Sun is said to have made the whole universe as his chariot and rides on the wheel of year with

the seven types of vedic metres(Sapta chandas) as horses. Surya was born to Kashyapa Prajaapathi, one among Navabrahmas and Aditi, a celestial maiden.

The red-coloured Surya sits on a lotus holding two lotuses in his two hands. His chariot is run on a single wheel with seven horses. His chariot is run on a single wheel with seven horses. He climbs up the chariot and moves round the Meru Parvata driven by his charioteer Anoora. Lord Hanuman and Yaagnyavalkya learnt veda from Surya. Surya is married to Sangnya Devi, the daughter of Viswakarma the legendary architect. Vaivaswatha Manu was born to Surya. Sangnya Devi could not stand the celestial splendour of Surya and shut her eyes. Angered at this gesture, Surya cursed his wife that she would give birth to a child who would control life. Then Yama was born. Later when she had cast a capricious look on Surya, she gave birth to a shifty, capricious girl child Yamuna. Later as his wife flees in fear leaving her shadow behind. Thus Chaaya, the other name for Sangnya Devi, gave birth to Sani ( Saturn), Saavarni and a daughter Tapati. Surya comes to know that Sangnya Devi is in hiding and he approaches in the form of a horse. There Aswini devataas or the physicians of paradise, as they are described, are born. Brahma makes an effort to reduce the splendour of Surya and through the light shed out, Vishnu’s chakra, Siva’s shoola and the conches of Ashtavasuvus are made. At the instance of Surya’s sign, Vishnu mutilates Rahu during the distribution of Elixir and he emerges as Rahu and Ketu to devour Surya during the solar eclipse. Among Lord Shiva’s three eyes, one of them is Surya. Surya is the friend of Lotu ses. Surya fathered Vashistha, Sugreeva and Karna. The twelve spokes of his chariot wheel signify twelve months. The seven colours that emanate from the Sun are the VIBGYOR, which are symbolically described as the seven horses of his chariot.

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