A B C Easiest Intermediate Most difficult Used in oral language; concrete concepts Harder words; more likely used in writing Advanced vocabulary and concepts


Often a range of levels is given since the difficulty will vary according to the word selection. Most students find antonyms easier than synonyms since opposites tend to be more concrete concepts than similarities. However, since synonym substitution is a key strategy for improving written communication, study of synonyms is more beneficial. WORD abandon abbreviate ability able above abundant accurate achieve active adamant add adequate adjourn adult advocate after afraid aggressive aid always amateur ambitious antagonize apparent approve arrive arrogant artificial SYNONYMS desert, forsake shorten, condense skill, aptitude capable, qualified overhead ample, sufficient correct, right accomplish, attain energetic, animated, lively firm, unyielding increase, total sufficient, enough, ample postpone, recess grown-up support, recommend following, next frightened, scared assertive, pushy, militant help, assist forever beginner, novice aspiring, driven provoke, embitter obvious, evident accept, ratify, endorse reach, come haughty, stuck-up fake, synthetic ANTONYMS keep lengthen, increase incompetence, inability incapable below scanty, insufficient wrong fail lethargic, idle, sluggish maneuverable, yielding subtract insufficient, sparse recommence, continue child oppose before courageous, brave passive, peaceful hinder never professional lazy, indifferent soothe, tranquilize hidden, obscure disapprove, censure depart, leave humble, modest real, authentic LEVEL B B-C B B A B-C B B B-C C A-B B-C C A B-C A A-B B-C B A B B-C C C B-C B B-C B-C
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mix base. advantageous finest. foundation courageous. assured ugly after. protection cautious. tranquil. vile genuine. distrust above harmful. adverse worst death. watchful stop. working purchase quiet. concise wide. seize. expansive active. behind finish. wonderful false. imminent ANTONYMS answer kind. burst short. useful. end separate top cowardly. end doubt. accept under. gross. outlaw unproductive. inactive sell excited. sure. fasten near. heroic fracture. productive outgoing. turbulent free. arrest concern. Inc. still apprehend. infertile shy. earlier start. unsure obnoxious. simplify shut. attractive. discontinue positive. real. enchanting cool. timid repair. contemptible. lovely prior. artificial unusual. uncoordinated prohibit. vulgar warm thin. . lower helpful. forbid. occupied. exceptional pleasant graceful allow. initiate trust. inquire dreadful.WORD ask atrocious authentic average awful awkward ban barren bashful beautiful before beginning believe below beneficial best birth blend bottom brave break brief broad busy buy calm capture care careful cease certain charming chilly chubby clarify close close SYNONYMS question. reckless continue. bold. nippy plump. 2 Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. permit fertile. release neglect careless. atrocious clumsy. definite delightful. heal long narrow idle. factual ordinary. timid pretty. pudgy explain. recommence uncertain. fair dreadful. appealing. skinny confuse open far LEVEL A-B C C B-C B-C B B C B A A-B A-B A-B A B-C A-B A-B B A-B B A-B B B B A-B B B B B B-C B B-C A A-B B A B Synonyms & Antonyms p. choice beginning combine.

stop relapse inconvenient unusual wrong. grasp conclude. join amusing. muddle. release agree peace. civil ANTONYMS fine. cooperate censure. flimsy disagree approve expand. accessible customary. selfish scarcely. mammoth blend. trivial separate tragic. disconnect neglectful. link. sorrowful simple incompetent. smooth tiny. restrain oppose. continuous cautious. unhappy discontinue. solid agree. heal handy. intricate crush. denounce compress. attach scrupulous. stuffed join. funny. battle. sympathetic. infect satisfied. restrained thoughtful. seldom purify dissatisfied. right. valor polite. unconscious interrupted radical. insignificant. careless unaware. harmony dissent. struggle comply.WORD coarse colossal combine comical complex competent comprehend complete complex compress concrete concur condemn condense confess confine conflict conflict conform confuse congested connect conscientious conscious consecutive conservative considerate constantly contaminate contented continue convalesce convenient conventional correct courage courteous SYNONYMS bumpy. Inc. squeeze real. humorous complicated. condense. immense. intricate capable. inept confuse. 3 Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. clash fight. mindful always. . rough enormous. virtuous aware. persevere recuperate. unfilled separate. finish complicated. enclose. qualified understand. jumble overcrowded. traditional accurate. defile. differ. submit complicate. cognizant successive. misinterpret incomplete simple expand abstract. tangible. concentrate admit. unite. acknowledge contain. extreme thoughtless. dispute clarify empty. continually pollute. pleased persist. incorrect cowardice rude LEVEL B B-C B B B-C B-C B-C B B-C B-C C B B-C C B B-C B B-C B-C B B-C B C C C C C B B-C B-C B-C C B B-C A-B B B Synonyms & Antonyms p. proper bravery. recover. enlarge deny free.

unfasten. spoil subtract. deceased rot. place barren. shield resist. homey cross. challenging weaken. irritable insane. black daybreak. impair. audacious dismal. thin curtail. prevent sure. harm unsafe. detest. heartless. unlike hard. decrease soiled. active bloom. linger hurt. forsaken hate. dispute ANTONYMS expose uncomfortable good-humored sane kind. Inc. resolute expire. amplify clean agree LEVEL B B B B B A B-C B B B-C A-B B A-B B B B B B B C B-C B B C B C B B B B-C A-B B A-B B C A B Synonyms & Antonyms p. mad mean. wreck blame. assault obey. challenge fragile. lessen. sunrise lifeless. hazardous. perilous bold. dainty destroy. perish distinct. penniless ruin. humane laugh rush remedy. flourish add attack. exit store. hide comfortable. comply sturdy restore commend sparse. . alike easy strengthen increase. empty arrive withdraw dense. heavy. remove hinder. remove protect. messy differ. 4 Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. weep loiter. daft. loathe poor. verdant love wealthy restore attach encourage doubtful live same. compressed leave. indict thick. censure. convinced. wreck. snug.WORD cover cozy cranky crazy cruel cry dally damage dangerous daring dark dawn dead decay deduct defend defy delicate demolish denounce dense depart deposit desolate despise destitute destroy detach deter determined die different difficult dilute diminish dirty disagree SYNONYMS conceal. repair safe cautious light evening alive. ruthless sob. devastate separate.

Inc. stubborn awake. gentle sleeping. luxurious marvelous. clear bad. inactive mistrust. wicked remarkable. shrink tiny.WORD dispute diverse divide docile dormant doubt drab drastic dreadful dry dubious dull dumb early easy eccentric ecstasy empty encourage enemy enjoy enlarge enormous enough entirely eternal evident evil exceptional excite exhilarated explicit exquisite exterior extravagant fabulous face SYNONYMS debate. elation drain. magnify vast. split tame. colossal sufficient. unmistakable delightful. plenty wholly. beforetime simple peculiar. foe like. lovely outside. dreary stupid. depression fill discourage ally. . charming. passing doubtful. vague good ordinary. repulsive interior meager unexciting avoid LEVEL B C B B-C B B B B-C B A-B B-C B A-B A-B A C C A-B B B B B B B B B B-C A C B-C C C C B C B B Synonyms & Antonyms p. dejected. wrong. elated exact. everlasting apparent. obvious. outer extreme. moderate splendid. immense. ample. dense premature. hate reduce. tough terrible. friend dislike. incite overjoyed. provoke. oppose different. meet ANTONYMS agree same. extreme. support. 5 Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. solely always. lifeless severe. perpetual. commonplace compose. active believe bright mild. unclear revolting. super wet certain sharp. bright smart late hard normal sadness. rapture. questionable blunt. amazing confront. urge opponent. appreciate expand. microscopic insufficient partly temporary. excessive. sad indefinite. parched doubtful. unusual joy. outstanding arouse. dispute dull. completely. distinct. unload promote. similar unite wild. distinct separate. calm depressed. unpleasant arid. ecstatic.

exhaust possible. hot important. brutal. usual slow thin LEVEL B B B B-C B A-B A-B B B impossible strong tame. fault. attainable. impartial imitation. sassy liquid enemy. strong polite. outrageous rapid. untruth. Inc. blemish frail. frail fierce. precede encourage latter whole evasive serenity. savage fruitful. repair defect. adversary. gentle unproductive. trail prohibit. stale enemy warm. unfair real. serious back empty calm. silly fore packed.WORD fair fake false fancy fantastic fast fat fatal fatigue feasible feeble ferocious fertile few fiction fill fix flaw flimsy flippant fluid foe follow forbid forgive former fraction frank frenzy fresh friend frigid frivolous front full furious future SYNONYMS honest. frosty trivial. ornate. respectful solid friend lead. stout deadly. savage. enraged. stuffed angry. productive fantasy. calmness old. rage unused. pack mend. ban. swift chubby. genuine true simple. artificial incorrect. excuse. untrue elaborate. blunt fury. fussy incredible. earlier part. quick. practical weak. straightforward. absolve previous. plain ordinary. placid past B-C B B-C C A B A A B B C B B-C A-B B B B B B B-C B A-B B B-C A A B A-B Synonyms & Antonyms p. tomorrow ANTONYMS unjust. just. segment candid. new comrade. buddy freezing. portion. barren many truth empty break perfection sturdy. 6 Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. bar pardon. killing tire. myth load. fragile. delicate impudent. opponent succeed. phony. . unimportant. plump. infuriated coming. mortal.

awful bad. inept soft. cordial small. receive chivalrous. detest aid. fair eager. refined overweight. skinny. assist elevated. well-behaved ravishing. obtain. exempt neutral. enormous donate. gracious antagonistic. stingy rough. pure childish. compile showy. intolerant ANTONYMS lose ungentlemanly scatter. stately collect. discharge untruthful. thwart low release. big-hearted tender. disperse tasteful. lazy uninformed. cordial. convenient. appreciation outstanding. delighted dark. phony tiny. inexperienced resistant. present. magnificent. bright terrible. ambitious knowledgeable dirty. fine. unbiased. minute take. Inc. receive sad. filthy mature. plump selfish. difficult loathe. sincere immense. authentic. pleased. unfriendly friendly. varied busy. sincere. thin giving. lofty grasp. adult susceptible prejudiced patient LEVEL B C B B-C B-C B A-B B B A-B A-B B B-C A B-C B-C B B A-B A-B B A-B B B B-C C A-B B B-C B B B B B-C C C C Synonyms & Antonyms p. disgrace. vulgar scrawny. awful hideous. unattractive ungratefulness insignificant. mild real. dazzling. offer happy. 7 Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. . unhappy cheery. showy honor. easy love hinder. depressing splendid. dignify different. militant vast. unimportant inconvenient. retain truthful. dismal.WORD gain gallant gather gaudy gaunt generous gentle genuine gigantic give glad gloomy glorious good gorgeous gratitude great handy hard hate help high hold honest hospitable hostile huge humble humiliate identical idle ignorant immaculate immature immune impartial impatient SYNONYMS acquire. aggressive. duplicate inactive. harsh fake. frank welcoming. selfless. superb nice. stunning thankfulness. unpretentious embarrass. colossal. solid. dishonor alike. grip. accumulate. garish. immense. skillful firm. tiny vain. unaware spotless. great modest. insincere rude. anxious. remarkable useful.

huge final. detach sad. delighted. unrestrained. defective. meaningless dependent. dull guilty sane adequate. inside bigoted. beginning most. thoughtful mourn. limp attract. minimize LEVEL C B C B B B C C B B B-C B-C B-C C B C C C B B B C B B B-C A A B B-C B-C B-C B-C A A B-C C B Copyright © Reading Manipulatives.WORD imperative imperfect impetuous important independent inferior infuriate ingenious innocent insane insufficient intelligent interesting intermittent internal intolerant intriguing irrelevant irritate join jolly jubilant keep kind lament large last least legible lenient listless logical long loose lure luxurious magnify SYNONYMS compulsory. rational lengthy slack. 8 . Inc. clam unoriginal. cruel. easy lethargic. careful unimportant. unsure superior soothe. grieve big. provoke connect. disconnect. blameless crazy. rational provocative. provoke clever. optional perfect. flawless restrained. mandatory marred. dull relevant. energetic illogical. deranged. scanty reduce. dense dull. inconsiderate rejoice. agitate. entice extravagant. enthralling inappropriate. accepting uninteresting. sane. reckless significant. engrossing sporadic. outer understanding. glum dejected. continual external. substandard enrage. autonomous lesser. minimum. crucial. prejudiced fascinating. mad inadequate. rash. clear lax. tired sensible. strict active. Synonyms & Antonyms p. celebrate small. guard considerate. grim. depressed discard. elated save. boring regular. maximum illegible. enough ignorant. elegant expand. jovial. creative. protect. calm separate. original guiltless. periodic inner. deficient bright. faulty impulsive. unreadable harsh. enlarge. seduce. unrelated annoy. unite. unreasonable short tight repel meager. end fewest. little first. lose mean. massive. agitate. smallest readable. sensible. pertinent. tender. link merry. joyful overjoyed. applicable soothe. exaggerate ANTONYMS unnecessary. meaningful self-reliant.

flustered. handle. scheme greatest. scrutinize extinct. resist mindful. mishap moveable. known good. sullen. moderate. orderly. lackadaisical. awful. poor unkind. immovable peaceful major gloom. repulsive examine. abominable. powerful. lament. apprehensive abnormal. blase ordinary. changeable temperate. occult. antique unpleasant. warlike lesser. inferior. highest scanty. humdrum ethical. fresh. dazed offensive. calm prejudiced. comply unconscious. disobedient. antiquated ANTONYMS optional minimum. wrong clean. impish hardship. scanty disobey. aggressive. secret bad. tidy careless. angelic good luck. Inc. unethical pleasant cheerful. lenient. inattentive ruffled. study. optimistic rejoice obvious. fix drifting. appropriate sloppy. tedious dreary. heed. laughter naughty. unusual few. sadness well-behaved. naughty concerned. careful composed. generous pleasant. disorderly conscientious.WORD mandatory maneuver maximum meager mean mediocre mend migrant militant minor mirth mischievous misfortune mobile moderate momentous monotonous moral morbid morose mourn mysterious naughty neat negligent nervous neutral new nice nonchalant normal numerous obey oblivious obnoxious observe obsolete SYNONYMS required. pleasing ignore. unprejudiced unused. current LEVEL C C B C A-B B B C C B B B-C B-C B B-C C B-C B-C B-C C B B-C B B C B B-C A-B A-B C B B-C B C C B-C B-C Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. aware pleasant. dated. medium important. vogue. desirable. transient combative. typical. catastrophe. outstanding boring. bemoan elusive. abundant. fine indifferent. glum grieve. disregard stylish. derelict. preoccupied. insignificant interesting immoral. stationary extreme. modern pleasing. perturbed impartial. secondary merriment. fun. righteous appalling. compulsory manipulate. uppermost. sparse. so-so repair. partial old. malicious. harsh unimportant. fortune immobile. Synonyms & Antonyms p. moody. virtuous. least abundant. nasty fair. usual several. considerable mind. nice outstanding break stationary. traveling. 9 . ghastly gloomy.

influence believable. unfold. unattractive uncommon. inconsequential careless. negligent forceful future impatience normal. yielding former. piece conceivable. unclear begin. . closed-minded rude. strange displease. flexible usual. perseverance weird. average preposterous. accurate enduring. fastidious compliant. incessant convince. Inc. impoverished part. intended. allow LEVEL C B B C B-C A-B B B-C B-C B C B-C B-C B-C B B-C B-C B B C B-C C B-C C B-C B-C B B-C C B-C B-C B C B A-B B-C B-C Synonyms & Antonyms p. logical ample. calculated uphold. changing short-lived. enough. reasonable. fleeting dissuade. total impossible. faulty temporary. adamant peculiar. lasting eternal. friend pessimistic required unusual. bizarre flawless. acceptable insignificant. originate enemy. disgust threatening. courteous destitute. prized biased. wealthy whole. neglect homely. segment. hinder ANTONYMS maneuverable. hasty planned. uncertain. previous. opinionated. shaky cherished. save lovely. elective usual. affront. compliant gracious. preceding tolerance. plausible dangerous. discourteous rich. flexible. widespread thwart. beautiful.WORD obstinate odd offend ominous opaque open opponent optimistic optional ordinary outrageous outstanding painstaking passive past patience peculiar perfect permanent perpetual persuade plausible plentiful pliable polite poor portion possible precarious precious prejudiced premature premeditated preserve pretty prevalent prevent SYNONYMS stubborn. delayed spontaneous. unachievable sure. remarkable warranted. feasible. foe hopeful. murky. precise. weird. bullheaded. delight transparent. prohibit. menacing obscure. endless. abundant supple. attractive customary. shocking extraordinary. conventional imperfect. safe cheap. valuable. insufficient rigid. 10 Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. needy. rival. refined. distinguished meticulous. unusual permit. influenced early. deter unbelievable scarce. ordinary please. guard. accidental destroy. worthless impartial late. submissive. confident voluntary. clear close ally.

withdraw noise. steady control. alluring dishonest. divulge nonsensical. enlarge. foolish. 11 Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. adept. merciless. stop. level-headed. conform hide. propel competent. accommodating close. upstanding. eminent punctual. lustrous hoist. customary. honest oppose. chancy ANTONYMS improbable. permit unknown. Inc.WORD probable proficient profit prohibit prominent prompt prosperous proud push qualified question quiet quit racket radiant raise ratify rational ravage raze recreation reduce refute regular regulate relentless relevant reliable reluctant remote repulsive reputable resist retaliate reveal ridiculous risky SYNONYMS likely. capable interrogate. distant hideous. decrease. commotion. remain peace. restrict distinguished. endorse logical. dispute routine. ruin. steadfast. timely thriving. slow unsuccessful. liable skilled. inquire. amplify agree. unsuited answer noisy. elevate approve. demolish amusement. shining. conceal sensible. reciprocate show. apt. sound LEVEL B-C C B B C B B-C B A B B A-B B B C B B-C C C B-C B-C B-C C B-C C C C B-C C B-C C C B-C C B-C B-C B-C Synonyms & Antonyms p. revenge. hushed. pastime lessen. not illuminated lower veto. damage destroy. fruitless modest. suited. doubtful inefficient. disclose. defy avenge. withstand. tranquil cease. quiet dim. bar. not renowned late. revitalize build. insignificant undependable. offensive. sympathetic irrelevant. hesitant secluded. benefit forbid. apropos trustworthy. earnings. disturbance luminous. unreliable willing. believable safe. flourishing arrogant. abnormal decontrol lenient. confirm. stable unwilling. unyielding pertinent. suitable. . perilous. oversee. labor increase. isolated. diminish contradict. elated shove. gruesome honorable. rowdy continue. ask silent. competent gain. untrustworthy comply. concur irregular. ashamed pull unfit. refuse irrational. accessible pleasing. sensible devastate. preposterous hazardous. construct work. inept loss allow. handle persistent. crazy restore. pleasure. successful.

succeeding. important rough unfriendly. discard plentiful. grief exceptional. dejected. healthy stout. dense. level friendly. smart preceding. cordial. insignificant. solemn. free unite. crafty bashful. calm grave. notable. potent unintelligent. thin. natural steady. easy lenient weak knowledgeable. latter thriving. terminate vigorous. fastidious apprehend. gentle. sparse skinny. rehearsed unsettled movable. particular instinctive. careless bold. diverse civilized. conserve. mediocre foster. discourteous unhappy. cease. rambunctious impolite. timid ill. ecstasy ordinary. tranquil. unchanging. abundant husky. settled fixed.WORD rowdy rude sad same savage save scarce scrawny scrupulous seize separate serene serious shrewd shy sick slim sluggish small smooth sociable sorrow special spontaneous stable stationary stimulate stop strenuous strict strong stupid subsequent successful sufficient superb suppress SYNONYMS boisterous. rare. begin effortless. spindly meticulous. prosperous. gregarious woe. speedy large. glossy. ailing slender. join disturbed. unsuccessful lacking. equivalent uncivilized. ethical. svelte listless. mighty. encourage LEVEL C B-C A-B B C B B-C B-C C B-C B-C B-C B-C B-C B A B B-C B B B-C B-C B C B C C A-B C B-C A-B B C B-C B B-C B-C Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. usual planned. genteel polite. previous failing. inactive little. trivial slick. insufficient inferior. squelch ANTONYMS well-mannered. tame spend. enough. gloomy identical. Inc. severe. triumphant ample. portable stifle. cunning. stir. glad different. exquisite restrain. grab. Synonyms & Antonyms p. barbarous preserve. chubby unethical. aloof joy. 12 . careless release. upset flighty. stern powerful. aggressive well. pensive clever. suppress start. mannerly happy. snatch divide. foolish following. gaunt. stocky quick. segregate. automatic. inhibit. motivate quit. laborious stringent. keep scanty. adequate magnificent. partition peaceful. immobile. anguish. fickle unthinking. alike. lethargic. firm rouse.

succeed. pinnacle. gentle. tremble malicious. steady kind. defrost economical. occupied clear. humane defeat sinful. fade. ruffle. horrible. calm unimportant. righteous. success moral. rough wonderful. lethargic earnest. definite tense. deficit slow. lofty concrete. sluggish natural short vague. savage. tight. prevail knowing. brave. spiteful. violent commotion. trivial filled. impaired. apex ANTONYMS lack. reckless triumph. worthless tumultuous. definite cowardly. untrue. imperative unoccupied. additional. uncouth. artificial high. fair perturb. fatigued. agitate crucial. crucial clam. stiff delicate. mistaken produce. angelic offensive. sincere uncivilized. entire. quiver. vile melt. peaceful quiet. calm lose dull. wicked refined. bear. base LEVEL B-C B B A C B-C B B B B-C B-C B C C C C B B-C B B-C C B C B C B-C B-C B-C B B A-B B B B B B-C B-C Synonyms & Antonyms p. lively insincere tame. prosperity. retain bottom. hasty man-made. obscure. ambiguous relaxed harsh.WORD surplus swift synthetic tall tangible taut tender terrible thaw thrifty thrive total trivial turbulent turmoil unbiased upset urgent vacant vague valiant vibrate vicious victory virtuous vulgar wealth weary wholehearted wild win wise wonderful worn wrong yield zenith SYNONYMS excess. fresh correct. tasteful poverty energetic. extravagant fail. scholarly. tranquility prejudiced. heroic shake. 13 Copyright © Reading Manipulatives. extra fast. develop whole. superb freeze wasteful. provide peak. incredible. shrivel partial important. empty unclear. speedy. unprejudiced. indistinct courageous. assets tired. fracas impartial. right keep. important. blah new. smart marvelous. old incorrect. complete insignificant. fearful firm. coarse riches. Inc. uneducated ordinary. splendid used. ferocious triumph. flourish. frugal. affectionate dreadful. win. disturbance. prudent prosper. partial soothe. . blustering.

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