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Quiz 1. Q: _____ college next year? Will you attend Are you going to attend Attending you 2.

Q: I'm hungry. - Just a moment. I _____ you a sandwich! am going to make will make am making 3. Q: Look at those clouds! It _____. will rain is going to rain rains 4. Q: We _____ have a party next Saturday. will are going to are 5. Q: Do you think the future _____ better? will be is 6. Q: I think _____ soon. I will go home I go home I am going to go 7. Q: I _____ with Tom later this week. will meet is going to meet am going to meet

8. Q: Do you think he _____ later today? is going to come will come 9. Q: She _____ French at University. will study is going to study 10. Q: When _____ finish your homework? will you are you going to