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OPPT-SA Awareness Drive 11

OPPT-SA Awareness Drive 11

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Published by Anton Cloete
Please support this Flash-mob drive against the City of Cape Town in their actions against Anthea Torr. Let us drive the message of their illegal actions home!!!
Please support this Flash-mob drive against the City of Cape Town in their actions against Anthea Torr. Let us drive the message of their illegal actions home!!!

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Published by: Anton Cloete on May 07, 2013
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OPPT-SA “Flash-mob” Awareness Drive 11 6th to 9th May 2013

Please help Anthea Torr and send the foreclosure flyer to the city of Cape Town by participating in this flash-mob drive! Help us drive the message home to those still clinging to the old system. Background info: Anthea refused to submit plans to the City of Cape Town until they proved jurisdiction over her, in view of the fact that they are a listed company, and all listed companies have to have a contract to act - (i.e. a wet signature, meaning all is fully disclosed and understood and signed by both parties). She has been asking them to prove this for 2 years, and also, that if she DOES submit her plans that they do not ultimately add to the value of her 'Trust' ( identifiable by her ID number on the balance sheet of the Republic of South Africa) which is also corporation, whose head office is in New York USA. She has been asking them to prove that this added value is not used as collateral to borrow further from the World Bank/IMF etc - which ultimately has to be paid back via forced taxes, fines. licenses, registrations etc etc - which further enslaves the people - bringing poverty, marginalization and great hardship to all! If this is the case, which we know it is - treason of the highest order, is being committed by those that run this country, and others around the world, every day. UPDATE!!! We have now (with more volunteers stepping forward – THANK YOU!) made it incredibly easy for you to participate in the awareness drive. • Each of these documents outlining an awareness drive campaign will have a link to a web page. • Here is this one’s link: www.theonepeople.co.za- Click and participate!

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Click on the link Enter your name and your e-mail address And the automated system will send the “Message” below to all the “Recipients listed below on your behalf, using your e-mail address in the “From” field. We do NOT store or save your details at all. It is used once only in this particular e-mail campaign.

What is this this “Awareness Drive” about? In order to spread the good news about OPPT and the UCC filings far and wide through our beautiful rainbow nation, our path is to inform everyone that they have been freed from slavery. One of the most effective methods to bring an important issue to the fore, is to use the “flash-mob” technique. A “flash-mob” is a coordinated action where • many people send a • specific message to • one or more selected individuals • during a specified (short) time period.

The aim is to have (at least) two coordinated “flash-mob” awareness drives per week, which will be announced on the OPPT-SA Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/opptsa/). Every awareness drive will have a new list of contact details and a new date range. We have compiled this “template” document outlining the good news message about OPPT. There are currently over 2000 members on this OPPT-SA FB group. We have also collected contact details of many individuals to share the message with. All that is needed now, is the DOing of sending the information out. This is where YOU come into the picture. How to use this information Click on the link in the green box at the top of this document, fill in YOUR name and YOUR email address. Click on “Send”, and relax, knowing that you are contributing to our new paradigm! Let us get this beautiful message of our new, freedom oriented world out to everyone!

Contact List – These are all in the City of Cape Town. “Cheryl.Walters@capetown.gov.za“ “richard.walton@capetown.gov.za“ “pierre.hoffa@capetown.gov.za“ “william.carter@capetown.gov.za“ “Ielyaas.brink@capetown.gov.za“ “joan.skibbe@capetown.gov.za“ “martin.songhurst@capetown.gov.za“ “ashley.carelse@capetown.gov.za“ “michelle.walker@capetown.gov.za“ “colin.mcgillewie@capetown.gov.za“ “stephen.arendse@capetown.gov.za“ “marius.crous@capetown.gov.za“ “pieter.terblanche@capetown.gov.za“ “hans.degehaar@capetown.gov.za“ “Emil.Schnackenberg@capetown.gov.za“ “jaco.van_der_westhuizen@capetown.gov.za“ “fiona.ogle@capetown.gov.za“

Subject: 11 - Cease and Desist support. Message Dear Sir/Madam, You are receiving this information as a show of solidarity in our stand against the allegations aimed at Anthea Torr. Please read the message below. It is of great importance to your future, as well as for all human beings inhabiting this planet. Kind regards,

[Your Name] As Eternal Essence Embodied

Spread the good news: Share this information far and wide!
The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) announced the foreclosure of the world’s banks and “governments” on December 25th 2012 stemming from prior investigation into massive fraud across the entire system. See report at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/118067922/PARADIGM-DOCUMENT-FROM-THE-TREASURY-FINANCE-AG-INDUSTRIESTRASSE21-CH-6055ALPNACH-DORF-SWITZERLAND

What happened?
The OPPT posed to the world’s Banks and Governments: 1. 2. that they had by deceptive acts and practices been stealing from the people for hundreds of years, and; nothing stood between the Creator and each of the Creator’s creations, and gave due opportunity to rebut both statements. They could not and did not. To understand this fully please read the

Declaration of Facts at http://www.peoplestrust1776.org > UCC Filings > 2012 ptII > Declaration of Facts. Here are two excerpts:

Government Charters Cancelled: (Refer: DECLARATION OF FACTS: UCC Doc # 2012127914 Nov 28 2012)
“...That any and all CHARTERS, inclusive of The United States Federal Government, UNITED STATES, “STATE of ...", Inclusive of any and all abbreviations, idem sonans, or other legal, financial or managerial forms, any andall international equivalents, inclusive of any and all OFFICES, inclusive of any and all OFFICERS, PUBLIC SERVANTS, EXECUTIVE ORDERS, TREATIES, CONSTITUTIONS, MEMBERSHIP, ACTS, and any and all other contracts and agreements made thereunder and thereby, are now, void, worthless, or otherwise cancelled, unrebutted; ...”

Bank Charters Cancelled: (Refer: TRUE BILL: WA DC UCC Doc# 2012114776 Oct 24 2012)
“Declared and ordered irrevocably cancelled; any and all charters for Bank of International Settlements (BIS) members thereto and thereof including all beneficiaries, including all certain states of body owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems, operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS …commandeering lawful value by unlawful representation...”

Orders to Cease and Desist:
Attention is drawn to DECLARATION AND ORDER: UCC Doc # 2012096074, Sept. 09 2012, duly reconfirmed and ratified by COMMERCIAL BILL UCC Doc. No. 2012114586 and TRUE BILL UCC Doc. No.2012 114776 which states: Volunteers within the military ... “to arrest and take into custody any and all certain states of body, their agents, officers, and other actors, regardless of domicil by choice, owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems, operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS against the several states citizens, ...”, and “Repossess all private money systems, tracking, transferring, issuing, collection, legal enforcement systems operating SLAVERY SYSTEMS...” “...all beings of the creator shall forthwith assist all Public Servants identified herein, to implement, protect, preserve and complete this ORDER by all means of the creator and created as stated herein, by, with, and under your full personal liability...” Search document numbers listed at the Washington DC UCC Registry: https://gov.propertyinfo.com/DC-Washington/

What does this mean to you?
Are you paying a “debt” to a foreclosed entity..? e.g. mortgage, credit card, car loan? OPPT has foreclosed on hierarchy. No one stands between you and your creator... not even “Government”. Because a CEASE AND DESIST order exists, you are free to offer terms and conditions to individuals acting on behalf of a foreclosed Bank or “Government”, by issuing a Courtesy Notice.

What does this mean to Banks & “Governments”?
All beings now act in the capacity of individual entities without a corporate safety net and with full personal liability for each and EVERY ACTION THEY TAKE under common law, protected and preserved by public policy UCC 1-103, and Universal law, the governing law laid out in the OPPT UCC filings. (Refer: WA DC UCC Ref Doc # 2012113593) Should any individual pursue any actions on behalf of a foreclosed Bank or “Government”, causing another individual any damage

as herein described, they in their individual and unlimited capacity are absolutely liable. Such actions may result in the receipt of a Courtesy Notice.

Courtesy Notice
The Courtesy Notice contains the information of this flyer and offers terms and conditions for future dealings. Whereas Banks and “Governments” have been foreclosed worldwide... Acts, Statutes, Codes, Courts, Executive Orders etc were thereby foreclosed, thus without a lawfully binding contract - individual to individual, no instrument exists to compel performance. The Courtesy Notice offers new terms to any individual of a foreclosed entity for their acceptance and the method of acceptance is clearly defined. Individuals are now downloading and sending Courtesy Notices worldwide; 64,000 were downloaded in the first two days following release in early Feb 2013. See www.oppt-in.com

What is the UCC - Where and to whom does it apply?
The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is the ‘bible’ of commerce and used world wide, but sometimes in disguise. UCC is not taught in law schools; it is used in high level banking and government corporations. Accordingly most lawyers, attorneys and magistrates know nothing about UCC and will argue it has no application.

1 2

Executive Order 13037 dated 04 Mar 1997 defined humans as capital. See: http:// americankabuki.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/us-citizens-defined-as-property-of.html UCC Doc # 0000000181425776 filed 12 Aug 2011 evidences sale of US citizens in transaction between The Federal Reserve System and The United States Department of the Treasury 1789 for $14.3 trillion. (Linked above) 3 UCC Doc #2001059388 evidences the template the Federal Reserve Bank of New York uses to secure the collateral in major banks around the world... including chattel paper, goods and the unborn young of animals. See http://www.mediafire.com/view/?3yh79cjnzcwzu0s Those who would regard the UCC as irrelevant outside the US are thereby claiming former funding arrangements with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York null and void.

Due Diligence
Given the usage of UCC filings in the upper levels of “government” and banks worldwide, due diligence is a necessity. If there is a dispute, error, or falsity make AND deliver a duly verified sworn DECLARATION OF REBUTTAL to the duly verified, sworn and REGISTERED OPPT DECLARATION OF FACTS, point by point, with specificity and particularity, with full responsibility and liability, under the penalty of perjury under any law you identify, that the forgoing is true and accurate, signed by your wet-ink signature. To date, no such rebuttal has been registered.

Further Research
Radio shows: http://oppt-in.com/opptinradio/ http://oppt-in.com/thecollectiveimagination/

All People Declared Free of Debt (Refer Notice of Declaration of Absolute Truth UCC# 2013032035) The final filing of
the OPPT occurred on March 18, 2013. This document terminated all remaining man-made entities and returned all people of this planet to absolute freedom. In this document the creator is referred to as "absolute essence" and all creations people are referred to as "absolute essence embodied". Article VI states..."I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that eternal essence IS made transparent and known by the DO'ing of any and all embodiment of eternal essence in eternal essence's universe, IS free and free of debt, unrebutted." This means THERE IS NO DEBT. You have no debt... No one has debt... it is done.

Inform yourself: 1. Your government is a registered for-profit corporation.
SA Govt listed on Washington SEC as FOR PROFIT corporation: EDGAR Search Results Watch this 50min video for more background: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umVj5XQYAi8

2. What is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)? Watch the 6 min clip from Jordan Maxwell on the UCC
available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10NPXFvwOBo

3. Learn the basics of OPPT here: http://understandingtheoppt.info/index.shtml
and here: (“Intro to OPPT” video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Koog6xbvdgs

4. Read this published article:
http://www.opednews.com/articles/Great-News-Or-Disinfo---by-Gabriel-Donohoe-130306-401.html 5. Visit www.oppt.co.za

6. Join the OPPT-SA Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/opptsa/

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