EC cooperation has evolved from a project-based approach towards a sector-oriented approach

Democracy and governance Priorities Consolidate democracy and good governance Modernize institutions and create a culture of transparency and integrity Land tenure Legal certainty Land use Environmental issues Social services Urban planning Means Monitoring accountability systems Sanctions against corruption Creation of opportunities for Dialogue
Basic values for the European Union

Focal sectors 2007-2013

Good quality basic education Focus on rural and indigenous communities Special attention to adult education and teenager education Gender Priorities Education Curricula Human rights Citizenship Regional issues Environment Natural resource management Vocational education and training linked to employment Sustainable economic growth Essential to Reduce extreme poverty and to support social cohesion Objectives Supporting the Macro-economic framework Supporting the business and investment climate Was a focal sector in the last program (2002-2006) Rural development The impact at national level has been limited

EU cooperation towards Nic

Environmental sustainability Food security

Cross-cutting issues

Regional economic integration Decentralization of the State Gender equity

EU cooperation towards Nic.mmap - 17/12/2008 - CEMA

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