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Turkish Lycian Way

Turkish Lycian Way

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Description of the lycian way
Description of the lycian way

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Published by: Ruth Ann Harpur-Lewis on May 07, 2013
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TRIP NOTES for Turkish Lycian Way, Kaş

Lycia is the historical name of the Tekke Peninsula, which juts into the Mediterranean on Turkey's southern coast. The mountains rise steeply from the wooded shore and tiny bays, giving beautiful views and a huge array of stunning swims. The sea is referred to as the Turquoise Coast and you’ll see why with its vibrant colours and clear waters. We are centrally based in the idyllic and unspoiled coastal town of Kaş, which is the perfect location to explore the stunning water of the Lycian Way from.

Day 2 We meet for a short acclimatisation swim at the hotels own beach. Following breakfast we head to Kaş peninsula for our first coastal swim of the trip. We then take lunch onboard the boat where you have a chance to relax while we video your stroke above and below the water. The afternoon is given over to another enchanting coastal swim, which finishes at the tranquil Kucuk Cakil Beach. Day 3 Following a post-breakfast video stroke analysis and technique session from the guides, the morning is spent swimming within the archipelago of islands situated in the waters between Greece and Turkey. The afternoon is given over to a stunning coastal swim along the Limanağzi Peninsular finishing at a Lycian tomb embedded into the cliff face. Day 4 We travel to the coastal village of Üçağız, home to the ruins of ancient Theimussa. The coastal swimming here is superb. The morning swim takes you along numerous charming bays. We then continue our swim along Aperlai Bay towards Aperlai. The day is a great opportunity to hone your water skills in preparation for tomorrow’s iconic crossing. We complete the day walking across a narrow isthmus to reach the ancient city of Aperlai, where it’s possible to have leisurely swim over the ruins deposited on the sea bed by numerous earthquakes before heading back to Kaş. Day 5 We make our way over to Greek waters where we begin the crossing just off the Island of Meis and head back to the Turkish mainland. Following the mornings challenging swim, the afternoon is at your leisure, but gives you an opportunity to explore Kaş or just relax back at the hotels beach area. For those with other thoughts it may also be a good time to try a traditional Turkish bath or for those more adventurous take to the sky’s paragliding over Kaş. Day 6 We pick up the Lycian Way swimming underneath the dramatic cliffs of Uluburun. After a hearty lunch on the boat we complete the day by swimming along the coast within Deregemlik Bay. The day is one of the highlights as the remoteness of the swims is exhilarating. Day 7 Time for a morning swim off the beach at Kaş and maybe some time for the guides to have a last look at your stroke before finishing the trip.

Location Summaries
Lycian Way We come across the Lycian Way at various points during our trip. It was Turkey’s first long distance walking path and goes along this virgin stretch of Mediterranean coastline tracing ruins from the Greek, Roman and Persian civilizations. We do 1 walk along it at Aperlai. Kaş It’s easy to get lost in Kaş’s narrow streets, which are scented with jasmine flowers. There are plenty of quiet cafes serving home cooking and small bars to relax in after a day's swimming. Kekova Kekova is a small island and was declared as a specially protected area in 1990. Off its coast is the spectacular underwater ruins of Dolchiste an ancient town destroyed by an earthquake in the 2nd Century. Gulet A traditional Turkish two mast boat. It is our means of transport throughout the week and a great way to access all of the remote locations that make this trip so unique.

Trip Schedule
Nur Beach Hotel, Kaş Start Point: www.nurbeachhotel.com +90 242 836 18 28 Start Time: 7pm on Day 1 Finish Point: Nur Beach Hotel, Kaş Finish Time: 11am on Day 7 Daily summary Day 1 After a relaxing afternoon you meet your guides for welcome drink and a pre-trip safety briefing in which the guides will detail the weekly plan.

SwimTrek Ltd, 6 Hove Manor, Hove Street, Brighton & Hove, BN3 2DF, UK Tel: +44 (0) 1273 739 713 US Toll Free: 1 877 455 SWIM info@swimtrek.com www.swimtrek.com

We will have a limited supply/range of wetsuits and flippers available on the trip. However.Deregemlik Bay Deregemlik Bay Distances 2km 3km 3km 2km 3km 3km 5km 3km 3km Equipment to bring along with you In addition to “normal” daily clothes. UK Tel: +44 (0) 1273 739 713 US Toll Free: 1 877 455 SWIM info@swimtrek. Temperatures Water Temperature (˚C) Air Temperature (˚C) June 23 25 July 24 27 August 25 31 September 26 26 October 24 24 November 21 18 (These temperatures are indicative only and can change on daily/weekly basis) Trip Information Swimming Distances Swim Kaş Peninsula Kaş Peninsula . Group Size This part of the trip has a maximum group size of 15. If you don’t fancy the walk you have the opportunity to relax onboard the boat until the other guests return. Swimming Conditions Swimming in the sea is a fantastic experience but you need to be aware that certain marine life such as jellyfish. In all cases we will work on reducing your contact with these creatures. if you suffer from anaphylaxis please consult the office prior to booking. SwimTrek Ltd. so required changes in the planned itinerary will not be uncommon and will undoubtedly add to the uniqueness of each tour. each of which is accompanied by their own safety vessel/escort. If you have your own wetsuit and flippers we would recommend you bring these with you in order to maximise your enjoyment of the trip.com . BN3 2DF. Brighton & Hove. Remember you can always miss out some of the crossings or jump onto the escort boat if you want to take a rest.TRIP NOTES for Turkish Lycian Way. open water swimming does require an inherent degree of on-trip flexibility. sea urchins and coral could be present during the swims.Aperlai Bay Aperlai Bay . Swim Hats. Both airports are approximately 3 hours drive from Kaş. As a consequence. Walk Aperlai Isthmus Distance 2km Practical Information Getting There To get to Kaş you can fly to either Dalaman or Antalya airports. but we cannot be guarantee sizes for all.swimtrek. 6 Hove Manor. Hove Street.Kucuk Cakil Beach Archipelago swim Limanağzi Peninsular Üçagiz . you will need to bring the following:Swimming Costume (2 of) Sweater/Fleece Swimming Goggles (2 of)* Walking sandals/trainers Towel Sun Hat Small Daypack Waterproof Sun Cream Rash vest (optional) Windproof jacket Aqua Shoes / Sandals (which you don’t mind getting wet!) *It is advisable have a pair of tinted goggles to cater for the sun’s glare off the sea during swims.Aperlai Greece/Turkey crossing Uluburun . Flippers and Wetsuits Please note that SwimTrek will supply swim hats.com www. Kaş Weather Caveat For obvious safety reasons we rely on decent weather conditions when carrying out the swims. Walking Distances The walk along the Lycian Way is on a recognised path. The trip will be split into a maximum of 3 groups based on speed. There are a wide range of airlines serving both airports.

based on twin-share and en-suite facilities. this can be arranged through Wilusa Travel (+90 505 788 74 47) or info@wilusa. This bus takes 4 hours and costs around 20 Turkish Lira. UK Tel: +44 (0) 1273 739 713 US Toll Free: 1 877 455 SWIM info@swimtrek. Single supplement availability is limited. Public Bus from Dalaman To get from Dalaman airport to Kaş.com British Airways Easy Jet www. that should be valid for 6 months beyond the expected length of stay. SwimTrek Ltd.com www. you can get a taxi to Dalaman bus station where a direct bus leaves at 17. Hove Street. US.batiantalyatur. buses leave Dalaman to Fethiye every half an hour until 21:30 and from Fethiye there are hourly buses to Kaş until 18. Alternatively.00. Just inform Wilusa Travel at the time of booking. Australian and New Zealand citizens do require a visa which can be purchased for around €15 before passport control (Ensure you have cash available for this).com Easy Jet Pegasus Airlines www. You should check if you require a visa. 6 Hove Manor. The cost can be reduced if you are happy to share a transfer. Although the risks are low you may wish to obtain vaccinations against typhoid and hepatitis A and check that your polio and tetanus vaccinations are up to date. you can catch the Havas Airport Shuttle (http://www. Accommodation In order to maximise the enjoyment of the tour. except on the Day 5 where lunch is at your cost. Brighton & Hove.havas.TRIP NOTES for Turkish Lycian Way.com Fly Globe Span www. Canadian.thomascook. Irish. Visa regulations do change. Some EU members do not need a visa.thomson.com Thomson Airlines www. Public Bus from Antalya To get from Antalya airport to Kaş. when and with whom you would like to dine.com www.co.britishairways.flyglobespan. Dinners are not included allowing you to choose where.30. Dependent on airport. our accommodation is of a high standard.com .easyjet.easyjet. Kaş Flights To Dalaman (sample only) www. transfer prices range from 200tl for 1 person to 90tl per person for 4 in a car.net/?&Bid=197681 Passports and Visas You require a full passport. Please check! Vaccinations There are no essential vaccination requirements for Turkey.00 every day to Kaş.swimtrek.flypgs.net.thomascook.uk Flights To Antalya (sample only) www. The average price of 2 course dinner plus drinks in Kaş is approximately 40TL (£15). Meals Included meals are breakfast and lunch. We recommend confirming via phone. A full timetable to Kaş is available here: http://www. British. BN3 2DF.net/en/shuttle-parking/ antalya/) to the main bus station in Antalya (approx 10 Turkish Lira) where buses go to Kaş regularly until 19.net Extra Expenses You should bring extra money with you to cover such items as entertainment. You can book extra accommodation via the following link info@wilusa.com Thomas Cook Getting from Dalaman/Antalya Airports to Kaş Transfers If you would like to arrange a transfer from either airport direct to the hotel.com Thomas Cook www. meals and any of the additional tours etc Local currency is Turkish Lira (TL).

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