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Producing Leaders Since 1905 or leads on to the next paragrah .my A well-developed paragraph usually has: • A topic sentence which gives the subject of the paragraph • Several body sentences which develop that subject • A final sentence which concludes or summarizes.

Producing Leaders Since 1905 Warm up properly before starting. and remember that exercise should be fun! . choose comfortable Take some rest if you need it. and stop if you don’t feel Example of topic sentence: Exercise There are a few things to remember when you take exercise.

or in hot weather. and dizziness as well as feelings of confusion. .edu. You should drink at least one litre of water a day. Not drinking enough water causes dryness of the mouth. people who over-exercise. Dehydration is common in very young Dehydration ____________________. older people if the weather is very hot. and those suffering from diabetes.Producing Leaders Since 1905 www. and more if your are exercising.

fibre and vitamins and minerals. carbohydrates. You should not omit any of these groups from your diet completely.Producing Leaders Since 1905 www. Diet ______________________ . .edu. but maintain a sensible balance of all The body requires all of the important food groups:fats. Choose a diet which is high in fruit and vegetables and low in fats and sugar.

Obesity is a growing problem all over the world.EXERCISE Producing Leaders Since 1905 www. We should all eat five portions of fruits and vegetables a READ THE TOPIC SENTENCES BELOW. Choose relevant sentences from the next 2 slides to develop the topics sentences below. according to nutritionists. .

WRITE OUT EACH PARAGRAPH IN FULL.This is in part due to an unhealthy diet. over 50% of the population is overweight.Producing Leaders Since 1905 www. a. .um. • USE SENTENCES a – f TO DEVELOP THE TOPIC SENTENCES INTO A PARAGRAPH. but also to lack of exercise. some developed countries.It has been proved that eating regular amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of developing serious diseases.

e. followed by a piece of fruit for d. It is easy to follow these guidelines by having fruit juice for breakfast and vegetables with your main course at lunch.Producing Leaders Since 1905 If you then include salad or more vegetables with your evening you will soon reach the target five portions. There is also growing concern over the number of young people who suffer from weight problem. f. .

.Producing Leaders Since 1905 Write 3 body sentences for this topic sentence: The weather can affect how people

um.Producing Leaders Since 1905 Write a final sentence for this paragraph. Since its discovery. many more antibiotics have been discovered or manufactured. Antibiotics are drugs which kill or stop the growth of bacteria. if they are overused or used wrongly. One of the greatest scientific advances of the last century was the discovery of antibiotics. ______________________________ . they become ineffective. and have proved essential in fighting against some diseases. The first modern antibiotic was penicillin.

but these days many doctors recommend light exercise. ___________________________________ Write a final sentence for this paragraph.Producing Leaders Since 1905 www. . It is said that four out of five adults will suffer from back pain at some time in their Previously the treatment for back pain was bed rest. Many people suffer from back pain. There are many causes and types of back pain. and there are various treatments.

Producing Leaders Since 1905 www. HOW TO PREVENT DISEASES . several body sentences and a concluding Write a paragraph (80 -100 words) about the topic Include a topic sentence.

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