You Are Still Holy ORDER: I V PC C V PC C PC C C E INTRO: E VERSE: E F#m Holy, You are still holy C#m B A Even

when the darkness surrounds my life E F#m Sovereign, You are still sovereign C#m B A Even when confusion has blinded my eyes PRECHORUS: B C#m A Lord I don't deserve Your kind affection F#m C#m A When my unbelief has kept me from Your touch B C#m A I want my life to be a pure reflection C#m B A Of Your Love CHORUS:

E F#m So I come into Your chambers C#m A And I dance at Your feet, Lord E F#m You are my Savior C#m A And I'm at Your mercy E F#m C#m A All that has been in my life up to now E B A Belongs to You E For You are still holy ENDING: E B A Belongs to You E B A It belongs to You E B A G Am And I belong to You, for You are still ho-ly ©1998 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing Rita Springer





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