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1.0 INTRODUCTION Sugarcane Juice is a Marketing idea that deals in product. Our product is sugarcane juice in tetra pack packaging. Sugarcane juice is widely used in summer season because it is good in taste and low in cost. But problem with this is that it cant be preserved for longtime. In Bangladesh no company has launched sugar cane juice till now in tetra pack. The methodology used in Bangladesh is quite old and so many people dont go for this sector because the risk of the low shelf life. So we have decided to launch a sugar cane juice because sugar cane juice is naturally sweet, so it can be sold with a little additional processing we can make flavors also as a ginger, lime juice, mint leaves. Fresh sugar cane juice has no preservatives, however its tendency to turn black from oxidation soon after pressing is very high, so to secure from oxidation we should pack in tetra pack packaging. The sugar cane juice has several health benefits and medicinal properties most of which remains unknown to the masses. It has direct effect on digestive system and it contains nutrients which are healthful for life. It strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, and brain and sex organs. The juice sucked from the sugarcane can prove highly valuable in case of weak teeth due to lack of proper exercise resulting from excessive use of soft foods. It gives a form of exercise to the teeth and makes them strong. It also keeps the teeth clean and increases their life 1.1 Goals and Objective Our objective is divided into different parts. First year objective is to capture 10% market share of juice industry with sales revenue of minimum 20 million and net profit of 3 million. 2nd year objective is to obtain 18% market share with sales revenue of 40 million Tk. net profit of 7 million. And five year our market share will be 30 %. Continuous growth in sales Increase the seasonal sales volume Improve the companys image Delivering the good quality and taste to the consumers at a fair price.

Non-financial goals: Maintain positive, steady growth each month. Experience an increase in new customers who are turned into long-term customers. Generate brand equity at the Farmer's Market as well as within the commercial restaurant industry market. Awareness regarding services offered, develop the customer base, and work toward building customer loyalty. To enter into new market.

Issue: Our main issue is about the perception of people about the sugarcane juice building brand is very difficult due to perception because they will think that it is easily available in fresh form then why we buy it in tetra pack. We must invest heavily on promotion of juice and also marketing plan will change time to time because we are new in the market so we have to create awareness in customer about our product and to attract them.

2.0 PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS AND ITS APPLICATION 2.1 Product Characteristic Attributes Hygienically extracted Rich in salts Contains 15% natural sugar Low glycemic index No artificial sweetener Rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and roughage Low calorie juice with medicinal properties

Benefits Natural thirst quencher Instant rejuvenation Innocuous to health Prevents cold n flu Cures jaundice Cures eye disorders Prevents cancer 2.2 Basic and Presumption The unit proposes to work at least 200 days per annum on single shift basis. The unit can achieve its full capacity utilization during the 3rd year of operation. The wages for skilled workers is taken as per prevailing rates in this type of industry. Interest rate for total capital investment is calculated @12% per annum. The entrepreneur is expected to raise 20-25% of the capital as margin money. The unit proposes to construct own buildings as per F. P.O specifications.

Costs of machinery and equipment are based on average prices enquired from machinery manufacturer. 2.3 Product Picture

Fig-1 Tetra Pack of Sugarcane-Vita 2.4 Basic and Presumption a) b) c) d) e) f) The unit proposes to work at least 200 days per annum on single shift basis. The unit can achieve its full capacity utilization during the 3rd year of operation. The wages for skilled workers is taken as per prevailing rates in this type of industry. Interest rate for total capital investment is calculated @12% per annum. The entrepreneur is expected to raise 20-25% of the capital as margin money. The unit proposes to construct own buildings as per F. P.O specifications.

g) Costs of machinery and equipment are based on average prices enquired from machinery manufacturer. 2.5 Implementation Schedule Project implementation will take a period of 10 months. Break-up of the activities and relative time for each activity is shown below: Scheme preparation and approval: 02 month

SSI provisional registration: 02-03 months Sanction of financial supports etc.:03-07 months Installation of machinery and power connection: 07-10 months Trial run and production: 01 month

2.6 Pollution Control The bagasse from the cane should be disposed of quickly or dried at a distant place since it attracts flies and ferments leading to foul odor. 2.7 Energy Conservation The fuel for the steam generation in the boiler is coal or LDO depending upon the type of boiler. Proper care should be taken while utilizing the fuel for the steam production. There should be no leakage of steam in the pipe lines and adequate insulation should be provided. 2.8 Production Capacity Quantity: 6 lakh bottles/annum or 3,000 bottles/day. Value: Tk. 75 lakh Installed capacity: 8 lakh bottles/annum Working days: 200/annum Optimum capacity utilization: 70% Manpower: 25 Motive power: 20 kWH Water: 10 kL/day Fuel: Dry bagasse can also be used

3.0 SITUATION ANALYSIS 3.1 Target Market Summary Although our juice is for all ages and for all kind of people. But the youth is our main target. As this segment is maximum number in population in Bangladesh and it is more Fun loving and excitement seeking so it is our best target market.

3.2 Market Demographics Geographic segmentation Rural Areas Urban areas Densely populated regions Regions with predominantly hot and arid climates

Demographic Segmentation Individuals with age 3 years and above Individuals across all income groups Working and non-working individuals Students Institutions and offices Restaurants and hotels Retail shops

Psychographic Segmentation Health conscious consumers Consumers who have inclination towards nature and natural products Quality conscious consumers Consumers who have diverse tastes and seek variety

Non users and potential users

3.3 Market Needs In summer people of all ages take soft drinks and juices to quench their thirst. So Sugarcane juice in tetra pack is highly demanded by customers because it reduces the thirst and it is useful for healthy life because it is hygienic and pure. So when it is highly available at affordable price at everywhere customers will use Sugarcane juice than soft drinks because it has no side effects and it is safe.

3.4 Consumer Insight The consumer insights are listed from most important to least important for the target audience The need for a healthy alternative to soft drinks Soft drinks are low in nutritional value Over indulgence of soft drinks leads to poor eating habits Needs a variety of beverage choices Needs a way to gain healthy long lasting energy Have fast paced lives and do not have time to make healthy meals everyday Passionate about their and their familys health and well being Genuinely concerned about the overall health of their families Sugarcane-Vitas high volumes of vitamins and antioxidants contribute to healthy family members Provides a solution to the worry of what to feed to themselves and their children with little post purchase regret Want to maximize on opportunities to save time and effort by purchasing a quality product Highly likely to put their familys needs in front of their own Needs to feel good about their dietary decisions and give them a sense of empowerment Peer pressure forcing them to have the perfect healthy family 3.5 Market Trends In target market there is trend of soft drinks and juices. People use juices to have a fit life and also to serve their guests as well. Because juices are hygienic and nutritious and have a good taste then soft drinks. In summer its usage is more so the availability should be increased to meet the demand of customers. 3.6 Market Growth Juices market expands very fast .A new research proves that in future (2015) every person use 85.5 liters juices per years. We are learning to appreciate the more sophisticated taste of this health food. Therefore taste and health consciousness is what is driving this demand. This demand can be seen by the increase of juice offerings. Lastly, presentation is becoming a variable in gauging the quality of a product, and a new juice is very aesthetically pleasing. 3.7 Competition Overview Manufacturers and producers of:

Aerated Drinks Branded and unbranded fruit juices Fruit based milk drinks Natural mineral water Fruit shakes Branded and unbranded coconut water

4.0 SWOT ANALYSIS 4.1 Strength We have introduced sugarcane juice in tetra pack for the first time. So it is helpful for us to have more customer at the than other new competitors because the time the take to enter the market the customer will become loyal to our product. Sugarcane-Vita produces good quality products. It cannot compromise on quality.

We have introduced the first time that there is not any sugarcane juice in tetra pack available in market. 4.2 Weaknesses Sugarcane-Vita juices not store able for long time. Consumers are brand loyal toward competitors product so we have to convince them. Because there are already competitors who are dealing in juices and beverages, so it is difficult to shift them from other juices.

4.3 Opportunities Healthy organic and natural drinks oriented global and local culture. Limited option in locally produced in real fruit juices. High export potential. With good pre harvest planning, which is around 50% of the total production, could be turned into potential business opportunity. Reduction in excise and import duties on food processing machinery.

4.4 Threats We face problem if government employ taxes on them which force them to raise the price of their product.

There is large competition in juices market There are no many entry barriers so a large numbers of local juices enter in juices market Unavailability of adequate industries statistics. Single Product Company. High processing and packaging cost. Threat from other fruit juice exporting countries. (India and China who already in foreign market) Price sensitivity and low consciousness towards quality amongst consumers. Heavy advertising from existing giant players. High cost to meet international quality standards.

5.0 MARKETING STRATEGY 5.1 Objectives We have set aggressive but achievable objectives for the first and second years of market entry. First-year Objectives: We are aiming for a 3 percent share of the Bangladesh juice market through unit sales volume of 200,000. Second-year Objectives: Our second year objective is to achieve break-even on the SUGARCANE VITA and launch our new product. 5.2 Target Customers Our potential customer will be every kind of individuals. However we will segment our market on the basis of their priority and attributes towards hygienic products. Initially to minimize our risk we will cater on the metros in Bangladesh then depending upon the demand and our finance capacity we will expand our production and distribution to other cities of Bangladesh. Our customer will be: Students at every level from school to universities. Employees who works entire day. Households and passengers.

In summer session every kind of people with no age limit use this juice because of unhygienic products most of the people avoid this. We will specially target those kinds of people.

5.3 Positioning Brand strategy is at the heart of marketing strategy. It is the act of designing the company offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer mind. Sugarcane juice is very beneficial for health and provides refreshment. As we are launching sugar cane juice in tetra pack, so we want to create positive and long lasting image in the minds of customers that we are providing hygienic juice because we are also introducing new flavors like mint and ginger etc. Positioning Statement For every individual, who wants a 100% natural product that offers rejuvenation and freshness, the Sugarcane Vita is a packaged drink that provides energy and refreshment at affordable prices, best quality and value for your money. Point of parity Different flavor Tetra packing Point of difference 100% pure juice 5.4 Distribution Channel Overview In generally there are different types of marketing distribution system. Consumers are able to buy the products from different market place. All these distribution strategies are consists of producer, wholesaler, retailer, and finally to the consumer. There are mainly four types of marketing distribution channel: 1. Conventional Marketing channel 2. Vertical marketing channel 3. Horizontal Marketing channel 4. Hybrid Marketing channel We select the conventional marketing channel to distribute our product. Our juice will be distributed by the specified distributor which will be selected by the company. The selected distributor will supply the juice product to the wholesaler and also to the retailer and the consumer will collect the product from the retailers. There are three types of distribution strategies: 1. Selective distribution


2. Intensive distribution 3. Exclusive distribution We choose the Selective distribution for our product. We will supply our product only over the Dhaka city on the basis of our product demand so that the consumer can get the product easily. 5.5 Company Impact It is quite a new idea which has not been yet commercialized because of the lengthy and risky procedures of preserving this juice. This juice is need not to be marketed so much because it is a new thing which people will try and love a lot. Simply we can place it on college cafeteria, school cafeteria, office cafeteria, grocery shops, the only thing we must do is to ensure its shelf life and long preservation time. 5.6 Company Strategy In first year our company, will market in the Dhaka city only. Then looking our sales history we will expand our business opportunities in other cities of Bangladesh. The Sugarcane-Vita juice has its own distribution channel. At first we distribute only within the Dhaka city.

6.0 MARKETING MIX Sugarcane-vita Juice marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to promotion product, price, place, marketing communication, marketing research(R & D) and customer service. 6.1 Promotion The promotion of the product i.e. the advertisement, sales promotion and other promotional tools can change the buying behavior because some of the individuals highly influenced by the advertisement of the product. We have decided to use integrated marketing communication in which there will be blend of different marketing promotional tools that will convey clear and consistent message of our product to the customers. These Promotional tools are given below, Newspapers: Newspaper has the widest readership and circulation among our targeted market; these would carry most of the advertisements for the publication media. Also, the print ads will be published in other much read newspapers like be designed, i.e. half page and quarter page.


Television: Tele commercials will be aired on sports channels and news channels as the viewer ship of these channels is highly common among the targeted market. Billboards: Billboards will be placed at busy thoroughfares in big cities. Billboards will be our most permanent and long lasting form of advertisement. Promotional Vans: Promotional vans would be deployed on public places which would distribute sugar cane juice for free giving out the message of being an instant energy drink. This campaign of free sampling would last for three months at least in order to make people aware of the benefits and the attributes. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): The proposition must be so strong that it can move the mass millions, i.e., pull over new customers to our product. Each advertisement must make a proposition to the customer. Not just words, not just show-window advertising. Each advertisement must say to each reader:

6.2 Place Use attractive POS displays at all retail outlets Ensure availability to keep up with the brand promise of quality service 6.3 Product Pure and tasty product package in attractive eco-friendly packages which are convenient to use. Packages would use attractive color schemes and would highlight the brand name and the logo with all mandatory information about its nutritive value. Different color schemes to be used for different variants mentioned earlier.


6.4 Price Pricing strategies are most important stage in marketing mix. As we are going to launch a new product in the market, we do not have any idea whether the price would be accepted or not by the customers. If we select extensively high price, customers will not buy and volume of sales will be very low. On the other hand setting lower price will not cover our costs. So we have to consider the following things in selecting price. Acceptance of product: As our product faces competition against both other juice and beverage drinks, price of our product should be accepted by customers. Our product fulfills both juice needs and beverage needs. For this extra utility we will charge higher price than our competitors. Maintaining market share: If our product is accepted by customers in near future, more competitors will enter in the market. So our price should be such that can protect our market share in the competition period. Moreover we will need to lower the price to hold the market share at the time of competition. Earning profit: As a business our main objectives is to earn profit. So we should not set any price that will not cover the cost of the product. After covering the cost we set a profit margin for our pricing. Each unit would cost the customer between Tk. 15 to Tk. 20 depending on the flavor chosen and the local taxes of the corresponding state. Price should be clearly printed on the package.

6.5 Customer service Obsessive customer service is the mantra. Our philosophy is whatever needs to be done to make the customer happy must occur, even at the expense of short-term profits. In the long term, this investment will pay off with a fiercely loyal customer. And finally.. Sugarcane-Vita and all its employees shall align themselves with the brand promise and strive constantly to deliver it in the best possible way at each point of consumer contact. Every touch point shall deliver the promise of the brand in the best possible manner. Further improvements shall be made on the basis of customer feedback, complaints and market research findings.


6.6 Marketing Communication By integrating all messages in all media, we will reinforce the brand name and the main points of product differentiation. Research about media consumption patterns will help our advertising agency choose appropriate media and timing to reach prospects before and during product introduction. Thereafter, advertising will appear on a pulsing basis to maintain brand awareness and communicate various differentiation messages. The agency will also coordinate public relations efforts to build the Sugarcane-Vita brand and support the differentiation message. To generate buzz, we will host a user-generated video contest on our Web-site. To attract, retain, and motivate channel partners for a push strategy, we will use trade sales promotions and personal selling. Until the Sugarcane-Vita brand has been established, our communications will encourage purchases through channel partners rather than from our Web-site. 6.7 Marketing Research(R & D) During the initial phase of the marketing plan development, several focus groups were held to gain insight into prospective customers. These focus groups provided helpful insight into the decision making processes. An additional source of dynamic market research is a feedback mechanism based on a suggestion card system. The suggestion card has several statements that customers are asked to rate in terms of a given scale. There are also several open ended questions that allow the customer to freely offer constructive criticism or praise. The Sugarcane-Vita juice will work hard to implement reasonable suggestions in order to improve their service offerings, as well as show its commitment to the customer that their suggestions are valued. The last source of market research is competitive analysis. The consumers will send people to local competitors to gain information about their product offerings.

7.0 ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS 7.1 Political Analysis The sales depend on the political situation of a country. Uncertain political is a major reason for the business failure. Taxation Law:


If government imposes heavy taxes on the industry then it badly effects the industry growth. The taxes impose is from government side and it varies from industry to industry. Labor Laws: Labor is being privileged here having all the laws. Sugarcane-Vita Company also follows these laws like government announce minimum salaries of an employ Tk. 6000. Takeover of military Controlled democracy Role of Army in Government 7.2 Economic analysis Inflation Rate: Now in Bangladesh inflation rate is almost 9.7% so if increase in inflation rate then increase in prices of JUICES but if in Bangladesh economy. Economic growth rate Economy growth rate accelerate is 7+. 7.3 Social Factor Health consciousness Today people are more health conscious so Sugarcane-Vita juices by identifying this need of the people they are also producing health conscious juices with more vitamins. 7.4 Technological analysis Bangladesh is considered as developing country. Although it is nuclear power yet it lacks behind in other technologies. Now it has made good progress in digital revolution but still it has to import heavy machinery from developed countries.

8.0 FINANCIAL OVERVIEW As we start our business in the year of 2013, we cant expect a huge sales as well as huge profits. But our market research says that there is a good potentiality of this unique featured product. We project our sales will be keep rising next year. More ever promotion and advertising will help in increasing sales. At the very first of our business our mission should be emphasis on promotional activities and recognizing the product at every level.


Now we are showing our five year projected plan-







Total Revenue

(200000*22)+ (80000*38)+ (100000*68)= 14240000

(310000*22)+ (150000*38)+ (200000*68)= 26120000

(460000*22)+ (250000*38)+ (310000*68)= 40700000

(750000*22)+ (500000*38)+ (600000*68)= 76300000

(850000*22)+ (650000*38)+ (750000*68)= 94400000

Variable Cost ( Raw-materials, marketing, advertising, Promotion)

(200000*16)+ (80000*30)+ (100000*56)= 11200000

(310000*16)+ (150000*30)+ (200000*56)= 20660000

(460000*16)+ (250000*30)+ (310000*56)= 32220000

(750000*16)+ (500000*30)+ (600000*56)= 60600000

(850000*16)+ (650000*30)+ (750000*56)= 75100000

Fixed Cost ( 5000000 Land, Factory, Office, Storage)





Total Cost






Profit Margin







8.1 Sales Forecast The first three months of first year will be used to set up the processing and manufacturing plant for the production of V6 vegetables juice. There will not be sales activity until the processing plant has established. From month four there will be a steady increase in sales.

total Sale



1500000 total Sale








Fig-2: Sales Forecast


8.2 Revenue Forecast As in the third month our product sales started and its will be increasing day by day our revenue also will be increased potentially. This growing revenue is shown by the following graph.

total revenue

80000000 70000000 60000000 50000000 40000000 30000000 total revenue

10000000 0






Fig-3: Revenue Forecast


8.3 Expense Forecast Marketing expenses are budgeted to analysis the year-wise expense of our company. The projected expenses for five years are shown by the following graph.

90000000 80000000 70000000 60000000 50000000 40000000 30000000 20000000 10000000 0

Fixed Cost Variable Cost






Fig-4: Expense forecast


8.4 Profit Margin The progresses of our company are measured by analysis the yearly profit. These are shown by the following graph.

Profit Margin
16000000 14000000 12000000 10000000 8000000 6000000 4000000 2000000 0 -2000000

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017






Fig-5: Profit forecast

9.0 CONTROLS The purpose of Sugarcane-Vita juice marketing plan is to serve as a guide for the organization. The following areas will be monitored to gauge performance: Revenue: annually Expenses: annually Repeat business. Customer satisfaction.


9.1 Implementation The following milestones identify the key marketing programs. It is important to accomplish each one on time and on budget. As successful entrepreneur we must fix the detailed action plan with when we are going to perform that. There are some primary activities (planning, permeation from Government) that we assume we have already performed.


Starts selling of product Starts Production Creation of Marketing Channel

Labour supply
Purchasing Machinaries Building production plant
0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4


10.0 CONCLUTION The idea of sugarcane juice is new in Bangladesh. Our Sugarcane-Vita juice is an innovative and new idea for marketing. Customers who are aware about their health must accept our product. According to our marketing research(R & D), we see that our product will be the best marketing product within a few years. We will achieve our targeted market share and become the leader of the juice sector.



1. Z. Dong et al.,A Nitrogen-Fixing Endophyte of Sugarcane Stems (A New Role for the Apoplast), Plant Physiology, 1994, Vol 105, Issue 4 1139-1147 2. R. M. Boddey, S. Urquiaga, V. Reis and J. Dbereiner,Biological nitrogen fixationassociated with sugar cane, Plant and Soil, Volume 137, Number 1 / November, 1991 3. 4. 5. mid