankAnswer Posted By Re: what is functional specs in sap sd and also gap analysisAnswer #1 Functional spec is nothing but the specification we give it to the technical team for the required routines or enhancement to be made for configuration of a business process Eg : Suppose you want to add a new feild in the sales order at customer header say new partner function is to be added or a new pricing proccedure is to be determined for which a

VKORG= 1000. In the above case we need to write the routie for pnar so we will give spec like go to knvv table fill the details for KUNNR .user exit or routune has to be written then thorugh this spec we will specify as tpo from where the required data is to be extracted and in which feild we need to write the routine . VTWEG: 10 and spart =05 write a new routine for kunnr part type =zc and add it to the data tbale Where as Gap analysis is a blue print document used during project preparation where we enlist the areas where .

.Functional specs are prepared for the gap's that r identified in the business which can't b mapped directly in SAP. 2.Functional spec's are prepared 4 the reports as well 4 the business transactions. 1.we need to make the changes like enhancement to see that the data has a smooth flow from the thrid party system to SP LEGACY SYSTEM Is This Answer Correct ? 3 Yes 1 No 0 Shriya Re: what is functional specs in sap sd and also gap analysisAnswer #2 Hi Balaramesh.

.detailed logic of the spec's or requirements and the output format.A Functional Spec' will be having the requester name.version.ZMFBF.say preparation.input format.Normally these T Codes starts with Z.3. 5. Generally this falls during Realization.Be4 preparing the fucntional spec's understand the exact business requirement. stage and also during support that is after Go-Live. 4.

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