1. Just to confirm, this is the page that the user plugs the information in to.

User should provide all information and there is nothing to put in worksheet

2. These cells are the ones that should not be changed, and should be locked. This will confused the user. But this should be formatted as the print out in landscape cleanly that the user can use to print and keep in their files. These cells can’t be locked as macro will put the value according to the userform . You can print by landscape

3. Can you change the color of the box to something without a black background. Perhaps a light blue background (like what we have here above) with Green staying green and blue arrow being red.

Push the button “Calculate” d. f. a. I will pay a $5 bonus for that. e. Can you give me step-by-step directions for this too for the user.Changed all accordingly. Click “exit” button. 4. Push the button “Click”. . b. A message “Done” will show then. Put all information as per stated before the boxes. Chart will change accordingly. Nothing special is required by user. c.

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