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Summer Reading 2013

The Art of Questioning

Questions are waypoints of the path of wisdom. ~ Grant Lichtman The Falconer


What if we explore the art of questioning together? What if we choose from a list of books selected for this theme? What if the book is made available to us in one of three forms: paper, digital, or audio?
There are choices for this summers reading. Following suggestions from the faculty, these books are available in one of three formats. You may choose from a traditional book, a Kindle book, or an audio book if the choice is available. Please select one of the books from the list above for your summer reading and let us know your choice on or before May 10 by entering your selection on the Summer Reading Choice Google Form: Also based on faculty feedback, we will use the 4 As Protocol ( again to debrief and discuss what we read. Use it on your own to guide and record your reections and if interested, please consider joining colleagues by posting your reections in our Flourish blog and tweet your takeaways using #TrinityLearns.
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