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Notes MKTG 353 December 6

Notes MKTG 353 December 6

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Published by Rafael Aleman
mktg 353 notes
mktg 353 notes

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Published by: Rafael Aleman on May 07, 2013
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Rafael Aleman MKTG 353-02 December 6, 2012

FINAL EXAM Be prepared to enter the titles for the outline You may have to create your own template for the situation. The income statement is less challenging than the pencil example. The best way to prepare is to systematically delete certain things and you have to generate, you can delete the whole template and then redo it from scratch. In previous test she has given us the same info on test than the examples and some students still do not recognize it because they are not mindful when practicing. Next Thursday she will review the information. The Social Media – You have 6 different channels where you have increased your social presence. It is better to consolidate to one central focus or presence. ABOUT.ME Submit your individual team member project. You will receive the grade since it is based on the evaluations from the rest of the peers. Retail Swim Royal You have leverage if you are strong distributor or strong manufacturer. For example, Wal-Mart is a strong distributor and they get a large chunk of margin. when your product moves through life cycle, then the price has to be recalculated in order to make a new market strategy. What margin do we have for pencils What is my market share? What are my current sales? What is my current profit? Two strategies 2 for long term 2 short Advertising Price promotion Which is better advertising or price promotion? Make decisions more effectively. Push vs. Pull Strategy (#5 and #6) We would go with pull if we can get the investment In order to make recommendations it is higher paying. Activity in class Royal R1: If the company can’t afford the $400k R2: Originally we will go with pull but if no funds you default to push.

Facts in the recommendation. BE GOOD ON MECHANICS INCREMENTAL MARKET SHARE INCREMENTAL PROFIT Manage the business as VP of Marketing You will have tyo look at the big picture WSJ article: manager for Singer sewing machines. Market Follower? Oligopoly. R4: Pull is no change in price. we will decrease our market share. Channel Power Structure: Dominant Retailer Strength of Manufacturer Sales force – Your product in being sold by commission of 15%. The smaller got smaller margin and they did not meet the quota. Ticket for certain airline to promote. the market share is R5: Pull R6: Pull Pull is more risky due to additional investment and higher break even Which presentation gets more points? Confidence when presenting. it will not help. Income Expenses Profit Taxes . Look at gas stations. They are price makers through collusion or agreement. Scenario Analysis: Readings and Exercises Review of Income Statement IS.R3: Pull strategy.it tells us about the income. Know your competition. they stay within same price range. You have to know your product and know your potential Discussion: Factors to be considered Market Leader? Determined to keep its share. The essays will be on: Interpretation of sales performance index This will be helpful on your capstone classes. He had a great campaign and got fired.Few big companies can control the industry. He got a stimulus on sales but did not make any money. Example: Aloha Airlines: When the market leader matches the price of a lesser quality then customers will buy from market leader. pull ad) Channel Power Structure: It’s a manufacturers captain. the captain will dictate what to be sold and what not to be sold. A spiral down price war begins when one lowers the price. Should you upset the balance? Long Term Sales Trend – Will there be a spike in the second year of sales? Advertising for the second year will pile up and improve in second year (increasing graph. you will have no change in the gross profit. if you have a good promotion but no sales force.

. The IS is closely related to Break Even. We put in shipping and insurance and they become part of the variable cost.Net Profit In accounting It has to be accurate and factual. is a tool to oversee all aspects of our business that will affect our bottom line. IS is a tool to shape our future and make money/ profit. In marketing we are not looking at back/ history but looking at future. I.S. The sales is howmany you sold and the price for product.

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