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Religions Fail: Problem & Fix

Religions Fail: Problem & Fix

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Never in the history of humanity has Orthodox religions been so out-of-touch with reasonable people. Religions have not learned from over two thousand years of repeated failures and bad choices. Reasonable people understand it is inconsistent to kill for the sake of peace; it is a contradiction to speak of love and choose hate; and it is impossible to have peace with violence.
How much longer can we accept orthodox religion’s definition of happiness as it manifests empty rewards, deceptions, inconsistencies, and egocentric goals? How long can we flounder in this emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wasteland before we destroy all righteousness?
Tom Dickerson openly examines orthodox religion’s history of human rights failures, inconsistencies, abuses, and atrocities according to their choices, not their rhetoric. This book does not deny god, nevertheless, it strongly questions the validity of Western Religion’s concept of an omnipotent, righteous, compassionate, domineering, vengeful, and child-like god.
This book will educate, shock, and provoke the reader; as it openly advocates replacement of orthodox religion’s strict dogma with exercises, introspection, critical thought, meditation, personal balance, and freedom of choice. Every person can come to understand orthodox religion’s evilness and achieve self-awareness with personal balance and acceptance of responsibility. Personal balance, a foundational element of a positive holistic life, is available to all people willing to open their minds to reason.
You are the creator of your destiny.
Never in the history of humanity has Orthodox religions been so out-of-touch with reasonable people. Religions have not learned from over two thousand years of repeated failures and bad choices. Reasonable people understand it is inconsistent to kill for the sake of peace; it is a contradiction to speak of love and choose hate; and it is impossible to have peace with violence.
How much longer can we accept orthodox religion’s definition of happiness as it manifests empty rewards, deceptions, inconsistencies, and egocentric goals? How long can we flounder in this emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wasteland before we destroy all righteousness?
Tom Dickerson openly examines orthodox religion’s history of human rights failures, inconsistencies, abuses, and atrocities according to their choices, not their rhetoric. This book does not deny god, nevertheless, it strongly questions the validity of Western Religion’s concept of an omnipotent, righteous, compassionate, domineering, vengeful, and child-like god.
This book will educate, shock, and provoke the reader; as it openly advocates replacement of orthodox religion’s strict dogma with exercises, introspection, critical thought, meditation, personal balance, and freedom of choice. Every person can come to understand orthodox religion’s evilness and achieve self-awareness with personal balance and acceptance of responsibility. Personal balance, a foundational element of a positive holistic life, is available to all people willing to open their minds to reason.
You are the creator of your destiny.

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  • The Problem Overview
  • Beginning
  • Present Problems
  • Book Goals
  • Spirituality
  • Mythology
  • Rhetoric
  • Messiah
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • God’s Existence
  • Freedom-of-choice
  • Responsibility
  • What We Are
  • Life is a Struggle
  • Crossroads
  • Religious Research
  • Awakening
  • Exclusivism
  • Violence
  • Evilness
  • Religious Influences
  • Censorship
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Intolerance
  • Politics
  • Social Unrest
  • Reincarnation
  • Self-awareness
  • Human Rights
  • Abuse
  • Peace
  • Anxiety and Frustration
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Deception
  • Creativity
  • Suffering
  • Sacrifices
  • Destiny and God’s Will
  • Three Horsemen of Control
  • Heavenly Hosts
  • Hell
  • The Devil
  • Conscience
  • Guilt
  • Forgiveness
  • Trinity
  • Personal Trinity
  • Religion
  • Life Philosophy
  • World School
  • Positive Thinking
  • Failure
  • Success
  • Gaining Knowledge
  • Perfection
  • Ethical Code Development
  • Transferred Memory
  • Comparison of John and Thomas
  • Self-Awareness
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Reflection
  • Understanding
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Verification
  • Awareness Exercise
  • Spirituality vs. Ego
  • Conflicts
  • Understanding Self
  • Meditation
  • Level of Stillness
  • Relaxation Meditation
  • Finding Peace
  • Summary

Religions Fail

Religions Fail
Problem & Fix

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson, DD

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..............................................................................................................85 Reincarnation....................................................................................31 Two General Concepts........................................................ ........80 Politics........................................................................82 Social Unrest.......................................................................................................................................................................Contents One The Problem Overview....................................................................................................................68 Evilness...........................................................................................51 What We Are...72 Censorship................74 Mary Magdalene........53 Life is a Struggle....................................................................................................................................................................................................29 Messiah.......................................66 Violence................. ..............................................................................57 Religious Research...............54 Crossroads..............35 Wisdom.............70 Religious Influences............................................................................................... ..................86 ....................................77 Intolerance.............................................................................................................17 Spirituality....................................................................................45 Responsibility...............................................................59 Awakening.........................19 Mythology...........................20 Rhetoric.....................................................................................61 Exclusivism.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................43 Freedom-of-choice.............. .......................................................................................................9 Present Problems...........................................................................................................................................................................................................41 God’s Existence..............14 Book Goals....35 Knowledge..........................9 Beginning................ ............... ............

................115 Sacrifices...............................187 Comparison of John and Thomas.......................... ....108 Creativity...............................................................................................................................................................91 Human Rights................................................................................... ...................158 World School.......................... ....................117 Destiny and God’s Will................................................................................................................................................................189 ........................................................... .......................................................................................................183 Responsibility.......................................168 Perfection............................................153 Personal Trinity..............................................................................................93 Abuse..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................174 Transferred Memory......................100 Anxiety and Frustration.......................... .............................................98 Peace.......................................................Three Basic Inconsistencies................................................124 Heavenly Hosts...............................................153 Trinity........................................................................................................................................121 Three Horsemen of Control..........149 Four The Problem.......................................... ........................................................................................................................171 Ethical Code Development.......... ...............................114 Suffering.............154 Religion.................................................166 Gaining Knowledge..............................................133 Guilt.............125 Hell. .....................................................................................................................................105 Fear and Anxiety..............141 Forgiveness........................................ ...............................................138 Sin......................91 Self-awareness............................................................................128 Conscience.......................................................................................................................................159 Positive Thinking........126 The Devil.....................165 Success.163 Failure.............................156 Life Philosophy.........................................................................................................................................................106 Deception.............................................

.............225 .....219 Level of Stillness.............................................................209 Awareness Exercise...................................................................211 Spirituality vs.............................208 Verification...........................................................221 Relaxation Meditation.....................................................................................................................................217 Meditation..............................207 Implementation...215 Understanding Self.................................................223 Finding Peace............... .............................................................. ...................................................................................................................192 Self-Awareness....................................213 Conflicts......................................................................................................................................................... Ego.........................................................................................................................................225 Summary...................................................................................................................192 Education.....................207 Evaluation.......................................................................................................205 Six Stages of Education Experience.................205 Reflection.......................................Five The Fix...............206 Understanding..........................................................................


One The Problem Overview Beginning I do not fear what people do for the sake of evil! Nevertheless. 9 . Observable reality failed to interact synergistically with my spiritual beliefs. Religion has not learned from over two thousand years of repeated failures and bad choices. and spiritual wasteland before we destroy all righteousness? A few years ago. This discrepancy caused greater personal conflict as I realized that my worldview was in conflict with my reality. However. it is a contradiction to preach love and live hate. I experienced ongoing internal conflicts and chaos in every aspect of my life. what they do for the sake of good horrifies me! Never in the history of humanity has the church been so out-of-touch with reasonable people. and egocentric goals? How long can we flounder in this emotional. inconsistencies. I could not understand the pain and suffering that manifesting in every aspect of life. as they increased my desire to achieve mindfulness and understand my life and self. Reasonable people understand it is inconsistent to kill for the sake of peace. How much longer can reasonable people accept traditional religion’s definition for happiness with its empty rewards. Spiritual leaders directed me to have faith and stop thinking about such problems. The concept of the Christian God confused me. and it is impossible to have peace with violence. intellectual. these directives failed. deceptions.

If our worldview is negative. to steal an apple. It controls all that we think and choose. programmer of our genetic makeup made a conscious choice to enter into the uterus of a Jewish virgin to impregnate her. by a talking snake. Ultimately. Therefore. I am free to choose to be myself. I understand they believe the following. DD My life’s transformation came about as I begin to eliminate conflicts and unreasonable acceptances from my worldview. he deliberately endured torture and execution because humankind was enticed. However. God the creator of our universe. Kierkegaard’s answer was a simple leap to faith. and negative outcomes manifesting throughout our world and offers an introduction to my fix. originator of our physical laws. Each person’s spiritual beliefs influence his or her worldview. This book addresses the blatant inconsistencies. Christian’s believe the all-powerful and all-knowing designer of our majestically expanding . Soren Kierkegaard accepted that the ‘mob of Christendom’ was not Christian at all. good. I am free because I choose to be free. Most religions are a paradox that demands passionate faith. and spirituality. as a human. profession. After his birth. it does not limit my freedom of choice nor demand that I blindly follow someone else’s accepted beliefs. Doctrines and rituals are not essential parts of religion and the fact that others accept a specific doctrine is irrelevant. As I interact with Christians. if our worldview is flawed then we are flawed. As I understand orthodox religion’s view. beliefs. therefore. sexuality. it manifests flawed choices with personal sadness. It influences all choices thus when our worldview is flawed. Specific religious dogma seemed ignorant and lacking in reasonable reality. If our worldview experiences conflict then we experience conflict. I accept that the world around me is perfect. It is our health. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. unreasonable choices. When I attempted to reasonably eliminate conflict and formulate an acceptable worldview. Our worldview includes all that we are. Most Christian’s manifest blatant hypocrisy and empty beliefs conjoined with banal social membership.10 Dr. education. conflict. and guilt. then we are negative. All reasonable people struggle with the concept that an all-knowing. and kind god would allow so much unnecessary suffering and injustice. a leap to faith requires that we turn off our mind and accept a god with flawed thinking. My personal transformation demanded that I come to understand the problem before I could formulate the fix. all-powerful. each person accepts his or her beliefs by oneself.

This group includes all men. logically fail to provide reasonableness to god’s goodness. god’s thinking throughout the Christian Old and New Testaments reflects childish. Jebusites. The Reason for God. god threatens to wipe them off the face of the earth1. self-centered. abortion. does this warped thinking remain an issue today? The Muslims do not deny an all-powerful god but they readily admit that he is brutal. In addition. Amorites.” In a second example. when god decided to slay the Israelites in the desert for worshipping other gods. women. Example. and compassion are questionable. which is a word for someone who does as he wishes without regard for any others. in this religious chaos there are pinpoints of wisdom and evidenced-based intelligence. Think. and children of the Hittites. church attendance. Modern authors such as C. The problem of evilness plagues Christian religions. church economics. knowledge. god orders the Israelites to smite and destroy all inhabitants of the Promised Land. angry. Girgashites. The Great Divorce. and dictatorial thinking. Knowledge requires subtlety of thought and intuitive perception. proselytization. They tell stories of triumph over personal misfortune and misplaced love that increase god’s hideousness and insult reasonable people. They see no option but to surrender to his undeniable power. and understanding. alternate life styles.S. And the Lord repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people. Nevertheless. unlike the Jews the Muslims are afraid to challenge god. Lewis. Moses asked. Taking this one-step more. Moses reasonably talked god out of this angry choice. vindictive. In Exodus 32:10-14. Nonsense. Hivites. and religious social sins. the word Islam means surrender. strict dogma and pious teaching systems do not promote optimum personal balance.Religions Fail 11 universe and possessor of all wisdom only cares about whom you marry. Knowledge comes with critical review of every experience then it initiates greater insight and consciousness. Egocentric goals and desires 1 Deuteronomy 6:15 . However. They think of god as Gabar. and Deuteronomy 19-28. and Timothy Keller. kindness. “What will the Egyptians think of us? They will say he took them out of Egypt to slay them in the desert. and Canaanites. The concept of an all-powerful god is fundamental. but god’s goodness. When the Israelites object to god’s genocidal commands.

Jesus. Mohammed. wisdom. to accept their choices I must stop reasonable thinking and blindly jump to faith. fear. and others for wisdom and guidance. It is impossible to live comfortably and reasonably within the dogma of orthodox religions without experiencing strong religious qualms and extreme doubts with disillusionment and disenchantment. rhetoric. lawyers. Enlightened people appreciate Gnosis. . as Kierkegaard states. social classes. I reject their choices. policy makers. and willfully remain ignorant. and armies have failed to improve the human situation. and incorruptible god with unconditional positive regard for all things. Although religious beliefs are an integral aspect of our worldview. we must eliminate orthodox religion’s hype. Orthodoxy religions are not acceptable unless I turn off my mind. while religious leaders beg for more money. harsh rules. therefore. For over four thousand five hundred years. and biased religious atrocities. Before we can find peace. To feel comfortable with religious dogma each individual must blindly accept religion’s teachings and justified truths. and rhetoric that sustains them. a Greek word meaning ‘Truth and Knowledge. that initiates ignorant choices with massive random pain and suffering. DD do not build personal peace and understanding. restrict their religious education to only the church’s recommended material. Buddha. Can a reasonable person accept a perfect. and ourselves. It is reasonable that we should know these institutions by their observable behaviors and the outcomes of their actions rather than by the slogans. and emotional rhetoric and evaluate. honesty. open-mindedly. calm. orthodox religions manifests our greatest detriment. professional opportunist. these perfections come slowly via experiential and mystical evaluations. religion’s inconsistencies. social injustices. and random judgments found in today orthodox religions. with their hierarchies of power.’ These individuals look to past great teachers including Hermes. Religion’s rules.12 Dr. glitter. promote exclusivism with extreme intolerance. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. and listened only to common religious rhetoric within their specific religious group. and choices have little in common with enlightenment. and fairness. equable. public relations. unreasonable religious teachings have hindered and stopped all progression to enlightenment and wisdom. steadfastly refused to address any logical element of critical evaluation. Enlightened people refuse to accept the strict dogma. and hate? No. Religious institutions. just. refuse to become self-aware.

selfishness. initiate discussion. infuriate. unreasonable rules. enhance enlightenment.Religions Fail 13 Reasonable people are outrageously appalled when they complete realistically unclouded examinations of religious atrocities. as they are unsure of where to look for guidance that is more meaningful. It addresses and outlines the injustices and inconsistencies of modern religions and present ancient concepts as they address modern issues. These personal evaluations have a tendency to instigate grave doubts in every aspect of life. This book intends to generate questions. searching for answers. degradation. misery. logical concepts. challenged with increasing anxiety. self-awareness. which are devoid of reality and foundational background. Therefore. They frantically go from spiritual leader to spiritual leader. depression. ignorance. ancient egocentric personal goals. while appreciating religion’s massive injustices and contradictions increases the risk of becoming lost in a vast ocean of religious doubt and confusion. . but find only weak religious philosophies and commonplace religious rhetoric. and a diminished self-worth. and illogical justifications confront a serious dilemma. These atrocities highlight suffering. unable to accept old forms of exclusivism and unsure where to go for new guidance. We realize religious organizations offer the same appeals for economic assistance and blind obedience. Knowledge and understanding are not without pitfalls and danger. confusion increases as you come to realize the Christian Bible supports censorship. and cruelty. personal balance. greed. There are a vast number of religious and philosophical books. We understand that religion’s leaders are common people that declare ‘believe and be saved’ while expecting you to accept limited information and follow the leadership’s drummer without reasonable facts and evaluation. thus many people find themselves in truly unhappy positions. and fear. inconsistencies. self-directed critical reviews are painful. freedom of choice. and then offer answers to the willing. Few individuals dare to make critical evaluations of their religion. They become lost in a sea of religious confusion. injustices. This book strongly embraces wisdom. Each person unable to accept strict religious practices. and enlightenment. It is extremely hard to critically look at oneself and reestablish new beliefs. and proselytizing mandates. and factual truths. Critically reviewing religious dogma and open-mindedly considering all suppositions. While experiencing religious chaos we search for truth and direction. Orthodox religions sustain power through deceptions.

each searcher gains a realization of his or her purpose of life and wisdom by expanding their open-minded search to include all materials. • What is the purpose of life? • Why is life unfair? • Why does a compassionate and reasonable God allow random pain. suffering.14 Dr. The last section of this book introduces my path to personal freedom and peace. There is a reasonable and logical truth available to all people who will seek. therefore. Kierkegaard’s ‘leap to faith’ becomes the only answer. destiny. Religious leaders claim to know the answers and understand the truths. three questions have plagued and perplexed humanity. This book openly discusses religion’s evilness. fate. as they flounder in a sea of religious chaos. Although these leaders believed their religious doctrines. Every bit of information makes available multiple sources of truth. tolerant. but in reality. they consistently failed to provide reasonable justifications or promote understanding with peace and harmony. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. myths. “Is this good. DD and acceptance of responsibility as it addresses religion’s centuries of failure. conflicts. and cultures. and deception. and egocentric power structure to all wishing to understand the chaos in which we live. they are simply unable to offer little more than vague answers predicated on blindly accepted dogma. . fair. and reasonable?” I have found wisdom reduces anxiety. Religion’s vagueness and multiple symbolic interpretations force many individuals to experience serious religious doubts and confusion regarding of the meaning and purpose of life. I look at the results of religion’s choices and ask. and disharmony to bring tranquility to each person willing to expend the effort. Present Problems Throughout recorded history. They cause anxiety and depression in all people searching for consistency and purpose through a compassionate and reasonable God. and injustice? These questions illustrate religious frustration and confusion. greed.

It is not my desire to change anyone’s religious beliefs or practices. Therefore. we fail to appreciate a reasonable hypothesis. and are unable to appreciate predictability. Therefore. experience an inability to explain nature’s purpose. physiology. nor do they understand their essence and spirituality more than other scholars. discrimination. unpredictable outcomes. our environment becomes more predictable. As an example. and religious dogma thus they summarily rejecting all opposing or outside views. An author may attempt to logically present alternate worldviews and methods of achieving a true meaning of life that are opposing his or her worldview. In this situation. inconsistent assumptions. Humankind is not unique. but this fails as each person’s writings and behaviors are the sum total of his or her accepted beliefs. including humanity. This subtle slant is an example of how personal reflection alters each person’s worldview.Religions Fail 15 Reasonable people realize that today’s religious leaders do not process inside information. during his classes on ancient religions. goals. always says “The ‘so-called’ Gospel of Thomas” but I refer this writing as the Gospel of Thomas. Clearly. I am willing to attack orthodox religion and expose its inconsistencies. and injustices. the same laws of physics. and evolution govern all things in this universe. He implies falseness via the term so-called and I imply truth by stating gospel. Ignorance is the mother of chaos. A system of logical laws controls our universe and as we gain knowledge and understanding of these laws. I present only information acceptable in my life philosophy and worldview. and mystical information allows each person to appreciate a reasonable understanding of his or her . Religious leaders justify their beliefs solely on personal acceptances. worldview. Each person’s worldview directs his or her personal choices and activities. bigotry. this is common in all people. contradictions. wisdom and self-awareness with unconditional positive regard effectively reduce intolerances. inconsistencies. Each person gains wisdom and self-awareness through realistic assessments of all experiences. and wrongful choices. and we appreciate more universal truths. Wisdom supported by logic. psychology. we interact inconsistently with our environment and our self. truth. science. When our assumptions are incorrect. injustices. and deceptions in the hope of increasing your evaluations and understandings of your essence and life. a well-known Protestant teacher.

Religious leaders attempt to maintain control by explaining contradictions. injustices. inequality. and confusion. Their answers and plans-of-correction grossly fail due to philosophical inflexibility and archaic choices that duplicate unwise choices of the past. I witness mind-staggering examples of human inequality. Yet religious leaders continue to forcefully declare only they alone know the way to eternity and understand the truth.16 Dr. and injustices strongly suggests inherent weaknesses in orthodox religions. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. pain. and suffering are everywhere and we are powerless to stop or alter these imperfections. it fails to provide reasonable explanations of these contradictions and atrocities. newspapers. Orthodox religions are unable to provide . and fails to present a realistic overview assessing both the empirical and mystical elements of life. contradictions. contradictions. DD self. and inconsistencies via TV. and environment. inconsistencies. atrocities. look into you essence for your personal power and spirituality. While completing my normal activities of daily living. and injustices with meaningless religious rhetoric. “Could it be that organized religion doesn’t understand the esoteric truths or a firm concept of self and life?” Yes! Predominately the Church offers narrow views. Clearly. Thinking individuals experience anxiety and frustrations when they are unable to accept the integrity of Christianity’s teachings due to narrow-mindedness. These feelings force critical self-evaluations and readjustments just to maintain sanity. shortsighted teachings. Individuals with compassion and empathy experience feelings of ineffectiveness and decreased self-worth due to religious disillusionment and confusion. Although. Failure to understand exclusivism and the magnitude of resulting contradictions. and inconsistencies. Mainstream religious rhetoric does not provide answers—it only increases disillusionment. religious rhetoric sounds good and improves their followers’ psychological outlook. Weaknesses highlight the real possibility that religions are blindly following the wrong accepted truths and false conclusions. Attempting to apply exclusive teachings and practices with strict dogma to world issues fails drastically. Orthodox religion’s rhetoric promoting exclusivism is a predecessor of many injustices and atrocities. inequalities. for a short time. Orthodox religions fail to provide meaningful answers or explain why there is so much pain and suffering. It is your world. magazines.

they accept an omnipotent. tyrannical. Each author came to different conclusions and assumptions. I am a common person disillusioned by religion’s evil history and modernizing concepts. and exclusivism. because these individuals accept their beliefs and interpret their religious philosophy with exclusivism to justify rejection of all information contrary to those beliefs. but no religion teaches wisdom. Religious leaders constantly fail to offer reasonable information. failed due to their plans for peace and proselytization. Although. fear. Nevertheless. lies. self-centered. petty. Many devoutly religious individuals may see this book as cultist and devil inspired to label it as a ‘false prophet or evil. Each scripture has a different name—Bible. which vary by interpretation. and insecure god and then attempt to justify these concepts with faith. Religions manifest an inability to achieve a higher . communities. Qur’an. and societies. Every religion claims God or a prophet influenced their scriptures. and ignorance in an effort to promote critical thinking regarding religion. and truths.Religions Fail 17 comfort or even slightly improve social situations. I do not intend this book for the strict and devout adherents of orthodox religions. laws. and Dharma—and different authors. discrimination. Aggressive religious societies have. and guilt. vengeful. distortions.’ I am not a prophet. chaos. Traditional religions will not learn. Book Goals This book discusses religious inconsistencies. celestial entities. Orthodoxy is truly detrimental to many individuals. Koran. the existence of God is a common theme and a widely accepted there are different gods. Religions demand we turn off our brain and surrender to their control and direction. for several thousand years. wisdom is available to every person willing to expend the effort. Orthodox religions claim many truths. Strictly devout religious individuals will summarily reject this book and any other material outside of their justified belief system as inherently false. and hatred with increasing personal anxiety. most foster violence. Symbolism and myths are inseparable from fact but selectively accepted dogma initiates confusion.

Either a positive or a negative conclusion results in a classic win/win situation. who can critically evaluate orthodox religion’s contradictions. . but each reader will find different answers and interpretations. I highlight orthodox religions’ inconsistencies and injustices to initiate questions regarding the symbolism. I will introduce many of the books contained in the Nag Hammadi Library and individual print. This book uses multiple information sources and interpretations to provide answers to the reader’s questions regarding self. Clearly. This book realistically challenges modern religion’s human rights issues and discusses its observable and blatant injustices. Dead Sea scrolls. To these people I hope to offer an anchor in the sea of religious chaos. development of moral truths. inner peace. life. Many of their interpretations address life’s serious questions. All people have an inherent freedom-of-choice and freedom-of-thought. and wisdoms. we can experience greater personal freedom and come to understand the value of knowledge. and inconsistencies. and other writings. I ask you to reasonably accept or reject my interpretations and observations in-accordance-with your own logic and reasoning. and a more meaningful life. and looking for logical assumptions. Automatically through your conscious efforts and critical review. I appreciate the efforts of all individuals who have interpreted the books discovered near Nag Hammadi Egypt in 1946. education. inconsistencies. deceptions. I am writing this book for reasonable individuals. predicated upon his or her personal worldview and life philosophy. disillusioned. my correctness and incorrectness will advance your knowledge. I offer my review and interpretation of these deceptions and hope to start your quest for knowledge and greater inner understanding. and balance. Therefore. truths. these individuals have given the world access to new knowledge and vastly broadened our horizons. and unfounded rhetoric and who are confused. direction. harmony.18 Dr. Every person making a personal quest for knowledge and wisdom with openness and acceptance will achieve self-awareness through self-evaluations. thus each person achieves self-awareness according to his or her will and desire. wisdom. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Once we understand the realities of orthodoxy’s choices. DD spirituality that accepts peace and other religions. ignorance. and deceptions promoted within the rhetoric and dogma of these organizations. and exclusivism. and enlightenment. This is due to egocentric goals including proselytization.

reflected the human reality and a horned god was not an evil. In their efforts to control Christian followers. It is impossible to separate religious beliefs from our worldview and conscious state. to an evil negative deity opposing all that is good. consciousness and emotion control all observable behavior. dated approximately 22. and behaviors. our spirituality is our foundation and shapes our choices to affect who we are as we balance and communicate within our reality and self. Although. this is unity and the ability to declare.Religions Fail 19 My only hope is that you will heed Sir Francis Bacon’s advice “Read not to contradict. as Kierkegaard taught religious belief is a conscious leap to faith without regard to reason and factuality. experiences. We can communicate within our essence to visualize our greater goals and needs but this is not a conscious or easy activity. by removing it from the cycles of the earth and human life. These paintings. the horn god is not evil outside of Christianity. It is a fabricated religion developed by egocentric minds desiring power and control of all humans. while religious beliefs and philosophies exist only in the conscious psyche. ‘I AM.” Spirituality Humankind developed spirituality very slowly via trial and error experiences over thousands of years. Our spirituality appreciates superconscious influence predicated upon our level of knowledge. Nevertheless. Spirituality and religious beliefs have nothing in common. Old beliefs slowly adapted to social and environmental changes to explain our human realities. emotions.000 years ago. Nevertheless. Early childhood education and experiences remain in each person’s . and goals according to our social environment and thinking but our spirituality is deeper inside directing the ethical codes. Anthropology found cave paintings indicating old beliefs regarding a horned god with ritual activity. Spirituality influences each person’s worldview. and goals that formulate our deeper self. truths. early religious leaders converted the horned god. environment. They exert major influence upon our choices. This horned deity helped with survival and hunting. worldview. but to weigh and consider. We can alter our religious beliefs. and knowledge. Christianity is an exception to the above progression.000 to 30.’ Birth environments have strong influence upon our life philosophy.

but changes throughout life as we achieve greater knowledge and understanding. Mythology reports extraordinary activities performed by gods and normal individuals. our religious beliefs form an essential aspect of our worldview. These storytellers interwove their religious goals with plagiarized and reconstructed pagan events. Imhotep. we may alter these beliefs as we gain knowledge. He was a common person that progressed to become a god. plagiarized. In an effort to expand godly influence. Around 2. They influence conscious choices. made . Ancient authors did not understand these events. Mythology Ancient myths originated in verbal stories describing natural events. Different religions report identical activities by the same individuals or different individuals with similar backgrounds.e. These stories passed from one generation to the next via storytellers.c. We live better as we achieve greater knowledge and wisdom. formulate personal truth. He used honey and molding bread to treat wounds. whom I accept as the world’s first recorded genius. Our spirituality differs as it continues to direct us toward our deeper goals and needs with alteration until we visualize new truths. The rewards of knowledge cannot be over-stated. With knowledge. and edited pagan mythology according to personal biases and beliefs in an effort to support their specific goals.. The worldview is specific to each individual. and grant our understanding of acceptable behavior and goals.600 b. Through evaluation and verification. DD intelligence throughout their lifetime.20 Dr. Imhotep shares some history with Jesus. many authors expanded their stories to enhance religious significance. Although. He was part mortal and part creator. we create new beliefs and hypothesis to alter our choices and outcomes in the future. so they attributed unexplainable activities to godly influence. When ancient authors could not reasonably explain events they took literary privileges. accept. and reject as we use our freedom-of-choice. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. To gain our ultimate level of knowledge we must look to all information. we reap the benefits of better choices and more productive life. built the first step pyramid. Ancient Egyptians accepted him as the god of medicine.

Lucifer. 7. Yaldabaoth’s activities and goals are identical in multiple religions. I found that information regarding creation myths in the canonized Christian Bible. completed surgery. The Secret Book of John. BG118: 15. II. 57:1-25. in an effort to explain the chaos of the world. Devil. and customs. changed water to wine. Satin. and others depending upon your religion. and The Gospel of the Egyptians all discuss the Unbegotten Eternal Light before material world creation. This is an example of the religious trend to destroy and kill all that do not accept their dogma and it continues today. and the four Luminaries. 2. Yaldabaoth4. Nebrjeul is a corrupted emanation known as the Abraxas. his name changes with culture. NHL The Sophia of Jesus Christ. III. It is extremely hard to justify that only The Trinity and Devil exists in the Devine realm and without acknowledging other archangels it is impossible to explain the appearance of the multiple entities reported in the Christian Bible.Religions Fail 21 barren women fertile. but names that are more common are examples of slight differences of identical stories. Jesus esoteric teachings. Gnostic deity of good and evil The Gospel of the Egyptians. or Geradamas. so it provides justification for specific fundamental religious beliefs. Adamas. named Abraxas2. 142:40.” Imhotep had an extreme adverse impact upon Christianity and during the fourth century. A review of creation stories highlights a tendency to expand and metaphorically alter information. Yaldabaoth. John connects with Christianity as he expands this myth to recount the rape of Eve. Every religion contains at least one story pertaining to the creation. 111.4 and BG 8502. Many religions believe this archangel (devil) is real. The Devil has several different names. Creator God. NHL The Book of Thomas The Contender. 2 and IV. prior to the birth of Cain and Abel. 2 4 5 3 Abraxas. the church ordered the murder of all Egyptian priests that could read and write hieroglyphics. Great Demon. NHL . The Secret Book of John begins before creation and speaks of the Unbegotten Father. Samael. and Samael. and other minor “miracles. Tartarouchos5. Although. language. The Secret Book of John goes deeper to discuss Nebrjeul. uncorrupted emanations of Barbelo. Nebrjeul3. Therefore. they establish an environment in which other archangels also exist. environment. Many religions accept that the devil is the Archangel of chaos.3.

died in battle a short . the waters in front of the wave would recede back into the wave and allow a land bridge. Amon Ahu. I will consider one possibility of a land bridge appearing because of receding water due to an approaching tsunami. the Canonized Christian Bible provides several accounts of angels and messengers appearing upon Devine direction. Immediately. but as the Egyptian pursuers charged onto the land bridge they were caught by the seawaters rapid return and were destroyed. caused by a seismic incident several hundred miles away in the ocean. which is probable. This event attributed to god the safe passage to the Jewish tribes. This purposed account fits Moses’ explanation. archeological evidence indicates that Ramses’ first son. Devine influence and planning are debatable. However. Moses lead the twelve Jewish tribes (approximately 5. The finial plague story indicates that the angel of death killed all first-born Egyptian sons. there must be others. A story gaining factual background through archaeological study is the story of Moses and the Jewish migration from Egypt. but it is clear Moses took literary privilege and this segment of the story did not happen exactly as written. is a wind blow down. First. Summarizing Old Testament spreading the waters story. DD If The Trinity and Yaldabaoth are true. This story exhibits many influences of literary privilege and personal biases that may be exampled in the account of the spreading of the waters. Nevertheless. During a tsunami. In addition.000 people) across the sea on a dry land bridge. As the Egyptian pursuers attempted to cross the land bridge the tidal wave—approaching at approximately 400 miles per hour—would forcefully return the seawater causing complete devastation of everything in its path. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. the Red Sea reported in the Christian Bible was in actually the Reed Sea during that period. Clearly. Another problem exists with the plagues. in shallow areas. A wind blow down would manifest a land bridge with water returning when the winds decreased. Moses and the twelve Jewish tribes could cross the sea using this temporary land bridge without Devine influences. to form. which reasonably cascade in sequence without god’s intervention.22 Dr. It is more reasonable that the splitting water is a result of a seismic incident and not the result of Devine intervention. Physical laws indicate as this wave approached. Another possibility. there are other plausible explanations of this event. upon reaching the sea Moses asked God to spread the water and God immediately responded to Moses’ request by parting the waters. The media has reported several of these events recently. except god did not directly split the seawater immediately upon Moses’ request.

I accept Moses as the author of Exodus. Honor thy father and mother. These commandments appear to be from a less significant god and not commandments of a compassionate all powerful Father. Plate 31 . This foundation is not without reasonable contention.Religions Fail 23 time after the plague. founder of Zoroastrianism. believed in the final battle and the eventual triumph of good spirit over the evil spirit. The Ten Commandments is foundational for Christianity’s code of morality. 125. entitled The Negative Confession [Declaration of Innocence before the Gods of the Tribunal6] and the origination of this account may be traced to the Pyramid Texts written around 2400 b. Moses would have studied this papyrus during his early Egyptian education. the Persian prophet Zoroaster.c. This fact opens questions regarding Ten Commandments—a basic Judean document and belief. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. The Ten Commandments are also suspect due to placement and desires of the first four Commandments including: 1) 2) 3) 4) You shall have no other Gods before me. therefore. they manifest egocentric thought.c. This reflects a natural tendency to interweave fact and fiction to gain a desired result and conclusion.e.e. Moses was educated as Egyptian pharaoh and he was able to read and write. each emerging demon was progressively more evil and devastating than its 6 Papyrus of Ani. Zoroaster authored an apocalyptic story predicting the fall of Babylon. described by Moses. Moses’ tablets containing The Ten Commandments reflects perfections expressed in 42 statements in an account within the Papyrus of Ani. a 12-pillar altar and Jewish campsite. which includes an account of the rise of four demons originating and coming from the sea. Each of these demons brought forth devastation and chaos upon the world and although each demon emerged singularly. has been located in the desert and it is very close to Moses’ account. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Could it be that Christianity and Hollywood got it wrong? However. In the 6th to 7th century b. The Papyrus of Ani [The Egyptian Book of the Dead] was a part of each pharaoh’s education. some information in Exodus is accurate.

Differences include the transformation of four sea demons to four horsemen. and destabilization. each horseman functions identically to his sea demons counterpart. the four horsemen contained in the Christian book of Revelations. DD predecessor. simply plagiarized and updated Zoroaster’s earlier information in his prophecy. However. to wash away all sins and grant eternal life. but Zoroaster’s was written approximately six to seven hundred years before. Isian followers believed baptism and symbolic cleansing washed away their sins and paved their way to heaven and eternity. As an example of these stories. celebration of Horus’ birth took place on December 25 and it is this celebration that later became the Twelfth Night and Christmas. then he claimed a new revelation from god. Certainly. Clearly. . Horus’ history presents an interesting detail. there are modifications to Zoroaster’s original writings. as a prophet. In both accounts Babylon falls and the world experiences chaos. Many stories endured countless centuries and passed from one religion to another with alterations to reflect each religion’s beliefs. and involved confession with repentance. thus they gained access to heaven and salvation. and John. The final insult is John’s Pale Horseman and Zoroaster’s Ten-Horned Demon each represents death. contains the exact same theme progression as Zoroaster’s apocalyptic sea demons. cleansing pools beside the Nile. Baptism cleansed their soul and forgave their sins. Isian religion was popular and dedicated to personal salvation.24 Dr. Isian followers practiced baptism. but the similarities are undeniable. Isis was the ‘Savior’ making salvation possible and her love and intervention ensured resurrection of the body and eternal life. I shall review stories of the Egyptian goddess of fertility. as her son. materialization. Think a moment. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Isis parallels Jesus in multiple ways. several centuries earlier. Early Christians accepted Zoroaster. written by John sometime in the second century after Jesus death. is also a Devine entity who is a good God. Isis also parallels Mary. Isis. Horus. Zoroaster’s last demon was ten-horned sea creature representing death. Another similarity too strong to discount is that each of these celebrations included baptism in holy temple. the author of the Book of Revelations. John plagiarized this section of the Book of Revelations from a story initially written by Zoroaster.

from a rock-tomb. and Mithras? Clearly these religious concepts are not extremely different from present concepts except Isis was a supreme Goddess. Is it possible that Christianity simply rewrote these rituals from the pagan religions of Isis. and beliefs. . rituals. and Jesus teaching identical perfections. Annual calendar of events and holidays are major elements of all religions. and renew the consciousness. angels and demons. Mithras. also celebrates a birthday on December 25 and again his followers demanded a symbolic washing-like baptism to cleanse the soul and remove sins. in the British Museum. Devil. December 25th is the time of the winter solstice and birthday celebration of Isis’ son Horus7 and Jesus. these baptisms occurred long before Christianity but served exactly the same purpose as the Christian ‘Born-Again’ baptisms. and teach closeness to accepted religious dogma. reaffirm their beliefs. Like Attis and Adonis. These myths place Christianity with Isis.Religions Fail 25 More similarities and parallels are readily apparent. Christian myths grew by absorbing details from pagan beliefs. just as Jesus and Horus. Calendar events play an extremely important role and restate historic events. religions revitalize. heaven and hell. Jesus’ resurrection took place. Jesus and Dionysus share similar histories. These parallels are too strong to overlook and it is reasonable to conclude orthodox myths are simple restated pagan myths and beliefs. placed in a manger. Osiris’ followers also practice baptism with immersion in water to gain purification of the soul. Osiris was the God over the after world. both was wrapped in swaddling clothes. Osiris. Clearly. Mithras the sun god. on Monday and the third day past death. wash away sins. etc. Dionysus. 7 On the Shabaka Stone. through these holidays and rituals. Both Aesculapius and Jesus raised men from the dead and gave sight to the blind. and in later life each turned water into wine. Horus. For centuries religious leaders have mobilized and replenished their religions communities by using rituals as rhetorical proofs of the existence of God. an eighth-century BC copy of an original papyrus dating to the Pyramid Age unequivocally identifies Horus as Wepwawet. and Mithras was the Sun God. like that of Mithras. Osiris. Both was born in a stable. virgin mother. women rejoiced and mourned Jesus death.

known as Seth in some Egyptian writings and Plutarch referred to Set as Typhon. an ancient Egyptian god of the afterworld. whose death and resurrection personified the self-renewing vitality and fertility of nature. The final and reconnecting segment. Although religious myths contain some empirical and mythical facts regarding an exemplary person’s life. Osiris. engaged in eternal celestial conflict with Set. the primary issues are undeniable similar to the ancient story. This classic battle repeats throughout history using different names and environments and there are several parallels stories in the Christian bible. Set killed Osiris in order to assume his power. Although Christianity alters specific issues. added. These ritual holiday enactments restate accepted truths as foundations of specific religious beliefs. wisdom. Each holiday and calendar event began as a religious story and progresses to ritualistic reenactments.26 Dr. and all that is malignant. Even though some individuals performed extraordinary and unprecedented activities. is the retelling the story annually on its anniversary and reinforcing a cycle of justification. darkness. . conclusion. Christianity restates a classic story regarding good and evil conflict. his brother. which he enjoyed until Horus. the god of all that is malignant. without foundational fact. a good god. of this circle. Present day storytellers increase the magnitude and change content according to personal perceptions. storytellers of the past magnified. Could this be the story of Cain and Able? This battle between Horus and Set9 restates a classic conflict between good and evil. DD Orthodox religions present holiday myths and stories within a program of beliefs and full-circle restatements. victory by 8 9 Set. It is true because they say it is true. and gain reasonableness. A quick overview indicates Osiris and Set were two powerful gods with Osiris occupying the superior position.8 the god of evil. and altered information to fit their desired image. The full circle religions teachings establish credibility through professed truths. and from storyteller to storyteller. time. period storytellers added facts and magnified activities during their attempts to explain the unknown details. and universal soul. which originated in an ancient story of the conflict between Osiris. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. in restating this story. support specific beliefs. and outcomes. and Set. environment. the son of Osiris and Isis avenged Osiris’ death by killing Set. or political situations these stories passed from mouth to mouth.

celebrations. Modern religious beliefs are simply altered versions of ancient Pagan Myths expressing a fundamental belief in a supreme God. In these conflicts. These stories pass from one generation to the next. religions promoted the presence of a Supreme Being. Highlighting threads of knowledge. who sprang from the light and embodied all that is good in the heavens and on earth. but there are many parallel modern religious stories addressing good and evil conflicts and the duality of goodness. events. Unbegotten Entity. In this story. Upon seeing Ormazd’s actions Ahriman also creates six gods and twenty-four supporting entities. and Ahriman. Ahriman penetrated Ormazd’s egg and defiled Ormazd’s hidden angles by simply boring a hole and placing his 30 followers inside. Throughout all recorded human existence. Undoubtedly. myths. each story contains value because it explains the originator’s beliefs. This ancient story explains the mixing good and evil and addresses the duality within all humanity. which is well worth your further investigation 11 These gods may also be referred to as angels 10 . or Father. Ormazd became aware of Ahriman’s actions and he became concerned and fearful of Ahriman’s influence upon his followers. Ormazd created six good gods11 and twenty-four supporting entities. This is a highly condensed version of this story. which were contrary in nature.10 Another ancient Egyptian story paralleling modern religious teachings are realized in the Magian’s belief of Ormazd. who came from darkness and symbolizes all that is malignant on earth and in the heavens.Religions Fail 27 Horus returned Osiris to power and reestablished the world’s good qualities and perfections. I find the duality and egg to be extremely interesting but a complete discussion on this is beyond the scope of this book. it is easy to understand why the Ancient Egyptians use this story as a basic explanation of the chaos and evilness existing in the world. and stories interwoven throughout ancient stories and modern religions communicates the possibility that these stories existed in religious thought from the inception of human communication. thus in an effort to protect his followers he created an egg and placed his 30 good entities inside. Thus. the good powerful deity eventually wins and assumes power and the son assumes a highly elevated role. Religions retell Ormazd and Ahriman’s myth using different specific components but they end with identical ethical conclusions.

therefore. all wisdoms offered in this world. no religion is totally correct or incorrect. DD Pagan beliefs strongly influence religious stories. thus within all religions. and art. there are some who gain knowledge and some who remain ignorant. nor is any author correct on all issues. may access knowledge. and inherent freedom-of-choice to believe as you wish. from every society and religion. spirituality. enlightenment. thus there is no need to assess the level of correctness of any particular religion. and a strong force of world activities. there is a need to assess your personal path. I see many old truths remaining valid upon extension. . It is very important to recognize individual differences. and teachings. but it is not important to discount or invalidate any particular teachings. Basic truths remain true without regard to the origination of the story. philosophies. for an eternity. Within the modern world Pagan Myths and beliefs are an intricate part of modern life. we can accept or reject information according to our prevailing level of understanding and inherent freedom-of-choice. Many Pagans attend local church to socialize and quietly find pagan prevalence in Christian rituals. However. During reincarnation. and allows acceptance of ancient beliefs within modern environments. It is impossible for an intelligent person to reasonably accept that only one belief can provide balance for all humanity. are we beginning to realize that violence and hatred are evil and bad for all societies. As we gain knowledge and assimilate truths. but only now. stories. It is possible that ancient pagan stories are direct results of early interactions. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. therefore modern religions are little more than reshaped paganism. Clearly. Paganism remains fundamentally identical to modern Christianity and other religions. through experience. We have progressed from hunting packs to organized communities.28 Dr. I believe we will gain. I have no conflict with religious myths. Experiential and mystical knowledge grants insight. teachings. No story is either completely true or false and no person is either good or bad. our summary memories bring forward from life to life the wisdoms of our past. We have advanced as our superconscious memories bring forward (life after life) truth and wisdom. written material. Every person. we are becoming better as individuals and societies. There is no exclusive path to wisdom and eternity. worldviews.

Religion does not exist in a vacuum. there are happy people in churches full of ignorance. slogans. flawed truth. If the facts are false. and erroneous conclusions. A wise person once said. and outcomes provides insight into their true beliefs. Behavior always speaks louder than words as it reflects true beliefs. and exclusivism. Even when choices provide . Although religious rhetoric claims compassion. then choices and outcomes based on that incorrect information is flawed. anxieties. understanding. lawyers. and equality orthodoxy’s choices reflect contradictions.Religions Fail 29 Rhetoric Religious inconsistency reflects flawed truths and beliefs. incorrect belief. Wisdom promotes happiness and peace by eliminating confusion.” I highlight the inconsistencies and contradictions that are blatant deceptions and misapprehensions to motivate reasonable people to ask critical questions and evaluate observable religious outcomes. Their everyday choices and activities reflect true beliefs. merchants. and conclusions. Religious rhetoric is hollow and meaningless lacking substance. It exists in the mind of every human. Individuals understanding religious inconsistencies will naturally improve their choices. consistency. Understanding religion’s choices. and frustrations caused by religious inconsistencies and contradictions. policy makers. Reviewing orthodox religion’s outcomes and activities confronts each person with the realization that spirituality and religion have little in common. and rhetoric supporting and sustaining them. activities. empathy. Two thousand years ago. speaks so loud. Unless compromised by mental illnesses or extreme outside influences. public relations. falsehood. concepts. professional classes. and life. goals. Jesus indicates we should question the actual and tangible outcomes of each choice and judge these institutions by their observable behaviors and not by their creeds. that I am unable to hear what you say. “What you do. Negative outcomes result from deception. injustice. Observable behaviors are direct reflections of each person’s philosophies and worldview. Nevertheless. Blatant inconsistencies and serious contradictions require critical evaluation if they are going to progress to wisdom. and armies and observed that we should know these institutions by their choices and activities. knowledge. all people remain true to themselves. Jesus looked at our religious institutions with their hierarchies of priestly power. inconsistencies.

Each person needs to discount and reevaluate all false information. each choice reflects . Their rhetoric does not justify and promote understanding of their beliefs it only restates them. An individual’s beliefs directly influence their choices.30 Dr. DD a working outcome that appears accurate. Therefore. which constitute the cause. They provide a basis for critical review and evaluation. This practice has become a mainstay for many worldwide political and religious communities. acting in anger will result in angry outcomes. in the same polarity three times greater. observable reactions. Orthodox religious leaders overwhelm humanity with expertly crafted half-truths and politically correct spins that have little foundation in fact. Laws of cause and effect do not change. Religion dogma is a tool for control. My observations have shown negative people experience more negative responses than positive people. The outcomes of these choices represent the effects. therefore. power and immediate gratification is important and readily accepted. Nevertheless. if upon extension or changes in the environmental situation they manifest less than optimum results they are false. Religious leaders vigorously claim rewards and advantages for all following their dogma. they are false. Karma also expresses this concept and requires restitution for negative choices and rewards for positive choices. Therefore. they must be observable and verifiable in positive activities and outcomes. Incorrect choices always produce unpredictable results and cause increased pain in others. every action reflects back. and manifesting happiness will result in increased happiness. manifesting hatred will result in hatred. therefore. According to the Pagan rule of three. All actions have an equally intense result. choosing violence will return increased violence. if these rewards and advantages are true. if their claims fail to provide positive verification. and outcomes. The law of cause and effect simply states that for every action or choice there is an equal and opposite reaction and effect. A negative person will attract negative feedback three times greater than his or her original negative choices. In this combined group. political and religious leaders embrace one another to support rhetoric without substantiations of fact. Nothing is in isolation all personal choices and outcomes affect everyone else as they cascade from one event to another. Every choice embraces freedom-of-choice and individual control. to the original person. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson.

I have professionally interacted with a large group of messiahs. and claiming a holy status. He believed this task would occupy his son for a long time. “That’s right son. the backgrounds. but within a very short time. and the world was together.Religions Fail 31 each individual’s worldview. finally giving them to his son with instructions to put the world back together. Their observable behavior speaks louder than their words. Other than Jesus. which went something like this. and effectiveness of these holy men are unknown. During one year. our world is together. “Son how did you put this world together so quickly?” His son answered. A young father was watching the Super Bowl on television and his young son. I heard a story by Earl Nightingale. Thousands of years of religious chaos indicate orthodoxy’s choices do not reflect their rhetoric. They went from village to village preaching. Messiah Two thousand years ago there were many individuals claiming to be the Messiah in Judea and South Palestine. the child had finished and returned a sloppily taped perfectly placed world. Holy men during this period were as plentiful as today’s drug dealers. His father was completely surprised and asked. As a qualified psych nurse. Undoubtedly. When we are together. when I put the man together. the Roman court. A few years ago. Historically messianic impersonators were widely available throughout the region. when our world is together there few contradictions and inconsistencies we are at peace with our self. in Jerusalem. performing miracles. beliefs. “There was a picture of a man on the back. some of which I introduced in the spirituality section. Reasonable individuals can remain true to his or her self and live healthily without constant emotional turmoil.” To this the father answered.” This story graphically illustrates the positive effects of truth and consistency upon our life. This father wishing to stop the interruptions found a picture of the world in a magazine. who was playing nearby and continuously interrupting his viewing with mundane questions. Jesus’ life becomes extremely interesting upon comparing his history and the history of several ancient gods. He tore out the picture of the world and then tore it into several small pieces. Jesus’ life parallels the lives of six mythical gods and one . when the man is together. crucified over 400 holy men. approximately 30 CE. his world is together.

All of six ancient gods were born on or around December 25. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Each of these gods and Jesus share the following common histories. I offer summaries hoping to initiate a bit of interest. Ancient authors and prophecies foretelling the Messiah followed the pattern of ancient gods. Dionysus resurrected or reincarnated. Centuries before the birth of Jesus these gods were well documented and worshiped. Note that both Persephone and Aphrodite were Adonis’ lovers during his time with them. 3. Life during Jesus’ time was difficult and the people were dreaming of deific help. The Catholic Church accepts Denis’ resurrection and reincarnation as fact. . also known as The Tyrant of Syracuse. several hundred years later. it is unreasonable to accept that these gods are imitation of Jesus’ life as these myths occurred prior to Jesus and it is impossible to predict and imitate a cult event in the future. 6. Shepherds and Magi honored each as a god or Messiah. Shepherds and Magi attended all. as Denis and he became the Pope beginning in 259 CE until his death during 268 CE. 5. There is no foundation for this argument but it continues today. After resurrection Adonis spent 4 months of each year with Persephone. 4. 4 months with Aphrodite whom he loved. DD Catholic saint. A bright star announced their births. Second god appears in Greek mythology is Adonis. Denis and Church stories substantiate that they believe this myth is true. Each died and spectacularly resurrected on the third day. The political and social environments were right for a Messiah to come and several individuals attempted to answer this calling. 2. Religious leaders argue that these gods are myth imitating Jesus’ life. The Catholic Church later adopted him as St. The significance and lives of these gods offers interesting myths and histories worth further review.32 Dr. Although complete in-depth reviews are not within the scope of this book. His cycling on earth symbolically accounts for our vegetation cycles and seasons. First god. These gods lived hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth and the Catholic Saint Denis lived before and after Jesus’ resurrection. and 4 months anywhere he choose. A wild boar killed Adonis and later Zeus allowed his resurrection. Dionysus the Elder. 1. Each was born in humble environments and circumstances. Stop and think logically. lived from approximately 431 BCE to 367 BCE.

Set. In mythology. Denis There is another version of this story. Everything worked as normal and Osiris fathered Horus who later defeated Set. Fourth god was a Phrygian youth named Attis. so he killed Osiris. a group of frenzied and raging women tore Orpheus apart. It appears. in the detailed myth. Isis could only find forty-one pieces of Osiris. she caused him to castrate himself. Orpheus is the accredited founder of the Cult of Dionysus12 or Bacchus and the developer of fine arts and poetry. Set cut Osiris into forty-two pieces13 and threw them into the Nile. there is an interaction between Orpheus and St. He was husband and brother of Isis and the father of Horus. after his resurrection. . Although his statements cannot imply truth. After resurrection. they do imply that these myths and stories had been archived within the libraries of Christianity and available for scholarly study for centuries. During his infancy maenads. to avenge his father. He publicly admitted the existence of these parallels and indicated the cults of Adonis and Osiris were actually dress rehearsals for the coming of Jesus. This story is a classic good/evil conflict with the good becoming victorious over evil and Horus’ became the seventh god whose birthday is December 25. Set wished to gain Osiris’ higher power status. These stories inadvertently gained credibility during a British television show in which a Vicar publicly admitted that he studied these gods and incidents during his theological college. 12 13 Dionysus the Elder was the First God who later became St. Cybele became sorrowful and repented to subsequently begged Jupiter to preserve and return his body free of decay. was an evil god in charge of all things malignant. in order that he might father Horus. the missing piece was his penis. Cybele loved Attis and during a jealous rage. Osiris was a good and fair god that served as the lord of the underworld. his brother. Tammuz consorted with Inanna or Ishtar and his punishment required he serve in the afterlife forever.Religions Fail 33 Third god was the infant son of King Lycurgus named Orpheus. The sixth god was a Sumerian and Babylonian Sheppard god known as Tammuz and originally known as Erech. The death of Set allows Osiris to resume his rightful role as lord of the underworld. Isis made a penis for Osiris. Denis. but other issues are identical. which contains fewer parts. The Vicar’s identification of these dress rehearsals opens a possibility that Adonis and Osiris are angels. Fifth god was an Egyptian Pharaoh named Osiris. Jupiter allowed his resurrected. This is a classic battle of good and evil in which good triumphs.

Restatements of paganism became the foundations of designer religions. Each storyteller retold these stories according to their individualized biases. Factually. and myths refitted to modern society. Storytellers and authors have corrupted religious stories and truths during telling and retelling. and bible’s truths. Is it a possibility that multiple great teachers originated in different times and localities? All religions and the majority of the world’s population do not accepted Jesus as the Son of God. The canonized Christian Bible exhibits more than 1700 years of censorship. Religious leaders teach altered interpretations without foundation. Is it possible that the church’s view is unsound? . I write this book according to my biases. The church came into being thousands of years later due to religion. This transformation was as imperceptible as Levis transformation from a local manufacture of working utility jeans to world-renowned designer jeans with sexually provocative accents. and empathy. Multiple authors wrote religions stories. doctrines. and absolute disregard of truth.34 Dr. Then religious leaders altered and censored these to promote their egocentric goals. Although God remains the focus of most religions. Religion did not begin with the church. and books. Nobody is going to have dinner and a glass of wine with god tonight. DD For one reason or another these stories and myths were restricted from lay person study by the church leaders. Jesus as the Messiah is inconsistent and controversial. myths. but many more accept him as a great teacher. all religious leaders are human with varying degrees of sanity and insanity. symbols. Church censorship produces half-truths and inconsistencies that control all teachings. compassion. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. portion of the world’s religions accepts Jesus as The Messiah. I accept Jesus as a great teacher and that his teachings enlighten all people willing to open-mindedly evaluate all information. It is altered pagan beliefs. I interpret this choice to indicate that the Christian leadership believes their follows lack the sophistication to understand the development of Christianity. editing. Christianity is not new and unique. There are no living saints or gods.

All these are the work of the same Spirit. To one there is given wisdom. to another faith by the same Spirit. world. to another distinguishing between spirits. In the Christian bible. Gnosis answers questions regarding from whence I came. or self-knowledge. to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit. just as he determines. and to still another the interpretation of tongues. It translates as self-knowing. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians states: Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. to another speaking in different kinds of tongues. inner-knowledge. It encompasses all aspects of knowledge including intuitive (mystical) and empirical knowledge gained via empirical and mystical experiences. Wisdom is not universal or identical in all people. and purpose. Gnosis is not based an understanding of the material facts alone. It speaks to each individual according to his or her worldview. and he gives them to each one. to another the message of knowledge by means of the Spirit. to another miraculous powers. to another prophecy. NIV 35 . and where I will be in the future. why I am here.14 14 1 Corinthians 12:7-10. who I am. Gnosis is knowledge of self.Two General Concepts Wisdom To define wisdom I use the Greek term Gnosis.

No person may purchase wisdom. and experience our deeper self. confusion. and self. . As I stated before this level of self-awareness is not a given or easy. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. These inner powers include mystical revelations and understandings regarding all that we are. introspection. DD In this passage. These are the questions of life.36 Dr. Through transcendence. Wisdom encompasses more than educational. These are foundational cornerstones of wisdom and spirituality. We can only gain wisdom through dedicated effort and will. Spirituality and mythology use symbolism and a mystic language. It promotes our ability to meditate. You are the Captain of your world and you are responsible for yourself. Religion promotes erroneous information to cloud our knowledge foundations. and memory. world. knowledge. Meaningful relationships. All great teachers taught that every human is personally responsible for his or her choices and achievement of wisdom. No person can grant wisdom to another. Paul discusses several aspects of gnosis as inner powers of the self [consciousness and superconsciousness]. misapprehension. Enlightened individuals understand knowledge equals freedom. The key to a better life is wisdom through introspection and self-evaluation. Wisdom is not available to individuals experiencing distortion. and conflict by offering hope in the future. transcend our physical presence. and self-awareness I came to realize and appreciate my eternal companion. from whence I came. and what is my future. and unconditional positive regard are products of wisdom. It requires work. Transcendence is available to all that expend the effort to realistic evaluate all that is within his or her worldview. They strive to limit their followers to flounder in a sea of chaos. Orthodox religions indicate that only their self-appointed leaders understand the mythic language of the timeless and limitless world. Each person is alone on his or her journey to this achievement. which is foreign and illogical within our material world. Orthodoxy’s history. open communications. duality. why I am here. You can achieve knowledge and answer basic questions regarding. No person can give wisdom to another as a gift. who I am. willful distortions. and misinformation. They indicate their followers must accept their interpretation of all information and follow their guidance. unreasonably. and human atrocities encourage ignorance.

condone. Limiting information availability. Their only crime was that they approached the Pope’s army. and children. Religions have waged a relentless program to eliminate free thought and teachings that are adverse to their egocentric goals and desires. economic. Nothing or no one can control or touch a free person. and refusing to turn the Cathars over to the papal army. and political power to control all people. insane. including families. taught only to their inner circle. • • • • • Destroying books and libraries. acceptance of responsibility. As an example. Orthodoxy’s responses supporting exclusive thought exhibits violent and senseless killings during the crusades. Due to esoteric teaching. We obtain wisdom through experiential and mystical insight. These were nonviolent families. and wars due to intolerance. Murdering teachers. Dismissing all facts different or questioning its teachings and egocentric desires. the Catholic Church promoted blatant falsifications then they violently reacted according to their own lies. This is not limited to one specific religion. Ancient religious beliefs and practices were predominately esoteric. They used fear. this crusade slaughtered 400 Cathars and numerous townspeople. inquisitions. • Murders all believing differently. They manipulate social. orthodox religions utilized all levels of opposition in their attempt to eliminate different beliefs. unarmed. On the orders of the Pope. can achieve wisdom. and self-awareness. today powerful Israeli Rabbis support a controversial text “The King’s Torah. This controlling trend continues today. women. History exhibits the following atrocities. and distortion in their efforts to hinder the growth of personal wisdom. witch hunts. it was easy for the Church to misrepresent and distort information. and groups. jihad. The Church ordered the first crusade against the Cathars. and healers. individuals. Every person. occult. of all religions. women. critical thinking.” This document uses fear to incite. children. intimidation. .Religions Fail 37 Understanding requires freedom that allows us to live mindfully in every moment of life during our journey to wisdom. including all men. As an example. and support killing non-Jews. Declaring groups and individuals as heretics.

It is understood that through self-knowledge and knowledge that all people come to freedom. each god demands that their followers became a puppet of church dogma to gratify ambitions of the self-appointed church leaders. so the church’s law was of little value. The Gospel of Thomas supports the concept of an angel within when Thomas reports Jesus as saying: “If you bring forth what is within you. DD There is no history indicating the Cathars were in any way immoral or a threat to any religion. the intellect of children intimidated Catholic pope.38 Dr. compassion. were the Cathars accused of immoral activities. Does this indicate the level of ignorance of the average Catholic? Jim Jones used religious beliefs as a means to maintain control of his utopian society. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. In this incident.”15 This powerful account clearly establishes our need to discover our inner self and bring it into our consciousness and superconsciousness. Let us compare. The Cathars did not believe the church’s laws were salvific. Their crimes were that they would not bow down to the pope and accept him as their leader. If you do not bring forth what is within you. The Pope ordered the Cathars slaughtered due to their beliefs encompassing dualism and rejection of laws of the church. in NHL . as I do not accept Christianity’s teaching. what you do not have within you will destroy you. 70. This deity requires empirical and mystical experiential education to increase knowledge. until modern church political spins. I cannot understand why the Catholic pope needed to kill innocent townspeople because they refused to step aside and expose the Cathars. Both Jim Jones and the Pope limited the freedom of their followers by murdering them. I believe each person has a latent deity within. At no time. 15 The Gospel of Thomas. They are identical. Jim Jones’ choices and the Catholic Church’s ancient political rhetoric. what you bring forth will save you. His choices were self-centered and ignorant. I understand their position. Problems arose when these teachings fail to accept the value of life and self-knowledge. This incident alone makes it obvious to me that the Christian god lacks the intellect to reasonable disagree with innocent children and families. This violent situation truly exhibited Christians killing Christians due to papal greed and egocentric goals for power.

although having wings. you shall observe these things. And it will blind them with insatiable lust and burn their souls and become for them like a stake stuck in their heart. And like a bit in the mouth it leads them according to its own desire. If now. 7. if not. II. We must achieve wisdom and build communication links between our superconsciousness and consciousness before we may obtain all that we are. things that are far from the truth. Jesus said. however the good and bad are the same—indeed the wise man will be nourished by the truth” “Seeing that there are some who.”16 “Everyone who seeks the truth from true wisdom will make himself wings so as to fly. 140:9-30 . will give them an illusion of truth.”19 Jesus presents a clear outline describing need and benefits of gaining wisdom and the ability to differentiate truth from untruth. religion cannot support your hope but as Thomas reports all people can bring forth what is within and achieve their ultimate goals. 7. “It is in the light that light exists. For that which guides them. which are fundamental elements of wisdom. And he will make himself wings to flee every visible spirit. II. you desire to become perfect. Therefore. which identifies wisdom as a mandatory element of a better life. and will shine on them with perishable beauty. Orthodox religion has no ability to accomplish any aspect of this task for you.Religions Fail 39 empathy. fleeing the lust that scorches the spirits of men. your name is Ignorant. NHL The Book of Thomas The Contender. understanding. rush upon the visible things. 140:1 Yaldabaoth or Tartarouchos or Devil The Book of Thomas The Contender. and self-awareness. since it is impossible for an intelligent man to dwell with a fool. To the fool.”17 “Therefore it is necessary for us to speak to you. 7. Matthias recorded in Thomas the Contender a conversation between Jesus and Judas Thomas. the fire18. Later Jesus 18 19 16 17 The Book of Thomas The Contender. for the intelligent man is perfect in all wisdom. Forgiveness and economic support of any religious organization gains nothing except socialization and foolish hope. 139:21. since this is the doctrine for the perfect. and it will imprison them in a dark sweetness and captivate them with fragrant pleasure. which they can never dislodge. II.

and personal coincidence. . but they are not necessary elements of wisdoms. self-centered. Wisdoms will remain forever within our summary memories as truths. spanning countless centuries and multiple incarnations. reflection. Don’t misunderstand. housing. On the contrary. and recreation. and controlled by circumstance. and personal character as direct rewards of self-awareness. Later I will address hell’s significance. into wisdom. self-indulging. altered by luck. Let me clarify differences between Personal Power and Wisdom. when knowledge and strong moral character are associated with wisdom and integrated into life philosophies. but personal power is a product of the ego. money and life status elevations are a consequence of these 20 Tartarouchos may be another name for Yaldabaoth but I believe this entity is an aeon under Yaldabaoth’s control. This process requires an extremely long time. wisdom. Money and life status. food. this reflects orthodox religion’s choices. Jesus indicates that our primary goal should be obtainment wisdom through experiential and mystical knowledge. We achieve wisdom though the six steps of education [experience. but personal power is transient and haphazard while in the material world. political. but if they lack moral and ethical wisdoms. Think. does not reflect an individual’s true level of enlightenment. influenced by wisdom. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. these are only representative of the materialistic elements of life and egocentric goals. Although there are many vague ideas regarding the human soul most teachings do not consider and effectively address personal power. DD continues to identify the angel Tartarouchos20 as the director of the fire and untruths. education for your children. We must transform. they will exhibit egocentric goals. evaluation. Personal Power and Wisdom are inseparable. implementation. Tartarouchos controls the middle place. money and personal power are important and they reflect many elements of a good life.40 Dr. clothing. We gain self-awareness and achieve these rewards only through dedicated personal efforts. in isolation. and self-gratifying behaviors. vast amounts of knowledge from the material world and spiritual spheres before we become enlightened and achieve personal unity. Experiences of both our spiritual and material worlds are elements of wisdom. healthcare. which is in-charge of the middle place. but we must complete each step favorably. understanding. Individuals acquire education and obtain personal power through employment. and verification] and it encompasses every empirical and mystical experience. but personal power is a singular product of our physical world.

and culture. We are what we choose to be. dedication.Religions Fail 41 basic elements. receive wisdom as a gift. desires. and assumptions. Religions will not allow creative evaluation of their belief systems. contract. decisions. Knowledge provides order and reasonableness to our lives. or Devine destiny. Wisdom is a product of personal will. self-awareness. . or trade wisdom therefore each person must expend his or her time and efforts to gain wisdom. effort. each experience is a valuable learning tool. Then discard all information that proves erroneous. myth. Wisdoms and moral character are not products of carelessness and haphazardly awarded as God-given gifts. fate. Simply. and time with understanding of our empirical and mystical experiences. from all sources. No human may purchase. we have an equal opportunity to gain spiritual knowledge and truths through intuitive [mystical] experiences. increased wisdom with strong moral wishes will bring about a good life and personal peace. It is wise to open your mind to all information. beliefs. includes elements of fact. and effort. and consider all information. True information remains true in all situations but erroneous information fails with creative evaluation. We learn through experience. and life situation. Our spirituality and religion. However gaining knowledge is not easy. Wisdom is an inside spiritual and empirical experience. To achieve knowledge we must considered the synergistic effect of all choices. Although experiential knowledge is basic. Like wisdom. We must developed knowledge via critical review of all information sources and experiences. ineffectiveness. Knowledge supports personal peace and unity but it does NOT promote any religion or religious dogma. Knowledge Knowledge is the primary goal of life. When knowledge considers these aspects. Success and failure are precursors to on-going reevaluations regarding outcomes. it formulates a basis for verification of truths and wisdoms. worldview. Religions violate this concept when they produce no read list and summarily reject all information that may offer another conclusion or open new beliefs outside their present dogma. effectiveness. goals. predicted outcomes. Therefore. and consistency of choices. truths. choices. including atheism. knowledge requires personal dedication.

we differentiate. and acceptance. or functional. thus it is the foundation of wisdom. No other person can enter into your consciousness and superconsciousness to influence your deeper self. However. Knowledge is greater than belief. formulate personal goals. Each person must gain knowledge without intermediaries. dedication. right from wrong and good from evil.42 Dr. and church leaders. reincarnation allows each person time to experience life. It requires critical review of all experiences regarding their cause and effect. it requires dedicated personal efforts and time. needed. . understanding. All knowledge is valuable without regard to its origin. It is not an easy task to gain wisdom. Each person accesses his or her self through meditation. It provides the foundations for who we are and how we react. and through wisdom. Knowledge is an inside job and you must gain it by yourself. coffee shops. No other person can give you wisdom. It grants our ability to live in society and interact with other individuals through compassion. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. You are in-charge of your life. Knowledge awakens our superconsciousness and self. or money. Simply as you become smarter. daily effort. Knowledge and truth gained through experiences are predecessors of wisdom. and will. DD No mind can achieve total wisdom in a single lifetime. and gain enlightenment and Luminous Epinoia [Ultimate knowledge]. religious organizations. acceptance of responsibility for all choices and logical development personal moral and ethical values. It grants the ability to live and function in environment with security and peace. we find inner peace and unity. therefore. THE REWARDS ARE GREAT!! Life improves as you gain knowledge. every serious ancient and modern book contains many truths and accurate social justifications. Power is within our essence and intermediaries are not salvific. empathy. Each individual has a personal responsibility to gain knowledge. it does require your dedication. your life becomes better. Knowledge requires conscious and superconscious evaluation of every experience. high tech video. more accurately. It helps us to understand and effectively interact with our physical world. Clearly. It does not demand unjustified personal sacrifices and giving away material assets. for yourself. Knowledge does not require a 10-acre cathedral. WOW. As we gain knowledge.

Modern science is exploring consciousness and soul but we have a long journey to travel before we understand our consciousness. prayer. thoughts. just. and child-like thinking god. nor can any outside entity provide passage into heaven and eternity. Church rules include faith. Western orthodoxy teaches that god is compassionate to all followers.Religions Fail 43 We may learn from teachers and follow the paths of others. Orthodoxy promotes their supreme entity as incomprehensible. and this task never ends. and beliefs provides comfort to others and personal insight. They indicate god does not require anything as long as they follow church rules. Each person may gain knowledge only through individual effort—it is an inside job. we educate ourselves to questions therefore. Nevertheless. etc. Antoine de Saint-Exupery stated. The outside circumference is ignorance and unknown questions. We do understand that our universe recycles every atom and the energies within these continue into the future. support church policies. Sharing knowledge. history supports a domineering. One. We do not educate ourselves to answers. No individual or religious leader can achieve wisdom for another. ergo without a greater power. but the limits of your wisdom remains totally and solely you. These leaders indicate god is an omnipotent Supreme entity. You and you alone must achieve wisdom by yourself.” It is not something discovered. Religious teachers refer to God as The Father. Light.” God’s Existence Does God exist? Most people accept either a positive or negative view of a supreme entity and eternal continuation after life. and surrender to church mandates. vengeful. god’s limits are self-imposed. as interpreted by self-appointed leaders. compassionate to all living things. self-center. “Each man must look to himself to teach him the meaning of life. equitable. it is something molded. Knowledge is paradoxical as we increase our circle containing knowledge we also increase the outside circumference of the circle. pragmatic. attendance. Unbegotten Father. economics. . and all-powerful righteous perfection. but it cannot instill knowledge into others.

Each person’s belief or disbelief in God’s existence is a result of his or her philosophy. myth. ethical. God’s forgiveness is but a fool’s folly with no supporting elements. All humanity has Freedom-of-choice and equal opportunity to develop intellectual. and emotional factors. and culture plus a multitude of social. I believe. “Forgive me. People do not have extra marital relationships. cheat. cognitive. and hurt others because the devil made them do it. therefore attempting to know and understand God by means of factual and materialistic proofs results in failure. We develop our ultimate abilities via choices and knowledge. 21 The devil is a product of Western Religion. Knowledge promotes equal and compassionate evaluations of all things and situations. logic. many religions do not accept an evil entity. which gain little or no influence from facts. I disagree that a reasonable thinking god would forgive someone like Hitler or a killer/rapist because. and experiences. Religions demand faith. All present scientific attempts to prove or disprove God’s existence are simple attempts to justify personal biases of those who already believe or disbelieve in God’s existence. . God’s existence is a scientifically insoluble question and presently we cannot understand the mystic and spiritual realms through empirical language. lie. social codes by gaining wisdom and knowledge. The devil does not make you do whatever wrongful choice you choose. at the last moment they said.” Each person is the sum total of his or her choices. worldview. They made their wrongful choices because they wished. psychological. DD I accept that God does not interfere in our life’s situations. Each person directly or indirectly experiences every situation in our environment through our mirror neurons. The Existentialist Soren Kierkegaard stated that religious belief was a ‘leap to faith’ that required acceptance without fact.44 Dr. either positively or negatively. Each person understands God by means of experience and inner wisdom. symbolism. or physical evidence. I disagree that the devil21 takes over individuals for personal gain or makes anyone do anything. Forgiveness is a deception that makes ignorant people confident while it falsely negates personal responsibility. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Every negative choice requires restitution and this is achieved by reasonable choice and personal transformation.

They rhetorically attack all opposing theology. activities. this question has absolutely no influence upon my life. and gain the ability to declare. it still requires blind acceptance of unreasonable dogma. but I cannot accept orthodox religions portrait of god with its lack meaning and substance. It would be grossly unfair to judge and sanctioned any person for evil choices and activities that is beyond their control. activities. Although religions offer socialization. I AM. beyond each person’s control and he or she would have no responsibility. many orthodox religions appreciate freedom-of-choice in their rhetoric and Christianity accepts freedom-of-choice as an intricate part of Jesus’ teachings. dogma. Logically each person inherently enjoys free will and freedom-of-choice. I do believe something exists in some form or aspect. Logic indicates that no person is personally responsibility for individual choices and wrongful outcomes without freedom-of-choice. If god controls our choices. and beliefs. therefore. For me. If you accept Devine Destiny and Fate as true. Freedom-of-choice Freedom-of-choice is the most important aspect of our existence. by definition. and outcomes. The relationship of the created and creator becomes paradoxical upon consideration. it intrinsically establishes personal responsibility. they deliberately attempt to maintain control via deception. Although. and group activities with a sense of belonging. What good is a religious dogma that has not improved the condition of humankind? Throughout history. Freedom-of-choice and responsibility regarding our choices are inseparable. When pressed on this subject religious leaders resort to altered facts to minimize and eliminate individualized freedom-of-choice. and outcomes then personal choices would be. this quality is not free. Nevertheless. there can be no individual freedom-of-choice. to choose what we wish. and guilt. religion has not improved human life or offered anything except vague promises and outrageous demands. companionship. fear.Religions Fail 45 The mandate for acceptance of God is religion’s inescapable weakness and undeniably its greatest power. It is the quality allowing each of us to direct our life. each person retains total personal responsibility regarding their choices. . believe what we wish.

the devil tempted Jesus by offering a plan. and religious codes. we cannot separate our mind and consciousness from our essence. it mandates responsibility. These strange and mysterious feelings represent our first line of defense that directs us by communicating what we should or should not do. Today. In Christian myth. DD During life. They use the deceptions of Devine destiny and fate. We appreciate communications from our essence when we experience unexplained desires or strong urges to accomplish. They demand peer-group acceptance and conformity. Jesus refused this option indicating free will and freedom-of-choice are necessary elements of life. and guilt to limit freedom-of-choice. exercise their freewill. We are what we choose to be and we choose what we do. Each individual’s life is the sum total of luck. plan for futures. self-appointed leaders of rigid theological communities continue to require strict adherence to social. We use the mind and consciousness during every moment of life. They promote only the church’s accepted information and refuse to consider new information. plan actions. intimidation. political. Therefore. but it does imply that we are free to make our own choices and appreciate our own mistakes. fear.46 Dr. and personal choice. these functions mandate freedom-of-choice. They attempt to replace freedom-of-choice with strict dogma. happenstance. This allows us to rationalize and understand of our environment. shame. Clearly. Each person has an inherent ability to set goals. formulate goals. knowledge. They sanction creativity and perceived . and stored memory. Free will is your ability to personally decide and take action solely based upon individual desires and goals. Each person is the captain of his or her life and the director of his or her freewill. and execute normal daily living activities. to take away freedom-of-choice and free will. This is a mental task and you retain total responsibility for all choices and outcomes. accept. We are what we choose to be. and choose their beliefs and worldview. No person or entity can compromise and limit your free will and freedom-of-choice. These experiences bring to our consciousness the communication links between our environmental situations. or reject some specific information and choices. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. These direct links between our consciousness and superconsciousness influence our freedom-of-choice and protect our essence. Religious rhetoric embraces freedom-of-choice even though their choices restrict freedom-of-choice. This does not imply that choices are easy or that each choice is correct. Religions do not appreciate freedom-of-choice.

We achieve knowledge through freedom-of-choice and freewill. I am the master of my life and personally . will. Each person’s knowledge and life is as they choose. There are six given assumptions regarding freedom-of-choice. I would appreciate the ability to transfer blame for my marriages to a domineering. Devine Destiny or Fate does NOT control of our lives. Devine Destiny eliminates personal accountability and responsibility for an actions. nasty. Freedom-of-choice is an inherent right and no other person can deny or limit your freewill. Devine Destiny is not a reasonable it is simply a deception. Each person can believe and choose.Religions Fail 47 transgressions. 5. then we must accept that this control defeats the purposes of life by denying freewill and freedom-of-choice. or self-development. There is NO Devine testing regarding the beliefs and loyalty of any person. as they will. Without a strong concept of personal accountability and responsibility. in this situation god had morbid goals. Our mistakes and bad choices are learning tools. It allows each person to control his or her life. and outcomes. It is a religious deception answering what religious leaders cannot explain in reasonable terms. surely. self-expression. 1. 2. and controlling god. choices. as they desire. God does NOT manipulate our environment to influence specific responses. 4. Freedom-of-choice demands that each person accept total responsibility for all choices and ramifications. Each person has the ability to make personal choices and the freedom to act independently based upon their goals. It establishes personal responsibility and mandates restitution for damage to others. If we accept that god is all-powerful and controls our choices. Therefore. society will remain in chaos. Freedom-of-choice is the key to understanding. and desires. There are NO predetermined life situations. 3. mean. Each of these activities is a detriment to free will and freedom-of-choice and a blatant contradiction of the loving god concept. They direct the choices of their following by using biased and deceptive rhetoric. Devine Destiny is not a form of self-direction. Nevertheless. 6. Each person would be at the mercy of a whimsical domineering god and the most powerful individuals in their environment.


Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson, DD

responsible for self-development, self-education, and self-direction. Each life experience is a product of individual choices, decisions, actions, and reactions. We are solely responsible for all actions, reactions, and repercussions due to our choices. Religions fail because they attempt to offer an easy fix. Self-appointed leaders interpret their information so that it grants their faithful followers a glorious eternity without restitution and transformation during life. According to religious teachers, I can do anything I wish and then request forgiveness to erase all responsibility and guilt. All people may believe and choose as they wish. I accept that complete restitution is mandatory before our wrongful choices and outcomes can return another to their rightful position. Acceptance of another’s wrong choices is not forgiveness; it puts those choices aside and goes on with our life but wrongful choices remain in memory as a continuation of negative thought. I have no ability to forgive; I can control my response and accept another’s position without negative reaction, but it remains in my memories. How may an individual maintain his or her personal freedom-of-choice without infringing upon the freedom of others? Our inherent personal freedom has not changed from the inception of humanity. This question addresses the greatest dilemma facing humanity. Religious activities exhibit extremely aggressive tactics that support their desires to make everyone conform to their specific beliefs and lifestyle. Religious leaders fail to understand freedom-of-choice and freedom-of-thought are mandatory for personal peace. It is not necessary to project personal beliefs and value systems upon other people. It is necessary to allow freedom-of-choice and assist those individuals who wish guidance. Freedom of choice allows everyone to make bad choices and accept responsibility for their actions, without guilt. I am what I choose. In business, the laws of economics will always prevail. If you do not want an adult bookstore or any other business in your community, do not purchase items in these stores. If a sufficient number of community members do not use these businesses, they will go out-of-business due to negative profitability. Politically active religious leaders promote change in areas moral regulation; but individual desire within a community naturally regulates businesses according profitability. God is not politically active people are. If you do not wish Indian gaming, adult bookstores, shopping centers,

Religions Fail


theaters, or whatever in your community become involved, but remain open to compromise22 to insure retention of maximum freedoms. Religious beliefs should only affect our laws when Community majority supports them and they do not infringe upon the inherent freedoms of others. We are the sum total of our individual choices and wisdoms. Choices of others do not affect my superconsciousness. Enlightened people remain true to themselves and support their will without infringing and unnecessarily limiting the freedoms of others. Each person must use his or her personal freedom reasonably with compassion and empathy, therefore, activities including murder, theft, abuse, violence, rape, false witness, and negativism toward others are never acceptable. These bad qualities and imperfections must be made illegal and punished, to the maximum extent of the law, because they negatively affect the health and safety of all members in the community. Freedom-of-choice is not a Carte Blanc authorization to do, as you will. It is the capability to discern what is compatible with your life. Activities between consenting adults and couples are within the scope of individual freedom-of-choice and NOT in the realm of public interest. Equity demands that committed relationships should have the identical legal rights of married couples. Business perceived as evil, by local religious organizations, should have the freedom to continue their businesses predicated on the laws of business. It is a personal freedom-of-choice to use or not use a business, to interact or not interact with another, to believe or not believe any philosophy, and to choose or reject any person or thing. Stop worrying about others and get your house in order. Appreciating our individual freedoms and responsibilities minimizes social dilemmas. Another person’s wrongful choices do not negatively influence our enlightenment. Nevertheless, we can use the outcomes of another’s choices as training tools. Bad choices are harmful and religions readily promote eliminating temptation as an option. Religions do not understand that harmful choices come from personal desire and egocentric thought, these choices are not influences of the devil. It is unfortunate religious leaders do not understand that reasonable people make our communities safer and more productive. Religious sermons contain information that is distorted, shackled, and oppressive


This may be as simple as allowing these activities in another more acceptable area.


Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson, DD

instill fear. These religious leaders controlled their followers with words of anger, pain, and violence. Religion’s greatest dilemma is how to exercise the most individual freedom without infringing upon the freedoms of another. They cannot answer this dilemma due to their egocentric goals for power and money. These leaders deny that person freedom is exempt from the influence and control of others; no person can alter another’s inherent freedom. The greatest asset of our human experience is the inherent freedom-of-choice residing deep within the consciousness and superconsciousness of every person. This is an aspect deep within each person. No other being can alter or restrict it. No god or organization can take it away. Freedom-of-choice grants each person the ability to personally decide and take action solely based upon individual desires and goals. This is a mental task that is unaffected by any outside force. Each person is the captain of their essence and director of their freewill. Via evolution, humanity has gained ability, knowledge, and wisdom according to the human experience. How beautiful it is to consider that we may have started our existence thousands of years ago. Our first personification as Homo Habilis, Homo Rudolfensis, Homo Ergaster, or Homo Georgicus approximately 2 million years ago started our path to modern humankind. Reincarnation staggers my mind as I consider that a few individuals may have started their first incarnation approximately 3.5 million years ago as Australopithecines. Throughout each evolutionary development, humankind retained freedom-of-choice to direct their life. We learned via our mistakes and gained wisdom from our personal choices. However, our path is not completed. Although modern religions peach freedom-of-choice, their choices and dogma restrict freedom-of-choice. This is a detriment to freedom-of-choice and a blatant contradiction and inconsistency with the concept of a reasonable, all knowing, and compassionate god. Freedom-of-choice and responsibility are corner stones of a balanced and productive life. We must gain wisdom through personal evaluations of every choice. It is our inherent freedom-of-choice and freewill that links each of us with our universe. Freedom-of-choice is the key to wisdom and peace. However, before any person can enjoy the benefits of freedom-of-choice and freewill they must reasonable make their choices and accept responsibility.

Religions Fail


Each person is inherently responsible for his or her choices. No other person may eliminate your responsibility. Your malignant choices remain yours forever. You cannot transfer responsibility to another person. Although, each person may justify their negative choices and activities, these justifications cannot eliminate and alter personal responsibility. You cannot eliminate your responsibilities through prayer, remorse, and worldly punishment. Each person is totally responsible for his or her personal choices and outcomes. We become aware of new options and increased ability by accurately evaluating every experiences, choices, and life situations. This is a personal task and a requirement of knowledge and wisdom. There is a bad side to this personal growth, as the circle of knowledge increases the outside circumference of ignorance increases. Concealed in more options are greater numbers of unwise options and wrongful choices. Even with forethought, we can experience negative reactions and outcomes due to unwise and improper choices. People make mistakes and bad choices. No person is always right, but as our knowledge and understandings grows we gain greater insight regarding right and wrong; therefore, our choices become better and better. There is no need for every person to make every human mistake. Each of us has the ability to understand unknown experiences and situations by observation of other people. We use mirror neurons and transferred summary memories to gain greater insight. Our ability to understand the unknown is exampled by Shakespeare’s ability to understand and articulate the emotions and feelings of Macbeth, the moods of Hamlet, and the sorrows of King Lear. This increased understanding affects our choices and enhances personal responsibility, making each of us totally accountable for our actions. Each person’s life is a direct outcome of his or her choices. As we achieve wisdom, we gain an ability to distinguish between correctness and incorrectness. As I mentioned earlier Devine Destiny and Fate are mere falsehoods and religious deceptions used for the control of ignorant people. Humankind is not predestined to be great, poor, strong, weak, good, bad, sick, or healthy. God does not childishly test individuals regarding their faith and obedience, mandate negative situations, and schedule an individual for greatness or pain. God does not challenge us to complete given tasks.

There is no universal forgiveness without personal effort. Each person’s level of knowledge and enlightenment directs his or her choices thus we are totally responsible for all outcomes of our personal choices. Prayer may allow us to form a new perception and an alternate view. but our personal laws are not salvific. because these communications bring to the forefront of our thinking our negative choices. we experience sin only in our mind. Violations of these laws are not necessarily sins. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. and responsible. Forgiveness is not available through prayer. thus we must use our own devices. DD National and community laws establish our legal systems and develop minimum standards predicated upon the will and desires of people. God does not mandate these laws. We can develop direct communication links within our essence and it helps to openly discuss our transgressions and bad choices. Achievement of wisdom increases our ability to establish our personal moral codes and differentiate right from wrong to influence our choices. Each individual has freedom-of-choice there are no Devine interventions. Each person must accept responsibility for his or her wrongful choices make restitution. but our wrongful choices remain wrong and perceptional alterations of these choices do not eliminate responsibility. Knowledge awakens and eliminates ignorance. Guidance is an inside job requiring self-knowledge. will. wiser. Wisdom allows us to be more proficient. life philosophies. Openly evaluating every aspect of a negative experience is a learning tool that improves future choices. We must accept responsibility for our actions and independently review the outcomes of our choices. as believed in the Hebrew bible and earlier periods. Due to freedom-of-choice. Prayer without transcendent activity is normally a one-sided conversation. all attempts to eliminate responsibility by using prayer requesting forgiveness are of little value. accepted religious dogma. and level of knowledge may alter his or her perception of sin. they are a sole product of human efforts and desire. Although an individual’s personal beliefs. We sanction ourselves for perceived failures and ignorant transgressions. Sanctions and restitutions resulting from violations of these laws and legal systems are the community’s responsibility.52 Dr. Sin exists only in the psyche of humanity. It is only by critical reviews that we establish . and awakening their good qualities to eliminate future bad qualities. Each person becomes his or her own critic when their wisdom controls the adverse influences of his or her ego. and effort.

Our worldview influences all choices. and understandings. but our personal responsibilities remains. It is extremely hard and often painful to evaluate every aspect of our essence and experiences. morals. sexual. If you are positive then your reality is positive. and values. It allows perceptions of happiness or sadness. It provides each person an instrument for understanding their heritage. ethics. which are the ultimate goals of life. Each person assimilates new truths and awakens good qualities as they become more knowledgeable. Each individual learns to differentiate right from wrong and awakens his or her good qualities by accepting responsibility for the damage and negative outcomes they experience. Each person achieves knowledge by through worldly experiences. thus we are what we think. relationships. goals. Alteration of our life is an individual task no other person can do a single 23 I discuss the six steps of education in section five. and position within their community. education. It controls our self-concepts. emotions. Increased choice efficiency results a better life. exhibited behaviors always reflect the sum total of that individual’s experiences and worldview. We make our own reality. What We Are We are as we think and we think as we are. professional. We may use freedom-of-choice as we wish. No person can alter and gain forgiveness of a negative choice by request. Life’s primary purpose is to gain knowledge. Each individual’s worldview unquestionably influences his or her social. reactions. However.Religions Fail 53 wisdom. Consequently. If you are negative then your reality is negative. and beliefs. and political lives. identity. Enlightened individuals convert experiential knowledge into wisdom upon successful completion of critical reviews and the six steps to education23. It helps each person make acceptable choices directing their goals and future. superconsciousness. gaining self-awareness requires an enormous amount of time and dedication. It influences our consciousness. . I am my worldview and my worldview is I. but knowledge is mere steppingstones to luminous epinoia (genuine insight) with self-awareness and self-actualization.

DD element for you. and understandings. This is your sole responsibility. Self-appointed religious leaders understand. sanction creative individuals. Inequality and injustice are observable everywhere. Each person has different goals. and limit all choices to strict conformity of church dogma and it is hard to realistically evaluate and discuss information outside their established beliefs. San Francisco. life is extremely hard. In each of these areas equality. empathy. These are the faces of the victims as they reflect a greater negative detriment of this predatory trend. I appreciated multiple common antisocial behaviors and irreversibly altered my worldview. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. emotions. Ignorance and want stalks the streets hand and hand with poverty and hunger. Chicago or any of the world’s great urban areas and view these areas with compassion and empathy. Louisville. overstressed faces. Each locality manifests the observable choices and inaction of the area religious and political . New York. Social victims gather on the corners to await unknown answers. Everywhere I journeyed. as they wish you to conform to their worldview and be what they wish. Religions fail to accept freedom-of-choice and refuse to openly evaluate all information available. as disadvantaged individuals lay helpless on the streets and doorsteps. reminiscent of predator packs scavenging a forest. Religions enslave all people. to unknown questions. and justice are devoid. social decadence. Life is a Struggle Not all people live comfortably. Decay and decadence are everywhere and fulfillment of basic human needs remains only a dream prompted by useless religious rhetoric and self-promoting political irrationality. Human misery manifests in every direction. Compassion and empathy are little more than theoretical ideals. and Devine purpose. I come to understand that these areas project little evidence of equality. As I walk through the decaying slums of Los Angles. it is easy to restrict the journey into ourselves. Strong individuals troll for the weak and disadvantaged individuals. equitableness.54 Dr. All people including infants and young children reflect unmet human needs. Life is not fair! Every person experiences life differently. compassion. Cincinnati. You can achieve personal balance. and hopelessness. You can change what you think and what you are. influences.

Politicians and self-appointed religious leaders channel tax dollars and private donations. They justify more money and greater economic control though creative bookkeeping and effective public speeches. self-righteous.Religions Fail 55 leaders. These political and religious leaders occupy all social-economic levels. and inconsistencies at every social-economic level. Decadence is a result of these leader’s personal ignorance and greed. equality. religious contradictions. god is not the problem. thoughtless disregard for the welfare of others. decadence. religious and political groups use the plight of disadvantaged people for egocentric personal and political goals. unreasonably highly inflated self-concepts and self—righteousness with personal goals for money and power. and justice. moral degradation. and ethical abandonment. arrogance. into programs that are more favorable to their egocentric goals. Religious and political leaders transpose money and power into false gods for luxury and glitter consisting of pleasing trifles and trinkets. Well-educated individuals lacking mature good qualities are readily observable in every social-economic gathering. egocentricism. Many leaders exhibit egocentric goals for personal gain as they call news conferences and media to publicize their individual contribution. Has God willfully abandoned only these areas? No. Disadvantaged individuals receive only a token amount that filters down. their choices manifest in animalistic behaviors. They establish impressive media aids and use political spin with creative bookkeeping to support their goals. we witness decay. Government and religious leaders make emotional. egocentricism. However. These self-proclaimed pillars of the community expound the few observable signs of improvement. This is a Robin Hood syndrome in reverse—these groups steal from the poor and give to the rich. the problem is a result of political and religious ignorance and want. Like lions searching out the weak and disadvantaged. Politician and religious leaders funnel large percentages of the available money into management and personal political organizations. Wealthy and more powerful members of our society overwhelm disadvantaged people as they support what appears to be a graduate school dedicated to the development and social refinement of activities exhibiting selfishness. . and symbolic speeches as they expend massive efforts to document their individually positive influences. My critical review indicates there are no improvements observable except in their egocentrically driven news conferences and political social gatherings. ignorance. therefore.

We must understand that each person exhibits imperfections. History indicates they are the problem not the fix. but each person has the power to overcome this struggle within their essence if they think critically and evaluate every experience. they do not reflect the level of wisdom of any individual. Wealth and poverty are merely economic states. Although numbers are growing. Personal worldview inconsistencies and contradictions transcend all economic levels and communities. to appreciate this ability within each individual because knowledge with freedom-of-choice does not promote increased economics for church betterment. who is willing to expend the effort and search for wisdom. as they are devoid of reasonable and factual data. . thus it justifies all behaviors according to egocentric desire. Education and increased economics go hand in hand. Religions refuses. The tragedies of ignorance. immaturity. but knowledge and wisdom are not functions of economics. Money may provide many positive influences offering a better life and assisting in the development of a more productive community. enlightened people face the long challenging task of assisting and guiding others to wisdom. Life is a struggle. Wisdom and understanding will bring harmony to every person. but each person can gain knowledge and awaken their good qualities. Every social-economic group contains enlightened individuals who continuously exhibit extremely good qualities. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson.56 Dr. increasing depression and anxiety are widespread throughout every social-economic group. Clearly inflated self-importance in association with self-centeredness and egocentric goals will justify any choice without consideration of its affect upon others. when used incorrectly money and power may be evil and bad for the community and the person. However. These attitudes can justify aggression and control. Money and power are not inherently good or evil. Our world naturally becomes more stable and productive as we gain knowledge and move forward with more reasonable choices. Money and power used wisely are great assets and credit to the community and the individual. Nevertheless. orthodox religions have failed to alter their evil expression. thus they are not determining factors resulting in the value of each person’s life. but these individuals have not yet achieved a majority status. DD Inflated concepts of self-importance overshadow moral laxity and degradation.

Road number one denies God’s existence and considers only our material world. we are solely responsible for our choices. This road accepts a form of agnosticism devoid of all spiritual and mystical knowledge. Accepting our physical body as the only force of life requires us to accept a life predicated on the abilities of the body. through science. but I believe outcomes can never fully justify all possible means. We are inherently free to choose. We are at life’s crossroads.Religions Fail 57 Crossroads Throughout our existence. dissension. our physical body does have a definite beginning24. faith. we are gone. forbids. It is your freedom to choose your path through life and into the future. intolerance. sometime before birth. strictly ignores. They steadfastly refuse to complete even minor critical evaluations and willfully fail to acknowledge injustices and inconsistencies within their dogma. before each of us stretch three distinct pathways. Now we must again move forward and search for justice. It uses legal and peer groups pressures to support entrenched religious dogma. and violence. choices. and exclusivism. and discards all spirituality and mystical experiences. this road fails to explore the interwoven influences of our consciousness and superconsciousness. These individuals support orthodox religion’s strict beliefs. Roads number two and three have vastly different social and personal outcomes. It denies. Road number two is a continuation of the present system and status quo with strict dogma. intolerance. at death. Science justifies their means by the outcomes. By its very nature. and a definite end. Truly. Although pure science is extremely important it cannot and does not effectively address the injustices and inequalities. creates a world where justice and moral codes are mere rules of law and it accepts that we are here and after death. and outcomes. thus this road establishes all truths based solely on scientific research. and wisdom. which are present throughout the world. . Therefore. Each one of these pathways contains different acceptances. and arrogant enforcement. It recognizes only one life. However. pure science strives to retain power only for science. 24 The beginning of life argument is beyond the scope of this book. as we will. we journey down the roads of ignorance. equality. pain.

religion. each person can increase wisdom and come to understand his or her world and self. Mainstream religions continue to exhibit the same social and human rights injustices. each person is solely responsible for all personal choices and outcomes and it accepts that Devine destiny is a deception originating in the minds of humankind and the church. Think for a moment. if god mandates personal choices that manifest injustice and inequalities then we are powerless to change these negatives. WOW. This road is dangerous. DD Many individuals absolutely accept Devine destiny and fate as dictatorial mandates of god and excuse injustice and inequality as Divine fate or god’s tests of humanity.58 Dr. evolution. prejudices. terrorism. We must use knowledge from science. and all disciplines to gain a broad education and wisdom. This multiple disciplinary approach grants a sense of kinship and nearness to our . without the ability to choose our own direction we are (by its very definition) relieved of all responsibility for these negative choices and outcomes. They instigate highly negative outcomes. hatred. deprive. Clearly. arts. accountability for our choices and freedom-of-choice. They repeat the same malignant choices and experiencing the same negative outcomes. degradation. science. Undoubtedly orthodox religions whose leaders find it necessary to exclude. our religious societies remained unchanged throughout the centuries. This deception intends to control people and support conformity. On this path. Road number three appreciates a more in depth interpretation of life’s purpose by including. philosophy. as orthodox religions continue to unilaterally embrace old justified beliefs and repeat the same bad choices. and violence. only to experience identical bad outcomes. They remain bogged down with the same old problems and desires to kill all that believe differently. and kill in the name of god are manifestations of ignorance. Greed and egotistical goals of the past continue to control and drive religion choices. and the arts in a multiple disciplinary approach to research and worldview. Through personal efforts. They absolutely surrender to god’s will. This path is a marriage of wisdom and knowledge gained through empirical and mystical experiences. Presently many orthodox religions maintain their status quo with continuous exhibitions of philosophical activities deeply anchored in ignorance. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson.

occupational improvements. and moving quickly to develop research projects in many other new areas. most individuals tend to dismiss. reasonableness. Thus. who lack the objectivity to logically evaluate their accepted truths. I live according to my choices. I follow road number three as it allows me exercise my freedom-of-choice and become master of my being. while it restores our concepts of love. and summarily reject all arguments.Religions Fail 59 world. I understand my personal choices influence my progression. Now scientists are exploring consciousness and life forces. hyperspace travel. Each person has freedom-of-choice and ability to select his or her own direction. contradict. Each person assimilates. compassion. the god particle. or denies religion according to his or her worldview. Until recently. and facts.” Socrates taught that all people would live a more productive life if they critically review and analyze every choice. “A life unexamined was not worth living. thus it is my personal choice to accept or deny every bit of information. As we develop an understanding of our consciousness and superconsciousness. Our actions and choices will always be consistent with our beliefs. which are not in full agreement their beliefs. science assigned spiritual and religious research totally to theologians. we establish our moral codes. cloning. medical advances. The Hubble and other sensors are searching billions of galaxies and researchers are investigating multiple issues including stem cells. . Socrates said. I appreciate the fact no individual is neutral on such emotionally charged issue. nor will it make choices opposing its worldview. empathy. tolerance. A healthy mind will not violate itself. Review of life experiences is the central foundational element of wisdom. Empirical and mystic experiences promote new truths and wisdoms. Religion is an extremely strong and deep-seated aspect of our worldview and it influences all activities of daily living. The six steps of education becomes a way of life as we evaluate all experiences. Religious Research Religion exists in the minds of all people. accepts. Each person’s philosophy cultivates specific behavioral patterns that are consistent with his or her understanding and interpretation of accepted truths. and understanding. conclusions.

moral codes. and rules of conduct. rituals. here is strength and support. many modern Catholic sacraments are foundationally identical to many Pagan sacraments. This is a practical example of effective utilization of research and Socrates’ comment regarding a life examined. cultural. Although religious differences are academic debating material. all share some common ground and promote socialization. Therefore.60 Dr. Orthodox religions serve an important function by establishing a mechanism for individuals to socialize and communicate with individuals of similar thought. sacraments. Every person feels good while positively interacting with similar people. this list continues to encompass all religions. it is wise to socialize and seek out philosophical brothers and sisters to gain strength and support through common goals. Groups are beneficial because socialization within an assembly of like-minded and synergetic individuals manifesting acceptance provides comfort and kinship. social. As an example. Every individual and experience is unique. We verify new truths to increase wisdom. No religion is totally good or bad. Pentecostal. Buddhists. Undoubtedly Protestants. All people need socialization and the ability to come together. as they will. therefore. I do not intend to alter anyone’s religious beliefs. and integrated new wisdoms into our consciousness. so the reader can realistically appreciate his or her freedom to choose. These evaluations form our first line of personal research by closely examining the cause and effect of our choices. they are not within the scope of this book. Catholics. Every group follows slightly different beliefs with slightly different practices. During these socialization periods. thus they appear borrowed from these ancient religions. Everyone may benefit from increased knowledge and self-evaluations without regard of their race. This book intends to outline the failures of religion. Ancient and modern Pagans share beliefs with today’s Western Religions. Every experience offers an opportunity to gain knowledge. We must accept and coexistence with multiple groups who practice different beliefs and rituals. DD Scientific trends continue to relinquishing research regarding life’s purpose to theologians. and whatever. and superconsciousness. or religion background. valuations of life experiences promote a life worth living. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. but I think this is highly suspect. We gain knowledge by completing critical reviews and the six steps of education regarding each experience. . Islam.

which comes out of him. John speaks of awaking the spiritual capacity and he suggests Eve’s birth from Adam’s rib is symbolic. by working with him. goals. John infers what is true but unseen by understanding what is visible. The Secret Book of John25 introduces a journey to awakening ‘via negativa’. Eve’s appearance represents the spiritual awakening and the awakening of Adam’s knowledge. —Luminous epinoia27. I will not quote The Secret Book of John in this section.Religions Fail 61 Awakening Awakening is a mental experience that brings to your consciousness a clearer vision of your life. good and evil. however. 55. and by showing the way to ascent. Several Nag Hammadi books including ‘The Apocryphon of John’ indicate the Eva was Adam’s second partner.28 The Secret Book of John. his first partner. and by restoring him to his full being. which is an androgynous entity processing both maleness and femaleness. It allows perception of right and wrong.21-24. In practical terms. Let us review this symbolism. which translates as the ability to recognizing what cannot be known. in NHL 25 . 26 Lilith’s myth is beyond the scope of this book. contains the esoteric teachings of Jesus and the celestial creations. and mythological. inner and outer. who is called Life. it is visualization of your essence. Lilith. Scientific evidence proves that Christian Bible’s creation timelines and the story of Adam and Eve is devoid of fact. Before Eva’s autogenesis Adam represents our duality. symbolic. and she helps the whole creation. in NHL. and spirituality. Evaluations via negativa are effective for awakening and understanding the more complicated questions. the way he came down. purpose. It is not blind faith acceptance of a specific religious dogma. I pick a passage from The Gospel of Philip discussing Eve and introduces spiritual awakening. 27 Genuine insight with creative or inventive consciousness 28 The Gospel of Philip. but she was an equal companion. It brings to our consciousness good qualities and better choices. and by teaching him about the descent of his kind. These stories represent fragmental mystical information lacking reasonable interpretation. was equal but wiser26. etc.

control. 55. but once the deficiency of ignorance was recognizing and when they gained knowledge and insight.30. John. Western religions cannot function synergistically with knowledge and freedom. The Church’s teachings demand blind acceptance to maintain ignorance and chaos. but once they became aware and awakened their consciousness. Nevertheless. and understanding encompassing genuine insight and creative consciousness. knowledge. It limits freedom-of-choice to enslave their followers. How ridiculous to consider that a vindictive and domineering god would initiate universal punishment affecting all females because a talking snake convinced Eve to steal an apple. thus they become aware of their ignorance. DD Philip is speaking of the autogenesis of Eve and indicates she symbolizes spiritual awakening. religion’s egocentric goals for power. Many religions make feeble attempts to establish the original sin as a pure-fact. The Christian god limits knowledge to keep humanity ignorant. She is the symbolic teacher conveying knowledge to Adam. and awakened their consciousness. In The Origin of the World. moving toward wisdom. Adam and Eve’s forbidden fruit was knowledge. the author parallels Philip’s account indicating awakening at the instant Adam and Eve recognized their nakedness. she gain knowledge and passed it on to Adam. “appeared to them shining with light. regarding knowledge and wisdoms. Christianity teaches that due to Eve’s ‘original 29 The Gospel of Philip.” Phillip then continues by stating: The Luminous Epinoia. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. “they saw that they were naked of understanding.”29 Philip and The Origin of the World translates nakedness as ignorance. This is not the perverted concepts of sex found in religion. they awakening their consciousness. When Eve consumed the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. and economics enslave their followers. Christian Bible stories of Adam and Eve clearly parallel Phillip. According to Philip.62 Dr. a pole taken in 2004 indicates 55% of the people strictly accepted this myth as true. Phillip’s passage regarding awakening parallels another book discovered near Nag Hammadi Egypt entitled The Origin of the World. The Origin of the World and other books. in NHL . They use fear and strict rules that are devoid of all logic and reason to support truth without fact. Adam and Eve are symbolic. Adam and Eve’s self-awareness was a precursor to understanding their deficiency and ignorance.

’ Clearly. . To ‘forgive’ this ‘original sin’ and allow Christians to enter their heaven. endured hardships. This story gets worse. compassionate. require punishment for the ‘original sin. who is flawed. Ancient Gnostics taught the angel (referred to as a snake) that appeared to Eve was either Seth or Adamas. corrupted. how ignorant to accept Jesus’ death as restitution of this ‘sin. impregnated a Jewish virgin. Ignorant people accept the teachings of Christianity until they awaken and accept their freedom. (a violation by one ancestral member) made their god so angry that this god required restitution by all females. Eve’s sin is a religious deception that maintains ignorance. human and animal. and ignorant. This is truly high price restitution for an apple. The Gnostic myth indicates Yaldabaoth [the ignorant creator god] required absolute rejection of the fruit of the tree of knowledge in his attempt to maintain ignorance and control. which is the son of the Light. animals experienced birth and death millions of years prior to human ancestors and the symbolic Garden of Eden. unless we accept that there is an earlier ‘original sin. Eve’s sin was gaining knowledge and wisdom.’ The Human existence encompasses several million years of births and deaths. This problem does not end with Adam and Eve. This Gnostic myth supports a foundational belief indicating Yaldabaoth [the creator god or Arch-begetter] is a false god. This acceptance greatly minimizes the true meaning of the tree of knowledge. It strives to maintain ignorance. and put to death. 30 Adamas or Garadamas is a pure incorruptible and perfect man. I have often wondered if Adamas in the Gnostic myth became Adam in the Christian myth. In addition. These myths do not reflect an intelligent. god came to earth. It is unreasonable to believe that all females. It certainly does not explain why the mammal females gave birth to their living offspring prior to human existence.30 This angel was the son or grandson of the Unbegotten and Uncorrupted god who became the Luminous Epinoia and prompted Eve to awaken knowledge and understanding. childlike. Acceptance of the original sin is an example of the perpetuation of ignorance by deception.’ I can guess what changes would have occurred if Adam had not been so intellectually slow.Religions Fail 63 sin’. was born. and reasonable god. maybe the pains of birth and monthly cycling would have altered to something else. was tortured.

There is no argument that the Catholic Church’s willful attempt to defile her was due to organizational goals and Church hierarchy. symbolism. according to one’s desire. orthodox religions have failed as they continue to make the same wrong choices time after time. and basic truths originate in easily understood religious stories. and purposefully altered to generate credibility for the Church leadership. assumptions. rather than accept guidance from a reasonable thinking woman. ignorant people are unable to differentiate misrepresentations of fact. An example of fabrication and alteration is the story of Mary Magdalene. Christianity’s founder was married and an abuser. For centuries. DD Reasonable people cannot accept the Christian account of Adam and Eve’s myth literally. They expend all effort to minimize outside influences and program followers as they wish.64 Dr. The Catholic Church’s anti-female management taught she was a prostitute. and this represents an inherent problem plaguing the canonized Christian Bible. justifications. the information required to understand this myth is not contained in the canonized Christian Bible. and desires. which continues ignorance. This inability encourages blind faith with acceptance of the Church’s interpretations and confusion. . and myth. Exclusivism and inflexibility influence all religious teachings. Yes. even though it may expand their theological knowledge and provide greater insight. Symbolic interpretations are open to unreasonable conclusions. They attempt to establish each story as a pure truth by steadfastly refusing to address outside information. Unfortunately. rather than possibly the leading disciple and Jesus’ companion. Although accepted religious foundations. Clearly. The Catholic Church confessed their wrong when they gave a public apology for their intentional actions defiling her. completely devoid of fact. They flounder ignorantly in their own symbolism and parables. so again self-appointed leaders interpret these myth according to dogma. Unfortunately. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Reasonable people understand moral codes and good qualities contained in these myths even though many authors have clouded and altered these myths due to personal goals. They experience identical flawed outcomes. Christianity would rather build a church on a hot head abusive leader who crippled his own daughter. many authors changed these stories to conform to their biases. but all individuals with adequate background information may understand it as a highly symbolic account of human origin. so that she could not marry.

it is irrational to accept that an all-powerful god would work with a human scribe for months to tell his story. capabilities. but ancient authors took extreme literary privileges. pain. Evolution has increased our capacities. many religious stories are reasonable regarding major issues. and anxiety. dexterity. What they cannot clarify with reason they confuse with rhetoric. Fate. Unfortunately. tolerant. They survived on plentiful vegetation and slowly gained knowledge and wisdom by experience and evaluation. especially when reporting the influences and activities of god. and compassionate. Religious leaders use the deceptions of Devine Will. Wisdom derives from knowledge. outlined in the Christian Bible? Is it possible that exiting the Garden of Eden was a normal progression of humanity’s migration into the world with knowledge and freedom-of-choice? I cannot accept orthodoxy’s speculations and inadequate attempts to explain injustice. Could natural human accomplishments parallel the symbolic life in the Garden of Eden. We slowly awakened our freedom-of-choice and free will. As we migrated throughout the world. and mind as our needs increased and we have slowly awakened our basic moral codes and rudimentary abilities to differentiate right from wrong and good from evil. Many individuals . It is emotionally uplifting to realize that human ancestors walked this earth hundreds of thousands or even millions of years ago. we learned how to communicate and build simple tools. The foods for our body and soul were everywhere and we were gaining knowledge and wisdom. Their language contains vague innuendoes and proclamations completely devoid of any logical order with the intent to increase confusion and ignorance. due to blatant inconsistencies. Centuries ago. unhappiness. which requires us completely turn off our brain and refrain from even the slightest critical review. In addition. They flounder in a sea of religious chaos with confusion. We have developed understandings of danger and death. I understand many historical religious stories and legends are purely mythological. and Destiny to explain symbolic and mythical inconsistencies. Our social interactions became more empathic. many people are unable to find logical explanations to fill the void resulting from their totally rejection of religious stories and myths. No religion is totally correct or incorrect. Undoubtedly. It is very hard to accept as factual any information source.Religions Fail 65 No person can simultaneously experience ignorance and understanding. we began to question our origin and world. and suffering.

Christians belief that all non-Christians are going to hell. and purpose. Mormons and other independent groups within the major religious believe that all outside of their group are sinners and inferior. Although religious spin-doctors and public relations people rhetorically promote understanding. desires. This is problematic when their exclusivism promotes erroneous and dangerous choices due to their belief that all others are inferior. appreciating every second of every day. 2. and compassion for all things. When we love and communicate effectively with ourselves. Examples of exclusivism are: 1. These exclusive teachings promote a life style escalating discrimination. and self-evaluation. compassion. order. can become enlightened to gain greater insight regarding their goals. and 3. There are times in which we fail to appreciate the advantages placed before us. Exclusivism Religions promoting exclusive thought accept that they are the true followers of god. and injustices. Muslim belief that all others are infidels and inferior. fear. violence. Awakened to your presence and live life mindfully. consistency. which I found to promote my comfort and peace. All people experience egocentric goals lacking in compassion and empathy. and truth. Awakening decreases our ignorant and egocentric strivings for comfort and immediate gratification to promote an understanding of our personal universe. know the truth. empathy. who will. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. open review. degradation. It offers greater efficiency in our choices and allows each of us to live mindfully and come to realization of our essence and life. and understand life. I offer a path of mindfulness.66 Dr. empathy. All people. To people exhibiting strong desires for reasonable explanations. Religions exhibit exclusivism worldwide and its negative effects manifest in every society and community. we can love and communicate effectively with our world. Each person gains a greater appreciation of their personal power when they come to self-awareness with unconditional positive regard. DD no longer find peace and comfort in vague religious justifications and rhetoric without substance. .

’ Their preaching states. . hatred. they introduce a compassionate and empathic god that is not preoccupied with proselytization and economics. “The road to hell is lined with people of good intentions. Choices resulting from misunderstandings of another’s situation can cause unreasonable fear. Undoubtedly. Popular preachers detail rigid theology that subliminally promotes exclusivism by stressing unilateral truth as a sub-note of their ‘message from god. Strong beliefs indicating sole possession of truth fosters attitudes of superiority and highlights the inferiority of other individuals who are outside their specific belief system. Therefore. we witness exclusivism and devaluation of others who do not accept their specific religious beliefs. ‘I understand the truth therefore others who believe differently are ignorant. On the contrary. Religious chaos is everywhere and most orthodox religions fail because they are unwilling to accept another’s religious beliefs or search for stability in common beliefs. many individuals will act upon those fears by counterattacking their perceived threats. and devaluation of individuals. and violence. strict dogma. The god of many orthodox religions is NOT honorable. inferior. empathetic.” Examples of exclusivism are as close as cable and satellite television and daily news media. Well-intentioned individuals may justify extreme acts of violence. and evil. and others offer new information and logical explanations of life. based on distorted perceptions of threats and activities adversely influencing the essential needs of their faith. and violence. and compassionate. Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Dead Sea Scrolls. A wise man once said.’ This type of teaching results in discrimination. all others who accept false beliefs are substandard. Nag Hammadi Library. breakdown of communication. Exclusivism is not isolated to religious leaders as political leaders also use exclusive rhetoric to support their egocentric goals. ignorant. Exclusivists believe they alone know the truth. as basic elements of their doctrines. destructive reactions. The problem is that violence is an intrinsic result of exclusive rhetoric. these qualities are not observable in the behaviors of religious leaders and orthodox religious groups. many information sources including the Gnostic Bible. Nevertheless.Religions Fail 67 and reasonableness. once fear justifies violence. Erroneous beliefs supporting unilateral truth may cause discordant ideation. and act differently. In addition.

1. However. but it is the most powerful force on earth. check if prayer helps. Religious followers erroneously argue that atheists have killed more people than any other group. they alone know the universal truths and provide an exclusive path to eternal life. run. do not look back. and 3. Most religions promote their strict dogma and egocentric goals. Orthodox religions support their beliefs using symbolism and myths tempered by societal influences. and compassion. and empathy through extremely unselfish acts of individual self-sacrifice. For these religions. kindness. 2. search for a reasonable teacher. 1. acts to terrorism. DD Exclusivism is one of orthodoxy’s major deceptions. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. new information does not provide increased understandings of the many factors influencing injustices. When your religious leader ask for money. However. 2. inequality. Religious dogma. No specific religion knows or understands all the truths and no specific religion has exclusive spiritual insight. tell him to get it from god. and social goals. ethical. However. If you wish to be a member of a group accept the group’s rules and enjoy the socialization. strong beliefs. it is well-documented religious goals and desires for religious control resulted in more wars.68 Dr. and compassionate commitments inspire many people to overcome their myopic self-interest and perform great acts promoting higher moral. There are several methods of achieving personal balance and unity. if your religious group teaches that. and 3. bravery. pain. and contradictions due to their reluctance to reasonably examine their belief systems. evaluate all information critically. . Violence Religion has little in common with spirituality. love. orthodox religion has not proven to be an effective path to personal balance. Many people provide beautiful examples of compassion.

and destruction. and strict religious dogma manifest greater social injustices. death. Personal freedom-of-choice and peace are not exhibited goals because these impede proselytization and economic gain. have repeatedly destroyed human balance with lies based on wrongful. Many individuals accepting religious exclusivism. empathy. Religious intolerance and strong beliefs of exclusivism in association with fear and desires for religious control surpassed all other possible causes for atrocities and terrorism. Members of one religious group will kill members of an opposing group. region. Although peaceful coexistence with understanding promotes compassion. injustices. and the list goes on and continues into every sociality. Unconditional positive regard for all people and religions establishes every individual’s freedom and balance. and tomorrow the opposing group retaliates and the news goes on. terrorism. dissension. How disheartening to realize it is NOT the common individuals. but rather the religious leaderships. and killing than any other group. social unrest. . atrocities.Religions Fail 69 and death than any other possible causation. which resulted failure and violence. racial group. and politics and this trend continues. arrogant. hatred. negative and exclusive religious rhetoric cannot and will not establish peaceful coexistence. and wars that plague all societies. pain. the Jews hate the Palestinians. Historians document religious dogma and choices by religious leaders as primary factors in the escalation of violence and terrorism in every corner of the world. and community. violence. It seems the Christians Serbians cannot coexist with the Bosnian Muslims. or will not. and ignorant choices. armed conflicts. and wisdom for all people. learn from the mistakes of the past to alter its direction of the future. Hindus dislike Sikhs. As exampled by the inquisitions. negative rhetoric. Nevertheless. religious leadership’s exclusivism and leadership greed are precursors to escalating violence. aggression. It seems religious leaders are so completely encased in their own strict and unchangeable rhetoric and laws that they cannot. war. unconditional positive regard with personal freedom does not manifest in the choices of religious leaderships. as every present conflict manifests a strong religious component. Religious conflicts have always occupied central roles in history. equality. who throughout thousands of years. Violence and ignorance are inseparable twins. Newspapers and electronic media bombard us daily with reports and graphic pictures of world atrocities displaying. Pro-lifers devalue Abortionist.

There is no absolute goodness or evilness in this universe. hatred. and debauched moral qualities. and prejudices. righteous. Devine fate. self-centered. In order to maintain control of their followers.70 Dr. passion. you are responsible for your choices. compassionate. Do not confuse personal choices and behavior with the deceptions of divine evilness or fate. arrogance. Human nature is not evil and inherently flawed. You are free to choose. DD We experience religious violence because orthodox religions are ignorant and egocentrically driven with no desire to promote peace. therefore. Social control and clergy creditability issues confront every person realistically evaluating of these teachings. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. It fails to address religion’s rhetoric regarding evilness and chaos. and loving god or from a devil. jealousy. individuals choose to do malignant things because they wish to do those things. We are victims of ourselves and the directors of our reality. suffering. Social evils include quarrels. Heaven and hell exist within you. Evilness Evilness is Christianity’s greatest Catch-22. every choice we make influences all elements of our existence. compassionate. These teachings are meaningless. domineering. Christianity accepts a dualism indicating our world is evil and corrupted. . greed. greed. or deific testing due to the individual’s unhealthy attitudes. Preachers proclaim our physical self is at war with our spirit and we must constantly guard against surrendering to our physical drives and desires. Evilness is a manifestation of ignorance. and all-knowing god that is vengeful. empathic. Just as a force on any strand of a spider’s web influences all other strands. This definition fails to explain why evilness and sin is the natural state of ignorance. Each person communicates and accepts truth as they expect it to be. Christianity credits Devil as causing all evilness then they define evilness as the absence of good or fumble with partial goodness. destiny. pain. this is an admission of ignorance. they simply surrender. and arrogance. religious leaders proclaim that social evils are manifestations of the devil. crime. I find it impossible to accept these evils as originating from a divinely just. How can you justify an omnipotent. and controlling? The Muslim’s readily accept a vengeful and controlling god. but this is not true.

it is not always a negative function. As example. A key word is willfully. evilness and wrongful acts are due to personal choices. Young children graphically illustrate evilness before they gain the knowledge to function peacefully in their groups and environments. The ignorance here is in the lack of an understanding of the value of the relationship or the personal strength to leave a failing relationship. and substandard qualities. The devil or other evil entity does not force any person do anything. ignorance. generates chaos. Knowledge and wisdom are humanity’s first line of defense against chaos and evilness. due to each person’s freedom-of-choice. They willfully choose to violate the trust and confidence of his or her partner due to egocentric goals for immediate gratification. We have freedom-of-choice. the devil is not concerned and does not force any person to make a specific choice. All people naturally make malignant choices until they gain knowledge and awaken their good qualities. However. Each person retains the ability to make the final decision to accept or reject all options according to his or her desires and goals. There is absolutely no reason for evilness to be a part of your . We must come to know and recognize evilness before we can reject it. It is natural for a child to hit and exhibit egocentric behaviors until they gain basic social knowledge. Simple wrongful choices and may or may not constitute sins. When people commit wrongful choices. Freedom-of-choice grants our ability to make all final decisions. Failure to develop wisdom is of significance. and decadence through critical review of each choice. therefore. and attempts to persuade us to reject our moral obligations. Although our world offers tempting options and makes available wrongful activities. Each person becomes enlightened when he or she eliminates ignorance. or a sin. they are solely responsible for their choices. as adults exhibit wrongful choices when they fail to gain maturity and wisdom. The devil only exists in the psyche of Western Religions and this does not cause evilness.Religions Fail 71 It fails to explain why religious leaders use rhetoric regarding evilness as a primary tool for control of their followers. arrogance. This is not limited to childhood. It is simply a manifestation unsound logic. a mark against their spirituality. All people commit evil acts. ignorance does offer wrongful options. Every person may transform ignorant choices and negative outcomes into wisdoms by completing a critical review and the six steps of education. no matter what Jim Bakker and other mega church pastor’s claim. no person cheats in relationships because some evil entity (devil) makes them.

Popular preachers promote a dangerous common theme crediting every atrocity and evil act directly and simply to the devil. Nobody is neutral on this issue. Church’s rarely discuss personal responsibility and freedom-of-choice. Devine destiny and Devine fate are mere deceptions that minimize personal freedom-of-choice and responsibility. These preachers are grossly wrong as they fail to understand the natural state of the world and the choices of ignorant people. They believe that each person must live a righteous . Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. and contradiction on devil. It is your responsibility to gain knowledge and control your egocentric desires. They enter into long sermons expounding upon how the world would be a better place if he. evilness exists only within the mind. The gospels of Thomas and Philip and the Book of John in the canonized Christian Bible outline some primary differences between Christianity and Gnosticism. Ignorance is a personal choice therefore. were somehow defeated. their sermons usually address vague church issues including Devine destiny. and transformations require actual change. Each person is solely responsible for his or her choices. DD life. Each person’s life philosophy and worldview considers and appreciates some aspect of religion. No deity directs or mandates personal situations and the devil does not force you to do anything. the devil. Religious Influences Religious beliefs influence all human aspects and environments. eternal progression is within each person. as these are not compatible with organizational and economic control.72 Dr. All people exhibit egocentric goals. Gnostics believe Jesus is a great teacher who shows us the way. Gnostics believe each person is personally responsible for his or her own choices. animalistic qualities. We must learn to recognize and understand our ignorance then critically review and reject erroneous information. and flawed choices during different stages of life. fate. These preachers literally blame every injustice. by example. unless you willfully accept worldly influences and choose egocentric ignorant options. Although rejecting ignorant influences is a valid common cause. God does not meddle in your personal affairs. and economics. and each person must gain wisdom and resurrection while on earth. inconsistency.

and worldview in their daily activities. . Memorization only signifies a good memory. Every person is responsible for his or her choices therefore. These organizations are inherently evil and require logical evaluation. As an example. These leaders summarily reject new information. fail to make logical evaluations. Rejection is not isolated. Reasonable people demand an opportunity to move forward. It is how you live not what you say that makes the value of your life. within accepted written material. All claims of impartiality are false statements and self-deceptions. each person must determine if they wish to reject or alter the information from any individual or organization. Therefore. thus one ONLY needs to believe and ask forgiveness to gain eternity. or alter their positions. Every person’s daily choices and behaviors reflect their specific beliefs. which are acceptable within Baptist dogma. This simple concept is not observable in many religious organizations. All individuals reflect their philosophy. knowledge. and develop wisdom without violence and hatred. gain knowledge. but they are unable to accept information outside their justified belief system. they fabricate and repeat known falsehoods in an attempt to logically answer these questions. When many religious leaders face contradictions that are not answerable. Canned responses effectively maintain comfort zones. They willfully fail to incorporate new outside information and steadfastly accept only written material from their religion as factual justification for their statements and interpretations.Religions Fail 73 life and gain wisdom to gain access to eternity. Christianity teaches with sacraments and rituals that Jesus is a door through which each soul must pass to get into eternity. Gnostics disbelieve last minute forgiveness. These individuals do not lack the ability or logical background to effectively address serious questions. Authors from specific orthodox religions fail to appreciate a clear overview of the reasons and purpose of life due to their inability to accept outside information contrary to their accepted position. Clearly memorizing the canonized Christian bible or any religious book does not grant creditability. their presented informational picture remains clouded and outdated. and support the status quo of ignorance. a Baptist theologian will only accept truths. Many orthodox leaders limit information as a primary method of justify their beliefs. limit knowledge.

Early Egyptians scribes did not document failure. 1. orthodox religions have used censorship in an attempt to control their societies and support egocentric goals. the Council of Nicaea exhibits highly selective and political motivation as it limited all opposing beliefs from this task. Our worldview influences all choices. and godliness. Censorship is a common method of control. I wish to outline some pertinent facts. Therefore. as they could only document the pharaoh’s successes. Due to the importance of this issue and the implication that god did not totally control the writings in the Christian Bible. Therefore. 2. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. desires. a reasonable person must evaluate and consider how it affects their path to personal balance. protect him or herself. Constantine appointed only strong Christian Leaders to attend and canonize the religious writings into the Christian Bible. like. Censorship From their inception. it is not necessary to evaluate all people in terms of love. provide for human needs. 312 CE.74 Dr. specific religious philosophy. Each person’s worldview incorporates his or her religious beliefs. He formed a selective council consisting of bishops from each Christian church throughout his area of political control. including those who are unable to provide for themselves and those who believe differently. our communities and societies must ensure these capabilities to all people. Constantine—the first reportedly Christian Roman emperor—formed the Council of Nicaea. as it promotes self-acceptance of passive slavery. DD Religions fail. and gain knowledge. Constantine’s primary goal for canonization was political control with minimization of religious turmoil and decreased probability of a revolution. therefore. He was concerned about the possibility of rebellion beginning in religious turmoil. Censorship is undeniably a factor in the history of the canonized Christian Bible. or dislike but it is necessary to unconditionally positively accept all people as they are and practice tolerance for all things. Each individual has an inherent right to explore and follow his or her choices. . On October 28. This continues as modern religious leaders use biblical chapter and verse quotes that justify their beliefs and reject all information contrary to their personal goals.

Luke. if the Gospel of Thomas were included in the place of John. and the foundations of Christianity. it is available as it is included in the original Ethiopian Christian Bible. The Gospel of Thomas is an example of censorship. I found different reasonable interpretations. as more information was openly available for my evaluation. Undoubtedly. 5. Creditable information summarily excluded from the cannon would have provided a clearer overview of God. in the canonized bible. and Luke. To conform to Constantine’s mandates these bishops excluded many credible books that offered opposing views and unacceptable conclusions. Accepted writings were predominately non-controversial material supporting the more powerful bishop’s beliefs. purpose of life. This council excluded many writings due to the following reasons. while John represents the exoteric teachings of Jesus in rebuttal. or • supported undesirable conclusions and interpretations of historical events. Even though written before the biblical books of Mathew. spirituality. • failing to present acceptable religious images. This official book list contained only books deemed as acceptable and worthy of inclusion by the council’s most powerful bishops.Religions Fail 75 3. . The Council of Nicaea demonstrates censorship at its highest level. and John The Council of Nicaea excluded the Gospel of Thomas from their canonization. The canonized Christian Bible fails to include many books containing valuable information. develop an official list of acceptable writings. which provided wide presentation of early religious beliefs and concepts. Constantine tasked this council to come to an agreement regarding basic philosophical issues. The Gospel of Thomas—written approximately 20 years after Jesus death—reports Jesus’ esoteric teachings and alternate interpretations of the path to eternity. 4. Mark. • failing to support beliefs and goals of the most powerful Bishops. Nevertheless. Critical evaluation opens the possibility that the biblical Gospel of John is a rebuttal to the Gospel of Thomas. The books of Mathew. Mark. we would see Christianity differently and alter the interpretations of Mathew. and write one cannon including these writings for each of the 50 churches within his region.

In addition. Many libraries. During the last 1900 years religion’s leadership controlled Christian teachings. and in the desert close to Nag Hammadi Egypt opened new information and give humanity another chance to expand and understand. Clearly. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. these books were sequentially written Mark was approximately 70 AD. they altered many of the accepted books by exclusion. Few Christians recognize the books band by the Council of Nicaea due to the Catholic Church’s and other orthodox religion’s concentrated efforts to eliminate all books. papers. The Council rejected Gospel of Mary Magdalene due to Gnostic teachings and she was a woman. it is interesting to note the Koran and other bibles included information and stories from several of these books. Mathew 80s. History records the Church’s attempt to burn and destroy all opposing material and books. and books destroyed continue to emerge and transform ignorance into wisdom. The Secret Book John. these books offer alternate life paths. The Sophia of Jesus Christ. Although. The Gospel of the Egyptians. and Luke in the 90s. Excluded books were. the Council of Nicaea band several important documents and the following partial list introduces the vastness of excluded information. Nicaea censorship did not stop with banding. which offer a different view. plagiarism. Clearly. and interpolation. thus they are possibly plagiarized. Church influence is decreasing. An example of editing . caves. but their efforts grossly failed. I assume this book will make this list. information was either inserted to gain desired translations or removed to eliminate information supporting other reasonable conclusions or unaccepted practices. etc. DD Mark and Luke reflect identical information with minor alterations. Therefore. they need their interpretations to guide them. History proves and the Church admitted they misrepresented facts and presented false myths to achieve this censorship regarding Mary Magdalene. the New Testament is product of censorship upon censorship and presents only material supporting the strict religious beliefs of the powerful bishops attending of the Council of Nicaea. On the Origin of the World. Today’s self-appointed god communicators continue to teach that people are too ignorant to understand therefore. Church’s Do Not Read List restricts information to only that supporting the Church’s strict dogma. Nevertheless. As a note. Many books discovered in libraries.76 Dr. Gospel of Philip. Gospel of Thomas. The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene). editing.

for him Miriam is a sister. Every book reflects personal justifications and prejudices or the author. religious leaders. states: “There were three who always walked with the Lord: Mary. and a wife. Due to its importance. religion. eyewitnesses. abuse. The Gospel of Philip. regarding that topic. and culture sustained by the influences generated within each of us. Today’s church ethics prompts a review of its steadfast rejection of Mary Magdalene in favor of priest with questionable ethics. this is not fact. Is it possible that a woman is the true foundation of Christianity and the Church is following the wrong god? Mary’s history indicates a higher integrity than Peter’s. Although some authors have claimed Devine influences. just as this book reflects my beliefs and perceptions.000 years of speculation and wonder. However. 32. starting with Mark 16: 9. Spirituality is the cause and source of our understanding regarding all interlocking phenomena of myth. who exhibits ignorance. Before information becomes truth. humans including believers. . She is an abused and violated woman. and symbol must withstand the scrutiny of time. and ordinary people wrote the canonized or other books. To form a total picture of human existence we must have all available information. The verses removed contradict the Church’s view indicating Peter was the accepted leader as proven by the fact that Jesus first appeared to Peter. misrepresentations. in these verses. Dan Brown expresses the possibility of an intimate relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. this relationship initiated 2. known as his companion [koinonos]. and unfounded Catholic rhetoric weakened Mary Magdalene’s influence and rightful position.Religions Fail 77 appears in the final verses of the book of Mark. his mother. and egocentric prejudices. each empirical and mystical experience. Mary Magdalene I included Mary Magdalene because I cannot accept a religion lead by professed decedents of the Apostles that exhibit pedophilic tendencies and promiscuity while claiming abstinence. a mother.” Centuries of lies. the sister of his mother. and Miriam of Magdala. Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene. It must remain synergistic with future information. myth.

Vermont. If the answer to any question above is yes. translated into English by Joseph Rowe. you could not get me inside a Catholic Church. 31 The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. . then you must evaluate the validity of the Church’s history and goals for women. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. translated from the Coptic with commentary by Jean-Yves Leloup. they did not provide information or explanations correcting old information to their worldwide followers. and unjustly wronged her reputation. but I understand that Jesus’ esoteric teachings and relationship with Mary Magdalene requires answers to these questions. the Apostle of Apostles? • Is it possible Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus offered her greater access to his esoteric teachings? • Is it possible Jesus explained more comprehensive and enlightening information to her because of her status? • Is it possible that Mary Magdalene understood Jesus’ teachings better than all other Apostles? • Did the Council of Nicaea reject The Gospel of Mary Magdalene because she was a woman in a male dominated church society? • Did the Council of Nicaea reject The Gospel of Mary Magdalene rejected because her alternant views? • If evidence suggesting that Mary Magdalene was a black Ethiopian woman rather than a Semitic Galilean were true. 2002. and their willingness alter facts to achieve the leadership’s personal goals. that Mary truly understood Jesus’ esoteric teachings and that she was in fact. • Is it possible. This illustrates the Church’s 1900 plus years of deliberate lies. Catholic leadership admitted the Church had misrepresented. DD The Gospel of Mary Magdalene31 offers several different conclusions possibly altering Jesus’ esoteric teachings. minimized Mary Magdalene’s role. During 1969. efforts to present only selected material justifying their positions. If I were a woman.78 Dr. philosophy. and life. the lead disciple. Rochester. would it change her status or truth? Note: a Black Madonna appears in several works of early art found southern France. Although the Catholic Church reversed it position and admits persistently disseminating incorrect information portraying Mary Magdalene as a prostitute. I accept the possibility of a relationship between Jesus and Mary.

but he was not upset nor question Mary Magdalene’s faith. New International Version. She told the disciples that Jesus had arisen and Thomas doubted her truth. Then other verses told of Jesus rebuking male disciples for their lack of faith. after his resurrection. symbolically a female rose among a group of thrones. Mary Magdalene’s situation is wrong because it happened. Mark 16:9-20. nor was Peter the first person Jesus spoke to after his resurrection. 33 Holy Bible New. What other lies and distortion? Humanity must judge the Christianity and all other orthodox religions according to their actions and choices. It appears the Catholic Church has no moral or ethical issues with intentional distortion and lies. 34 NIV. Note there is some controversy regarding these verses but clearly. Mark 16: 14 reports that Jesus was unset regarding the level of faith exhibited by the disciples.’ Mary Magdalene should ascend to her rightful status and take her place among the apostles. Mary Magdalene was the first person with whom he communicated34. the last eleven verses32 of the Gospel of Mark were not originally included in the translations of the earliest manuscripts. The Church willfully admits using lies and deceptions in their portrayal of Mary Magdalene. These passages realistically question the Catholic Church’s very foundations. Mark16: 9 32 . they are available. egocentric ignorance. Res ipsa loquitur. When I consider these verses and return them to the scriptures. Maybe the pope should make this statement as. Later. Controversies regarding these verses awaken confusion. a fact that Jesus first appeared to Peter.Religions Fail 79 This blatant attempt to minimize Mary Magdalene’s relationship with Jesus and her status with the Apostles reflects their willingness to alter New Testament gospels. and alters the Church’s foundation of Peter’s leadership role.33 Mark is specifically reports Mary Magdalene as the first person communicating with Jesus. Peter’s dominance of the Disciples cannot be valid and the Church’s foundation becomes what it is. question Church foundations. Another example. ‘On this lie I build my Church. not their rhetoric. Christianity promoted Peter as Jesus’ successor and leader of the Church and cites. Jesus did not appear to Peter first. as proof.

violence. “I consider myself a Hindu. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Sikh and others claim to be peaceful. Hindu.” Closer to home during the Salem witch trails only Ms. all others hanged were Christians. and Muslim religions. there is an inherent possibility of increased hatred and violent choices. In addition. The five elements of failure are greed. they are precursors to chaos. inequitable behavior. Jewish. and injustice. Good were practicing members of the old pagan religions. Major religious situations increase religious anxieties and animosities. DD Intolerance The Catholic Church’s inquisitions. Their failure is not an isolated exampled. when followers openly and unreasonably act upon these anxieties they initiate violence and hatred. Local ethnic and religious issues tend to expand to regional issues. Christian. However. injustice. Buddhist. In . Bishop and Ms. Gandhi understood the power of peaceful negotiations and that God does not lend himself to a particular religion when he stated. Buddha. their choice exhibit exclusiveness. and social issues. isolation. violence. animosity. and terrorism killed over nine million people. the major religions of Pakistan and India are unable to co-exist without conflict. Jewish. Regional religious issues tend to grow to major national and international situations. Religious intolerance causes much of the world’s anxieties and animosities.” Gandhi understood that violence is counter-productive and used his belief and courage to effectively bring about change in India and Pakistan. it is reasonable that violence will happen. Islam. In harsh words. Christian. will to act. he gave this order. and fear of impending attack are basic elements of violence. Ignorance. moral. and Confucian. and power. due to the negative effects of intolerance and exclusivism. During the crusades. anxiety. “Kill them all. I cannot find tolerance Christian.80 Dr. Although religious tolerance is a rhetorical element of most religions. Jew. If we talk mean and advocate violence. violence. witch-hunts. lack of trust for all other beliefs. Religious solutions to world problems fail when applied to ethical. the pope directed the army to kill all people of a small town. it does not exist. and counterproductive choices. All religions claim tolerance and their rhetoric indicates tolerance is a foundational element of their beliefs. Exclusivism and intolerance worsen every conflict and situation that orthodox religions attempt to correct. however. let God decide who is his. extreme beliefs. heightened emotions. Muslim. but their choices are laced with exclusivism and violence. crusades.

” This ironic contradiction is true and it expresses the choice of many religious and political leaders today. with a same sex partner. of Albany New York. but his consecration represents the first time an individual openly living a committed relationship. until I addressed peace movement. Every community loses when individuals act out anxieties and animosities predicated upon fear and hatred. the Episcopalians and worldwide Anglican followers gathered to perform a Consecration Ceremony to elevate an openly homosexual Episcopal Bishop. it is not observable within the choices of religion’s leaders or their general memberships. Nine million deaths graphically illustrate the Church’s willingness to kill before accepting tolerance and negotiation. and unjustified sacrifices. During November 2003. their choice is violence. read a protest letter from the Conference of North American Anglican Bishops. Gene Robinson. mean and violent choices are reciprocal with mean and violent experiences. has been elevated to a worldwide church leadership role. Religious tolerance does not exist in most theological organizations. It is predictable that as anxiety and fear increases followers will act out with violence. Rev. “My life was never threatened. Although these leaders rhetoric promotes peace. now they threaten to kill me. Rev. Many American clergy simply would not accept his committed relationship. tolerance is a greatly overused deception and widespread contradiction exhibited in the rhetoric of orthodox religions. Robinson is well qualified and has an impeccable personal history. V. Few religious leaders recognize and appreciate that speeches and sermons outlining religious difference and exclusivism naturally result in degradation of life quality. to worldwide leader of the church. Throughout the world’s religions. Episcopalian leaders influenced by intolerance and rigidly expressed blind justifications to stop this consecration and created divisions within the church. Episcopalian practitioners promoting religious tolerance reasonably requested an in-depth review and discussion of Rev. Therefore. Assistant Bishop David Bena. Al Capp said. devaluation of self-worth. Robinson’s qualifications. However. . thus they refused to consider his qualifications. Although religious tolerance is a central part of religious rhetoric. intolerance is alive and well.Religions Fail 81 addition. Religious rhetoric containing elements of fear and forecasting possible future detriments to religious institutions naturally increase anxieties and emotions.

egalitarianism. by any professional. vengeful. Wisdom predicated upon positive unconditional positive regard is the key to achieving peace. The Catholic Church used Constantine. while choosing hatred and violence. this example of religious intolerance is not isolated it is reflected on a grander scale daily in the news and conflicts of the Middle East and around the world. On a daily basis. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. and lowered quality of life. humanity experiences massive atrocities due to orthodox religion’s failure to promote tolerance and I see no indications of future change. This is an example of ignorant choices due to deep personal prejudge manifesting fear and anxiety. Could this be a mandate from an ignorant. after the announcement of Bishop Robinson. personal balance. obsolete. This group illustrates a break in the very fiber of the church and forms a division between the Americans. Intolerance is a foundational stone of devaluation. teach. hate. The Conference of North American Anglican Bishops’ exhibited intolerance is contrary to the very fiber of Anglican teaching. When leaders fail to appreciate personal differences and accept freedom-of-choice then violence. who predominately uphold the traditional Anglican belief. and aggressive god? Intolerance is contradictory to peace. and does not apply to modern committed relationships. They used political alliances and worked within these relationships to establish laws to control the people. It is impossible to believe. and personal balance. Politics Ancient religious leaders understood the power of political involvement. fear. and live with compassion. . in any field of endeavor. violence. It fails to understand why sexual preference is NOT a performance evaluation issue for any professional function. It is impossible to live in peace and understanding while thinking hate. and harmony. and equality. and anxiety becomes the natural outcome. acceptance. as the church leader. It fails to provide either guidance or understanding. Bishop Bena states the Bible forbids homosexuality and this group of Episcopal loyalists opposed those who believe the ancient prohibition are outdated. empathy. DD The Conference of North American Anglican Bishops formed during October 2003. tolerance.82 Dr. Nevertheless.

Orthodox religions prefer political expansion and social control via legal mandates promoting their dogma. and freedom. a free society cannot restrict personal freedoms solely based on religious desires and goals. Political involvement occurs at all levels of government. Religious organizations promote political pressure and emotion in elected egocentric individuals who are comfortable speaking half-truths and accepting restrictive freedoms.Religions Fail 83 the Roman Emperor and army. The call to action mobilizes and organizes followers into small groups of emotional charged supporters who repeatedly express their leader’s perceived threats. religious and political relationships have exhibited very dangerous egocentric choices for power and control. They actively promote laws and governmental regulations reflecting their religious beliefs and dogma without regard for personal choice. No personal choice should be illegal solely because it does not conform to specific religious beliefs and dogma. They cannot justify restricting freedom by claiming moral incorrectness. Harsh rhetoric initiates response by probing ignorant followers to action through increasing emotions. In return. not all laws and regulations backed by orthodox religions are bad. progressing to action committees. During each phase. and finally to drives for new laws. but if these are balanced. if personal freedom is unbalance. . equality. These politicians refuse to critically evaluate the issues or consider the freedom of all people. fear. Undoubtedly. Mandatory conformance to religious dogma is not freedom. and anxiety. But. to spread Christianity and Constantine use Christianity to control his region. Religious organizations eliminate freedom-of-choice by mandating their beliefs on all people within the community. Freedom-of-choice by its very nature contains a duality of both good and bad. media manipulation. therefore. this political scum gains a supporting voting bloc. as they branch out to local political leaders and the community. then the society is balance. the society is unbalance. For over 5000 years. These politicians see a win-win situation with a large number of religious votes as they welcome the tea party members and others wishing to save all people from themselves. Societies unjustly deny freedom-of-choice to all individuals when its laws restrict personal choice activities. religious leaders use their forums and harsh rhetoric regarding their perceived threat. Restricting freedom within any group denies all people freedom and freedom-of-choice. It usually begins with church meetings. but those addressing specific religious moral issues often attempt to deny all people free will. it is slavery.

These increase social injustice. Religious leaders justify their beliefs with personal perceptions and fail to appreciate that they are attempting to establish a preferred segment of society. degradation. gun control. and etc. and etc. Religious leaders use highly emotional rhetoric to promote political change and enlist opposition to every issue opposing their dogma. children. peace.84 Dr. Indian gaming. . They mandate improvement in community ethical codes. lawlessness. separation of church and state (usually they lobby for church school money. gift shops. and political and social breakdowns.). Europe. book stores. Individual spending habits and economics naturally eliminate undesirable activities and businesses that are outside the average acceptable ethic codes of the community. In my community. it is impossible to preserve peace and establish religious tolerance by limiting personal freedoms and establishing new laws to force and control within religious dogma. Reasonable people understand. and Africa. casinos. and religious issues outside their dogma. integrity. and devaluation of groups and individuals perceived as processing bad qualities. Routinely. then protest when outsiders address the separation of church and state to ask these organizations for tax revenue. elimination of sins. adult toy. marriage. Religious conflicts escalate to terrorism and war. These restrictions naturally result in acts of violence between individuals who have different beliefs. These represent an absolute breakdown of all logical and legal order. Segmentation and segregation are not good elements of humanity. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. orthodox religions attempt to force their beliefs upon others. Far East. abortion. and family according to organizational desires. DD Restricting freedoms and freedom-of-choice from one segment of society establishes a preferred group. Segmentation and segregation taken to maximum extension promote violence. They support political and community leaders. it always decreases quality of life and increase intolerance. A critical review of religious political influences highlights several examples in which rhetoric escalates to violence. Examples of these breakdowns are worldwide in the Middle East. who support their beliefs. China. business operating outside their perceived ‘good’ business (adult lounges. local religious leaders actively attempt to gain political control. Local religious leaders use church meetings to address multiple issues such as.). USA. Although specific religions desire societal segmentation and segregation.

Political and religious relationships using emotions. and social problems result in violence. god is just. I understand any activity attempting limit freedom and promote strict religious beliefs initiates out-of-control social problems and chaos. and god loves all people while they choose social unrest and murder. god is good. • First area of concern is the emotionally charged religious rhetoric containing exclusivism. out-of-control zealots. Confusion. fear. and equality with all things if they have the will and dedication. and distortion remain unchanged throughout the past 4. bigotry. These organizations continue to use power. compassion. or seek justice for ‘perceived religious injustices’ are inherently wrong for our communities. Religious prejudice. religious leaders have failed to understand humanity’s social problems. chaos. legal outreach program. Unconditional positive regard and tolerance promotes an understanding of the inherent differences in people and religions. Social Unrest Orthodox religions preach. and violence in their egocentric efforts to control their communities and followers. anxiety. beliefs of God. This violence predominately originates in three distinct areas.000 years. Attempting to pass laws or codes to “correct improper beliefs. hatred. but leaders throughout the world continue to use the same ignorant choices that have failed for centuries. From human inception. or violence degrades all humanity. Critical evaluation of all political programs and laws are mandatory if you are going to gain wisdom. No specific religion. and aggression degrading opposing groups and individuals. I don’t understand the terms ‘improper beliefs’ or ‘perceived injustices’.Religions Fail 85 Although this is a proper political activity. and altered life styles. Every human may achieve wisdom. History proves that religions with strict dogma and exclusive rhetoric cause more violence than any other possible cause. personal balance. fear. This rhetoric in association . and empathy will minimize social unrest. overzealous and strictly dedicated church outreach programs influence and limit the freedoms of all. tolerance.” mandate morality. or public leader exhibits understanding and wisdom. They fail to understand that acceptance. but they certainly do include perceptional differences in religious doctrine.

Our political and religious leaders repeat the mistakes and judgmental errors of the past and old atrocities repeat every day. If we are going to live peacefully in this world. India. . Reincarnation When considering reincarnation. middle-eastern region. and USA encompassed all of these elements. atrocities. According to their teachings. due to our limited understanding. god lacks unconditional positive regard with compassion and empathy for all others. it is normal for our physical body and conscious mind. power. and self-fulfillment. Religious leaders must stop negative rhetoric and promote the freedom-of-choice of all people. strict dogma. We can eliminate social unrest through acceptance and appreciation of another’s differences. • Second area of concern is organizational and leadership greed exhibiting strong desires for money. All historical and modern communities experience conflicts with strong components of greed as a foundational element. terrorism. Conflicts in Iraq. to only consider our presently understood narrow horizons and environments. Therefore. Africa. Stalin. control. and strong exclusive rhetoric instigates more conflicts than any other single cause. land. DD with fear manifests as violence. and more moral jurisdiction over opposing groups and religions. orthodox religions need to serve as resources for all seeking guidance without organizational consideration. Christianity has a long history of violence to all believing differently. Hitler. perceptional abilities. Pakistan. are examples of this type of social manipulation. Religious ideological differences associated with highly vocal leaders. We cannot bring about peace by preaching hate and dissention. The conscious mind does not desire to be reborn. Afghanistan Serbs. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. South America. and knowledge.86 Dr. and wars. • Third area of concern is philosophical control with attempts to build utopian societies encompassing common likeness and beliefs. greed. and Marx. many individuals find reincarnation an objectionable hypothesis. Iran. conflicts.

Christian life is unfair and unjust due to a whimsical god. Therefore. 35 When the cycle is stopped the soul does not reincarnate and stays in eternity . According to Catholic Church history. known as The Tyrant of Syracuse. as Denis. Dionysus resurrected several hundred years later. and accomplishments. etc. truths. and possibilities. demands identical situations. peas. Denis became Pope beginning in 259 CE until his death during 268 CE. Church stories proclaim this myth as truth. I question Christianity’s view of the purpose of life and road to eternity. Reincarnation increases reasonableness as our superconsciousness brings forward summary memories. choices. forgiveness. Reasonableness contributes to better choices and productive lives.35 They accept that their reincarnation progression promotes an easier life as the advantages of knowledge encourages reasonable choices. These summary memories guide and direct us toward greater fulfillment and knowledge.Religions Fail 87 Buddhists believe reincarnation is objectionable. Reincarnation is simply a tool that allows each individual time to gain world education and wisdom. flowers. Denis. and wisdoms learned during prior incarnations. They wish to gain enlightenment to stop the cycle of miserable existence. the fair judgment of each person according to his or her will. Dionysus the Elder. It is reasonable to accept that. our present life is naturally better than the prior life. The Catholic Church accepted reincarnation until it banded concept from all teachings between 600 and 700 CE. Christian leaders generally skirt these issues by using metaphors and parables laced with vague talk about faith. these elements are widely accepted in eastern beliefs. butterflies. The Catholic Church later accepted him as St. however. lived from approximately 431 BCE to 367 BCE. Christianity fails to appreciate the possibility of more than one life or a fair and equable judgment. Therefore. Christianity overlooks reincarnation and wisdom as elements of spirituality. This is problematic as Church stories indicate one pope that later became a saint was a reincarnated pagan god. thus in this case they accept Denis as a resurrection and reincarnation of Dionysus the Elder.

The elements of knowledge remain true upon extension through situational alterations. and via negativa evaluations sustain knowledge. he asked his disciples. including ancient pagan religions.88 Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Other disciples indicated the people believed Jesus was a reincarnation of Elias or Jeremias. reflection. “Who do people say I am?”36 Some of his disciples responded. However. It has bound its followers in blindly accepted unreasonable strict dogma and practices. References regarding the spirit are contained in various passages of the Christian Bible and other religions. if these beliefs do not remain synergistic with new facts then religious leaders cannot rhetorically justify these flawed beliefs and they are false. Let us stop all rhetorical metaphors and parables and get to the heart of the matter. many modern religious scholars revisit this subject and some priests accept reincarnation as a basic truth. others say Elijah37. thus the existence of a spirit is a basic belief throughout religion. then those religious beliefs may become truth. “Some say John the Baptist. It denies freedom-of-choice and our ability to independently acquire knowledge. which died many centuries before his birth. observation. Paul talked of the Christ within. Mark 8:28 36 37 . as it emanates from all sources. ‘eternity is within the reach to all people who gain wisdom’ and it is accessible to every person who is willing to acquire wisdom. he was referring to the duality of physical and spirit. While Jesus was in Palestine. NIV.’ Christianity works hard to maintain human ignorance. Knowledge is an element of truth. I accept that we are a duality representing both the created and the creator. Jesus stated. DD Although the Church denies reincarnation. Early writings documented the historical activities of god-kings and the soul’s passage into the afterlife. When St. and still others say one of the prophets. therefore we are presently somewhere within our education cycle making an effort to gain knowledge. research. Mark 8:27 Elijah died before the birth of Jesus 38 NIV.”38 John the Baptist was beheaded a short time before and some people thought Jesus gained control of John’s spirit and essence. If religious beliefs remain synergistic with accepted facts and remain true consistently throughout variable situations. which is latent within all people. on the slopes of Mount Hermon approaching the city of Caesarea Philippi.

Then the disciples understood that he spoke unto them of John the Baptist. Tenzin Cyastso. Mark 9:12. The Dalai Lama. but done unto him whatsoever they wished . There is also an interesting role reversal. I clearly wish to achieve enlightenment. but I am still on my journey. Buddhists believe only individuals. . but the fiber of John’s message remained consistent with Elijah’s teachings. John the Baptist improved Elijah’s teaching and presented those beliefs in a more usable and timely message. reflect a wide belief in reincarnation and Jesus apparently confirms reincarnation with this statement regarding John the Baptist. These individuals sought 39 NIV.”39 Close analysis of this statement confirms the reincarnation of Elijah to John the Baptist and provides a direct connection between this early prophet and later religious leaders. thus he exhibited a congruent knowledge base consisting of common goals and beliefs. John the Baptist appears to build and continue the knowledge and experiences of Elijah. also suggests the truth of reincarnation. and life status during the lives of these individuals. The disciples’ answers. who have restored memories of earlier incarnations. At the age of four. Jesus does affirm reincarnation in this well-known statement: “But I tell you that Elijah is come already. He passed the painstakingly followed rules for identification of a new Dalai Lama without compromise. are capable to leading others to enlightenment and the Dalai Lama Tenzin Cyastso has this ability. . who was born on July 6. to Jesus’ question. The Dalai Lama thirteenth died in 1933 and in 1937 Tibet’s high lamas and dignitaries identified Tenzin Cyastso as the incarnation of the Buddha of Compassion. Researchers and psychotherapy document examples of individuals. . & Matthew 17:13. Elijah was the teacher of Elisha who appears to be Jesus in a prior incarnation. Nevertheless. who completed their journey to enlightenment.Religions Fail 89 Nowhere does Jesus specifically deny the possibility or establish the truth of reincarnation. In Tibetan language. . and they knew him not. 1935 in a small village called Taktser in northeastern Tibet. Undoubtedly. There is a very interesting progression of knowledge. Elijah became John the Baptist and Elisha became Jesus. Tenzin Cyastso possessed intrinsic information and knowledge known only to Buddha of Compassion. wisdom. Lama means a spiritual mentor capable of leading others along the path to spiritual awakening.

During therapy.90 Dr. public records. These suggestions of reincarnation are part of our worldly existence. and physical environments. Many incarnations are required during our progression to wisdom. . places interwoven with a few relatively clear details. their memories were awakening via hypnosis. No mind could possibly gain more than a fragment of the material world’s information and experiences in a single lifetime. and archives researchers substantiated many memories. DD help from a therapist due to recurring dreams and memories. lives. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Credible reports document summary memories and fragments of earlier lives including names. Using reported information.

and power. Personal understanding opens communication bridges within each of us. we can communicate effectively with our world. and goals if we are going to understand our life and situations. Critical self-evaluations are simply too uncomfortable for most people. we can understand our world. We must understand our worldview. 91 .Three Basic Inconsistencies Self-awareness Self-awareness is the key element of personal balance. When we understand ourselves. Their egocentric goals for immediate gratification and power justify their status quo and choices. It is simply too hard to proceed into the unknown and depart from the chaotic heard with whom they relate. Most people’s egocentric defense mechanisms justify their status quo and conscious worldview. When we are in balance. Egocentrically driven people find it extremely difficult to accept total responsibility for their choices and openly address new acceptances without guilt and depression. Religious leaders understand this and use it to limit the achievement of knowledge regarding our essence. Each person’s egocentric ambitions desire only pleasure. These individuals experience slavery to their ego and become physically ill when they realistically look into their essence without intellectualizing egocentric justifications or shifting the blame to others. Most people will do anything to maintain the status quo and live in their comfort zones. As we communicate effective with our essence. our world is in balance and we are at peace. deeper needs. gratification.

when our ego assumes control with its self-centeredness. thus it is understandable that these individuals will use any effort to avoid self-evaluations. the Western god does not demand anything except faith. and equity but it demands total obeisance with absolute conformity. writing. Our ego is very organized and self-designed to keep the psyche entrenched and extremely busy in the material world Perhaps. Self-awareness and self-acceptance are extremely difficult to realize but every individual can achieve self-awareness through individual efforts. brings us to our inherent anxieties and unhappiness. Anxiety and depression increase when we confront the fragility and brevity of life. powers all aspects of our life. traveling. which includes absolute conformity of Church rules and dogma. Orthodoxy teaches. Orthodox rhetoric claims tolerance. compassion. Orthodox religions strive to restrict self-awareness and freedom-of-choice. TV. compassion. empathy. We live in a world that encourages egocentric control our conscious mind. personal dedication. drugs. and critical evaluations. but self-protection strategies will not advance wisdom and each person using these strategies eventually becomes lost in ignorance. It is preferable to maintain the status quo rather than to follow our own drummer and guidance. Nevertheless. it is not limited to physical form. Self-awareness is a fundamental building block of personal balance and it is the first requirement on the journey to understanding ourselves. and tolerance. DD Many individuals use activities to maintain their comfort zones. which cannot appreciate love and free communication and denies self-awareness and self-acceptance.92 Dr. but our wisdom guides with love. parties. and ridged mandates it builds emotional armor and false facades. They promote slavery and control with empty teachings of forgiveness and a promise of life eternal. and guides your journey throughout life. inflexibility. It interacts with the life force. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. etc. we maintain these hyperactive schedules because critical examinations of our life philosophy confronts us with a lack of meaning. The status quo provides self-protection strategies. alcohol. open truthfulness. . and reminds us of our failures and personal loneliness. reading. They fill every moment with some form of diversion including work. Wisdom of ourselves allows the free flows of energy with tolerance and flexibility to all around us. you own and control your creative superconsciousness and no other person can touch this aspect of you. Although. Conflict arises when the ego claims ownership of our individuality and creative superconsciousness. movies. computers.

Human Rights Over four thousand years of religions has failed to better the living conditions of humanity. The leadership admits the massiveness of this problem. ordinary American Catholics were asking last week. Andrew Sullivan wrote in The Sunday Times on April 28. 2002.Religions Fail 93 maintaining the status quo by organizational and peer pressure. It is extremely difficult to highlight orthodox religion’s ignorance and wickedness without infuriating reasonable people to moral vengeance and abandonment of the good precepts available within these organizations. Human rights violations and abuses are so deeply entrenched in these organizations. Catholic leaders drafted a conference-formulated solution regarding child abuse and sexual abuse. and Muslims display long histories of nauseating human rights failures. and limits assumption of personal responsibility with vague symbolic rituals expressing forgiveness. we witness extreme examples of child and sexual abuse. that I am unsure of a realistic starting point for this subject. we must reasonably evaluate these religion’s contradictions and inconsistencies with open-mindedness. does a child abuser’s ‘notoriety’ have anything to do with how he should be disciplined? The church was still acting as if it were more concerned with its own reputation than with the lives of children. During this conference. Catholic leadership attempted to streamline Church rules governing defrocking pedophiliac priest during a two-day meeting in Rome on April 24. individual freedoms. The conference solution allows for automatic dismissals only for ‘Notorious Serial Abusers’ of children. Christians. Throughout the world. Jews. orthodox religions fail to exhibit even minimum standards human rights. intolerance. Under . To this statement. equality. total surrender. 2002: Notorious? How on earth. In order to gain a clear prospective and understanding. And notice the caveats: even a ‘notorious’ priest’s abuse would have to be ‘serial’ and ‘predatory’. and denial of basic human rights. The egocentric thinking of religion’s leadership drives its dogma and self-centered choices. In every society. compassion.

there were 560 lawsuits against the Archdiocese of Los Angles and another 300 lawsuits throughout California. Apparently the Catholic leadership has become so out-of-touch with society that it does not perceive—or does not care about sexual and child abuse. just as we would a homeless or impaired person. And if the priest kept it all quiet. Legal history after this conference indicates. a single instance could get him the easy treatment of the past. many state and county prosecutors constantly file legal actions. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Upon extension. 2004. His acts of molestation continued in the girls’ bedrooms. His willful choices exhibit extreme intent and planning. then the priest might also be handled with kid gloves. Our communities must remove these criminals from our environments. thus they are not culpable of wrong actions. Society and reasonable people cannot accept abuse by anyone. A recent legal case—one of many pending legal complaints against present or former priest—accuses a priest of molesting little girls during confession. What is a reasonable person’s solution? The Catholic Church’s position on these matters is unacceptable and humanity must perceive these child and sexual abusers as common criminals. this precedent indicates a total disregard of human rights. 2.94 Dr. so legal reactions to pedophiliac priests will continue. DD this rubric. placing them in areas of absolute control. Sullivan’s excellent commentary goes directly to the point and addresses the real concerns of reasonable people. while their mother was in the house cooking meals. This priest is a sexual predator and a determent to society. . On December 4. Although the Catholic hierarchy has taken a ho-hum attitude toward child and sexual abuses issues. During 2003. Boston prosecutor identified 552 victims of Catholic abuse. who knows what might happen? Mr. 1. If the teenager made the advances. The pope stated that the Church’s believes priests are decedents of the Apostles. but these leaders did formulate zero tolerance for notoriety and adverse publicity of the church. Abstinence does not work and put your big girl panties on and say the rosary fails to provide restitution. Their position indicates that the Catholic leadership believes elder and women abuse is okay.

Young women incarcerated in the Magdalen laundries of Ireland. as the Church moves predators from one diocese to another. The Church knew of this program but the leadership failed to appreciate the psychological and physical effects their abusive choices. and Scotland. arriving home late. Abuse is not isolated. these incidents are not isolated and the above examples are a small percentage of Catholic abuse. They wished to satisfy their egocentric goals for sexual gratification and did not care about personal trauma to others. psychological. Daily church abuses present grave contradictions and inconsistencies of the church’s every day teachings. and sexual abuses. this was not random as Priest and Nuns of the Magdalen Laundries repeated theses atrocities again and again in every laundry. Nuns and priests performed planned daily activities that included ritualistic cleansings that manifested sexual activities. the Archdiocese of Sacramento put their retirement holdings on the market due to a court settlement totaling 35 million dollars as restitution for child abuse. At the end of World . Area priest and cardinals frequently forced these young women to be sexual participants. The Catholic Church deprived these young women of their freedom and family to enslave them for monetary gain without legal or logical cause. They were at the mercy of the church’s leadership without recourse or representation. England. However.Religions Fail 95 3. new legal actions continue. 4. Catholic history document centuries of unreasonable incidents of abuse. Unfortunately. psychological. The Catholic Church admitted another incident indicating failure to act upon abuses. In 2011. In 2005. young girls were deliberately physical. Therefore is reasonable to conclude the Vatican sanctioned these physical. In these institutions. the Pope’s apologized to the Jewish people for Catholic support of Germany during the holocaust. and sexual abused by both nuns and priests. These incidents reflect highly substandard beliefs and they are infuriating to moral people. Offenses included talking to boys without an escort. During 2003. and other minor violations of church dogma. The Magdalen Laundries isolated these young women from their families and outside contacts and changed their names to effectively remove their identity. The Church forced young girls and women into ‘righteous’ slavery consisting of forced labor and clergy sexual favors.

picked her up. forgiveness. A Bristol Tennessee Baptist preacher noted for his passionate sermons regarding love. Magdalen laundries. DD War II priest assisted and provided safe homes for escaping higher-ranking officers of the death camps. Abuse continued and escalated. compassion. egocentric Catholic goals for money. she remembers her stepmother walked down stairs to a short landing. I wish to note the existence of official office controlling those activities changed its name to a more acceptable name during the last half of the last century but the office of the inquisitions still exists. This young woman’s horrifying life started as a toddler. Her first memories are of her stepmother strapping her in a highchair and throwing her down a short flight of stairs. but unlimited church power remained a primary goal. It is a grave contradiction to teach equality and religious tolerance while supporting activities as the holocaust. physical. and egocentric priests? Abuse is not isolated to the Catholic Church. physically. Her life consisted of the following facts. Reasonable people cannot accept abuse. They confiscated money. Abuses are not Devine Destiny they are choices and actions of malignant human minds. This throwing incident was not isolated as. There are reports of rape and torturing of individuals that lasted for hours. 40 Information regarding the inquisitions requires a complete book so this example is an introduction to this abuse. land. He and his wife willfully enslaved. as she grew older.96 Dr. . psychological. psychological. control. Catholic leadership stripped women during inquisition hearings to satisfy the voyeurism and other sexual desires of the presiding priests. and god is another example of religious failure. and personal positions for the church. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. and sexual abuse. morally corrupt. and throws her down the remaining stairs. Is it possible the Catholic Church is following the influences of the false god? Or is the Catholic Church controlled by weak. and child. and power put thousands of innocent people through torture and death. and sexually abused their adopted daughter. Multiple atrocities resulting from the Church’s support of German death-camp directly parallels the inquisitions. During the inquisitions40.

9. the medical team suspected something was not right and reported this to the local Bristol police. However when she told his brother about her life he assisted her to call the police and get help. She was a slave. and family pictures depicting a broken arm and numerous blackened eyes and bruises. This young woman lacked official documentation and in legal essence. Her stepparents forced her to work and care for the family by completing all household tasks and working until the early morning hours. She slept in the corner of an open room without privacy. During court hearings. hammers. Her stepparents constantly told her it her duty (Devine Destiny) and the will of God to care for the family. 7. The jury convicted this preacher and his wife of sexual abuse. at the age of 19.41 3. Her story came to light when. Her stepparents kept her in isolation. her stepmother did not testify and Baptist Preacher denied committing abuse. belts. this Baptist preacher believes some form of ‘destiny’ or ‘will’ justifies child rape and physical abuse. This Baptist Preacher repeatedly sexually abuse and raped her several times in the men’s room of the church. 41 Some Baptist groups teach ‘Spare the Rod. 8. 2. Apparently. She did not attend school and this family did not seek medical treatments until forced by her injuries seriousness.’ . injuries. Her stepparents kept her undocumented and unknown outside of the family. Her stepparents burned her hands. she attempted suicide by drinking antifreeze. and other household items. They are now wards of the state. she did not exist. 4. the prosecution presented evidence including pictures of this young woman’s body exhibiting over 400 scars. and rape. which this Baptist preacher used to kill local cats. never allowing her to go to school. Her stepparents beat her on numerous occasions with handles. At the trial. 6. sticks. this Baptist preacher attempted to cover up his activities by sending this young woman to live with his brother. Her stepparents broke her bones.Religions Fail 97 1. 5. Spoil the Child. multiple felony child abuse. During medical treatment. Upon hearing of the investigation. or mingle with children her age.

violence. and an enhanced sense of vulnerability. The problem is not religious beliefs. depression. abandonment. the stepdaughter also had to care for them. guilt. therefore this problem is universal. These leaders justified exclusivism. greed. flashbacks (intrusive memories). and sexual abuse with unilateral control? It is impossible for a reasonable individual to accept the teachings of these religious organizations42 due to their blatant human rights inconstancies and contradictions. and goals for immediate gratification. Repeated abuse has long lasting destructive and traumatic effects. Abuse Although. and justice. sleep disturbances.98 Dr. As Jesus’ esoteric teachings require. hyper-vigilance. humiliation. if they are going to find peace within these organizations. the problem manifests due to egocentric choices of religious leaders. which claim peace. A reasonable person must turn off their mind and blindly accept religious dogma. abuse. and overzealous strict dogma according to their own weakness and egocentric goals. Abuse is not a Devine mandate. DD Note. embarrassment. 42 There are histories of Human Rights violations in all religions. equality. and psychosomatic illness. Abuse is widespread and found in every society and religion. human rights violations and abuse are inseparable is wish to discuss each topic specifically. when these organizations condone and instigate pain. there are more subtle devastating problems due to experiencing shame. suffering. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Victims manifest recurring symptoms such as panic attacks. we must review religious organizations and judge them by their choices and activities. Therefore. . this family contained three natural children and neither the preacher nor his wife abused or forced labor on their three natural children. physical. psychological. However. anxiety. hatred. How is it possible to accept religious rhetoric and teachings. Never in the history of humanity has organized religions been so out-of-touch with reasonable people. Upon realistic evaluation it is clear they fail. suicidal ideation. intolerance. forgiveness. it is a choice of ignorant people and egocentric religious teaching. I wish to generally summarize abuse’s devastating effects.

” 43 (Psychology Today. and colleagues. one-day greater harm will occur. and emotional abuse have the same effects as the physical variety43. Examples of accepted abuse manifest in Muslim laws affecting family and women. and a boost to the abuser’s self-image. more rarely. the abused woman (or. inevitably. . stupid. Abuse of all kinds also interferes with the victim’s ability to function normally. psychological. fatigue. In this stage the victim catapults into a nether land. When victims emerges on the other end of this wormhole. Victims isolate. security. lose basic support. suppressed psychosocial development. weak social support. man) feels helpless. Magdalen Laundries. Christian patriarchal control. As stress erodes the victim’s life and psychological brutalization manifests in every thought victims develop an almost fatal resolve that. September/October 2000 issue. by the time the abuse reaches critical and all-pervasive proportions. These factors may lead to the loss of employment. and guilty for having botched her life and “abandoned” her “family. Typically. and status. and other strict rule societies. lowered concentration. victims tend to deny their abuse and openly attempt to protect the abuser. the abuser has isolated the victim from family. and others manifests greater longer-lasting symptoms than abuse by an abuser during periods of rage and loss of self-control. and self-respect when the abusers include family. In these societies and religions. distorted concepts of their personality traits. p. Victims. and premeditated torture by the Catholic Church’s inquisitions. victims usually accept the abuse as normal and avoid serious psychological trauma.24). people in power. Verbal. review the Magdalen Laundries. In some cultures. Victimization varies throughout all societies and religions. The mental health effects of such trauma may result in forgetfulness. cult-like setting where reality is a continuing nightmare. Deliberate. describe feelings of worthlessness. In addition. social and religious leaders.Religions Fail 99 Initially. cold-blooded. ex-lovers. They experience loss of personal control and resources. they experience guilt and lowered self-esteem due to their perceived poor judgment and choices. a sign of love and caring. and disorganization. and stresses influencing their perception of every experiences and choices. self-doubting. with accompanying loss of income. friends. unable to live a normal life. religious abuse is commonplace and accepted as a legitimate mode of communication. worthless.

I did not come to bring peace. Peace Orthodox religions emphatically claim peacefulness. rage. Every person must make the choice to stop all relationships exhibiting abuse and human rights violations. and succumb to boredom. A man’s enemies will be the members of his own household. and impatience. unilateral acceptance of all other religions. neglect their health and personal appearance. and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me. deny humanness. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. This is crucial to healing. Jesus states: “Do not suppose that I come to bring peace to the earth. and dedication to human rights. A daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. victims must establish a loving and accepting social support network to mitigate symptoms of abuse. drinking. enslave their followers. end up abusing prescription drugs. religion fails to establish a loving and accepting social network with the ability to express negative emotions safely and to cope with them constructively. Matthew 10:34-38 . On the subject of peace. For I come to turn A man against his father. A daughter against her mother. Clearly. anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”44 44 NIV. DD No wonder survivors of abuse tend to be clinically depressed. compassionate. what is the evil god like? Church choices are ignorant and wrong because they support only the egocentric goals of these organizations. If this is an example of the good god. Religion’s choices speak so loud I cannot hear what they say! Reasonable people must turn off their mind to accept these atrocities as a choice of an all-knowing. Nevertheless. their choices do not reflect these perfections and they are falsehoods. or otherwise behaving recklessly.100 Dr. but a sword. Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me. and fair god. Some victims develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). and sanction creativity.

exhibited just after the death of John the Baptist47 was more reasonable. and according to biblical stories. and conflict due to fear. compassionate.”45 The book of Luke. “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother. reprisals. alterations in teachings. Jesus is advocating violence as a solution. His inconsistencies and contradictions represent serious flaws. love. Nevertheless. These are in direct conflict with other statements that were more indicative of passiveness. believed Jesus gained control of John the Baptist spirit and that John’s perfections were responsible NIV. When these statements are literally. turmoil. In either situation. and peace. his wife and children. and authoritarian and his second personality. Ancient scholars. there is some argument on exact date of John’s death.” 47 John the Baptist died before Jesus in approximately 28 or early 29CE. 45 46 . Another possibility is that Jesus was attempting to clarify a specific issue and the author simply missed his true meaning46. Large crowds were traveling with Jesus and turning to them he said.Religions Fail 101 Throughout the centuries. around the year 30 CE. Luke 14:25-27 Jesus stated. Now consider that statements imply an alteration of spiritual priorities and increased knowledge. religious spin-doctors altered Jesus’ violent statements as followers consider the dichotomy of a violent and peaceful god. and death. and loving. and evidence that ancient author’s altered reports according to their beliefs. “I spoke to you in parables and you did not understand. interpreted Jesus exhibits two distinct personalities. demanding. this is an extreme contradiction. he used violence during a visit to the temple. I note that Jesus’ statements reflecting love and peace are more evident after the death of John the Baptist. In another incident. Jesus’ again clearly expresses harsh and negative feelings as he emphatically presents a negative point-of-view. These statements occurred during a time of Roman rule in which Jews experienced persecuted. his brothers and sisters—yes even his own life—he cannot be my disciple. The first personality appears strict. Read it again. this quote speaks for itself and reasonable people understand meanings of these words. documents Jesus’ more negative and abrasive exoteric teachings.

Violence is the direct and desired outcome of these religious leaders. When emotions escalate. religious. or members of a targeted group. It is reasonable to predict that their negative campaigns—for political.102 Dr. many ancient authors documented an imperfect plan and these erroneous plans continue today. This murder was the result of his religious leader’s strong negative rhetoric and his fear and reaction to this rhetoric. they—by their very nature—initiate broad reaching negative influences. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. fears. I wish to note that Judas Iscariot was a Zealot. business. this group gave assistance by not informing the police of his movements and providing him with supplies. Could Western Religions be terrorist organizations? Religious leaders support their individual causes by verbally promoting negative ideation to effectively dehumanize and downgrade the status of opposing individuals and groups. during a sniper type shooting through his kitchen window. This young feels he is doing god’s will. When religious leaders degrade individuals by outlining their departure from accepted religious practices they are effectively setting up a situation in which there is a reasonable prediction that negative emotions and reactions. or organizations. Emotional rhetoric mixed with fear erupts into violence. is a reasonable result of highly emotional religious rhetoric laced with fear and anger. in fact. to gain control. Jesus exhibited violent tendencies during an outburst in the temple just before his arrest. Unfortunately. social. and hate. DD for Jesus’ altered teachings toward love and compassion. No reasonable person can have peace while preaching hatred and no logical person will accept hatred. while thinking peace. It is scary to think . His religious group did not reject this murderer. this incident was not an accident nor is it an isolated activity of a deranged individual during a random shooting. who killed a planned-parenthood doctor. Violence resulting from negative rhetoric is exampled by a Christian young man. Unfortunately. a militant Jewish group. Exoteric teachings reflect the duality of peace and violence graphically illustrating the use of conflicting emotions. It is understandable that violence against a targeted person. Degrading rhetoric and negative emotion with fear are their religious/ political tools. and personal gains—will lead to violence against the targeted individuals. However. Unfortunately. their rhetoric negatively addressing differences encouraged vicious attacks.

each person protecting and supporting his action considered no wrongness in this death. This young man’s protectors and individuals providing assistance obviously harbored identical beliefs and life philosophies that. Clearly. It prompted this man to shoot children and randomly murder because of race. How. reasonably justified murder. He supported a White Supremacy value system and believed ATF killings of the Branch Davidian religious cult were unjustified or an act of war. developed a website containing Timothy’s views. There are strong parallels on the opposing side as the ATF weakly justifies killing adults and children. To reasonable people the victims and violence was a predictable outcome of this religious rhetoric. logic. an armed gunman kills a foreign nationality postal worker. Once again. and begins shooting. No thinking person accepts this argument and this situation appears to be the result of ignorance. In another incident. However. The outcomes of their choices imply that the ATF area director and possibly Janet Reno believed it was better to kill children than to have them abused for a short time longer. and wisdom would have saved many lives and eliminated many hurts. In his mind. he is a hero and religious warrior due to his killing of an innocent man and children. to them. While reasonable people perceive the scope of this evil. enters a Jewish daycare center. patience. . Timothy went to his death believing he was a hero and a martyr. at the Branch Davidian. this incident is a duality. but the choices of egocentric government and religious leaders are incapable of understanding this fact with wisdom and logic. the murderer justified his atrocities with vicious religious rhetoric declaring fear of transgressions damaging his religious freedoms. His religious community supported his beliefs. in Los Angeles. This sniper may exhibit personality disorders as he reflected no remorse and justified his evil actions by stating he was saving babies. and declaring him a martyr. is it possible for a right-to-life group can pardon killing? Timothy McVeigh’s Oklahoma City bombing was another crime initiated by negative religious rhetoric. Blindly accepting negative religious rhetoric instills fear and hatred. The ATF justifies their killing due to suspected illegal gun dealing and possible child abuse. members of his religious community continued to protect him for approximately one year. Clearly. this ignorant murderer is proud of his deeds and truly justifies his actions as reasonable and righteous.Religions Fail 103 that after this senseless shooting.

he did not know Oklahoma City Federal building housed a daycare center. Misleading and openly false statements apparently generates no response from this religious community. From Israel and Palestine. Religious advertisements that state political support consist of full-page newspaper ads with proven incorrect and misleading information. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. but again. and lies to justify religious dogma. DD Locally a strict protestant church group has initiated a campaign consisting of meetings. I do not believe this information would have stopped his bombing. buses etc. but each fails to evaluate or consider the innocent victims of their actions. restaurants. and teachings. The sign she described is approximately 55 miles away in the Sacramento and did not pertain to the specific store or any other store in our local area. Although Timothy McVeigh did state. as the writer describe. were not in this community. False statements are common practice in orthodox religions. half-truths. However. beliefs. Jewish and Muslim leaders claim to be peaceful. They enjoyed the political influence of a hyper-religious representative and negative rhetoric. Each group accepts a principle of ‘eye for an eye’ and believes members or the other group unjustly killed members of their group. Each group manifest increased feared of attacks upon their religion. Religious . adult video. and toy store. I guess it is okay to present false information to gain a religious goal. we receive report after report describing suicide bombings occurring in markets. if preachers do not lie they do not talk. A letter to the editor graphically described a reported adult roadside sign seen while driving by an adult toy store. coffee shops. This grave contradiction is religion’s way of life it examples religious deception. Give me a break! These individuals killed because they choose to kill. It seems this woman altered a minute element of truth in order to expand her egocentric wishes. They believe their religious leader’s rhetoric expounding on cultural and ethnic differences and they effectively dehumanized the other groups who they believe are a threat to their belief system. These sign pertained to an adult club in a suburb of Sacramento. He was planning to take innocent lives from the beginning and believed he was correct in his actions. my investigation found this sign. and local media rhetoric against an Indian casino. letter writing.104 Dr. These individuals justified their choices and actions solely based upon religious rhetoric. Strong undeniable evidence indicates these atrocities originate in the closely held religious systems controlling the political attitudes in this area.

They use prayer and forgiveness to appease ignorant people. Afghanistan. Personal balance.Religions Fail 105 beliefs and ignorance kill children and innocent people in Israel. These are major precursors of violence. and actual threat to the perpetrator is a consideration. World chaos and ignorance graphically illustrates orthodox religion’s failure. This trend is extremely dangerous and sets up situations in which individuals react to unreasonable emotions. innocence of a crime. The only common factor is religious rhetoric supported by fear and anxiety. anxiety. It is inconsistent to kill for the sake of peace. power. . religions claim to relieve fear. Their follower’s inability to conform. and harmony are not observable in orthodoxy’s daily choices. peace. Palestine. Although. and egocentric goals for gratification. dehumanization. anxiety. and throughout the world. to the demands of ridged theological teachings. anxiety. they promote only fearfulness of god and blind acceptances. and frustration plague their memberships. which result in increased anxiety and frustrations. Anxiety and Frustration People cannot achieve the church’s goals and live perfect lives. and control are not synergistic with compassion and empathy. and hatred. These elements prove beyond any shadow of doubt that these religions fail to appreciate a reasonable god or understand the journey to wisdom is the true purpose of life. Strict beliefs. Therefore. negative religious rhetoric. it is impossible to have peace and tolerance with exclusivism and violence. No reasonable person can accept the multiple self-proclaimed accounts of religious leaders speaking for god and granting forgiveness. it is a contradiction to preach love and live hate. and fear support and build emotions embracing distrust. A daycare center was the primary target in the Los Angles incident. There are no peaceful Western religions. and frustration to bring peace and harmony into the lives of their followers. These deceptions make ignorant followers victims. I find no observable evidence indicating that age of the victims. Religious leaders skillfully manipulate their follower’s personal turmoil. greatly decreases personal perceptions of self-worth and self-confidence. and frustration for organizational and personal gain. fear. unreasonable dogma.

Leaders transform to political activist and use their pulpits as a venue to political gain. Self-awareness with an unconditional positive regard for all things increases your personal value and decreases the effects of anxiety and fear to promote personal balance. By definition. press releases. dissatisfaction. anxiety. meetings. then use these outreach programs to preach their particular message. anxiety. Local media coverage broadcast citizen meetings and verbal attacks on businesses and individuals functioning outside their religious value systems. or gain political power. fear. “I can’t do that” or “that’s just too hard for me” are common statements preceding acceptance of failure and continuation of ignorance. DD Present day preachers use anxiety and frustration in their concentrated efforts to gain political power and control. the religion or god is ignorant. we can overcome fear with knowledge of surrounding facts. and security are tools used to control and direct activities within these groups. A drug-crazed street thug may scare me but I cannot accept that a reasonable all-knowing god will lower to the street thug’s level of personal interaction. It is unreasonable to accept any god or religion lacking the ability to articulate reasonable issues and choices. Fear and Anxiety Fear. They provide excuses and reasons why we must withdraw or discontinue our pursuit of personal balance. Local church groups use everything from letters-to-the-editor. It is inconsistent to experience anxiety. These negative emotions are counterproductive to wisdom and not elements of spirituality. increase membership. fear is an uneasy emotion considering an apparent danger and anxiety. If your religion or god uses any element of fear for control. and frustration. anxiety. All people experience fear and it is increased in situations of uncertainty and unjustified beliefs. Some religious organizations provide assistance to local governments during outreach programs. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. and church services to promote their personal agenda. It is a painful emotion excited by apprehension of a possible danger. These leaders mobilize emotionally ignorant followers to support their personal agenda. and inadequacy due to one’s spiritual beliefs. and failure obstruct the achievement of knowledge and wisdoms. Although it is not easy. Marie .106 Dr. This trend may be witnesses in all communities. Fear. They gain support by instilling emotional reactions predicated on fear.

we are ready to flee or fight. Once information becomes knowledge. our sympathetic nervous system and adrenal glands stimulate increased blood flow to our muscles. All people react to everything perceived as a threat to their lifestyle. health etc. uneasiness of a nonspecific origin. Memories of experiences during times of fear often provide distorted with minimal objectiveness and lack reasonableness thus we must carefully convert fear to positive knowledge. heart rate and blood pressure increases.’ Her statements strongly suggest that knowledge replaces fear and I clearly accept this as a truth. As an example. family. Dr. we overcome and eliminate fear with truth and wisdom. Reasonable individuals experience fear in dangerous or unfamiliar environments. Cannon explained how our emotions automatically initiate fight or flight responses. Anxiety and Fear differ in that anxiety is a vague feeling of apprehension. these are our moments of intuition. it is not a problem. this fear is good and assist in preserving safety. Walter B. Some environments are inherently dangerous and reasonable individuals within these environments may use fear to increase their responses to survive. our muscles tighten. ‘nothing in life is to be feared. American military and civilian personnel use an increase state of alertness and physical functioning to retain a heightened personal awareness of unfamiliar surroundings and threats hidden along their chosen path. which alters the normal functioning of our body. Mild anxiety is normal. but these emotion driven responses remain strictly dedicated to one situation and often details within our memory becomes clouded with reality distortion. A person stranded in an unfamiliar environment may experience reasonable . Each person normally experiences mild anxieties periodically but these anxieties may stimulate purposeful choices and reactions. worry. There are documented situations indicating students and athletes increase their performance during this condition. Our superconsciousness use mild anxiety to guide and steer us away from unknown dangers. religion. Although we cannot control emotions and they appear without summons. values. our body becomes poised to defend itself.Religions Fail 107 Curie stated. while fear is linked to the environment and initiated by a specific perceived threat and impending peril. and at this point. Upon perceiving a threat. Each person must understand and control fear and anxiety because these emotions interfere with efficient mental functions and hinders reasonable reactions. friends. It is only to be understood. we can minimize their effect by seriously considering all facts and options.

. we cease to be afraid. and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it. Eternal hell and heaven are deceptions. “It is not power that corrupts but fear. Aung San Suu Kyi winner of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize gave the following observation. No reasonable person who obtains self-awareness needs religion for a better life. thus they progress toward unity and luminous epinoia. DD fear and gain valuable knowledge to decrease the possibilities of repeating the ill-advised choices. anxiety and fear require dedicated efforts. Individuals increase their personal drive to accomplish desired tasks due to fear of negative reactions. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. As we understand fear and anxiety. by replacing them with knowledge and wisdom. Deception Reasonable people are in a life-and-death struggle with orthodoxy’s ignorance. The fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it. and failure. which will result in a more productive and safe life. Police use fear of social sanctions to controlled social order. Every person who limits their fears and anxieties. increased performance. However. initiates’ peace and harmony in their life. Bush effectively used fear of terrorism to gain authorization to attack Iraq and pass laws increasing governmental power. Knowledge with reasonable choices will overcome the uncertainties of fear and anxiety. rejection by others. which resulted in this situation. Political leaders use fear as a tool to gain control and power. tempered with a strong desire to eliminate and effectively control their negative aspects. and allow better future choices. President George W. Attorney’s us fear of civil lawsuits to gain economic advantages. Fear is a very strong emotion influencing many actions and reactions. Local criminal groups control their environments by fear of injury. if they are to be completely controlled.” Fear and anxiety are controlled and minimized through critical evaluations of our experiences and knowledge. when these efforts are successful controlled they produce very positive results. we become free to openly consider and evaluate our experiences to replace fear with knowledge and wisdom.108 Dr. These individuals bag for wisdom and reasonable moral guidance but only receive empty rhetoric without reasonable foundations. Nevertheless. Each time we actively address our fears and anxieties. Governments use fear to control people as exampled by the Internal Revenue Service’s use fear of audits to gain a higher level of tax compliance.

the metal horse appeared to drink. so the priests used magic with illusions to invoked fear and awe. In this illusion. He explains the Horse and Knife illusion in detail. an iron chariot appears to fly through the air as it approaches Serapis. Can you imagine what normal people would have assumed to be true as the witnessed this illusion? However. the ceiling contained lodestone. Christianity. This tendency has not . barbaric violence. Heron reported that the metal horse drink water due to the power of god. Serapis is a fearsome god represented by a huge statue. and Islam caused unreasonable atrocities. Greek. People came to the temples to be entertained and scared by all-powerful gods. as the horse appears to drink from a cup held by the priest. In this temple. This system changed the water levels so the horse appeared to drink. The chariot was made of iron and as it approached the statue of Serapis. The knife could pass freely to activate the first gear of a pipe and then closed as it activated a second gear passed the pipe. the use of illusion continues today with media technology and favorable lighting. In summary.Religions Fail 109 Ancient religions and two thousand years of Abrahamic religions consisting of Judaism. Apparently. as they used magnetism to levitate the chariot and illustrate Serapis’ power. Heron of Alexandria authored the book Pneumatica and illustrated several early mechanical devises used to support godly illusions. as the horse appears to drink from his bowl. as the knife set into motion gears the open a pipe. This design enhanced the abilities of the priests to use illusion and magic. They qualified these illusions as examples of the power and abilities of their gods. it lifted off the ground. These religions are so embellish with deceptions and unrestrained moral decadence their rhetoric is useless. Ancient Egyptian. these priests understood the concepts of magnetism. Another religious illusion is in the Serapeum of Alexandria. The priest passes a knife through the throat of the horse and but after the knife pass the cherub appears angry. he used a metal cherub and horse alter piece. Religious leader maintain the status quo and control their followers via deceptions that they accredited to godly miracles. and moral corruption. The ancient religious environment was a competitive rat race. and Roman temple inner sanctums were very dark with only torch light and a single entrance. This illusion functions due to a hidden pressure system that is located under the cherub and horse. The cherub turns towards the horse. censorship.

The observer may see . When religious leaders are confronted with problems they cannot solve and questions they cannot answer such as death. fear. meaning of life. and expel members in ‘God’s name. clouding both the physical facts and mystical knowledge. Peer sanctions. Deceptions precipitate altered and false conclusions. 1. considering spirituality. These organizations continue to use Devine control everywhere. sanction. 10. 6. 3. every society established methods to control community members and maintain a reasonable social order. flawed mythology. inconsistencies. From the beginning of time. half-truths. The following analogy is an example of deception paralleling Plato’s Analogy of the Cave. who acts as a controller. 4. summary rejections. exclusivism. One method utilized by early societies was to invent a counterintuitive world controlled by a powerful God. DD changed. and maintained social control by punishing transgressors. In short. elevated personal status. they promote ignorance.110 Dr. Peer pressure. thus the real becomes interwoven with the false. assured their protection. 5. another example of humans making choices for god. and 11. 7. 2. God’s will. Deception is a highly effectively and basic religious tool. Modern religions use illusion and deception to control and gain creditability. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Scientific methods verify physical events and discern what is scientifically real or false. Illusions. The most common used deceptions include. these verifications are subject to individual perceptions as science fails to address mystic experiences. Devine destiny. provided for their needs. 9. 8. symbolism. suffering. and intolerance they use deception to placate the questioner. Moral justifications support each deception with half-truths. and distortions as supporting elements. directed daily activities. Looking at the landscape through different colored glasses a person may rightfully conclude the prevailing colors and quality of the landscape are different than they are in reality. However.

God’s Will and Destiny are two common deceptions. Religious leaders steadfastly defend these deceptions with vague answers to increasingly complex problems. Proclaiming personal negative situations are results of God’s will or destiny may increase an individual’s tendency to accept their situation.Religions Fail 111 yellow. They explain unjust and random situations with meaningless rhetoric and vague justifications with conclusions of God’s Will and Destiny. maintain faith. These dilemmas are due to the nature of emotional foundations forming humanity’s moral codes. It is unreasonable to assume that god ‘test’ any person to prove their faith or that god mandates specific challenges for the faithful to prove worthiness. they may incorrectly conclude facts regarding the landscape’s quality. Religions reward conformity and those who blindly follow religious dogma. All situations requiring answers based on moral judgments give rise to dilemma. They relentlessly dismiss the validity of any information adverse to their positions. They explain impossible questions with statements supporting “Destiny” and “God’s will” such as “God works in mysterious ways. God’s will and destiny are meaningless attempts to promote acceptance of negative situations. if they endure their situation. green. Many leaders use altered facts and strict dogma to gain integrity and develop specific attitudes. Full acceptance of negative situations elevates these followers to higher positions within the religious organization and they become regarded as truly faithful. brown. We can correct this error upon removing the glasses and appreciating the unaltered colors of the landscape. they have no basis in fact. Altered and misdirected facts form false moral judgments and improper conclusions. These groups maintain control through peer group conformity and implied sanctions. and blindly accept these deceptions. . but it fails to account for freewill or freedom-of-choice. Members experiencing inconsistencies and injustices gain emotional support and full acceptance. Orthodoxy uses these deceptions to answer questions that have no factual answers.” These statements require blind acceptance without reasonable evaluations and do not foster intellectual or personal development. Accepting negative situations as a plan from god allows these people to deny responsibly for their choices and ignorance. They verbalize altered interpretations of facts. or blue as the prevailing landscape color and due to this false visual information. Moral judgment is another frequently used deception supported by religious dogma.

112 Dr. I believe individuals can communicate with their essence and spirit but I question open joking conversations and I have never experience this type of communication with a meal and good wine. Moore has direct insight of God’s views. as truth. Emotions are an important part of our consciousness. but we cannot trust their foundations. Moore and god had a two-way conversation including a few jokes and laughs or that Mr. but it is still a deception. He stated. Another form of deception is the use of elevated personal status and creditability is exampled by Alabama’s (ex) chief justice Moore. they are products of false perceptions of our culture. Choices using moral judgments are flawed and extremely dangerous. Popular hosts consider. and superconscious spheres alter by egocentric goals. conclusions. psychological. Justice Moore made every attempt to increase credibility by surrounding himself with a group of individuals supporting his beliefs and completing this interview on the capital building steps. Many followers of Christianity continue to steadfastly believe the King James Version of the Bible and accept this version as the total history of the world. This man was using an elevated position deception in an effort to gain credibility and solidify his position within his community and religion. This method of deception in association with increased creditability is widely used by multiple religious and political organizations. “God laughed. These individuals refuse to accept scientific facts altering the Bible’s timeline. During an interview regarding a court’s decision requiring Alabama to remove the monument—representing the 10 Commandments—from its central location in a government owned building. Emotions are not a product of truth and reason. DD Emotions exhibit are the magically transformation of misconception into reality. Talk-show hosts use moral judgments as truths supporting their desired conclusions. due to the unstable components of emotion. Symbolism is a deception based upon partial fact identified with a specific activity. any material that supports and justifies their conclusion and point-of-view.” Chief justice Moore attempted to illustrate his access to God’s desires by implying he had experienced a two-way communication with God on this issue. These unstable components give rise to deceptions and ignorance. physical. These organizations support their justified beliefs by using any written material that provides support of their views. and truths without reason and fact. Another form of deception is symbolism. . Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. even a symbolic statement is a deception. I seriously doubt Mr. conscious. The Christian Bible indicates some wine may be questionable and just a few days old.

Many authors present a concept that. The Christian concept of Hell is another great deception. unwise. and forbidden fruit of knowledge we must consider these concepts with other myths and information. Restitution and repentance are never easy.Religions Fail 113 They revert to old biblical justifications and deceptions to summarily justify rejection of all outside information. but it does not last for and eternity. Religious leaders compound this problem by declaring these stories absolutely true representations of the fact. There are several books—outside the canonical bible—explaining extraterrestrial creation beginning before the light and worldly creation. An inherent problem of symbolism rest in the interpretation of the symbols. or unreasonable. because they are open to different and often unreasonable interpretations. It is sad to consider the human role in creation through weak symbolisms and parables that demand acceptance without reasonable thought. Undoubtedly. every soul will reflect and reevaluate their choices and experiences during life. yet we see depictions of lost souls in a sea of torment. How ridiculous to strictly accept the biblical stories of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden as they are written. . To understand talking snakes. The symbolism of the original sin and the Garden of Eden are much clearer as each person gains a greater understanding linking outside information and spirituality. Hell exists only in the imagination of humankind. Although there are several books describing and providing background information regarding hell and the middle place there is no evidence establishing eternal punishment and suffering. Many preachers claim only they can interpret biblical passages and lead their followers. the absence of knowledge. early world. They steadfastly refuse to entertain even slight variations from their accepted belief. this time may be uncomfortable because each person must face all good and evil choices and then evaluate why each was wise. the tree of life. and not the nudity and physical sexuality of Christianity. each provides insight into the existence and purpose of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden myths. in the afterlife. Although slightly different in content. Other documents promote an understanding that nakedness is ignorance. These contradictions bring into question the very foundations of Christianity’s accepted truths. existence of Adam and Eve. Archaeologist and other sciences have given us new information opposing many of Christianity’s biblical presentations regarding the creation. and original sin.

114 Dr. and countless other aspects of life. They cannot visualize an eternity without challenges. Therefore. Religion overtly sanctions freethinkers for slight deviations from accepted practices. A six year-old girl killed in a drive by shooting in Los Angeles could not experience the life. Many religious individuals cannot effectively accept their responsibilities for their situations. life. and heaven or hell. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Creativity Christian rhetoric encourages creativity. Religions fail because spirituality and religion have little in common. This is an extreme . No reasonable person can accept a god that constantly demands praise because this reflects inferiority and I have no desire to spend an eternity on my knees. Each person develops a concept of heaven and hell. just for the asking. These individuals are involved in every aspect of life. It is unreasonable to assign these deaths to the deceptions of God’s will or destiny. Deception is a tool for control and enslavement by perpetuation of ignorance. then knowledge and maturity gained through reincarnation is a reasonable possibility. daily life. It is a deception to forecast an eternity in torment or glory and external judgment is foolish. Rigid dogma assigns a four-step process to our existence including life. but each concept exists only in his or her mind. judgment. if we accept a world-school concept. death. and judgment of an eighty-five year-old businessperson. DD The concept of heaven is highly variable and vaguely perceived throughout the world. Although this four-step process provides comfort upon a member’s death. but their choices oppose creativity when it fails to conform to church dogma or initiates questions. ignorant individuals can easily appreciate and accept this four-step concept of life and death. choices. Religion’s greatest problem is death. death. hobbies. work. Choices become better with knowledge and maturity. family. recreation. 90% of the people I have questioned could not imagine happiness in an eternity consisting of nothingness and praising God. Especially religion’s offer a golden carrot consisting of a glorious after life. who dies after living a long life. and explain the afterlife. it lacks continuity and fails to answer many serious questions of life. but lavishly praises and rewards conformity. community.

History documents Church failures and atrocities during its attempts to eliminate creativity. they spend vast amounts of energy and money to discourage creative thinking and research. old forms of stability.Religions Fail 115 effort to enforce strict dogma and conformity within the narrow scope of accepted beliefs. Church hierarchy sentenced Galileo to house arrest because he dared to suggest the earth revolved around the sun. abortion. Suffering The concept of personal suffering is vastly inconsistent throughout religious philosophy. and Will. cloning. Aging. stem cell research. and economics. Creativity answers to life’s questions and offers experiences to gain an understanding of our inner self and who we are. Each person can creatively understand what he or she does and does not know. Creativity warrants favorable consideration. Christianity was the ruling class during the Dark Ages and during this period. We cannot realistically address these issues using emotions. religions opposed creativity at every level. Each group addresses the negative aspects of life with vague deceptions regarding god. genetic research. and religious dogma. These individuals imagine that goodness and suffering are inseparable. Christian leaders sanctioned all levels of creative thinking. They claim increased righteousness due to enduring pain and suffering without losing faith. and right to die are just a few creative ideas presently undergoing strong debate and serious discussions between science. They summarily reject divergent opinions and ideas. Reasonable people must open to creativeness. thus as suffering increases goodness . and religious communities. but since the beginning of humankind. Each topic creates serious dilemma and confusion. What religious organizations do speaks so loud I cannot hear what they say. and mindfulness to promote life improvement in their realities. The most remarkable aspect of knowledge is that it increases as we answer our questions and need. philosophic. they have failed and they will continue to fail due to ignorance. reasonable logic. Leaders declare god mandates suffering to test of an individual’s faith and promote pain and suffering as critical religious tasks directed by Devine Destiny. Some individuals use ‘god’s testing’ to elevate their position within the religious community. status. Although religions adamantly deny this contradiction.

He used light and bright colors with an angel dressed in white prostrate. circumstances. with the results of a tranquil life on the right side. Physical pain and suffering on the left side is no less . These are religious deceptions and do not exist. Pain and suffering are normal results of personal interactions. Physical hardship prompts each person to detach and free themselves from their ‘miserable existence. and desires for control. The left ½ half Used red and black colors depicting shadowy human forms in a sea of fire and suffering was obvious everywhere. Could this sign’s makeup reflect some political tendencies? My interpretation. before a standing and Radiantly White Robed god. DD increases. environments. California. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Leaders declare the devil. Clearly. Across the top stated: How will you spend eternity? The right ½ half. other than in the rhetoric and dogma of religion. we have power to alter this element with personal choice and attitude. This sign depicts a deception and refers to the Apocalypses of Peter and Paul. conflict. and Devine destiny causes humanity’s pain and suffering. I saw a young man yelling a street sermon and carrying a sign. There are no reasonable facts supporting a concept that mandates suffering due to God’s Will or Devine Destiny. These authors reported a sea of fire that symbolically reflected the author’s culture. He portrays the effect of worldly evilness on left side opposing a good. They believe each person should endure hardship as a declaration of faith and exhibit their plight as proud badge to show their interaction with god. which I will describe for you. These are intricate elements of our human experience. and disease. Each year during September. street-preachers meet in Yuba City. incorrect choices. This is not isolated to Western thought as Eastern religions teach that suffering is a natural condition of the human experience.’ Reasonable people cannot accept that god mandates suffering. Because suffering is normal part of the human experience. I see servitude and absolute control on both the right and left sides. with outreached arms. His sign depicts pain and suffering opposed to peace.116 Dr. During this gathering. beliefs. this street-corner preacher desires to alter the attitudes of others through fear and intimidation. peaceful.

while it promotes individual defeatism. Reasonable people will not accept physical feelings. Throughout the Bible. religious leaders have attributed to god all things they cannot explain and this continues today. Nevertheless. unreasonable personal sacrifices are prevalent throughout Christian Bible and Old Testament. pain. Each person may experience situations directly or indirectly via mirror neurons. In one situation the Christian god and devil enters into a game. and suffering after death. dogma regarding sacrifice is solely for church benefit. This is another deception feeding upon ignorance. For me neither option is desirable nor worthy of consideration. animals. atonement for transgressions included extreme personal sacrifices with loss of agriculture. These documents report multiple incidents of God egocentrically testing individuals and randomly punishing them for minor transgressions. ailments. Could this be the duality of religion? We experience pain and suffer to a greater or lesser degree throughout our life. these organizations require personal sacrifices. diseases. Sacrifices I cannot accept that a reasonable god requires personal sacrifices for any reason. and family trauma. Physical sensations seem to function according to religious need. they teach that we do not have physical feelings and at the same time in another. For several thousand years. Genesis indicates the motive for the first documented murder was jealously. to test the loyalty of an individual by inflicting pain. due to god’s favoring of Abel’s sacrifice. and humans. Diseases and genetic abnormalities are simple accidents of birth and situations of our environments. Therefore. loss of property. This is an example of childlike godly bickering without empathy or compassion. these are normal functions of life. God does not test or cause pain and suffering. this is the equality of existence. they teach that we do have physical feelings. it fails to meet minimum standards of human conduct. in one area. the church teaches “bad people” will spend an eternity of pain and suffering with physical feelings. The church . and testimony of god’s graciousness. However.Religions Fail 117 desirable than servitude on the right. This enhances the church’s social and political powers. economics. or bet. Egocentric rhetoric promoting Devine sacrifices of the faithful brings about added prayer. It seems the first Christian family was plagued with conflict and unreasonable human emotions.

but their primary methods of obtaining both money and power usually results in greater personal sacrifices by church membership. DD prompts these individuals to psychologically accept negative situations and accept that it increases their status within the religious community. and churches in the hope that larger numbers of people will attend meetings and perform rituals and gesticulations—such as mumbling incoherent Latin or Hebrew prayers—or ritualistic programs with little present meaning and understanding. Bigger business and attendance increases economic revenue. More power equals more creditability and more money. in the Sacramento California area. To build larger cathedrals. Church leaders advance their political agendas and financial positions at the unreasonable expense of their followers. These TV preachers make statements and an overdressed person responds with yes nods. and service brings about an equal reaction and return. Gymnasiums. orthodoxy choices and outcomes are not consistent and proportional to sacrifice. Large conference area. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. meeting halls. Religions need money and power to get the word out. and proselytizes. During early 2000s. there was a building drive by several organizations. Why do these organizations continuously request followers spend millions of dollars and hours? Economic requirements of religious organizations are paramount. Television preachers and popular religious personalities effectively use their pulpits to advance personal goals and agendas for greater credibility and power. As a church’s political power increases. so does its community status and credibility.118 Dr. action. The laws of cause and effect states that every choice. This is reminiscent of the comedy teams of yesteryear such as Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis or the wagging head and tail of the little dog statues in the back window of many cars. These preachers are attempting to show their audience they are creditable because the person next to them can say yes. social and political power. . Nevertheless. The church gains power and money while their membership sacrifice for weak philosophical returns or no return at all. Each organization strives to build bigger and technological advanced churches and each of these building plans includes many of the following amenities: Larger seating capacity. promotes egocentric agendas. The primary goal for this building is economically driven.

Religions Fail


Advanced sound systems, Closed circuit television, Schools, Convention Centers, and Last but not lease full gourmet coffee shops.

I can understand the coffee shop and appreciate its synergistic value within the church. Undoubtedly, God and an assortment of angels may appreciate a little café mocha. I know that I have considered new relationships, ideas, and gained enlightenment over a good cup of coffee. Failure to make sacrifices often results in personal sanctions either directly from church leaders or indirectly from peer groups. The Baptist church expelled me during the 1961 because I did not make acceptable offerings and attendance. In my defense, I was in the military, living 750 miles away, and trying to support a family on very little income. There simply was no extra money. I realized god’s need for church income was paramount. It seems god can do anything except make money. So expulsion had little or no effect other than the fact that I am not a Baptist nor will I be a Baptist in the future. As a side note the expulsion notification was written and mailed by my sister-in-law to her sister. High tech church use edited movie clips to highlight and enhance their messages. Modern preachers provide a new meanings, conclusions, and inferences by taking these movie clips out-of-context and restating them synergistically with their intended message. This is not a new concept but rather an extension of an older common preaching practice, which altered interpretations and quotations of chapter and verse readings to probe their audience to action. In this situation, Church leaders gain creditability by using media and altered interpretations to promote the Church’s point-of-view. This type of activity also appears on radio and television political networks. If written and supports their desired conclusions then it is considered truth. Could this be another example of a religion and politics marriage? Another example of egocentrically requested sacrifices without spiritual return is the Reverend Jim Bakker. A review of his history outlines extreme extravagance and personal decadence. Reverend Bakker embezzled millions of dollars while living a life laced with sex and personal economic extravagance. He justifies his actions by using chapters and verse Bible quotes; these quotations were so ingrained into his communications that


Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson, DD

during a TV interview, the interviewer told Rev. Bakker to “stop quoting the Bible and answer the questions.” Rev. Bakker states the Devil tempted by him and he was weak; but in his heart, he desired only good outcomes and benefits for his followers. His rhetoric indicates the Devil made him do it! Reverend Jim Bakker has returned to television. He now has a new wife, Lori. Although she is better looking, she continues to perform identically functions of Tammy Faye and Reverend Bakker uses his same modus operandi continuing his former format consisting of alternating periods of praising the Lord, crying, and pleadings for money. Also in keeping with old form he closes every show with “God loves you, He really does.” During his period on the PTL Club, he sold timeshares and now he has resumed television promoting other Christian business issues. Reverend Bakker is promoting his autobiography titled “I Was Wrong” claiming repentance and remorse. He states this book is ‘free’ to those individuals making a pledge to join his club. Pledges levels are “World Changers Club” for $100 and “The Jubilee Club” for $50. Although club names may imply good deeds, realistic goals for neither club are not clear. It seems there is some vague personal agenda for the club members and community to maintain Rev. Bakker on TV. Could these clubs provide a higher economic lifestyle for Rev. Bakker and Lori? Rev. Bakker forcibly states he does not want to raise money on the air. Nevertheless, he pleads for money stating, ‘they’re48 at a turning point and if just 10 people from each city, receiving this broadcast, will just pledged $25 a month, he could stay on the air to spread God’s word.’ If I correctly understand this, I send him $50, he gives me a FREE book, and if I send $25 a month, he stays on the air. Rev. Bakker, during his period on the 700 Club, exhibited moral codes devoid of wisdom and defrauded his followers out of $158,000,000. It appears this preacher was screwing everyone possible including his staff, even while other church leaders waited in outer hotel rooms. No reasonable individual could contribute or make any sacrifices in Rev. Bakker’s efforts or promotions simply due to his history. Another television preacher, Rev. Mike simply says, “Money is the root of all evil; so send it to me and I will pray for you.” Rev. Mike is clear regarding his reasoning, desires, and goals.


I am unsure whom he means.

Religions Fail


If god is everything, then god does not need anything; he is all things seen and unseen. Therefore, he does not require sacrifices. Sacrifices are promotions of egocentric people, churches, and religious leaders. These individuals demand sacrifices, as a means to achieve their personal goals and desires for power. Sacrifices are not salvific they are egocentrically driven attempts to gain economics, power, and status.

Destiny and God’s Will
God’s Will and Destiny are two major deceptions used to rationalize religious inconsistencies, contradictions, unreasonable dogma, and unexplainable phenomena. Leaders justify blatant inconsistencies and contradictions in personal situations as results of divine intervention. These carefully crafted deceptions prompt followers to blindly accept personal pain and sacrifice as godly interventions, while eliminating personal responsibility. Devine Destiny is an ultimate form of control. If God’s Will and Destiny are responsible for the events of our daily life, then god determines all choices and we experience only divine dictates. These deceptions are contradictions to the concept of a compassionate and an empathic god. If god is omnipotent, all knowing, compassionate, and equitable entity that benevolently forgives and loves each person, then imposing individual control, pain, and suffering through is contradictory to these perfections. These deceptions indicate god directly controls our destiny. Therefore, we need to put your total faith in god and god will provide for all needs and protect us. Strict acceptance of these deceptions relieves believers of their inherent responsibilities and effectively eliminates critically evaluation of personal choices. This problem increases when we fail to critically evaluate our choices and learn from our errors and misconceptions. Eliminating responsibility and critical evaluations fails to promote realistic life philosophies. It does not promote wisdom, thus humanity remains ignorant and blindly subservient in the realm of egocentric religious slavery. We are the sum total of our personal choices and experiences; therefore Devine destiny and God’s Will are great deceptions feeding upon ignorance, arrogance, and control. Devine destiny generates extremely strong negative effects by eliminating freedom-of-choice, denying freewill,


Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson, DD

minimizing self-awareness, self-control, self-education, self-development, and wisdom. There are many common statements reflecting a wide spread belief in Devine destiny. Below are several statements and underneath each statement, I offer my interpretation:
“If Allah Wills It,” I am in God’s hands and I cannot do anything for myself on my own, unless God allows it. “God Loves You,” God will look after your best interest no matter what you do. “Jesus Loves You,” Jesus will look after your best interest. “He Will Wash Away Your Sins,” It doesn’t matter what you do, God will eliminate your responsibly and grant forgiveness. “God Forgives You,” It is okay to do anything you wish god eliminates your responsibility. “God Works in Mysterious Ways,” I cannot explain it. “God Knows Best’ God directs my choices, if I trust in him, he will provide best for me and I must accept what god gives me. “Trust God” God will take care of you if I follow the Church.

Each statement effectively removes personal responsibility, freedom-of-choice, realistic evaluations, cause and effect, and understanding of our choices. Therefore, an individual accepting the deceptions of Devine will and destiny are ignorant and locked in the prison of personal religious servitude. If God picks marriage partners, he definitely has a perverse sense of humor. It is unreasonable to believe that a reasonable god mandates an individual’s status and position in life or that rapist or murderer commits their crimes because god willed it. People commit crimes due to personal choices promoting egocentric goals for immediate gratification, control, and power. God does not setup the victim. Each person shares their

disabled. The devil did not make these crimes happen. rapist. gangs. an equable and fair God does not mandate the actions of a pedophiliac. just like the homeless pedophiliac that commits identical crimes. Their activity was the result of their ignorance and bad choices and their punishment is the result of good police work. which harbor and provide support for these criminals. I completely concur with Ambrose Bierce statement and believe he was very accurate when he stated. or position should never be considered in conviction or sentencing. A Catholic priest who abuses children should be in jail. and ignorance cause their malevolent choices. Justice is our responsibility. rape. murder. such as children. I cannot accept or justify crimes against society’s protected individuals. A statement such as “God works in mysterious ways” does not answer any question. God does not decide which individuals should be in jail. and fraudulent. and criminals are identical menaces to society. If God dictated these crimes then it would certainly require a critical review evaluating the moral and ethical codes of god. God does not force honest businesspeople or religious leaders to become abusers. It is even harder to believe that a just and equable God would ‘PLAN’ these transgressions on society’s protected members. Heaven would definitely not be a good place if god foreordains individuals to be pedophiliacs. Surely.Religions Fail 123 situations with all others in the environment.” . according to their choices. or other heinous crimes. cheaters. thieves. or that these crimes are a result of Devine destiny. Nor will remorse and confession minimize the evilness of these choices. Transgressions happen due to the freedom-of-choice and ignorance of these individual perpetrators. actions. God’s Will or Devine Destiny is never a justification for hurting someone. greed. murderer. due do to his or her choices. Every community should judge and sanction Church organizations. theft. Each perpetrator’s freedom-of-choice. “Destiny is a tyrant’s authority for crime and a fool’s excuse for failure. and sentenced to jail. rapist. A perpetrators money. and compromised persons. murderers. convicted. In this situation the church. Societies are totally responsibility for punishment of all criminals and people violating the limits of society. etc. Devine destiny does not force people to commit crimes and become apprehended. status. etc. including criminals.

increase conformity. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. needs. Emotional hyper-drive is extremely detrimental to knowledge. fear. It devastates personal pride by generating conscious and superconscious conflicts between “good me” and “bad me. compassionate. Why should we accept a relationship with god that we cannot accept with another human? A reasonably clear thinking person cannot accept that a reasonable. nevertheless. they destroying self-worth. Choices accepted during emotional periods are predominately flawed. and loving god would rely on or use these three horsemen (shame.” Guilt brings about ought-ness sets up an environment of self-surrender. DD Three Horsemen of Control TV preachers and other religious performers use a nasty style of preaching that proclaims they are envoys of God destined to educate all people. which prohibit obtainment of knowledge and wisdom. They indicate they deliver a message from God. The four horsemen of the apocalypse (Pestilence. power. These emotions accelerate our responses into hyper-drive. and guilt and then indicate these are common requirements to enter heaven after they surrender to the church. fear. and Death) are no more devastating to societies than the three horsemen of control (shame. Their messages are completely void of logic and reason. and decreased self-worth. Famine. and guilt) are devastating to each individual. lower self-concepts. fear. self-concept. fear. and ensure compliance with strict dogma. These three horsemen represent extreme contradictions of religious dogma. War. fear. Leaders using these three horsemen claim to provide life’s answers for their followers. and guilt) to motivate their followers to choose their desired response. This . and guilt are extremely damaging to self-concept and self-worth. and responses. and initiate an appalling level of depression and anxiety. These ministries promote this as a basic Devine message from god to control memberships. This is detrimental to all humankind because the human responses to these three horsemen denies freedom-of-choice and personal balance. which cause disorganization and confusion.124 Dr. just. as it clouds clear evaluations of our goals. Religious leaders purposefully increase their follower’s shame. Shame. and economics. However. their sermons fail to present creative elements and their motivation for action appears to be egocentric goals for fame. and guilt) as the keys to eternity. These performers use the three horseman of control (shame.

Religion associates power as goodness. This is a personal inside task and once we achieve an in-depth understanding of our essence. Shame. 1. Heavenly Hosts Heaven’s celestial hierarchy plagues Christianity. During the past two thousand years heaven has offer numerous definitions and it remains vague today. and fear are major deceptions used only in the Church’s egocentric attempts to control. for its own benefit. Archangels.Religions Fail 125 relationship would be substandard and abusive in human society. St. We must give restitution and formulate an in-depth understanding of our choices and transgressions. Ignorance and wisdom is the basis of the quality of our choices. and guilt—nor are they productive. there are absolutely no need for shame. The church scholars supported the concept of nine levels in his works. Thomas . Pagans accept nine levels of heaven and hell without eternal pain and torture. guilt. therefore. However. No reasonable person can accept that universally all power is good and all weakness is bad. Powers. Notable scholars included Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite created his celestial Hierarchy sometime during the fourth or fifth century. Virtues. These spheres contained. When we accept all things as loving and equable with freedom-of-choice and freewill without intimidation we are in balance. Lower sphere: Principalities. it would indicate a substandard god. perceptions of god’s power are the result of the Church’s egocentric goals for increased economics and immediate gratification. These nine levels consist of three spheres with each containing three levels ranked from the highest Throne of God to the physical realm. Middle sphere: Dominions. 2. Top sphere: Seraphim. Ancient and modern pagans accept multiple levels of celestial hierarchy with the highest God at the highest level. Now consider Christianity. the church widely accepted that the heavenly host was comprised of nine distinct orders of angels. fear. Cherubim. god and every person shares this concept commonly. In the middle Ages. 3. Thrones. Angels. Every person and god can use power for either good or ignorant choices.

and suffering. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Due to their lack of control apocalyptic readers wished to accept that. which is a dark reflection of the tree of life.126 Dr. evil people would receive severe punishment. Religions embracing hell offer proof by stating that hell appears in multiple writings. for an eternity. the third sphere of heaven. in the afterworld. DD Aquinas supported this hierarchy when he wrote his Summa Theologica. and powers the text does not clearly identify the principalities and powers as orders of angels. This system accounts for something called the Qlippoth. and Seraphim from the Old Testament and the remaining orders come from Paul’s Letters to the Ephesians and Colossians. I introduce this myth because it seems three keeps coming up. Romans 8:38 speaks of angels. hell and eternal suffering exist only in human minds. Kabbalistic writings outline the angelic hierarchy based upon the ten Sephiroth of the tree of life. It is easy to understand why ancient religious leaders and authors taught and wrote apocalyptic material declaring Hell as an area of eternal fear. Cherubim. Hell Religions disagree of the concept of Hell. the author introduces the Middle Place. Obviously. Works like Goetia noted which demons belonged to which level before their heavenly split. Early orthodox leaders such as Pseudo-Dionysius interpreted them as angels. pain. populated by demons from an imperfect creation. However. the Pagan rule of three influences Christianity. Due to belief that many demons were formerly angels before the heavenly argument and split. These hierarchies included four orders of Angels. Then ancient and modern authors wrote the demon levels of hierarchy in the present tense suggesting the Hierarchy of Hell is a mirror image of the nine celestial angelic levels. it made sense to assume that the demons would at least retain some vestiges of the nine-fold hierarchy. In the Gospel of Philip. Each author used fear and intimidation to control and direct the choices of their followers. principalities. This sphere may become a post judgment destination of . Although. Authors of apocalyptic books predominately wrote during hard and unstable times. and Saint Gregory the Great. Archangels.

Religions Fail 127 those people who willfully reject the god or lack the will and ability to achieve enlightenment. will leave the middle place without enduring eternal pain and suffering and like Philip. 66:7-66:21. the soul either finds death or exits. who repent.” Rev. ‘no soul will spend an eternity experiencing pain. not all souls in the middle place are destroyed.’ Philip indicates spirits failing to accept god and gain repentance in the middle place. and its evil things are not evil. fire. In The Apocalypse of Peter. Irving S. you will go to hell!” Ignorant people appreciated this concept and it is deterrent. Cooper stated. Peter goes on to state. Philip states: And so he dwells either in this world or in the resurrection or in the middle place. Cooper concludes Hell is a deception developed as a method to controlling society and force conformity among religious followers. by The Rt. Irving S. and other perceivable and unperceivable punishments. 51 Reincarnation The Hope of the World. the suffering is not forever and ever. Rev. Cooper51 parallels many elements of the Apocalypse of Peter. Rev. Clearly. Its good things are not good. But there is evil after this world. Nevertheless. which is truly evil—what is called “the middle. according to Christian Gospel of Philip. No hell exists except in the imaginations of men. Rev. “Further. “If you do or don’t do this or that. However. The Rt. Each heavenly sphere has a ruler.49 The Middle Place is an area reflecting an acceptance that hell exists within the multiple heavenly spheres. While we are in this world it is fitting for us to acquire the resurrection. Both Peter and Philip agree. it is clear a compassionate god would not mandate eternal suffering for life’s minor transgressions. this soul does not continue to exist and is forever lost. so that when we strip of the flesh we may be found in rest and not walk in the middle. Peter states those that cannot or will not repent will find death. II. Peter and Philip indicate no souls will remain in the middle place for eternity. Peter indicates all people. NHL This is the death of the soul. Theological Press. Yaldabaoth [the devil] is the ruler of the middle place. God forbid that I be found there! In this world there is good and evil. those souls gaining repentance and restitution exit the middle place and continue their path through reincarnated or resurrection. but is only temporary and has a purifying nature. Wheaton Illinois 49 50 . Cooper. 3. will find death50. therefore.” It is death.

Eternal damnation is religions greatest deception. and Hell. empathy. To rephrase this concept. My choices control and direct my restitution. peace. Only the church can get you to hell for an eternity. conformity. Satin is a product of Christianity.’ Oh well maybe this is why the apostles died violently. unconditional positive regard. I can state that all Catholic men should be registered sex offenders due to the pedophilia of the priest. and mind. other than socialization. ‘priests are direct descendants of the apostles so they should not be punished52. The devil has many different names 52 This is a paraphrased quote. spirit. and compassion are individual tasks. Using the proofs as Christianity uses them by stating it is true because multiple authors agree. In Christianity the Devil is a Demiurge [ignorant and child-like. but it maintains individual freedom-of-choice and each person pays according to their choices and experiences. All religious teachers limit knowledge as a foundational element of religious control. each person makes their own heaven or hell according to his or her own choices. restitution for all wrongful choices affecting others. balance. This entity does not exist as an evil demon in Pagan or Eastern thought. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. I can conclude the following. The Devil The Devil is an entity of Western Religions. their god is pragmatic enough to mandate pain upon all women due to the ‘sins’ of a single woman. I am the ruler of my essence and my choice is my director. The pope stated. These tasks are your responsibility no one can control or demand conformity to rules. Knowledge does not promote proselytization. archangel. Knowledge promotes a personal transformation to moral choices. Acceptance of total responsibility for all choices. Western Religions would be very weak with little value. and harmony. Without a fear factor. self-professed god. injustice. The middle place exists as an area of restitution and repentance. DD teaching. There is no eternal hell except in religion. Using this logic. and subservience. and archon] with power over chaos. Church leadership is of no value. . thus it is detrimental to egocentric church desires. It controls the weak in body.128 Dr. ethical living. surrender.

Ialdabaoth. he is not devoid of frailties and blunders in the Garden of Eden. o Satin-ibis and Satan • Christianity. This demon’s power and influence is in ignorance. • Gnosticism. and Samael • Jewish and Hebrew. o Satan. but she did not give him a kingdom. and the middle place. arch begetter. injustice. Names are a product of the material world. o Edem and Elohim [Although an essentially good creator god. and Creator God • France o Asmodeus This section combines information found in several parallel accounts of the beginning of the Demiurge and is included in this book due to the importance and distortion religions assign to this entity. Gnostic mythology indicates Yaldabaoth (the devil) is the offspring of Sophia through autogenesis. Lucifer. the defiled son from the Devil’s rape of Eve]. Sakla. A name change does not alter the devil’s stated goals and activities. she named him Yaldabaoth and became ashamed. they change as stories change in multiple societies and religions. Creator. Devil. • The Gospel of the Egyptians o Nebruel. Written myths indicate Sophia failed to gain permission for an emanation through autogenesis and because of her transgression. this emanation was corrupted and imperfect. The list below outlines the more common names for the devil in each religion. . and ignorance • Koran. When Sophia saw her offspring. o Abraxas. Set. Her shame was overriding and she attempted to hide him. Sophia gave Yaldabaoth limited power. by giving him a throne and a place within the cloud. The concept of a devil is a steadfast and unending manifestation of the weaknesses of ignorant people to create chaos and injustice through wrongful choices.Religions Fail 129 throughout orthodox religion. archon. from all. Later the four Great Lights authorized him to rule over chaos. but the Secret Book of John states Elohim is also known as Cain.

but this area is a domain and not considered a kingdom. Now he is the archon of the middle place. The Gnostics accepted that Yaldabaoth is responsible for the material world creation.130 Dr. Humanity’s primary defense is knowledge.—and Jesus provides an account of the Devine Realm’s creation prior to the creation of the world. contradictions. that through that Immortal Man they might attain the salvation and awake from forgetfulness through the interpreter who was sent. Evilness is due to the malignant choices of ignorant people. and evilness as he states. which transferred the Devine Spirit from Sophia into Adam.” “And his consort is the Great Barbelo53 who form the first was destined in him for union by (the) Self-begotten Father. thus this title interprets as The Wisdom of Jesus Christ. when he decided to have his likeness become a great power. Self-grown. being full of shining light and ineffable. who is with you until the end of the poverty of robbers. from Immortal Man ‘who appeared as First and divinity and 53 I have substituted Barbelo in this passage for clarity. the original named Sophia but there are multiple aeons named Sophia and Barbelo is first emanation she is the Consort of the Light. His activities display evilness. In The Sophia of Jesus Christ—Sophia translates as wisdom. DD Yaldabaoth history indicates he is child-like. During creation of Adam. injustice. and back to Sophia thus decreasing Yaldabaoth’s limited power. greedy. immediately the principle (of beginning) of that Light appeared as Immortal Androgynous Man. the four Great Lights rectified Sophia’s error by tricking him into giving Adam his breath. in the beginning. as he stole power from Sophia and declaring himself god above all. “I want you to know that he who appeared before the universe in the infinity. . humanity. Self-constructed Father. but this myth introduces his greed and goals for human control through dedicated efforts designed to influence non-enlightened people to accept a false god and reject to all laws of reasonableness. I realize this history of Yaldabaoth is short and omits many important details. Many religions incorrectly teach that evilness is not the absence of good. humanity. Nevertheless. Yaldabaoth remains the Arch-begetter and creator god generating chaos and evilness. and inconsistencies. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson.

Jesus stresses the importance of knowledge by specifically mandating we gain knowledge and a clear understanding of the truth. III. Although The Secret Book of John is clearer regarding creation than this explanation. Jesus continues to establish Yaldabaoth’s existence and identifies him as the Arch-Begetter. which is that of Sophia. . Therefore he was called the ‘God of gods. the creator god and Christian devil. Each level fulfills management and services responsibilities throughout the universe.’ revealed this. and archangels. Although the first and second generational levels. were perfect emanations from the light. Self-Father. He created gods. Sophia’s emanation was not perfect. NHL The form is unknown and may be anything or force you accept. For from this God originated divinity and kingdom. Sophia’s light became corrupted.” “He (Ogdoad) was given great authority and he ruled over the creation of poverty. that he supervised humanity’s creation. and angels. or female part.Religions Fail 131 kingdom. created a third generation. for his majesty. of aeons.’ for the Father who is called ‘Man. The Ogdoad The Sophia of Jesus Christ. the number 12 and 365 does reflect a year. myriads without number for the retinue from that Light and made the tri-male Spirit. that are directly responsible for the world’s chaos and injustice. whose name is Ogdoad54. And he created a great aeon. is an archon without a kingdom. and Adamas. which included the tri-male spirit and an entity Sophia.’56 These passages present important background as Jesus clearly outlines Devine creation including multiple levels of aeons originating before creation. they created 12 archangels and 365 demons. the Great Demon. which implies by title definition. containing eight androgynous gods. his55 consort. but through his power and consort with Sakla. Once we gain 56 57 54 55 Ogdoad encompasses eight entities—angels or aeons. Mirothoe or Barbelo.’ ‘King of kings. Jesus establishes the existence of multiple levels within the Devine Realm. In the beginning. 4: 101-102:20. Ogdoad. Yaldabaoth. there was the Father57 then the Light. A second generation emanated from the great Light creating the Ogdoad. Later Sophia known as wisdom and the consort. therefore. of the tri-male spirit unilaterally chooses to use autogenesis to become the mother of Yaldabaoth. Note.

as I have said already. Each person has a duty to eliminate pollution within his or her person. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. The Gospel of the Egyptians supports John but it primarily addresses Yaldabaoth and Sakla’s placement of power over chaos and Hades (middle place) without addressing the details of Yaldabaoth’s creation. the arch-demon.’ That drop revealed their molded forms through the breath. “Let 58 The Sophia of Jesus Christ. Arch-Begetter. and it took thought.58 This passage addresses the imperfectness. first as an accident of ignorance. chaos and injustice are not results of mere absence of good or random chance they are observable results of ignorance. which we can overcome by achieving knowledge. created and was he part of the Devine plan from the beginning of time?’ No. Jesus stated: “From the aeons above the emanations of Light. also called Yaldabaoth.” And there appeared a cloud [whose name is] Sophia. the mister of the great light Oroiael.132 Dr. deceit. Yaldabaoth simply represents all malignant qualities of ourselves. When it became hot from the breath of the Great Light of the Male. he said. Berlin Gnostic Codex. for it is judgment on him. This myth states after five thousand years the great light Eleleth spoke: “Let someone reign over the chaos and Hades. the Secret Book of John indicates Yaldabaoth was imperfectly created due to Sophia’s desires. we can reject the negative influences of ignorant people. a drop from the Light and Spirit came down to the lower regions of Almighty in chaos. if we are to achieve balance. 119:15-120:13 . We must gain knowledge and understand truth so that we may reject evilness. then names were received by all who are in the world of chaos. but he is a third generation aeon and offspring of Sophia. injustice. that their molded forms might appear for that drop. Injustice and evilness have existed from the beginning of time. DD knowledge. as a living soul. and ignorance. and evilness that are present and observable everywhere. She looked out on the parts of the chaos-And the great angel Gamaliel spoke to the great Gabriel. He was Sophia’s autogenesis without authority. who is called ‘Yaldabaoth. In this passage it is interesting to note that Yaldabaoth is not a twin or of equal power with Great Light. written accounts in the Nag Hammadi Library indicates Yaldabaoth is not a creation of the Father and The Gospel of The Egyptians offers a report of the creation of Nebruel. Clearly. I have been asked ‘how was Yaldabaoth. 8502.

“Let the twelve aeons come into being in the aeon worlds”—Sakla said by the will of Autogenesis. translation by Frederic Wisse. The author of John offers an intricate and detailed account of the propagation of the Devine Realm and outlines in detail the tragic mistake of Sophia. Sakla said to the great demon. injustices.59 Another account of Yaldabaoth’s creation is contained in the esoteric teachings of John. Then Sakla. wishing to create an identical perfect entity. Nebruel.—“Go and let each of you reign over his world. Nebruel (Yaldabaoth). 56:24-58:5. III. They begot assisting angels. Sophia’s judgmental error resulted in an imperfect and corrupted demiurge.” Then the cloud (Sophia) being agreeable came forth in the two monads. each one of which had light and a throne. crimes. and wrongful acts originate directly from the ignorant choices of people. 2 & IV. Her mistake Sophia. Conscience Conscience manifests those uneasy feelings we experience when we make choices we considered evil or wrongful. Worldly chaos. which are contained in The Secret Book of John60. observable atrocities. These are not intricate elements of the devil. Conscience feelings derive from bits of knowledge and memory to grant us the ability to differentiate 59 60 The Gospel of The Egyptians. Although these explanations differ in minor details they provide parallel mythical paths and offer a progression of the events leading to the production of chaos and evilness. the great angel saw the great demon. 2. and they came together a begetting spirit of the earth. NHL .” Each of these twelve angels went forth. which was with him.Religions Fail 133 an angel come forth in order that he may reign over the chaos and Hades. which she had placed in the cloud above. NHL The Secret Book Of John. I did not address parallels in the book of Genesis. produces an offspring without knowledge of her consort. but I find many symbolic parallels with the concepts of Yaldabaoth and creation. The devil is a myth and evilness results from the ignorant choices of people.

history. Reincarnation allows time to transfer and fine-tune our superconscious memories and life experiences. Problems arise with these emotions because our consciousness is not inherently accurate and factual. As I literally interpret this statement. thus. On the contrary. into their conscious mind fragments of past concepts of right and wrong. it does 61 Holy Bible. perceptions. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. it implies every individual processes identical concepts of right and wrong or good and evil upon birth. every person does not appreciate or understand identical concepts of right and wrong. Christianity fails in this area because its exoteric teachings simply consider asking for forgiveness and social control. thus this refers to gnosis and enlightenment. Although our superconsciousness does not control our actions. Esoteric teachings consider reincarnation as an element of conscience development. Awakening reflects a primary difference between the esoteric teachings of Gnosticism and exoteric teachings of Christianity. and wise from ignorant. “I put my law in their minds. All people alter their emotions so that they are synergistic with their personal beliefs. and knowledge. New International Version. DD our perceptions of right from wrong in our ethical code. Consciousness slowly develops moral codes as it develops experiential wisdoms over countless lifetimes. and maturity. age. This passage is referring to the spirit [soul and superconsciousness] that is latent within each person and awakened through experiences. individual value systems vary greatly with variances of environment. Due to these inaccuracies and multifaceted influences we must fine-tuned our consciousness and increase its proficiency each time we experience a situation requiring critical evaluation of our choices. and Jeremiah 31:33. the creator says.” . Therefore. goals. memories. it awakens wisdoms and builds the bridges of communication we will use to bring our consciousness to the forefront of our choices. safety from danger. Reincarnation brings forth the benefits of past life experiences and instills superconscious summary memories into present environments. Christianity teaches every person’s soul61 contains God’s law. each individual slowly awakens their moral codes by bringing forth. and write it on their hearts.134 Dr. Our spirit contains all tools we will need through life and eternity. it silently advises us concerning the rightness or wrongness of our choices and exhibits extremely strong influences on those choices. Beginning with our first life our spirit contained latent all moral and intellectual qualities we will manifest in later behaviors. health.

even children of a single family may vary and mature at different rates. selfish. All people exhibit immoral. freedom-of-choice. all people are gaining knowledge by individual experiences. Some children are mature at age 10 while others continue to be thoughtless boys and girls at an age 40. It is obvious we possess concepts of right and wrong gained following unacceptable past choices and unfavorable outcomes. each experience requires serious evaluations and reflections. As these children gain maturity and knowledge. If we are cruel. Each time we awaken a good quality. Our ethical evolution and development parallels our physical growth and maturity. not by strict curriculums or institutions. During the World School. This is not a religious issue. randomly inflicting pain. Some children mature early while others mature much slower. maturity. simply chronological age is of little consequence. it is because we have not awakened the quality of unselfishness. As we gain maturity. Before we can understand our superconscious memories. our good qualities find expression in our choices. they gain the ability to express themselves in more compassionate and empathic ways. and animalistic tendencies until his or her personal efforts awaken wisdom to bring forth reasonable behavior. the absence of personal control of evilness causes evilness. Evil qualities are not necessary nor are they positive. it is because we have not yet awakened the qualities of empathy and understanding. and individual powers. ignorant. knowledge. If we are selfish. If we are angry and unjust. we gain an ability to differentiate right from wrong. and abusive to other children and animals. good qualities. Children can be terribly cruel. therefore. we remain evil until we awaken our latent. maturity and speed of development differs greatly. moral strengths. unjust. Telling another person something is wrong or unwise does not truly convince them that it is in fact evil and wrong. and awareness indicating a total lack of understanding of right and wrong. it is because we have not awakened the quality of compassion.Religions Fail 135 not consider multiple life development. People are animalistic and evil due to ignorance of their latent good qualities. and compassion to build communications between the consciousness and superconsciousness and directly link our knowledge and wisdom to our environment—these tasks take time and effort. This differentiation allows us to control our egocentric desires. as we suppress and replace our evil and animalistic desires with knowledge and understanding. . This tendency exhibits immature reason. Humanity is morally weak. and experience teaches us wisdom.

and equality that are required for reasonable social interactions. equanimity. justice. awakens our good qualities. and soon leaves off talking to those who do not wish to hear. anxiety.” His statement contains great insight. develops our moral codes. It appears Mr. societies. or adversely inflicts pain and suffering on others we often hear the perpetrator declare. communities. most individuals are not willing to accept its evilness as a truth and wisdom. and nations. Even though a choice opposes reasonable moral codes.’ This may be exampled by Timothy McVeigh. lions. Samuel Butler stated. and develops compassion and empathy. and suppress our conscience via justified beliefs. anger. he demonstrated no signs indicating he understood or believed that what he did was wrong. such as will. desire. ‘I have a clear conscience’ or ‘it was the right thing to do. compassion. regarding unacceptable wrongness and evilness are becoming stronger as we fine-tune compassion. During the World School. fairness. McVeigh honestly believed he did a good thing. we learn what is right by doing what is wrong. to forming communities and societies driven by common goals and social laws. not unlike wolfs. vastly increases our ability to reason. justice. “Conscience is thoroughly well-bred. Our conscience emotions. Now we are beginning to realize that violence and hatred are evil and bad for individuals. Evolution increases our knowledge and wisdoms. Even though we accept murder or other major evil acts as wrong. justify. there is no other way of gaining knowledge and true understandings of right and wrong. and empathy. we do not accept marginal evilness as wrong without experiencing negative outcomes. for a short time. As each individual awakens maturity and wisdom their ability to suppress conscience emotions becomes harder. Suffering ill consequences due to improper choices and experiencing firsthand outcomes of our malignant choices allows conscious conclusions that become wisdoms. standards of conduct. or other predators. he completely suppressed all elements of conscience and denied the evilness of his choices. McVeigh did grant some insight regarding our power to alter. However. the Oklahoma City bomber. We have progressed from packs of hunting animals. but strong justified beliefs allow either partial or absolute blocking of the conscience by altering . which may be suppressed or overridden by other mind activities. truly our conscience is an intellectual function. and life philosophy.136 Dr. those uneasy feelings. justified beliefs. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Although we may refrain from doing these marginal wrongs. Mr. DD marginal activities are those gray areas affecting empathy.

Religions Fail


concepts of right and wrong, justices, and moral equality. Even though our conscience influences our choices, it does not control them; we are free to override, express, and act out, as we desire. In Hamlet William Shakespeare wrote, “Conscience does make cowards of us all” and in Richard III he wrote, “Conscience is but a word that cowards use, Devised at first to keep the strong in awe.” Although Shakespeare is a great author, these statements fail to address conscience influences by implying that cowardliness is part of the definition of conscience. At no time does the differentiation of right and wrong or good and evil require passive submission to the will of others. On the contrary, when an individual strictly follows their personal concept of good, by rejecting what they perceive as wrong, it requires very high levels of strength and personal dedication. It is extremely easy to conform to concepts and dictates of local groups and become a member of the crowd, but it is also extremely hard to remain true to your essence and stand outside of the group. A coward cannot truly follow their conscience or make dedicated efforts to do what is right. Although the rewards of moral living are many, it can also lead to isolation. Compassion and empathy awakens our understanding of another’s needs and prompts us to act and assist them to fulfill those needs. Nevertheless, compassion and empathy does not compel an individual to passively submit to another’s attempt to force their goals and choices. There are situations justifying aggressive response and assertion of personal freedom-of-choice. During these situations aggressive activities are justified—thus these activities should not be subject to conscience emotions. Examples of justified aggressive responses include: • Home invasion robberies and assaults, which are becoming more frequent within our area of California; • Rape and sexual abuse are often going unreported, but personal devastation often lingers for a lifetime; • Crimes directed at members of the protected groups including children and seniors; • Crimes against the people by business and corporate leaders; and • Individual acts of aggression including spousal, family, and child abuse. Our communities must apprehend, convicted, and removed these perpetrators by the most expedient methods, while maintaining the


Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson, DD

freedom of all members of society. On a personal side, I am not opposed to extremely long prison sentences or the death penalty, but do believe both of these extreme punishments require reason and compassion, thus the death penalty should be reserved for isolated cases warranting such negative choices. Niccolo Machiavelli wrote; “Men are always wicked at bottom unless they are made good by some compulsion.” Conscience is a personal issue and each person develops integrity due to his or her personal efforts; it is not a product of faith or religious dogma.

Guilt is orthodox religion’s greatest tool for peer and personal control. It is an emotion manifesting after each experience encompassing a perceived wrongful choice. Guilt is a reasonable emotion, but unreasonable dogma and false beliefs initiate false guilt due to illogical and unreasonably accepted moral codes. Guilt feelings are specific to each person predicated upon his or her beliefs, life philosophy, worldview, and level of knowledge. Each of these elements influences and builds our moral code and guides our reactions to violations of our code. Everyone experiences guilt, after they commit an act they perceived as unfavorable, unwise, unjustified, or wrongful, but normally these feelings are short-term and requiring only minor restitution and reevaluation. Guilt causes emotional manifestations that include uneasy feelings, anxiety, depression, and mild physical symptoms; but extreme guilt can result in major depression and other psychological symptoms. We can override these symptoms with conscious thought. Overriding guilt requires variable reactions from professional treatments for major depression and other psychological problems to complete personal suppression. An article in Science of The Mind, December 2011, indicates and some levels of suppression can improve our memory and mental functioning. Nevertheless, each person’s worldview controls his or her reaction to guilt. Minor choices using freedom-of-choice and wisdom will normally control guilt. Suppression works for the short term but when similar situations return these memories will exhibit a tendency to manifest in the present.

Religions Fail


Guilt and remorse are different reactions. Remorseful emotions are much more intense than guilt, exhibiting deeper emotional and often painful physical symptoms. Remorse signifies a personal perception of greater transgressions upon another causing pain, suffering, and actual harm. Remorse manifests a much greater influence on mind and body than milder generalized guilt feelings. Mores and customs change with time. Unacceptable behaviors now may become accepted behavior in a different time or environment. We improve our closely held mores throughout each life, but personal moral code elements are not salvific. Present examples of these non-salvific codes may be seen in shagging and open abdominal exposure that is presently seen everywhere, although these activities were not acceptable to some people, they are merely human likes or dislikes. Some individuals may experience guilt resulting from justified and legally acceptable activities that are opposed to their moral codes, but if these guilt responses linger they require use of ego-defense mechanism and reevaluation. Humanity is inundated with multiple versions of ought to and ought not directives, but outside of religion’s strict rules and dogma, these mandated ought to and ought not directives have no significance and fail to provide meaningful direction. Our accepted truths and wisdoms are elements of our ever-changing moral codes each person’s code will alter with awakening and knowledge. Our changing codes and mores alter our feelings of guilt, but normal guilt is a momentary and short-term discomfort requiring only minor reactions and discontinuance of the activity. Salvation is not a result of ought to and ought not directives, this is religion’s hype. Every instant contains an eternity. We cannot change or alter any action taken an instant before, but we may alter its effects and change future choices. There is a statement, attributed to a Turkish leader, after a man was wrongfully decapitated illustrates this concept; “It’s over and there is nothing we can do about it.” This true statement indicates there are no actions that will historically erase or reverse past actions. Nevertheless, we can minimize the damage and consequences of our improper actions with reasonable restitution. Even though no actions will return this man’s life, we may alter his family’s future financial and social problems and assist with his worldly commitments. No reasonable person will accept that asking god for forgiveness would assist this family. On the contrary if correctly punished for a criminal act, society has no moral obligation to address a family’s social or financial commitments therefore no social guilt or remorse. Timothy McVeigh’s death reflects this


Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson, DD

concept, as the government completed his death decree due to his crimes resulting in the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal building; there is no reason for remorse or guilt. Mr. McVeigh exhibited no signs of remorse or guilt for his crime. He consciously justified his actions and choices by formulating three beliefs, thus he eliminated all his guilt and remorse. Mr. McVeigh accepted: 1. A belief indicating other individuals had committed unjustifiable evil acts; 2. A belief that those guilty of wrongful acts must be punished; 3. In addition, he believed that it was his right and duty to punish the government for their actions at the Branch Davidian compound. Mr. McVeigh verbally indicated he perceived each of these beliefs as true and intellectually justified his actions; he exhibited no guilt or remorse. Katharine Mansfield wrote; “Make it a rule of life to never regret and never look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy; you can’t build on it; it’s good only for wallowing in.” Ms. Mansfield makes a very solid point and I agree that it is unwise to allow guilt and remorse to enslave us in choices of the past. We must reevaluate our choices if we are going to develop wisdom from our negative experiences. During our World School, it is extremely important to review every experience and learn from our mistakes. It is detrimental to our consciousness and wisdom development to become emotional, compromised, and depressed due to improper choices. Improper choices are natural events of life; no human is always correct, but we become stronger through our incorrect choices. When we evaluate and assimilate new knowledge gained from errors and guilt feelings, we increase positive forces and eliminate the negative influences to improve our self-concept and self-worth. When guilt feelings linger and cause emotional conflicts we must move into a functional state known as damage control. During damage control, we establish whether our actions were wrong or unjustified and if our perceptions of wrongfulness are true, and then based upon this information we minimize the damage and give restitution. As each person completes damage control, they transform their negative reactions and guilt responses into positive reactions and knowledge. There is no need to experience further uneasiness or depressive feelings, we can move into the future without guilt or remorse. These emotions are not salvific and retard our progression to enlightenment. Guilt is simply a precursor to knowledge and learning.

Religions Fail 141 Religions fail because they use guilt to restrict our freedom-of-choice and control our responses to their dogma. Cooper. Religious dogma teaches sin is a transgression against God’s rules. 19 this is where sin lies. Asking for forgiveness from god merely suppresses our ignorant choices and locks us in slavery of ignorance. Intransigence fails to understand the origin of injustice and chaos. Obtainment of integrity and wisdom are personal responsibilities and gained only through personal effort. Rev. Irving S. Sin Sin exists only in the mind and it is religion’s greatest deception. most activities they defined as sinful are merely expressions of religious dogma and organizational rules. “Evil qualities of man are due to the unawakened state of opposite qualities”62 and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene records an exchange between Simon Peter and Jesus where Jesus clearly states sin does not exist outside the minds of humankind. 17 when you act according to the habits 18 of your corrupted nature. Rev. Each person’s sin is only in his or her psyche. The Theosophical Press. Although religious leaders teach a myriad of definitions describing sin and sinful activities. Strict intransigence manifested in mainstream religious ideology. 16 It is you. tell us: 13 What is the sin of the world?” 14 The teacher answered: 15 “There is no sin. Sin is not simply a transgression against the church’s rules and laws as these rules and laws are not salvific—a good life comes only through knowledge. Page 7:11-19 62 . Cooper wrote. 11 Peter said to him: “Since you have become the interpreter 12 of the elements and the events of the world. Rt. English translation. Jean-Yves Leloup. but a review of bible history indicates pseudo-Divine sources wrote these rules and later the church ratified them. Joseph Rowe. Wheaton.”63 The Proofs of Reincarnation. Illinois 63 The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. who make sin exist. Sin is an ignorant choice and it is violation of personal integrity.

Buddha teaches that we must think right to act right. commit injustices. due to his or her level of ignorance. but bad choices are not necessarily sins against god’s rules or detrimental. we transform our errors to wisdom. All people make ignorant choices. our consciousness. Ignorance with unjustified and . Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. wrongful choices. We must control personal corruption by gaining knowledge and awakening our positive qualities.142 Dr. Gnosticism teaches that before enlightenment. ‘Corrupted nature’ identifies inherent imperfections—false perceptions—false beliefs—uncontrolled desires—prejudiced thinking—egotistical thoughts—self-centeredness— jealousy—bad thoughts toward others—willfully harming to others—impeding another’s progression—and anger manifested in harm to others. When we appreciate mindfulness. Disharmony is a valuable learning tool and hastens awakening of all who are willing to evaluate and alter choices and activities. but individuals commit crimes and make choices detrimental to their societies due to their ignorance. ignorance increases our tendency to accept malignant choices but as we gain enlightenment and awaken our ethical maturity. theft. and wrongful acts. We reverse wrongful acts and disharmony through critical evaluations and these reversals bring unity to our consciousness and self. there is no guilt or evilness. when Jesus speaks of ‘corrupted nature. it is ridiculous to consider that a single improper choice by an ancestor would mandate a just and compassionate god to punish humanity throughout all time. Rape. lies. The original sin is a deception. When we evaluate our bad choices properly. Ignorance. murder. In line 18 above. disorientation. DD These references may have diverse interpretations that allow different assumptions and conclusions. In this situation. Society punishes crimes not sins. we are in balance. and we feel peacefulness with continuity throughout our life. and other crimes are manifestations of the lack of personal integrity and ignorance. Ignorance maximizes these imperfections.’ he is directly addressing personal imbalance. and corruption are not mandatory each person may alter their choices with knowledge. Bad choices are inherently wrong and must be avoided because they foster psyche disharmony. and conflicts within our consciousness to promote flawed choices. and superconsciousness functions together. Every person is evil to greater or lesser degrees predicated upon their level of knowledge. Each person’s personal demons influence his or her evil choices. we reject the influences of incorrect information.

while on earth. They are not negative and sinful if transformed into learning experiences. We should note Philip’s sins constitute only failure to gain resurrection. and whoever blasphemes against the son will be forgiven.”65 Jesus’ response is interesting in that blasphemy encompasses talking bad. But there is evil after this world. which is truly evil—what is called “the middle. Its good things are not good. but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. “Whoever blasphemes against the Father will be forgiven. 66:7-66:21. and its evil things are not evil. Philip indicates the world is not evil and its good is not truly good. so that when we strip of the flesh we may be found in rest and not walk in the middle. cursing or reviling the Holy Spirit. which is a mandated post judgmental destination of those people who reject the true Father or lack the will or ability to awaken and achieve their moral qualities. 44. also known as Light is the Supreme God above all Gods and the One that was not created. Sin and guilt are parallel concepts each manifest subsequent to perceived bad choices and wrongful acts. and discord but as we gain wisdom. NHL The Gospel of Thomas. either on earth or in heaven. God forbid that I be found there! In this world there is good and evil. and the willful rejection of the true Father. The Gospel of Philip introduces a sphere known as the Middle Place. and Holy Spirit—and we may conclude the Holy Spirit. is the only truly mandated sin. but they are not sins demanding eternal punishment. conflict. Wrongful choices and acts can initiate long-term discord within the psyche. II. In The Gospel of Thomas Jesus identifies blaspheme [putting self above the Holy Spirit] as the only sin that will not be forgiven when he states. 3. Jesus said.Religions Fail 143 irrational desires leads to disharmony. we balance our ego-spirit and word-choice continuums. While we are in this world it is fitting for us to acquire the resurrection. 64 65 Gospel of Philip.64 Philip establishes the Middle Place as an afterlife destination for all evil spirits. . Jesus is reaffirming Devine Realm Trinity rank and status—Father.” It is death. the Middle Place serves as an area of restitution for worldly transgressions. Failure to transform these acts into learning experiences stops development of wisdom. Philip states: And so he dwells either in this world or in the resurrection or in the middle place. Son.

and Blaomen the ruler of fear. forethought. DD The Secret Book of John provides insight regarding evilness that must be avoided through personal wisdom and gives each demon’s name and assignment. 4. 4. Anaro controls material soul and differentiation of the Four Principals. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Astaphaios. Four principal demons are: 1. To achieve personal balance we must overcome and conquer each demon. 5. Adonin. Oummaa has control over imagination. Athoth. Anaro controls the manifestations of the four principal demons. 6. Deitharbathas has control over perceptions. John establishes each demons goal for chaos and injustice and indicates evilness is not an accident or absence of goodness thus. Riaramnacho has control over impulse. divinity. Sabbatioas. 3. Yoko the demon over desire. 7. These four demons are very important as they have domain over our passions. 3. Yao. Nenentophni the demon of grief. 6. Aachiaram has control over arrangements. First demons were the seven great powers that oversee all other demons and consist of: 1. Eloaios. understanding. Sabaoth. Second group of demons are individually assigned to specific goals: 1. 2. as they represent dualisms containing both virtue and vice. 5. jealousy. 2. .144 Dr. 2. kingdom. Ephememphi ruler of pleasure. goodness. lordship. 3. Archendekta has control over the senses. I offer these assignments for your consideration. 4.

inflated self-worth. depending on the goals and desires of each party to the act. brings about feelings of jealousy. Evaluating and correcting short-term mistakes removes all elements of sinfulness. but each may be anywhere on the continuum between wrong and perfect as determined by personal choices and goals. Sex manifesting with unconditional positive regard is always a perfect expression of love. nor is it solely an absence of good qualities. distress. Nenentophni: grief. which responds only to narcissistic and egocentric motivations. but it is an economic generator for the government. . Sex only for the sake of sexual gratification is a mere physical act.Religions Fail 145 1. sex during love may be either good or bad and may express unity or separation. and unconditional positive regard for the other person. empathy. trouble. causes evilness. therefore. vainness. it is truly a result of personal ignorant choices. Love is an ill-defined conscious mental function encompassing material world emotions. has no relevance in the determination of rightness or wrongness of the relationship. Our world is not inherently evil but sin exists only in the minds of humanity. anxiety. no sins effect salvation. 3. Sex. greed. Ephememphi: pleasure. Sexual encounters driven by egocentric desire for power and control are animalistic and wrongful. 4. and distrust. lust. envy. etc. love. When both parties to the sexual act have compassion. each person is totally responsible for their choices. self-centeredness. committed partnerships. pain. Marriage is a religious issue of little importance. Legal status including marriage. hardheartedness. and sorrow. shame. becomes anger. but each demon may influence and bring to mind ignorant egocentric options for consideration. Sex is an example of this concept. conceit. increases terror. Demons cannot force any person to make bad choices. friends. 2. and thoughtlessness. Yoko: desire. Injustice and evilness does not just happen. and compassion are not in themselves sinful. sin occurs only when we continue making the same wrongful choices resulting in long-term failures and bad outcomes. bitterness. Responsibility remains with each person because we have freedom-of-choice and our wisdom directs our choices. anguish. and servility. The only true sins are continuation of bad qualities. Blaomen: fear. they enter a spiritual sphere and share their inner essence at a deeper level of attachment.

so that he could solidify and eliminate opposing factions. Constantine did not complete his conversation to Christianity until he was on his deathbed. I have not addressed what constitutes sin. Mary’s Magdalene reported that Jesus advises how to avoid sin by addressing our need to obtain knowledge and wisdom. We negatively affect our personal balance when we act without integrity. As a note. choice. societies have attempted to control people using laws predicated upon perceived sins and strict religions dogmas. Augustine’s sole desire was the control of the people by unification of religion to lessen the possibility of rebellion. but rape is a crime requiring punishment. and sin. generate inestimable and unanswerable personal harm. exists only in the mind of humans. or transgression against your personal integrity. Religious leaders explain normal human responses with weak rhetorical explanations that have universally fail to identify elements of sin. Fear controls all passive people. people have struggled with this question. He mandated the development of a canonized bible for all 50 churches within his ruling area. Jesus clearly mandates we achieve wisdom. Violating our integrity is a personal transgression. and suffering. As we awaken. Sin is an act. What is sin? Up to this point. God’s Will.146 Dr. promote guilt and anxiety. . unimaginable pain. promoted by religion’s egocentric goals for power and control. Throughout history. forgiveness. Orthodox religion’s four great deceptions include Devine Destiny. An in-depth analysis realizes the responsibility for individual sin and evilness rest solely with the individual. Orthodox religions identify activities as sins according organizational desires. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. while religious leaderships have overtly and covertly manipulated and misrepresented all information strictly for personal biases. sex is neither a sin nor a crime. Once Constantine established standard religious documents the next step was establish laws with consequences for violation. For centuries. we gain an ability to distinguish truth from untruth and move toward unity and our role within the community. compassion. An example of this type of control is the canonized Christian Bible. A vast number of laws attempt to require specific behaviors. and commit egocentric acts. These deceptions plague humankind. As example. and personal gains. DD Crimes differ from sin in that crimes are transgressions against the limits of society and they require punishment. Orthodoxy supported these laws with eternal damnation. and fail to provide consistency. control issues. Each of these deceptions. empathy.

Returning to the example above. then they are committing a transgression against their integrity. not sins. Simply put. force. some laws are for the protection and betterment of the society and are of no interest theologically. If a person’s sexual choice violates his or her personal worldview. thus a sexual act outside his or her accepted behavior is a bad choice. but sexual emotions and drives establish our maleness or femininity. commitment or no commitment is not a social issue. Sex between consenting adults and in privacy is not a sin nor is it of interest to the society. but this is not a concern of the society. should be of no interest to community law and it is not a sin. Again I use sex is an example of a sin that is within the minds of humanity due to orthodox religious teachings.Religions Fail 147 As I stated above Jesus established only one sin and mandates personal obtainment of wisdom. Sex between consenting adults. rape. or intimidation warrants and demands social legal actions. This example illustrates the importance of personal integrity and our need to reevaluate every choice causing a negative effect on our self or others. but a sex act that is against the laws of the land involving children. When we violate personal commitments and take advantage of another individual by force and intimidation to gain sexual activity. Sex is the most normal function of life and sexuality is part of every person. either inside or outside of a marriage. As we become more enlightened. Utilizing critical reviews and the six steps of education may transmute bad choices from undesirable qualities into wisdom. All . restitution to the society must be completed and effectively administered. Personal balance requires each individual to remain faithful and consistent to his or her worldview. I understand that by completing the six steps of education we convert evilness into wisdoms. we may control and suppress our desires and longings. Understand that some illegal acts are not always sins just because orthodoxy declares them sins. but not a sin. Just because an activity is against the law does not make that activity sinful. we make less ignorant choices. Nevertheless. Sin is a violation against ourselves and consists of our personal choices detrimental to our wisdom and awakening. choices that violate personal integrity are personal transgressions requiring evaluation and restitution. thus all imperfections are a transgression against the self and society. then we are exhibiting undesirable qualities and these sexual behaviors are absolutely wrongful. sexual activity between consenting adults and committed same sex partners are not sins nor should these activities become a concern of the community or other individuals.


Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson, DD

people, except individuals with personality disorders, experience feelings of guilt and remorse, due to wrongful choices that cause damage and suffering to others. Each person is his or her strictest critic and this demands more reasonable choices and reactions to outside stimuli. Mild feelings of guilt and remorse are normal and reflect our progression. We gain world-school education during each life as we complete reasonable evaluations and make restitution for our wrongful acts and choices. There are no extremely good or bad people, but there are enlightened individuals who have awakened their good qualities to gain wisdom and reasonable ethical codes. The purpose of reincarnation becomes clear as it reflects advancements achieved in knowledge and wisdom. We may repeat physical situations until we awaken our good qualities. Each person’s life is a direct result of his or her personal choices and each person’s spirit incarnates according to their life choices. Evilness directly influences our material world life; it is the manifestation of imperfections, lack of integrity, and egocentric choices. However, sin and eternal suffering is a religious myth. Sin and hell exist only in the mind. These deceptions are instruments of control and force followers to accept Church rules. I do not wish to indicate there are no rules. Each individual is required to achieve wisdoms, develop integrity, awaken their good qualities, and understand their self. How comforting to realize that sin and eternal hell exist only in the mind, but on the contrary how awakening to realize that we have the opportunity to achieve wisdom. In conclusion, there are no sins but we must take responsibility and evaluate our dealings and interactions with all people. We must develop an unconditional positive regard for all people and eliminate judgment and comparisons. I am not saying we must accept all people into our immediate circle only that we must accept each person as they are. Enlightened individuals will naturally distinguish what individuals and groups are right for them personally. You are what you believe and you live what you believe. You and you alone are the Captain of your soul and you alone are responsible. No person may acquire wisdom from another. Your life and wisdom are the tickets to your existence. Sin and guilt are orthodox deceptions to control the ignorant.

Religions Fail


Christians view forgiveness and prayer as a foundational stone to religion and accept it without evaluation, but in the interests of real self-empowerment, I would like you to consider these ideas. Your self-concept influences how you experience your world and others. No person can feel good about another while feeling negative about his or her self. We must love our self before we can love another. We must communicate with our self before we can communicate with another. Each person’s positive or negative feelings regarding themselves dictate his or her ability to love and dislike another. This idea is foundational to our personal power and freedom. Looking for forgiveness and someone else to blame for malignant choices is a fool’s folly. First consideration, when you forgive others you transfer to them your power and freedom. This is a double give away that is highly detrimental to your well-being. A better method is to understand with self-awareness your choices and strive to clear your perceptions of the world. Perceptions are individualized and specific to each person. No other individual can do anything to alter your essence. Anything you choose, no matter what is happening, has nothing to do with anyone else. Each person chooses his or her world according to his or her knowledge, memory, and history. I suggest rather than forgive we need to apologize for our negative choices. This represents a form of empowerment and it is a very rigorous self-growth practice. Many individuals experience very negative relationship situations long before they developed reasonable concepts of their nature. However, negative experiences do not change the fact that we give away our self-power and freedom when we forgive others for earlier transgressions. I suggest that in place of forgiveness you come to understand, as completely as possible, the real nature of the experience and become conscious of its precursors. We can then use this information to become proactive and procreative in a reasonable solution. Metaphorically, we do not need to forgive the rain for being wet, because we understand that wetness is part of its nature and that what is important is how we relate to this nature. When we become aware of the real dynamics of each experience, we are journeying along the path to self-empowerment and freedom. We escape from self-imposed limitations and egocentric control of others.


Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson, DD

Self-awareness allows us to not blame and hold others responsible for our choices and a realistic evaluation of every experience promotes responsibility for our experiences. Our inner well-being requires each person to take charge of his or her life experiences. Nothing and no one else can journey into another’s essence. Through true self-awareness, we can come to see our abrasive situations and people as fellow travelers on the journey to real wisdom. There is no higher freedom and self-power. When we come to understand our own being, we do not need to tell others unless we wish to give them an example of the gift of sharing. Every person can be truly free and empowered. Therefore each of us can come to a place in our essence where we understand what another person thinks about us or does to us, is an outcome of his or her pain, trauma, lack of self-worth, and unmet needs; it has absolutely nothing to do with us. Christian forgiveness, by its definition, requires Devine judgment due to guilt. Divine judgment must occur before forgiveness. However, Devine judgment does not occur during life. This function happens after death. Each instant contains an eternity; we cannot erase what happen in this instant. All choices are forever. We can tell another that we forgive them but we cannot erase that experience from our memory. To eliminate an experience from our thoughts we must suppress it deep in our consciousness. However, suppression opens the door to Dark-Side Demons and these demons will reappear later and negatively influence future choices. We cannot forgive because we retain the memory and this memory will influence future choices. However, each person can minimize his or her transgression through understanding, restitution, and choice changes. Forgiveness is another deception of orthodoxy. Orthodox religions use concepts of forgiveness and compassion to express God’s love and provide hope for all humanity. It is unreasonable to consider that a simple ritual act of requesting forgiveness, for all transgressions and evilness, will eliminate responsibility and fulfill all restitution requirements. Orthodox religions incorrectly use forgiveness to eliminate personal responsibility for wrongful choices. Each person is responsible for all intentional, accidental, and willful transgressions upon other members of our society. This ritual act without restitution cannot provide forgiveness.

Religions Fail


It is merely a rhetorical ritual symbolically eliminating responsibility for material world transgressions and bad choices of ignorant people. Possibly Rev. Bakker can regain his status as a TV preacher and become a religious leader again. Religious communities find great pleasure and derive some unknown benefit when members openly verbalize repentance and express seemingly heartfelt confessions. Confessions reporting greater sex, greed, and self-indulgence appear to gain greater benefits. Therefore, Rev. Bakker’s confessions and tearful repentance, albeit tempered by personal economic goals will gain some followers and feelings of empathy. People love juicy gossip. Thus, many confessors are religiously elevated when their renouncements and confessions provide details of juicy past ignorant acts. Rev. Bakker’s situation appears to be a reinstatement of his old plan using remorse, crying, and confessional spins to gain confidence of his listeners. Ironically, by history, he is little more than a plain criminal exhibiting little more enlightenment than a rock. Religions teach that confession, repentance, and sacraments reflect personal transformations. There are benefits for the confessor when they openly and realistically consider their choices and express remorse, repentance, and generate restitution. However, this is not a simple symbolic ritual, as in Christianity, it is a transformation and awakening of each person’s good qualities to eliminate future reoccurrences. Repentance and remorse are tasks performed within the self. Open public confessions do little more than entertain and they cannot assist you achieve any element of forgiveness. Forgiveness begins with self-understanding of the experience and progresses to realistic restitution. This is a personal path; no other person can do it for you. When an individual acts upon an identical negative choice repeatedly asking forgiveness is meaningless. Although it is wrong to willfully and knowingly cheat or take advantage of other individuals, it is easy for orthodox religious believers to gain forgiveness without making restitution or seriously evaluating the outcomes of their transgressions. Many individuals use forgiveness beyond extreme limits, by blatantly continuing a cycle of negative choices. For these individuals destiny is an excuse and asking for forgiveness, which is their preferred method of relieving responsibility for their choices, is little more than a rhetorical exercise.

and refraining for recommitting identical wrongful acts in the future. asking for forgiveness alone is a deception and forgiveness will not happen without transformation. DD Forgiveness is not a blank check relieving all transgressions.152 Dr. self-changes. provide restitution. Therefore. Forgiveness is an active transformation eliminating future reoccurrences. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. . and restitution. completing a critical review. Every person may earn forgiveness by becoming truly remorseful. No other person can achieve forgiveness for you.

The Gnostic trinity consists to the Father and Mother (Barbelo). Son. The ancient Gnostic trinity preceded Christianity’s version and Christianity replicated this concept to answer its needs. Adamas. Gnostic mythology reports the Holy Spirit’s first emanation brought forth via autogenesis was Barbelo. thus. Barbelo resides within the Holy Spirit and is subservient to the Holy Spirit.Four The Problem Trinity Orthodox religions accept the Pagan rule of three and teach the existence of a godly trinity but they cannot agree on the makeup of the trinity. indicate groupings of three in the nine spheres of the Heavenly Host. which are highly religious and predicated upon a supreme being that is the God of the Christian Bible. Where have we 153 . who brought forth (with the consent of the Father) a perfect and uncorrupted son. and Holy Spirit (the Unbegotten Father). Barbelo is a duality containing both the mother and father. These trinities contain three distinct parts interwoven and interpolating to form one divine entity. and Holy Spirit. they transformed an altered version of the Pagan rule of three into a trinity consisting of the Father. Jewish esoteric texts containing Solomonic grimoires. The Christian Bible does NOT mention a trinity. They differ only in the names. Most concepts are similar in the divisions of power. and interdependence. Each religion’s concept of trinity differs in names and functional definitions. Church leaders needed to do something with the Holy Spirit. Gnostics believe that Barbelo is the mother and father of the universe. Son (Adamas). rank.

society. Sociology: myth. and Id 4. Buddhist: Buddha. This spirit establishes. and between life community 3. Our personal trinity contains an energy [spirit]. [Spirit. Son. and Sangha. but our spirit is a force from the universe. Although the human trinity functions within a single physical unit. This is opposite unity in which the two become one.154 Dr. and Church 2. the elements of this trinity mean enlightenment. and development. and the old hag. Adam was androgynous until Eve was separated from him then the one became two. each person must gain wisdom. a duality that makes him or her both the created and the creator. . and community. Family. Son. and promote healing and healthy living if they are to achieve ultimate personal performance. psyche. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. and Holy Ghost or God. Ego. and Holy Spirit. 1. These three elements are interwoven and interpolating in one living organism. mind [psyche]. heredity. Dharma. The following list outlines common examples of trinity. DD heard the name Adam before? This Gnostic myth clearly establishes a rank with the trinity. and physical body. theology. Each element of our personal trinity serves specific functions just as each of the Devine Trinities. Our psyche and body is a creation of genetics. within each person. Each person is a trinity. This list goes on varying in every philosophy. and physical body] parallels the androgyny of the Devine Realm and the Book of Genesis story of Adam and Eve. the mature fertile woman. establish communication links between his or her consciousness and superconsciousness. religion. Personal Trinity Myth indicates that each person gets his or her spirit at the time of conception. Pagan goddess reflects another trinity. Each person’s trinity. Christianity: Father. and culture influencing all interactive relationships 5. Psychology: Super Ego. which consist of the Father. the pure maiden. happenstance. teachings.

Through our mind. thinking.Religions Fail 155 My personal trinity is the foundation of my self-awareness. build and nurture relationships. strong or weak. set goals. Each aspect ceases to function at death and they are of little value thereafter. consciousness. short or tall. while it functions strictly within its genetic limitations. Our Spirit contains the superconsciousness and a spark of uncreated energy that transcends each lifetime until we successfully gain full wisdom. during each life. we are in agreement with our essence and life. our physical body changes and we may be either male or female. feelings. and abilities. Wisdom builds bridges between our conscious mind and our superconsciousness. but each life variance allows us to experience multiple environments and situations so that we can upgrade our worldview. The body and mind perish at death thus they are temporary lasting only one lifetime. Gaining an understanding and building communication bridges between our spiritual and physical worlds requires comprehensive and dedicated personal efforts. The physical body provides personal identity and controls our capabilities. maturity. Our energy receives a new body and mind during each reincarnation and these are again refined during life’s processes. and then transferred from life to life. and any ethic group. providing building blocks to increase our maturity and wisdom. we gain a conscious understanding of every experience and these understandings establish our wisdom. We think and function within our present societies and communities. ethical codes. so that we may understand our self. . truths. These wisdoms and memories influence our everyday choices. our ability to differentiate righteousness from wrongness. It is through our physical body that we experience life and learn. Our conscious mind contains our emotional identity and reveals our character and wisdom through expressions. and become educated in our chosen fields according to our intellect. and truth for deceitfulness. which are undoubtedly too complex to master in a single lifetime. Our body and mind must start again the learning tasks of life immediately after each birth. During each incarnation. Memories and wisdoms increase. understandings. When Spirit and mind links are established. Self-awareness and wisdom builds bridges between the Spirit and mind. and choices. become productive professionals.

and empathy. We are the sum of our parts. Each person’s trinity is his or her self. awakened good qualities. DD Life’s sole purpose is to develop personal wisdom and our inherent powers. In addition. this process takes multiple lifetimes. In short. Religion Religion exists in the psyche of every individual. and nations. Homo Ergaster. communities. Each person awakens his or her wisdoms. It is the most influential segment of his or her life philosophy. much like the development of the physical body. Homo Rudolfensis. Violence. Our brains were small containing approximately 600 to 700 cubic centimeters. therefore. ability to reason abstractly. Is it possible that this is the Garden of Eden and we departed when we became carnivorous? We developed through evolution from these early beginnings to the present. but we are just beginning realize violence and hatred are evil and detrimental to all individuals. Through evolution. We were basic animals and scavengers but we slowly learned to use tools and survive by reasoning and creative thought. our muscles and motor skills were crude and we lack fine motor articulations. How beautiful to consider that through reincarnation and evolution we may have started with our existence as Homo Habilis. During our life. Evolution increased our fine motor skills and brain size. which grows and matures during each developmental stages. humanity as progressed from hunting packs to communities. as our needs increased our capacities and abilities increased. We awaken each stage development as our superconsciousness matures. or Homo Georgicus around 2 million years ago. and hatred are not reasonable mandates because these imperfections entice humanity to remain in the chaos and slavery of the material world. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. we do not add new powers we awaken and fine-tune our latent powers hidden in our superconsciousness. It interacts with every aspect of life. . thus. the purpose of each personal trinity is to gain knowledge and wisdom.5 million years ago as Australopithecines.156 Dr. roughly one-half of modern brain size. and moral codes via experiences. During these early periods. Humanity slowly increased knowledge and wisdoms. We walked the earth with the great animals and the earth provided for our every need. good qualities. chaos. a few individuals may have started their incarnations approximately 3. gain compassion.

but open-mindedness and reasonableness will provide foundations for wisdom. These religions teaching strong exclusive beliefs in association with their dogma and live with anger and hatred. thus every person needs a spiritual guide. backgrounds. Isolation restricts our development of universal moral codes by limiting a broad range of experiences. physical characteristics. . thus we utilize new communication links to rekindle old acquaintances. Accepting personal compromises and false truths will not develop wisdom. each person gains benefit from interaction with peers and like-minded individuals and this includes all religions—including Pagans and Atheists. Each person must develop their ability to communicate with peers.Religions Fail 157 as it manifests in observable behaviors. and lifestyles. Jesus refers to the reincarnation of John the Baptist from Elijah. Humanity cannot progress to the future with personal and intellectual isolation or restricted interaction with peers. Within these groups. Nevertheless. Every person needs support to develop his or her potential. and there are several good books addressing this issue and linking it to the orthodox Christian Bible. Abandoning all religion and isolating is dangerous. Transferred summary memories direct us toward specific interest and organizations. These religions offer hope and support through social interactions and peer groups. Peer group support is needed and favorable to all people. We must utilize all available information to establish a balanced ethical code and a personal understand of righteousness from ignorance. we contact individuals from past lives or migrated to them due to identical life philosophies and subliminal memories. Unsupported religious rules and strict dogma shackle and control many orthodox religions. peer groups increase hope by offering support and movement toward common goals. Religions do great services by bring together like-minded individuals and groups to share information for the common good. which reestablish life after life. while avoiding blind acceptance of any specific religion’s beliefs and strict dogma. Therefore. Reincarnation66 allows us to build upon our wisdoms life after life and grants us an opportunity to develop long lasting relationships. religions create major conflicts by excluding people of different nationalities. 66 Reincarnation has strong references in the Christian Bible. It alters conscious thought and understandings.

We do not need an outside intermediary except as a mechanism for social and peer group interactivities. Our life philosophy controls the acceptability of the religion we choose. and enslavement of people. inquisitions. Achieving the ability to exhibit common virtues remains the sole responsibility of each person. In fact. A priest or preacher cannot complete these tasks for you and they are worthless. Now there can be no inquisitions resulting in mass killings of unfavorable lifestyles and we are free to follow own reasonableness to understand our self and world. Each person must build his or her communication bridges without intermediaries. Every religion offers something good. no person may achieve wisdom by blindly following the dictates of others. Their economically driven responses react to their fear of deprivation of economic income. and mindfulness.67 Atrocities are not isolated to the Catholic Church other religions share guilt due to their organization’s willful deprivation of human rights. Life philosophies 67 This is a short list to illustrate a point. intentional murdering. This is a personal responsibility require your will and dedication. wisdom requires dedicated personal efforts to gaining knowledge. The Church’s rules are not salvific and each person’s achieves awakening only through dedication. we have inherent links within. limitations to strict and unreasonable dogma. The Catholic Church assisted in the holocaust and ordered the killing of the Cathars during the crusades. . We may function with peace and harmony by practicing our inherent ability to gain wisdom and unconditional positive regard for all things. will. Although religion may assist in developing a partial ethical code. DD Gnosticism teaches we do not need priests or intermediaries. History proves organized religion will react negatively to this type of thought. and community power. supports child abuse and Magdalen Laundries including enslavement of young women for priestly sexual fantasies and cheap labor. This list is clearly too large for any book not dedicated to these atrocities. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson.158 Dr. Life Philosophy Religion does not control our life philosophy. but gaining wisdom does not required any person to practice religious dogma blindly. The Churches atrocities are greater than the scope of this book.

It is impossible to separate the influences of these elements. It shapes our essence and establishes whom we choose to be. We create new hypothesis and alter our daily choices and outcomes as we achieve wisdom. These elements exhibit the greatest influence upon our worldview and choices. Life philosophies. Our worldview view controls our consciousness and our consciousness controls all observable behavior. We live better upon achieving greater knowledge and wisdom. There are two songs. Our birth environment has a strongly influences our life philosophy. I love. Some expressions are vague and lack direct meaning with implied innuendoes while others directly express orthodoxy’s godly concepts. but it changes throughout each life as we achieve knowledge and maturity. but I prefer to separate the term ‘life philosophy’. which by the way is one of my personal favorites. and eternity during our daily activities. Early childhood education and experiences remain in each person’s memory throughout their life and initially forms each person’s basic beliefs.Religions Fail 159 exist in each person’s mind. These basic beliefs initially guide our understandings of acceptable behavior and goals. Other authors identified life philosophy as worldview. Each person continuously updates his or her philosophies with evaluation and verification. I always wondered if you made it though. states: “I saw a shooting star today. Then we reap the benefits of better choices and establish a more productive life. death. experiences. . religious beliefs. Our philosophy is specific. These expressions are examples of passive proselytization as it brings to our mind subliminal messages of god. You had a view of the world that I never knew. that graphically reflect this trend. And I thought of you. emotions. The first is a song by the Great Bob Dylan. World School We encounter multiple expressions and references to God. and knowledge are major elements of each person’s worldview. because I believe this term encompasses more than a view.

we develop our consciousness. Let it be And in my hour of darkness She is standing right in front of me Speaking words of Wisdom. We can reject information as false. reasonableness. they experience the material and gain wisdom. highlight our knowledge of the past. Each of these songs made the world better.160 Dr. mental abilities. generate feelings. Let it be. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. knowledge. Yes. It gives us power to appreciate our awakening and new wisdoms. freewill. we gain insight and experiences fostering enlightenment. empathy. reasoning. ethical truths. but the consciousness does not appreciate these goals until we become enlightened and appreciate their presence. They initiate a revitalization of my situation and rekindling memories of past friends and times long faded. and wisdom through experiences and insight. every listener may reflect upon his or her life in a way that makes him or her feel good. and formal programs. The second truly great song by the Beatles and it states: When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of Wisdom. Within our material world. No institutions provide an education to this level. and personal power. DD It is easy to visualize this shooting star as this person’s spirit and these words generate awareness of a light deep inside. Our education is not limited to institutional instruction. Through daily life. Through these songs. True education develops character and builds strong concepts of morality. Life’s primary function is to gain maturity. thus all avenues of knowledge are valuable and available to all who will. and reinforce the fragility and brevity of life. but open mindedness permits our acceptance of knowledge gained through broad-ranging environments. As each person opens their mind. God does not bestow wisdom and religion does not exhibit wisdom. realize of our essence. Both are excellent examples of songs that stir the emotions. various disciplines. which stimulates the intellect in a specific discipline. and appreciate the freedom to follow our own path. skills. The spirit energies establish and understand our infinite goals. I can see a shooting star and think of them. compassion. and life philosophies. The World . ethics.

Each experience awakens our mind and expands our consciousness. and choices.Religions Fail 161 School is the only school. within presently available knowledge and state of science. and realizes social advancement. somewhere. Our superconsciousness requires outside intervention encompassing personal will. Outside interventions augment and activate presently latent powers to establish communication links between our consciousness and superconsciousness. shelter. we increase our wisdom. but most of these alterations require serious personal choices. This genetic information serves as a map for our future physical development. Our world is a great university providing education ranging from the smallest detail to the total education of billions of inhabitants. our life becomes better. Each individual does not have identical experiences. will clone a human. Every bit of information increases knowledge and provides a greater foundation for better choices regarding health. food. The Zygote’s genetic map may be changed and altered. but discussion of this subject is beyond the scope of this book. and fulfillment of our needs. we can strengthen and improve our mental and energy functions. enhances our ethical correctness. we progress to the next level of enlightenment. increases our wisdom. Let us consider human fertilization. Each experience. or at some time before. efforts. compassion. As we gain knowledge. becomes an intricate piece of our education. but these interventions require strong dedicated personal will and efforts. argumentatively starting at the instant of childbirth. thus it influences our being throughout our life. it brings forth all summary memories and power we will use during this life. Cloning is possible and eventually somebody. and lasting throughout each life. great or small. Medical science can. Just like our physical body. and often result in the nothing more than the repair or replacement presently damaged body parts. but genetic changes require purposeful outside intervention. which offers this entire curriculum and develops wisdoms. a union of two gametes forms a fertilized ovum or Zygote and instantly communicates all physical traits used during our life to this cell. clothing. alter our physical body and recode our genetic maps. This concept is also true for our spirit. Simply as knowledge increase. thus each person functions at their individual level of knowledge. outside intervention. . Our knowledge development is our paramount responsibility and as we achieve knowledge. before our internal communications can maximize. Each bit of knowledge advances physical and mental growth.

Each person develops wisdom through a defined series of learning steps proven to generate effective results in education and wisdom development. Primary education depends upon classroom instruction to development knowledge and memory through a defined series of learning tasks that have proven to be effective. and memory. Knowledge and wisdom are not identical. organized classroom curriculums. Wisdom is not a product of institutional education. wisdom in a more in-depth understanding of truth and requires evaluation and verification. No mind ever existed that was able to assimilate more than a fragment or two of the world’s information in a single life. and bring them to the forefront of our consciousness before we may effectively utilize and understand them. Enlightenment requires each person to awaken their consciousness to communications from their spirit. Dormant within each person are all powers and characteristics they will use throughout life. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. awakened. but we must develop these powers. but knowledge is limited and predicated upon acceptance of fact thus it does not require global evaluation and verification. DD Wisdoms developed during World School education requires the verification of each experience by the six steps of education. and access transferred summary memories stored in our superconsciousness. it stores general summaries—omitting minor details. Our spirit transfers these summary . develop wisdoms. The purpose of multiple incarnations is to awaken and develop our superconsciousness through experiences. Our memory does not store infinitesimal details. Wisdoms derive from experiences and evaluations of our choices and those experiences. These steps establish wisdom via personal evaluation and verification. therefore before accepting a hypothesis indicating only one life we must consider and effectively addressed this fact.162 Dr. Development of route memory is not a function of wisdom thus wisdom development requires world school education. Let me restate. we gain experiences. Knowledge simply awakens our latent faculties and brings them to the forefront of our consciousness to permit access to our self by building communication links between our energy [spirit] and physical world [mind]. you and you alone are responsible for your choices. thus each person is solely responsible for the completion of his or her education. Self-awareness with mindfulness opens the self to its fullness. Throughout life. educate our superconsciousness. this task requires evaluations of all experiences using a defined series of learning tasks presently used by many primary teachers.

““Our life is what our thoughts make of it . Marcus Aurelius said it. founded on a just estimate of himself . . Action begins with belief. . 2. any action you take WILL RESULT in a tangible “re-action. Negative knowledge results in malignant choices and outcomes. .” You may ask why this is so. and truths gained in earlier lives. memories. You cannot reasonably act on something you do not believe in.Religions Fail 163 memories from life to life and we retain superconsciously wisdoms. but all information is of value. 1. Positive Thinking Success is a state of mind. negative and questionable knowledge becomes positive knowledge. ‘every action in the universe has an equal and opposite reaction. Michael Dell and Bill Gates believe it. What you believe. The rule of cause and effect states.’ Whether you are starting a conversation with a stranger. or simply looking at the food in your pantry. you manifest. What you act on. Whether you are in favor of. or in opposition to a particular idea or task you will hold firm your position and belief. emotions. Knowledge may be positive. which indicate we do not fully understand the subject. Our inability to understand information does not limit its value and with understanding. The formula for this is quite simple. Christopher Columbus knew it. lessons. Positive knowledge results in predictable outcomes. Questionable knowledge results random and nonspecific outcomes. All knowledge can become wisdom and your path to wisdom is within you. Thomas Edison lived it. and conscience. We cannot consciously perceive our superconscious wisdoms as they influence and guide life’s choices through intuition. This chapter reviews the general areas of wisdom development. Any action you take results in some consequence. you choose. negative. trying to learn new things. All knowledge is good and each new conclusion provides another level on our journey toward personal fulfillment.” Perhaps it will be a new . A man’s true greatness lies in the consciousness of an honest purpose in life. Wisdoms remain available in our superconsciousness. Our superconsciousness understands our eternal goals and steers us toward satisfaction of our long-range needs. or questionable. .

You MUST be able to positively visualize the final product of your goal and you must be passionate about your achievements. Nevertheless.e. This is your personal paradigm. People who are successful and happy are people who have mastered the art of accepting change. although we know deep down inside that change is inevitable. or doubt to alter their vision or deter them from their goal. as the expectation that making the same old choices and acting in the same way will produce different results. but he did complete his goal and revolutionized the world! . nothing stays the same forever. no change without fear or loss. Christopher Columbus positively believed that he could sail west and not fall off a flat planet. “There is no growth without change. What you manifest creates your reality. Perhaps it will be deeper knowledge achieved through your research.” Successful people know this. They do NOT act in the same way expecting different results. If your belief is weak. He tested over 3000 filaments before he found one that worked. They are not afraid to move out of their comfort zones and try something new. this is your personal paradigm. They are not afraid to revisit their prior choices and approach their goals differently. Page 220 of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life states this truth eloquently and he writes. If you do not reasonably choose then you cannot manifest a positive outcome in your reality. Perhaps it is simply a companion for dinner. He hoped to find India. Positive thinking is difficult for many people to comprehend and more difficult to implement. Having a well-definitive goal is the first step in forming your personal paradigm. interim failure). The only variable in this process is the strength and duration of your belief. he sailed west and lived to tell about it! Thomas Edison positively believed he could create a practical incandescent light bulb. These individuals understand that in order for growth to occur. but he stumbled into America. they must have the courage go outside their comfort zones and search for new solutions. This is a truly beautiful statement. and do not let fear. no loss without pain. you cannot reasonably act on it. Everything in this universe constantly changes. We have a tendency to repeat old mistakes and resist change. the occasional set back (i. DD friendship.164 Dr. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. There is an old saying that defines insanity. 3.

You must have the faith to think positive in your goals to maintain your desire to succeed. Success is not a secret that is available only to an elite few. we must accept inherent failures as primary result. It takes courage. It is the certainty that you possess the power to create and manifest your own personal success paradigm. Once you have formed your vision and set your crystalline goal as a fixture into your thoughts. We do not achieve goals. “Nothing fails like success because we don’t learn from it. you WILL begin to choose and take action toward your goal. Failure is the precursor . you manifest. Think positive and view failure as an opportunity or an obstacle to overcome. and people who can and will propel you toward achieving your goals. When we move forward and make choices addressing new areas. it takes the fortitude of persistence to put aside all thoughts of and encounters with failure. some choices will fail to produce our desired outcomes.” He is well on his way to achieving that vision. solutions. because this is not easy. All worthwhile achievements take time. but not an end in and of itself. It is available to everyone. You will soon find yourself attracting opportunities. especially when our goals are beyond our present abilities. ideas. Bill Gates positively believed that eventually “every home will have a personal computer.” Failure is a state of insufficiency or inability to accomplish desired goals. All people fail periodically and many people incorrectly perceived failure as bad or negative. On the contrary. Be prepared.Religions Fail 165 Michael Dell positively believed that he could overtake the computer behemoth IBM. This progression is inevitable. You must be patient. such as these overnight. what is your paradigm? What Do You Believe? Failure Kenneth Boulding stated. what you act on. failure is a driving force demonstrating our need to increase our knowledge. Knowing this truth allows you to shape and mold your reality by taking steps toward your goals every day and create a crystalline vision of what you want your reality to be. So I ask you. consistent. Your belief instigates choices and actions. however. It takes work. and look at him now. Undoubtedly. Most of all. Positive thinking is a way of life. In addition. and persistent in your effort. We learn only from failure.

Success Ralph Waldo Emerson stated a meaning of success extremely well: What is success? To laugh often and much. therefore accept failure as a path to wisdom. it is simply a bad choice and we must learn from it. fear. . A bad choice does not make a bad person. I understand failure may be painful and undesirable. To appreciate beauty. To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends. DD to wisdom. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Each time we retreat to a comfortable zone and reattempt to achieve our goals via an alternate path until finally we achieve success. We learn by our mistakes. but refusal to appreciate the possibility of failure creates negative emotions including depression. In Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy each learning task progresses until failure is experienced. More important. and child-like god. and ensure these goals are reasonable and realistic within their individual capabilities. and anxiety diminish self-worth by increasing feelings of inadequacy and ignorance. failure is accepted and expected for without failure there is no progression and advancement of knowledge. evaluate outcomes for conformity with desired goals. and anxiety. These emotions are self-defeating and destructive. To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children.166 Dr. Experience and failure are mandatory elements of each person’s life. as during each life we progress and advance our knowledge and abilities until we experience failure. Our existence parallels the Montessori principles. Higher levels of depression. Each person identifies new personal needs and tasks each time he or she reassess their choices. controlling. This process repeats until each student overcomes failure and go forward to make new goals. These are not mandates from a domineering. when we make choices based upon new knowledge we overcome failure. then each student retreats and regroups in a comfortable area only to start again using an alternate approach. Each progression and forward movement naturally increases knowledge and these students learn from each failure. fear.

thus they fail to gain new experiences and knowledge. the individual becomes dormant and life becomes ritualistic in the comfort zone. We learn from failure. Although their life is comfortable. while Boulding address the learning aspects of success and life goal fulfillments. To leave the world a bit better. forming an upward spiral of serial successes. Success is not easy. thus many people stop evaluating. In this situation. Emerson and Boulding are both correct. will power to endure setbacks and regroup to continue toward goals and the intelligence to predict the outcomes. to ultimately manifest in failure. This poem covers success excellently by simply stating. As Kenneth Boulding stated.” Simply stated success does not require new evaluations and critical reviews thus it is not mandate a learning process. Each encounter results in new knowledge and information that is more accurate. we experience and learn from many failures. failure always accompanies success. This is to have succeeded. and new choices. These individual fail to achieve personal success by remaining securely locked in their comfort zone. but failure is not negative it is a catalyst .Religions Fail 167 To find the best in others. Success’ inherent problem reflects humanity’s tendency to stop striving for new experiences and knowledge. success is the achievement of a favorable results. “Nothing fails like success because we don’t learn from it. It requires the ability to develop and preserve realistic goals. willingness to expend maximum efforts. ability to establish a favorable environment. We witness examples of this concept in people who inherit money and security. On the contrary. success requires the personal readiness to accept responsibility for all choices and failures. To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. However. while traveling our road to success. It contains many contributing factors including. each mandating critical reevaluations. dedication to duty. a garden patch. the courage to overcome fear and anxiety to progress beyond the known. or a better social condition. whether by a healthy child. it is worthless in wisdom. Emerson presents success in poetic terms of life achievements. Each personal success produces new goals leading to greater successes. In addition. once they have achieved their goals. Success increases knowledge and every bit of new knowledge produces new dreams and goals. and reviewing their outcomes and this inhibits further advancement toward wisdom. This is another example of life’s duality.

Assumptions become truths and wisdoms only through completion of all six steps of education. As wisdom increases. However many individuals do not realize that their freedom-of-choice and will are ultimate factors of their success or failure. 2. Prayer does not help. 4. each person must complete each of these tasks by him or herself. Gaining Knowledge We develop knowledge through satisfactory completion and evaluation of the six stages of education. Experience. The value of man. Every experience needs effective evaluations during the six steps of education before they we can understand them sufficiently. we cannot omit a single step in this education process. however. Implementation. DD to more in-depth evaluations to improve the accuracy of our choices. Understanding. and many others are in complete agreement regarding the interdependence of each of us upon our society and the value of each individual’s ability to give something to society. Reflection. Albert Einstein stated. “A successful man is he who receives a great deal from his fellow men. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. 6. and Verification. and knowledge. if we are going to establish wisdom. should be seen in what he gives and not what he is able to receive. Determined individuals constantly press forward toward their dreams and goals to achieve success. Emerson. 5.” On this issue Albert Einstein. Each person completes these six steps using both consciousness and superconsciousness thought in the order he or she chooses.168 Dr. failure. usually incomparably more than corresponds to his service to them. I do not appreciate each of these six steps as an isolated and formalized evaluation. 3. Nevertheless. The six stages of educations are: 1. we increase our personal powers and abilities to communicate with our essence and reality. All people share their successes and failures with others. . Evaluation. No other person can complete a single evaluation for you.

4. The Six Perfections are: 1. which are: 1. we can gain a small portion of the world’s knowledge and assimilate minor understandings of the world’s treasures. If life is long with many opportunities and we are unusually diligent in our quest for knowledge. 2. Generosity Ethical Discipline Patience Enthusiasm Meditative Stabilization Wisdom It is interesting to note that the first five perfections simply serve as precursors for the sixth. 3. We collect knowledge from multiple Medias predicated on our level of enlightenment. Through the six stages of education. and Equanimity. 6. Love Compassion Empathetic joy. 3. Each person must awaken his or her latent qualities and gain enlightenment throughout multiple reincarnations. without regard to specific religion or religious dogma. Buddha teaches that each person must first study and practice the Four Immeasurable. The first five Perfections result in wisdom and assist all to realize the ultimate truths. which is the perfection of Wisdom. 5. Gnosticism strongly parallels Buddhism. 4.Religions Fail 169 This education process is extremely time consuming but highly effective. we continue to assimilate wisdom and building present knowledge upon the knowledge achieved during prior lives and stored in memories. Each life improves as our choices improve. Enlightenment expresses wisdom and reflects increasing strength of our personal power. 2. Using these four Immeasurables with the Six Perfections allows an individual to obtain wisdom. Even though our understandings and knowledge may be great and noteworthy—when compared to the world’s average person—we increase our knowledge only . both teach that wisdom is present within each of person from the very first life.

if we will. We achieve wisdom by personal effort. environments. During short or non-functional lives. Every life has value and increases wisdom. we become stronger eliminating the bad qualities that are intrinsic within all people. An average person must forego worldwide experiences to advance his or her formal education. suicide is not a reasonable option. Orthodox Western Religions steadfastly inhibits our ability to meditate and gain mystical understandings by building social and religious roadblocks designed to limit each person’s access to his or her essence. and formal education offers new knowledge. Therefore. they cannot enter your essence. studying their wisdoms first-hand. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Media outlets constitute little more than mere entertainment until new knowledge is stimulated in critical thought and personal reflection. awakening. There is no hurry to build the links between our spirit and our mind. TV. experiences. TV. Books. Many people have lived during great events. and experiences due to his or her limited situation.170 Dr. Even though books. disasters. and peaceful times while learning the lessons of those periods. you cannot achieve it by watching TV. each person awakens his or her wisdom. and living within a single community. Note. life’s value may be unclear and vaguely understood. we may proceed slowly and assist those around us by sharing . traumatic times. As we awaken. while working. and experiencing a wide variety of human activity and emotions. It is reasonable to conclude this person cannot experience multiple life situations. DD a small portion. and we are continuing to learn. They egocentrically maintain the status quo to lock us in the slavery of ignorance No person may purchase wisdom. It is comforting to realize each person has walked and worked in great civilizations. they can achieve that which is locally available and observable as human endeavors and behaviors within their community. and formal education open new areas for consideration. and reading. but each life retains something and gains knowledge. we study all disciplines and explore knowledge areas that were unfamiliar and unknown in prior lives and through this process. In addition. and the six steps of education. personal will. All knowledge is good and every small piece of information advances wisdom thus each small piece results in more efficient choices and goals. meditation. but you must evaluate and discern if this knowledge is right for you. Through reincarnation. The average person does not pursue knowledge in unlimited fields and it is physically impossible to study multiple disciplines. supporting a family. during each life.

Goals for perfection are unobtainable chimera existing in ignorant minds. We are all both the created and the creator. we live a better. How inspiring to realize that at some time in the future I will return to my beginning. advance our wisdoms. When we have thoroughly mastered each phase of life—as it comes to us—then we are ready to exit the world school. Simply stated. everything in the universe constantly strives to return from whence it came. each person’s history exhibits some shortcomings with moral and ethical imperfectness. the Apostles. Knowledge will come of all people who seek it. punishing the children for the sin of their fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who . critically reviewing each experience. and understanding our essence. those of the past and future as well as the present. and wisdom. “For I.” We gain knowledge by maintaining an open-mind. As life progresses. Clearly. Jesus. every second of every life is productive. am a jealous God. “The flesh endures the storms of the present alone. Although it requires extreme effort. the Lord your God. is a vague thought unsupported by human reality. we are always advancing the qualities that are latent within us. Although many reports document personal claims of perfection. but they will achieve them. It is impossible to achieve perfection or live ‘Christian Perfection. and directed by ignorance. Perfection Where is the perfection? It does not exist on earth. no matter how short or long our life. acquired knowledge.’ Strong evidence indicates no human has ever lived—including Buddha. if we accept the biblical passage of Exodus 20:5. the mind. Through knowledge and wisdom. make more reasonable choices. In this world perfection. and a multitude of others—a perfect life. the primary goal of our superconsciousness is to understand our world. hidden in chaos. advancement is an on-going process. Epicurus stated. albeit some people advance much slower and will take more reincarnations to achieve their desired goals. god suffers from jealousy. and our self. this reference reports these statements in red indicating they are direct quotes of God. and gain insight into our essence. our life.Religions Fail 171 with them our enlightenment.

who is a high angel and referred to as Yaldabaoth. This is from The Second Treatise of the Great Seth. Enthusiasm. it is not a quotation from the Unbegotten Father. and there is none other beside me. I alone am the Father. and imperfect. All reasonable individuals appreciate that this passage exhibits grossly unreasonable and childlike emotions. as it is written in Exodus 20:5. The Second Treatise of the Great Seth. This childish god reacts to jealousy with an attempt to control by instilling fear. reasonable god. Generosity. Codex VII. the archon. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. “I am God. This biblical passage illustrates grossly imperfect emotions and a blatant attempt to control by fear. therefore. Blind faint requires ignorance with blind acceptance. thus Jesus refers here to his imperfections. This statement exemplifies imperfection and weak ethical codes within Christianity’s god. . Jesus’ esoteric teachings strongly support Seth.172 Dr. Authors reflect and report their personal perceptions. and there is none greater than I. In this instance. he cannot exhibit jealousy nor use fear and random punishment of innocent souls due to the sins of their ancestors. Jesus states. which included. DD hate me. and warped justifications for punishment. but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. Seth’s account reflects a just. Ethical Discipline. I am a jealous God. Nag Hammadi. reflecting the desires of Yaldabaoth. bringing the sins of the fathers upon the children for three and four generations. 68 69 In this writing. therefore. For the Archon68 was a laughingstock because he said. which orthodox religion’s spin-doctors have attempted to explain over the centuries. ignorance. due to failed reasoning. the Christian bible is imperfect. for your consideration. It is possible the Christian Bible confuses god and the devil—on multiple occasions—thus there are many imperfect passages. Yaldabaoth is corrupted. however.” NIV Exodus 20:5. Patience. I wish to provide another interpretation of Exodus 20:5. and goals to cause chaos and misconceptions regarding his status as God. Surely all reasonably intelligent and enlightened individuals would take strong issue with this statement.”69 Jesus clearly attributes this statement to the Archon. it is obvious one of these two reports must be incorrect. Buddha teaches each person should strive to obtain the six perfections. ignorant. An ignorant and non-enlightened person may accept random and unjust punishments driven by jealousy and emanating from a compassionate and just God. the Lord. it is Yaldabaoth or Abraxas the Creator God is the Devil.

Problems would arise once we achieve perfection. Throughout life. and the arts may be great because of transferred memories and experiences. and understandings are of tremendous value when used to build more efficient and equable self and communities. which are stored in our summary memories. greed. hatred. Imperfection is a learning tool. Although religious leaders talk vaguely about perfection. This moves each person closer to his or her ultimate abilities. but each person achieves his or her wisdoms through imperfect choices. Christianity exalts God’s perfection and demand perfection. No person may achieve perfection within the chaos of this world. Each new life uses transferred summary memories and knowledge to form a basis for present understandings. politics. they do NOT achieve perfection. reflecting goals for unilateral control by using imperfect emotions. transferred expert abilities. but even Christianity’s exalted god is imperfect. music. Each life is another step into the future. we accumulate knowledge.Religions Fail 173 Meditative Stabilization. Many great people in science. fear and intimidation interpolated with lies and organizational falseness. and Wisdom: but only a few achieve these goals and perfection does not exist. as it would eliminate all incentives to gain knowledge and advance wisdom. jealousy. unbending. and illogical dogma. and fear with violent activities consisting of terrorism and murder to perpetuate strict. philosophy. It is understood. Imperfection is not inherently negative we gain knowledge and wisdom through our mistakes. Therefore. knowledge. There are no documented proofs of perfection or a perfect life. Extremely enlightened individuals become mentors for the non-enlightened. form expert abilities. Wisdom is virtuous in many religions and Gnosticism teaches us that achievement of wisdom is the primary purpose of life. We strive to improve as we make personal goals and incentives to move closer to perfection. we experience a new world and come to understand valuable knowledge. During . religious documents and church histories are inundated with incidents of injustice. Orthodox religions rhetorically preach requirements valuing wisdom and perfection. and achieve greater understanding of multiple disciples. During each life. On the contrary. We gain wisdom during each life by transforming experiences into knowledge. Ethical perfection is an idea so remote to mortal humanity that it rarely enters into a reasonable person’s consideration or serious thoughts. what particular need is technical information if we neglect our self? There is no need for technical knowledge and it is of little or no value if it does not advance our experiences and understandings.

They continue forward in summary memories. each of us processed all latent qualities we will use. We are attending the World School. Our body and conscious mind functions only in the chaos of the world and except in disease conditions disturbing the mind. History is never truly lost. each of these leaders advanced and improved their knowledge. When we initially entered this world. Each person must develop wisdom. and establishing communication bridges between consciousness and superconsciousness. our physical body has no influence upon our ability to assimilate wisdoms. They enable a more beautiful society and improve life. respond vigorously to all experiences. education. we awaken a few good qualities and bring them to expression within the consciousness and this process replaces the animalistic and egocentric choices. Therefore. store memories. Even though great civilizations may flourish and die. DD previous lives. good qualities assimilated into our being during each civilization’s primetime are available in our present and future. Ethical Code Development Religious leaders argue that without religion we would not develop ethically. or gain perfections. Religion’s fail because they demand the impossible. During each reincarnation. but working to achieve wisdom and communications between our consciousness and superconsciousness. centuries ago. Our world is animalistic and ego-driven until we awaken maturity and wisdom. This is another religious deception without factual foundation. All humanity is imperfect as long as we are encased within a physical body therefore perfection is not achievable during our physical life. and philosophies the wisdoms developed by these ancient civilizations reality do not perish. taking with them great art. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. . Perfection is not achievable in the physical world. and knowledge.174 Dr. bringing with them expert faculties and wisdoms they gained through the experiences of the past and these wisdoms are again available to be shared. but it may be misunderstood. All people manifest animalistic and egocentric choices as a natural state. although we will never achieve perfection and humanity cannot become perfect. sciences. religions. limited by our physical body. We can get and do better. How comforting to consider that knowledgeable individuals will return. Ethical codes are a direct product of environment.

Good is more desirable than evil. o Stealing. these qualities are not products of religious dogma. Nevertheless. and individual development. and wisdom is far more virtuous than ignorance. We must evaluate each element of religion’s dogma if we are to achieve wisdom. personal free will. o Gossip. their primary goals are to establish control and perpetuate specific religious dogma. . gentleness is more reasonable than cruelty. As we become enlightened. o Anger. without regard to freedom-of-choice. Awakening and implementation of ethical thought parallels evolutional development of enlightenment and wisdoms. This parallels the temptations of Jesus. Jesus rejected this option. compassion greatly outweighs arrogance. • Four nonvirtues of speech to be avoided: o Deceit. This enhances our ability to make accurate informed choices and live a better life. • Three nonvirtues of the body to be avoided: o Killing.Religions Fail 175 Each person expresses egocentric and animalistic choices until their ethical codes mature and find expression. Eastern religions teach the following goals and steps to develop ethical codes. o Ignorance. we become more virtuous and gain a better understanding of right and wrong. each person must awaken and become enlightened before exhibiting these virtues. self-control and reasonableness are much more acceptable than intolerance. o Jealousy. confidence always supersedes fear. love is superior to hate. when Yaldabaoth offer him power and control. o Adultery. o Abusive Talk. Although every religion’s teachings supports multiple elements of realistic ethical codes. o Pride. o Slander. if he gave up personal freedom and followed his direction. We are weak until we awaken our moral strengths. • Five mental afflictions to be avoided: o Attachment.

o I have not slain people. o I have done no wrong. 1998. also known as The book of Coming Forth By Day. New York. Christianity and Islam use the Ten Commandments70 as a basis for their ideal ethical code. o Patience. The parallels are very persuasive and the Ten Commandments are probably a plagiarized document originating in The Negative Confession. o I have not had intercourse with a married woman. Plate 31. DD • Four Immeasurables to be gained: o Love. • Egyptian Negative Confession: o I have not told lies. The Egyptian Book of the Dead. o I have not committed perjury. San Francisco. o Equanimity. o I have not stolen. o Ethical Discipline. plate 31 reports a post-mortem individual speaking in self-defense to Gods of the Hall of Judgment. 1972. James Wasserman. • Six perfections to be obtained: o Generosity. o Wisdom. The Egyptian Book of the Dead.176 Dr. written in the pyramid text centuries before the time of Moses and Hammurabi. 125. Chronicle books. o I have not transgressed. o Enthusiasm. revised edition London. o Compassion. 70 71 NIV Exodus 20: 1-21 Dr. . Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. o Empathetic Joy. Raymond Faulkner. During this exchange—known as the ‘Negative Confession’—he clearly parallels the Ten Commandments. o Meditative Stabilization. o I have not fornicated with a fornicator.71 on spell 125. but the Ten Commandments originated in early Egyptian religions.

The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. o Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. o You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. o I am not wealthy except with my on property.72 • Moses Ten Commandments: o You shall have no other Gods before me.Religions Fail 177 o I have not done evil. Positioning of the ten commandments does not appear random but rather an order of precedence. Spell 125. This history opens three questions. The first four commandments egocentrically direct us to love and honor God. The Egyptian Book of the Dead was a mandatory study for all young pharaohs. Faulkner. which found in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5. Many scholars argue Moses is the author of Exodus. he was educated as an Egyptian Pharaoh and could read and write. The Negative Confession . Does Exodus reflect Moses’ self-interest? 2. 72 R. o You shall not steal. o I have not reviled God. “Master. Then the last six instruct us to love and respect our fellow man. Is there a possible link between Ten Commandments and the Negative Confession in the Egyptian Book of the Dead? 3. 1. Is it possible that he needed these commandments to gain control of his followers? Differences between Western and Eastern ethical codes are not extreme but Eastern virtues do not contain instructions specifically dedicated to enhancing God’s position or any specific religious beliefs. Nevertheless. The Ten Commandments. o You shall not give false testimony. o I have not Blasphemed God. does contain specific rules addressing God. against thy neighbor o You shall not covet. o You shall not murder. o Honor thy father and mother. o You shall not commit adultery. which Jesus affirmed when asked.O. o Love your neighbor as yourself.

the Lord your God. A second issue with this statement attributed to God is the stated intentions to punishment innocent children for the sin of their fathers. “Love the Lord your God with all thy heart. “—For I. How ridiculous to entertain any acceptance of pediatric punished long after the original transgressor has died. personal desires. and with all thy mind. We must consider a possibility that these writings are a result of the author’s political aspirations. Is this a realistic commandment from an omnipotent god of Exodus? It reflects extreme insecurity. Then Jesus’ second most powerful rule is like it: Thou shall love thy neighbor as yourself. Notice the entirety of the first commandment. 20:2-3). These commandments initiates. then honor and respect our fellow humans. The Ten Commandments contain no specific prohibition regarding jealousy. self-confidence. no power or law can morally justify punishment of families members and innocent children for the transgressions of ancestral members.22: 36). punishing the children for the sin of their fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me—. “I am the Lord thy God. Thou shall have no other gods before me” (Ex. wisdom. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments” (NIV. It is however reasonable . Although Eastern religions recognize jealousy as a mental affliction and a bad quality. Unmistakably this commandment instructs us to honor and respect God first. DD which is the great commandment in the law?” (Matt. On the contrary in Exodus 20:5 a reports a direct quote of God stating. which is commandment number 5 and first of the rules regarding human interactions. and morality. Reasonable people can agree jealousy is ignorant and not a virtue to be assimilated into reasonable ethical codes. Earlier I discussed Yaldabaoth’s demand to have no other gods before him and this statement directly reflects that perception. serious questions regarding God’s. He answered. and with all thy soul. which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt. Mathew 22: 37-40). This is the first and greatest commandment. for three or four generations. due to sins committed by their fathers (NIV Exodus 20:5).178 Dr. out of the house of bondage. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. am a jealous God. and egocentric goals and not direct quotations from god.” In this passage god admits jealousy and ineffectively justifies punishing innocent children both now and in the future. Devine punishment of innocent children can never be justified in the mind of a reasonable person.

. and coveting are little more than thinly disguised attempts to unjustly control and manipulate others. established by religious rules written by common people. As outlined earlier these religious rules may contain the basis and foundations for development of effective and acceptable ethical codes and awakening. but these rules only influence our consciousness as it interacts with real world choices. Awakening and enlightenment are universal and each person must address their poor choices for a better life. honor. Orthodox religions ignorantly strive to expand their power by making the community conform to their rules. if humanity is to live with peace. If jealousy manifests in your relationship get out of the relationship. intimidation. Control through fear and intimidation driven by jealousy is temporary. and incest. There is no justification for stealing. and prejudices. Laws vary in different societies and what is acceptable now may not be acceptable in the future or in a different area. Fear. Reasonable people agree there is no restitution available for the victims of murder and terrorism. but they are not sins. There is no need for lies and falsehoods. and respect. Jealousy destroys respect and healthy relationships by tearing at the very fibers of empathy and compassion. they do not build lasting relationships with dedication. Sin exists only in the human mind. Each community must establish laws and limits for reasonable social order. therefore when jealousy results in fear and intimidation it is impossible to establish or maintain meaningful relationships. misdemeanors. Each of these crimes. intolerance. Many laws have foundations in socially acceptable virtues and general religious dogma but they are not salvific nor transgressions against God.Religions Fail 179 to consider these statements originate from a sick god’s ignorance and corruption. by forcing specific actions and choices. Reasonable societies and individuals cannot base laws solely upon religious dogma. rape. Violations of social laws are legal infractions requiring punishment and/or restitution by the society. There is no logical reason for hatred. Although fear and intimidation may allow control for short periods. and nonvirtues require reasonable punishment and sanctions. jealousy. Knowledge and reasonable goals without religious mandates are individual task requirements of all people. Every person must avoid jealousy with fear and intimidation at all cost.

180 Dr. We do not quickly evaluate any choice resulting in an expected positive outcome. but these questions generate more reviews and different questions to determine what . I hope that we only repeat the same poor choices a few times. We awaken our good qualities and replace evilness with virtues by awakening knowledge. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. and environment. therefore. Through critical review of every negative personal choice. Did our choice result in an expected outcome? Did our choice achieve our intended goals? These are the primary questions of reflection. Reflection is the next step to wisdom occurring sometime after each experience. therefore. However. I will summarize each step below. but these functions do not establish wisdom and long-term behavioral patterns. We must transform our ignorant choices that violate our ethical code into positive activities by making restitution. Verbal instructions and reading establishes memory and may control our actions and choices for a short time. During this stage. Mistakes are an inevitable part of humanity and everyone learns from their mistakes. every experience will create emotions and feelings. Nothing happens in a vacuum. nonvirtuous choices and acts are not sins. they establish our ethical codes. correcting the damage. success fails to establish wisdom. Experience resulting in bad outcomes quickly begins our education process. As an introduction to the six steps of education. not a product of religious dogma. We experience all of life’s situations as they come to us. What went wrong? This question starts our education process. This is the practically of knowledge and maturity. However. we awaken understanding. we see and feel first-hand the cause and effects of our choices. Our emotions directly influenced our choices. A critical evaluation provides insight and starts developing ethical codes. but good experiences will bypass this education process without critical or serous evaluation. we critically critique each choices to form conclusions regarding what actions we should have taken and review ‘what if ’ we had made another choice. and gaining understanding of the cause and effect. Once transformation is satisfactorily completed and our actions and choices assimilate into our wisdoms. would the outcomes have be better or worse. thus. DD When we violate our personal ethical code and our transgressions hurt others and the environment we experience varied negative effects from these poor choices. completing critical reviews. beliefs. when our choice is a mistake and fails to produce an expected outcome we critically evaluate why our choices were poor and did not achieve our goals.

Evaluation establishes the validity of new knowledge. understanding. we become more effective and enjoy a better quality of life. we apply our new knowledge to new situations in an attempt to establish the universality of these understandings. we harbor confusion regarding why and unrealistically hesitate at the point where we become uncomfortable. reflection. Armed with new data from new experiences. Through the steps of education. this step answers why of our perceptions and choices. Once we accept an understanding of our experience. o Are the outcomes consistently predictable? o Did we obtain our predetermined goals and desired effects? o Is this knowledge applicable to other situations without alteration? o Do we accurately understand the mechanisms of our conclusion? Before we consider this new knowledge as true. In some instants. If any one question is false. Problems arise as each person evaluates and assigns facts according to his or her justified beliefs. It generates new experiences and requires new critical reviews. we must answer yes to every question. we may move forward to implementation of new knowledge. The sole purpose of this stage is to correct errors of understanding and verify the reasonableness of our assumptions and conclusions. Each person’s experiences interweaves in the fabric of his or her wisdom. although we have not yet gained our ultimate ethical code. Implementation is the practical working step that uses our new knowledge. understandings. our conclusions require . and conclusions. During this step. During implementation. By definition. Understanding the effects and ramification of our choices is very critical and problematically intense. implementation must result in new experiences that restart a new cycle at step one. After completing reflection we move on to understanding. and implementation we are ready to evaluation. Ignorant people refuse to consider any data that is not acceptable to their belief system and this formulates a false understanding. Undoubtedly we all experience false perceptions due to consciously clouding the facts. We highlight all deviations from personal justified beliefs and goals.Religions Fail 181 factually happened. during reflection. we critically evaluate our choices and experiences to determine if our conclusions consistently produce positive answers to the following questions.

and God does not grant them. hidden thoughts. compassion. and motives form the essence of our knowledge and these must be synergistic with wisdom. Mindfulness is an essential element of knowledge. evaluating it. Each person uses their truths and memories to establish reasonable wisdoms and ethical codes. . if we are to eliminate personal conflicts. To establish our ultimate ethical codes with wisdom we must reject all false and incorrectly perceived data and restart the six steps of education at step one with this new rejection and experience. empathy. Factual data and conclusions become wisdom upon completion of the six steps of education. We continue to positively identified truths and transfer them to wisdoms. experiences. wisdom is not a product of these elements. throughout our life. and education. they are not gifts. verification. but our conclusions are not wisdoms until completion of verification. and realistic ethical codes. Although knowledge is a product of memory. discretions. wisdom. another person cannot get these for you. Falseness indicates we have not yet understood the truth and requires restarting the process again using the new data. You and you alone are responsible for obtaining knowledge. If we establish a truth. we may develop a strong assumption of truth. Wisdom is a realization of a greater meaning that is more universally applicable.182 Dr. then the process repeats itself repeatedly until we have can identify and verified the truths. Verification is an ongoing process that uses new knowledge in multiple situations and environments. Thoughtful evaluations of all experiences direct our intuitive choices and awakening our latent ethical codes. No person or religion may purchase wisdom. it becomes wisdom stored in our superconscious memories. If evaluation proves. If our new assumptions are declared false. after verification. positive and we have positively answered all questions we may precede to the final step six. After completing these first five of steps. to determine if these are applicable to all conditions and if we understand its limitations and unexpected ramifications. Humanity gains wisdom and ethical codes only through dedicated personal will and effort. It is an inside job and you must achieve unity within yourself and your superconsciousness by achieving self-awareness. assimilating it. as we experience life by living it. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Our accepted beliefs. Experience is the first element of ethical code development and the primary predecessor to all knowledge. DD refinement. ethics. Knowledge is a function of the material world but wisdom transcends all realms.

We clearly understand that somewhere in our past.Religions Fail 183 Transferred Memory The primary benefit of reincarnation centers on our ability to transfer memories from past lives. I must partially disagree with Epicurus by taking into consideration that he failed to evaluate all possibilities including transference of memories. as it continues to affect every moment including last year. and teaches us of our origin. we learned these meanings. In these situations. yesterday. but because at some point in . Practically all memories of minute details of our past disappear. indeed this ability is a very important function of our mind. if there are no memories of the past and no way to gain knowledge from pervious lives. and even the end of the day. provides better understandings of our essence. yet we were alive and conscious during these first few years. This phenomenon is unremitting and effects not only our earlier years. the consequences fall virtually upon another. month. Our memory allows us to discard large amounts of information. thoughts. Through these retained summaries. Ergo. not because I transferred information from a prior burn. I read because I can read. which we do easily without even a slight memory of the countless ways and places we learned meanings and grammatical arrangements of the symbols and letters. However. “inasmuch as the soul has no conscious personal identity running through the series of rebirths. We are unable to recall minor details of our early daily lives. but we have no memory of the details of this learning. An average person cannot remember all details and thoughts they experienced throughout that day. Epicurus is correct regarding punishment. Our memory retains only summaries of our experiences. and conclusions. who knows not the cause and cannot be made wiser or better by the punishment he bears. Memories provide building blocks for knowledge. I am careful to not place my hand in boiling water. week. Consider our ability to read. we know and recognize the major details of our experiences and fill in minor details with logical and intuitive thought. Epicurus certainly believed reincarnation was meaningless and the whole process of wisdom was futile. and god’s confession of jealousy and intention to punish the children of future generations. Centuries ago Epicurus offered an objection to Pythagorean doctrine stating. thus each life increases our knowledge. his statement is partially applicable to Christian concepts of original sin.” This statement is only correct. Our memory blots out early childhood experiences and do not have our infancy existence within our adult memories.

paint. which we forget. some children exhibit high standards of morals. although they may assimilate a great amount of information . One child may instinctively exhibit a strong interest in art spending hours with crayons. I have observed both intellectual and moral differences in children within a family. or extended relationships. Once we have learned truthfulness. ethical codes must awaken during each life and the variances of this awakening are observable in many children. However. DD time outside my present memory. A fourth child may be quiet. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson.184 Dr. develop reading skills extremely quickly. thus characteristics brought forward in their memories would be more readily observable and exhibited during early childhood. Theoretically. Therefore smaller more manageable memories are more accessible for immediately use. when older enter a profession where abstract thinking gains reward. I find it practical to review differences exhibited in children. Just as we overtax our computers by installing extremely long files and high volumes of unnecessary information. indicating interest and unusual awareness of colors and positions in their world. which are of value to us. peers. we retain this positive character trait in our ethical code. and express interest and value in books and information. we extract certain understandings of life. Families of individuals classified as genius are ordinary people and the children of geniuses are ordinary people. A child fascinated by magic tricks and abstract thinking games. but I continue to retain its truth as summary memory of a negative experience. which are used in future situations for guidance and directions. a child’s mind experiences great influences from their past life. tendencies. but from these details. and conducts. Another may spend hours upon hours working with building blocks and Lego blocks building all sorts of buildings and apparatus. Our memory discards minor details and retains only a summary of these experiences. true genius is an easily recognizable form of transferred memory. We encounter massive details. I have forgotten the experience. they are unique. we would overload our memory and cause its failure if we stored all details in our memory’s storage system. within a family. I wish to note. while others remain more egocentric. Heredity and environment do not account for children classified as true genius. Children exhibit tendencies that are most puzzling to the students of heredity. People lie repeatedly until negative responses from peers and negative outcomes teach the adverse effects of untruthfulness. because many personal characteristics do not match their parents. I was burned or learned by observation and retained a summary memory.

A child who knows instinctively how to handle tools will feel comfortable using tools and he or she uses them far more effectively than other children. even in the midst of hostile conditions. I can easily accept this phenomenon. It is reasonable to consider past life successes and goals may direct this child to families with like interest during the rebirth procedures. 73 I am using music only as an example. This synergistic effect increases knowledge and provides better living conditions throughout the world. Therefore. Gaining knowledge is never ending process. Therefore. Reincarnation can transfer these memories and understandings. my teacher told of a child who could not read a note but immediately knew where to place his left hand and understood how to play. Last night at my guitar lesson. Two conditions required before reincarnation can transfer and express genius are first. and understandings that transcend those of normally knowledgeable individuals. it builds upon the foundations of the past. Knowledge is never lost and its practical application remains consistent. We do not transfer all past memories. We all experience examples of this concept in our relationships and families.Religions Fail 185 through their environment they are not extremely gifted. Humanity recognizes genius by accomplishments. therefore heredity is not a factor. Like interest with proper support and education promotes advancement to the child’s superconscious goals. it is logical to suppose a child who transfers a superconscious interested in music73 would exhibit a strong interest in music early in their life and show tendencies of greater understanding of music. these are gifted children and they remain gifted. when exposed to it. it is a win-win situation for all. . which I explain by accepting transferred information from past lives to the present life. superconsciousness with developed talents and second a physical body capable of expression of genius tendencies. When exceptional understanding and knowledge is observable very early in life. music. Geniuses often exhibit extensive information and exceptional understanding of disciplines including. these innate memories continue to guide our interests and activities. thus. No human mind can store and effectively process that amount of information. I believe a child’s innate qualities conform to their transferred memories and wisdoms. mathematics. it could be any discipline or profession. but we do bring forward innate memories that we are ready to use in our present life. etc.. advancements.

Poe. Poets have a long history beginning with the great Phoenician and Greek orators and progressing through the period of the great orators and playwrights of the Roman Empire. Raphael. and Holbein these individuals was followed immediately by a second group including Rubens. then Mendelssohn. Gainsborough. Whitman. Velasquez. and Murillo. as they too appear born in groupings like the artist. It appears some artist and scientist may have advanced their knowledge due to transference of memories and superconscious abilities. DD In present-day sciences and arts. Thoreau. and Millais. Whittier. Wagner. Hunt. Schumann. First came Handel and Bach. Holman. Emerson. Reynolds. Rembrandt. and Longfellow. These composers are not the only example of this phenomenon and American poets appear in groups suggestive of transference of memories. Considering the advancements in techniques and perceptions each artist benefited from the foundations of the past and we can follow their progression in their art. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Romney and Raeburn then after their death we are gain an opportunity to appreciate a second group consisting of the works of Watts. although it certainly appears there are many deserving of this distinction. and after a short time second group of composers were born including Schubert. Rubenstein. Mozart and Beethoven. Most graphic illustration of this phenomenon is the great artists the first group including—Botticelli. . Are these two cycles and four groups a mere coincidence and normal progression of knowledge and abilities? Did it also happen in other disciplines? To answer this question I shall review music. Liszt. Now our present generation is witnessing advancements in these arts and sciences by individuals with extraordinary abilities and understandings. and Grieg. Michael Angelo. We appreciate progressions in ability and advancements in technique with increasingly more complex and emotionally inspired works. Rosetti. Then after a short time as second cycle appears and we appreciate the works of—Hogarth. The chronological order of appearance of those who have materially contributed to humankind within these arts and sciences reveals that these individuals apparently lived in groups. Brahms.186 Dr. Carlo Dolci. Progress continued on to periods that are more modern and we find Shakespeare followed by the Americans Bryant. but I must wait to place their names in extensions of these earlier groups. Chopin. Titian. we may appreciate many accomplished artist and researchers who may have gained background through a series of refinements and advancements.

though Europe and England then finally to America. each person eventually achieves their superconscious goals. Our understandings and knowledge of the great artist and scientist are not lost and each will reappear in the future to continue their advancement in the human experience with greater knowledge and skill. but I understand every person advances toward their maximum abilities as their wisdom and enlightenment. remorse. there are also links with Eastern arts and sciences but these links are beyond the scope of this book. Responsibility Each person has freedom-of-choice therefore he or she retains sole responsibility for their choices. only to continue around the world again. if he or she has the will and applies him or herself. Assimilating transferred memories establishes understanding and allows us to perfect the skills of the past. With understanding and wisdom we are more aware of new options and increased ability to evaluate life’s situations. Due to our continual upgrading of transferred memories and skills learned in the past. Each person develops goals. You cannot eliminate responsibility through prayer. and achieving long-term goals. working with old colleagues. No other person or religion may eliminate your negative outcomes. Humankind has benefited from the enlightenment of many individuals. our life is easier. When we build upon the foundations of the past and advance our personal goals for wisdom. Although humanity may justify negative choices or activities this human justification does not eliminate or alter personal responsibility for those choices. our choices and outcomes improve. There is a bad side to freedom-of-choice and knowledge. which are established superconsciously. However.Religions Fail 187 It is interesting to note the migration of these groups was predominantly from North African and Mediterranean societies. which upon achievement grants each of us a more peaceful and higher quality existence. and asking for forgiveness. You cannot transfer or delegate your responsibility to another person. and more productive. Each person is personally responsible for his or her choices. it is inspiring to realize we may be born repeatedly in groups. advancing those professions that are dear to us. It is joyous to appreciate that we shall labor and communicate with old friends and colleagues to gain new enlightenment during future lives. as concealed in more options is a greater .

There is no need for every person to make every human mistake. As we achieve enlightened our ability to differentiate right from wrong controls our choices and we are more proficient. These laws are not sins.188 Dr. as believed in the Hebrew bible. Therefore. and responsible. each of us has the ability to understand the experiences and situations of others by observation via our mirror neurons. or healthy. and challenges them. tests. strong. there are no Devine interventions. but as we increase our options and understandings. the moods of Hamlet. we gain greater insight regarding right and wrong and our choices become better and better. As I mentioned earlier Devine Destiny and Fate are mere religious deceptions. even with forethought we can experience negative outcomes due to our unwise choices. poor. we gain greater personal responsibility. we sanction ourselves for perceived failures and ignorant transgressions. Sanctions and restitutions resulting from violations of these laws and legal systems are the community’s responsibility. Each person’s level of knowledge directs his or her choices thus we are very responsible for all outcomes of our personal choices. Each individual has freedom-of-choice. sick. It is each person’s consciousness that directs. God does not mandate these laws. Each person is his or her own critic and driven by their worldview as it controls the adverse influences of the ego. we do not experience sin outside of the mind. wiser. No person is always right. they are a sole product of human efforts and desire. nor does God challenged an individual to complete given tasks. ergo. humankind is not predestined to be great. Our transferred memories grant greater insight and ability to understand the unknown. life philosophies. and the sorrows of King Lear. good. As increased understanding affects our choices and enhances our ability. God does not test individuals regarding their faith or obedience. nor mandate situations and schedule an individual for greatness or pain. Although an individual’s beliefs. I mentioned earlier that sin exists only in the mind of humanity. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. People make mistakes and bad choices. Due to freedom-of-choice. accepted religious dogma. This is exampled by Shakespeare’s ability to understand and articulate the emotions and feelings of Macbeth. making each of us accountable for our choices. Each person’s situations are direct outcomes of his or her choices. Laws establish our legal systems. weak. but our personal laws are not salvific. bad. DD number of unwise options and choices. all personal attempts to eliminate responsibility by prayer requesting forgiveness and guidance are . thus we must use our own devices. setting minimum standards predicated upon the will and desires of people living within the community. and level of enlightenment may alter his or her perception of sin.

Comparison of John and Thomas I wish highlight the parallels and differences between Christianity’s Book of John and the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas. independently review the outcomes of our choices.” By their very nature Gnostics constantly strive for greater understanding and reasonable interpretations of their experiences. thus they cannot accept exoteric teachings with its unrealistic symbolism. The Christian Bible reflects the exoteric teaching and presents the beliefs of Christianity in a varying parable form. and awakening their good qualities to eliminate future bad choices. On the positive side. Jesus questioned the ability of the disciples to understand his principles. I am the water of life. we are responsible.” Apparently John did not appreciate the concept of personal power as . once we make a choice. prayer without transcendent activity is normally a one-sided conversation. often using the phase “Those who have ears. but wrong remains wrong and perceptional changes do not eliminate responsibility. These books illustrate the primary differences between the esoteric and exoteric teachings of Jesus. will. which were intended for the selected future teachers and the more enlightened. Each individual learns to differentiate right from wrong and awakens latent good qualities by experiencing damage and negative outcomes from their choices. The author of John believed faith in Jesus was a determinate factor and doorway to eternity when he wrote the ‘I am’ versus in the Christian Bible. we cannot eliminate it. alter it. let them hear. Although we develop a direct communication bridges within our self and it helps to talk out transgressions and bad choices. and make restitution. prayer may allow some individuals to form a new perception and an alternate view. Knowledge eliminates ignorance and each person may use freedom-of-choice as he or she wishes. We must accept responsibility for our actions. The ‘I am’ versus includes “I am the way. or gain forgiveness by request or desire. I am the vine. and openly evaluating every aspect of a negative experience. Each person must accept responsibility for his or her choices. Forgiveness is not available through prayer and guidance is an inside job requiring self-knowledge. Every choice contains an eternity. and effort. the Gnostic scriptures provide insight through the esoteric teachings of Jesus. but our personal responsibilities remains constant. In the esoteric teachings.Religions Fail 189 of no value.

The canonized Book of John makes concentrated efforts to discredit Thomas because Thomas questioned. Thomas’ Jesus taught unity.190 Dr. John’s journey allows deathbed confessions. In fact. if so there is no point of restitution and enlightenment. and grants all people eternity. DD a heritage of each person. and blindly following the Church before they were granted eternity. Thomas presents concepts of androgyny. Thomas reports Jesus’ esoteric teaching. but absolutely requires each person to achieve wisdom throughout their life. Strict orthodox Christians reading the Gospel of Thomas think it is heretical and wrong. written in an older style. approximately 50ce. which grants personal freedom-of-choice and freewill. but upon completing a more in-depth review they realize it is a form of Christian teaching they did not know before. bagging for forgiveness. thus it is the oldest of the disciple scriptures. It seems Western religions and politicians find it necessary to discredit probably because they are too weak to support their own positions. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. end-of-life acceptance of God. Think for a moment could Hitler or Timothy McVey have simply said “God Forgive Me” and gain passage into eternity. but these are Christian deceptions and do not address the integrity of life. thus he believed each person must go through Jesus. Thomas simply reports Jesus’ esoteric teachings. . John’s journey to eternity presents Jesus as the door and supports the concepts indicating ask and ye shall receive. therefore Thomas appears much more enlightened than John. The Gospel of Thomas. and eliminates the availability of an easy and faultless path to forgiveness and eternity. On the other hand. For Thomas forgiveness is not available just for the asking. The Book of John written sometime later—after The Gospel of Thomas was in circulation it is primarily rebuttals to the Gospel of Thomas. dedicated effort. example. On the other hand. The time of authorization for the Gospel of Thomas is sometime around the middle of the first century. personal will. nor does Thomas address John’s beliefs. between the spirit and mind was the only path to eternity. Thomas offers a path that uses the concepts of knowledge. does not address John’s negative issues. places responsibly for achieving wisdom solely on each person. Thomas believed and accepted Jesus as a mentor. and guide for every person striving for peace. fearful of God. Every person that did not achieve knowledge remained ignorant in the chaos and slavery of the world.

. empathy. compassion. and peace. Thomas’s eternity is gained through personal dedicated effort and living a life of wisdom. The Gospel of Thomas does not present a free ride and easy path to eternity or promote fear-generated forgiveness and deathbed confessions.Religions Fail 191 and responsibility. justice. integrity.

Self—awareness is more than acknowledgement of our feelings. rules. the more we understand our world. No person has greater access to truth than any other person who is willing to expend his or her efforts to gain knowledge.Five The Fix Self-Awareness Many people begin their search for personal balance and wisdom where they see the most activity. reasonable people cannot logically accept religion’s authoritarian justifications. simply the more we understand our self. and rhetorical proclamations. no real meaning. To be aware is to know the self and develop an understanding through self-evolvement and self-actualization. it is discovering and understanding our essence and energy in our consciousness and superconsciousness. Although religious rhetoric is pleasing it is little more than fanfare and hype. Self-awareness is the primal step in our journey to balance and peace. Self-awareness is not something you do. inner goals. 192 . containing little substance. They understand that religious leaders claiming to understand the path universally fail and provide little more than egocentric rhetoric. thoughts. they are common people. They join the groups and talk the talk. Religious leaders and their organizations cannot give you knowledge and wisdom. To be aware is to be an open participant in all experiences within the world around us and within us. and body language. emotions. They embrace orthodox religious socialization. They are not messengers from god. and no long-term comfort. It is our understanding of our state of being. it is a state of being. Nevertheless. and desires.

Therefore. As we achieve proficiency in each of these areas. material world. It allows us to increase our power as we come to understand who we are. Mystical experiences are results of energy transcending the consciousness of the mind and journeying beyond the limits of our world. we come to understand our essence. We open our self to information and inputs from multiple sources that are new and not yet understandable. trust them. thus it is limited to the material world. much like opening river floodgates and letting all the water flow unrestricted. Spirituality acknowledges the profound wisdom. Our consciousness looks for answers and attempts to rationalize the unexplainable without factual foundations. During early development. we begin to communicate within our essence and receive guidance from our energy and wisdom. Through self-awareness. defenses. later you will come to understand that new information develops enlightenment and new choices. our rational mind cannot explain or understand our experiences. but do not attempt to justify or understand them immediately.Religions Fail 193 Our first task is to accept mystical awareness as a real possibility. influenced by the ego. We are self-aware and self-actualized. but it transcends the conscious world. and affected by our ego-armor. it encompasses our state of being. as you achieve awareness and know your experiences. Awareness is living mindfully every moment of every day with full attention to each detail of life. our strengths. and facades. Do not retreat from any experience. We are not prepared to assimilate and understand all information we are receiving. and retain it in your memory. The journey to self-awareness increases our enlightenment as we come to appreciate many new experiences. Awareness requires working with our mind and energy. and use them for guidance. our specific powers. Spiritual/mystical energy encompasses psychic energy. spirit. Information overload is common when we first open to awareness. . The mind has access to a tremendous amount of information from multiple energy levels all at once. superconsciousness. and celestial spheres. We learn and come to understand our self by achieving awareness of six personal activities. and develop our unique individual gifts and talents. but psychic energy egocentrically influences and defines our material world. Do not try to make sense of all initial information. Psychic energy is purely mental and conscious energy. accept it as a guide.

Awareness of our body. 4. Collecting and understanding these observations are an important step toward focusing on our lives and developing self-awareness. 2. You begin to realize your transmitted subliminal messages and the need to alter or discard all negative actions. 5. spirit. emotions. and feelings from all sources. We must live consciously. with whom we are communicating. Awareness of our thoughts. but first we must become aware of our own feelings and emotions. feeling. that provides each person a means to feel and understand the true concerns and emotions of others. Awareness of becoming aware. but we must first become aware of our self before we can truly exhibit or understand compassion and empathy. Awareness with open communication bridges between our energies and world. As you become aware of each gesture and movement. and consciously evaluating every choice. mindfully. The more we focus our full attention on where we are and what we are doing. Each person achieves self-awareness though the conscious energy existing in his or her mind. we can feel and understand the motives. a great transformation begins. Focusing on our self is not egocentric thinking. through observation and transferred psyche information. 6. Awareness of our emotions. Once we open to this level of communication. Every moment and every second of every life is extremely important and achieving full awareness will open up greater possibilities and options. Your body becomes more relaxed and you become more attuned to subtle vibrations. We become aware by focusing on ourselves. DD 1. and thought. the more we become fully aware of our involvement with the world and our essence. We can mindfully live our life with peace and understanding only through self-awareness. True compassion and empathy comes from within our essence. 3. from yourself and others. emotion. and superconsciousness. called mirror neurons. This allows you to recognize your . Focus simply means we are consciously open to all information.194 Dr. and inner emotions of others. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. The first step in awareness is to become very conscious of your body’s position and motions. concerns. Each person has the ability to experience and learn from the experiences of others. observing. goals. Science has located a cluster of brain cells. Awareness of our speech. but achieving total self-awareness investigates the totality of our psyche. and observing every moment of our life.

Every person truly dedicated to achieving self-awareness will experience these blocks. and level of awareness. and unmet egocentric needs. which are available only through self-awareness. therefore. and desires. These imperfections alter our sense of personal direction and argue for abandonment of all further advancement in our journey to self-awareness. spiritual. uncomfortable emotions. it will manifest in its time. identify cognitive distorted perceptions.Religions Fail 195 body language and transmitted messages. Do not worry. clouded memories. Then evaluate of your success and subtle life changes. Everyone starting his or her journey to absolute self-awareness and personal unconditional positive regard will soon realize that this journey is very difficult and uncomfortable. I was surprised when I discovered my journey require physical. meditation. speech. self-concepts. we immediately confront distorted thoughts. I came to appreciate I was not alone other people were experiencing identical uncomfortable emotions. Spiritual awareness with open communication and ego-spirituality balance is a product of self—awareness. who are just beginning this journey to awareness. I offer exercises to assist you in developing a method of gaining basic recognition of awareness and strongly suggest you use each exercise for the next two weeks. I quickly came to understand how extremely hard it is to look into one’s self and dismantle inherent dark side demons. break down egocentric defenses. Our ego defenses begin to develop immediately after birth. we become slaves of our strongest ego defenses and facades. and psyche maturity. When we attempt to alter our status quo. eliminate learned prejudices to appreciate the depths and errors of my choices. emotions. realize the falseness of unsupported personal facades. which I had not fully developed during my period of ignorance. Meditation at this level is initially beyond the reach of some people. Once you come to recognize your body language you can start identical cycles to recognize each of the other levels of awareness including. goals. and openness. thought. They constantly distort our thinking and memory to maintain corporeality’s status quo. It is not directly available as a separate awareness or a function of orthodox religion. Later. . Open communication between the consciousness (egocentric world) and superconsciousness (spirituality) requires extreme personal dedication and efforts. Any attempt to eliminate these blocks will initiate egocentric defenses.

We are extremely limited and appreciate only the material world. cut ourselves into fine negative pieces that reflect our ego’s substandard perceptions. and distorted interpretations. ego gratifications. and builds egocentric power through cognitive distortions. depression. locked in the status quo. continually pick ourselves apart. and unbalanced energies. and human experience. We consciously refuse to acknowledge and unconditionally accept uncomfortable situations and emotions. . they see only their own egocentrically manifested consciousness. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. I found that people who do not journey to self-awareness effectively close all doors to his or her heart chakra. “This is I. DD Stop and think everyone suppresses the uncomfortably strong feelings of bad relationships and situations. Our self-worth plummets starting an increasing powerful spiral downward leading to despair and conflicts. Some argue that suppression is a realistic reaction to stress but conversely it becomes detrimental as suppressed memories manifest our dark-side demons.” Beginning the journey to self-awareness is too hard for many people and they become enslaved by ego defenses initiating distorted thoughts. During the journey to self-awareness. it is not easy to come to say. compare. completely controlled by their perceived egocentric world unable to appreciate their true essence. judge. Without self-awareness. We define ourselves by our egocentric achievements. unable to visualize more than a short time or narrow field-of-view. At this point. Without self-awareness. We are unable to visualize more than a few options and choices. we become a slave. and cast our Self to the wind. I would like to outline some serious problems initiated by the lack of self-awareness. perceptions. gratifications. This group will normally immediately stop all attempts to journey into their Self and effectively accept slave status. and problems. anxiety. issues.196 Dr. when we see only ourselves and appreciate nothing other than our egocentric consciousness. environment. strengthens them. Our choices and outcomes are flawed and distorted lacking wisdom and compassion. What we see controls our understanding of our self. We see only egocentric goals and desires for immediate gratification to become locked in a limited view to see only a very small area of their world. goals. I realize this is a negative approach to self-awareness but these blocks are great problems. We store memories of uncomfortable situations and interactions deeper in our consciousness in an attempt to suppress all outward manifestations and reactions. we come to love or hate ourselves. goals. we are victims of our ego. we are frightened when our consciousness begins to appreciate who we truly are. Unfortunately.

withdrawal. fear. Religion is not a function of self-awareness. love. this sounds simple it is very convoluted. and anxieties. When symbolic forgiveness makes you feel better. desires. happiness. I am sure if you just look around your circle of relationships. and limits your activities to more socially accepted . distorted thoughts. Unbalanced ego/spiritual and word/choice continuums promote mental and physical isolation with emotional slavery. and efficient relationships. and ego defenses. comparing. as it requires understanding and effective use of our free will. the first group uses emotions including feelings of grandeur. religion does promote concepts of morality and relief to all followers that believe. which are due to egocentric comparisons. Ego defenses use three main groups of control. If you experience these manifestations of decreased self-awareness. Unbalanced Skaki and/or Shiva energy flow promotes an emotional state. blaming others. and conscious dedication to get past our fully developed and entrenched egocentric defenses and bring forth balance within our human experience. even in a crowd. Nevertheless. you can find examples of emotional and physical slavery. aggression. suppressing comfortableness. Balanced ego/spirituality and word/choice continuums eliminates minor conflicts. alters future choices. you are not alone. it is extremely easy to identify ourselves by our ego’s problems and once defined by ego’s distorted thinking and defenses it is extremely hard to let go of these incorrect egocentric definitions of our Self. we are unable to appreciate the vital rhythms of our life. and fail to appreciate our optimum abilities. they are very common. depressions. anger. shyness. patience. and depression. and the third group is physical including conflict. Orthodoxy provides ignorance a safe haven by offering Carte Blanc elimination of responsibility. Although. and building ego defensive facades to become self-aware with unconditional positive regard for our Self.Religions Fail 197 Due to these symptoms of closed energy flow. forgiveness. which denies appreciation of peace. negative judgments. false facades and behaviors intended to stop internal communications. Any belief will further enlightenment in some areas and religions can provide some relief for those individuals unable to complete their journey to self-awareness. We come to feel alone. anxiety. We are too busy justifying. the second group is psyche including concepts of imbalances. Religion is an example of organizationally constructed egocentric defense—it does not teach wisdom or develop long-term personal peace. and other emotional acting out. and an unobstructed path to eternity.

” Self-awareness unclutters our consciousness and effectively increases our ability to communicate by eliminating personal chaos and imbalance. These wisdoms established the foundational elements of achievement. beliefs. tranquility. better choices. . Eliminating chaos increases our ability to effectively communicate. Love—development of an appreciation of the multiple levels of love ( Porneia. Appreciation—of all personal relationships in which I interact and interrelate. these energy transformations are foundational elements allowing us to come to understand we do not need to live with chaos and conflict. and worldview. nurture. and Agape) and coming to accept my personal ability to manifest unconditional love for myself and others. knowledge. They promote tolerance. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. These are the four specific wisdoms. and egocentric facades and manifestations. and do not enslave yourself in unreasonable strict dogma demands. false justifications. stay there but open your psyche to alternate concepts.198 Dr. personal peace. Philia. it positively influences your world. greater self-worth. 2. love. and understanding of the self. DD practices. “I am what I am! I am no more. and effective relationships. 3. beliefs. If presently accepted religious practices work for you and you are at peace with your Self. and develop relationships that are more meaningful with higher levels of honesty. The wisdoms open the doorway to self-awareness. Self-actualization—achieving a deeper understanding of your thoughts and abilities without pretense. The four wisdoms include: 1. Personal energy transformations in these four wisdoms bring forward into our consciousness altered daily choices. They encourage discarding and alleviating egocentric comparisons and judgments as these imperfections have no value to our essence. which I have found to be foundational blocks to self-awareness. and self. These transformations serve far greater functions as they bring forth optimum mental and physical health with a greater appreciation for our goals. and 4. In addition. Sexuality—who I am and what I wish to be. exercise your free will. Though energy transformations we achieve the ability to declare. All people travel a parallel journey toward knowledge and eventually build communication bridges within his or her conscious and superconscious.

I needed to maintain my ego defense mechanisms to maintain a healthy ego-spirituality balance and eliminate one-sided absolute spiritual control. It allows each person to effective function within his or her relationships. It is the door allowing all information. This vicious circle can deny access to truth. self-awareness tempers both ego and spirituality to maintain an individual within the relative limitations of worldly reality. Self-awareness promotes the ability to exercise free will and discard all relationships that are not correct for you. Self-awareness provides grounding and stability. emotional. Ego is a manifestation of our psyche and body-mind. is highly detrimental therefore. the ego embraces all consciousness. Moving to far along this continuum. outside the brain. Therefore. physical. develop love. and make enlightened choices while accepting wisdom from all realms. The body-mind is that area in each cell. We are what we perceive and we cannot perceive what we are before we gain self-awareness and control over our personal energies and egocentric defenses. . I found that I had to ground my conscious perceptions in verified reality and balance spiritual energies with a realistic worldview to balance spirituality’s inherent ability to disregard all worldly influence and ego’s demand for immediate gratification. and intellectual activities. and visually manifested in the auras surrounding and pervading each body cell. I found it opens the doors of effective communications and relationships. However.Religions Fail 199 Wow! As I came to self-awareness. there this is a circular path. mindfully. If I am balanced and communicating with wisdom and personal honesty I can be false to no other and I have the ability to live every moment of my life to its fullest. each individual’s truth is a manifestation of their worldview. and each individual’s worldview is a manifestation of their wisdom. I found I was unable to eliminate these ego defenses by willing myself to refuse their directions. in either direction. spiritual. Think for a moment about the personal power contained within this manifestation. intellectual processes. you are your own drummer. It opens the intuitiveness of our life and comes to provide directions from all sources and realms. learning. and knowledge to pass into our choices and beliefs. You not only march to your own drummer. where life exists controlling all bodily functions. The ego is our contact with the world and it desires to maintain the status quo with instantaneous gratifications containing personal comfort and power. You must understand your worldview before you can tear down your dark-side demons and eliminate ego facades and defenses.

Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Through self-awareness. I am responsible for every choice. and influences. appreciate. without comparisons and judgments. Self-actualization grants the ability to state ‘This is I and I can change those elements I do not wish to continue’. and unconditionally accept our Self. we come to understand our worldview and inner self without egocentric facades and deceptions. I wish to interject here a word of caution. car. achieve wisdom. and peace. I found I could not eliminate my inner conflicts and cognitive distortions until I achieved self-awareness. house.200 Dr. We identify with economic trinkets such as a job. but self-awareness is a foundational building block for all levels of personal wisdom and leads the way to understanding others. I realize that there are simultaneous situations. Personal will opens the door to appreciation and utilization of personal freedom. As we come to self-awareness. We must come to understand. and erroneous concepts of others and ourselves. therefore. We inflate our self-worth and self-value to justify our egocentric goals. prejudices. values. harmony. compassion. and come to appreciate total personal freedom devoid of all egocentric goals and desires. we come to know our self and eliminate inherent cognitive distortion. Simply. our world. and empathy. We come to appreciate how others see us through self-actualization and this is important because it allows us come to know and accept ourselves as we seen by others. misunderstanding. Through will and dedication. and our Self—there are no shortcuts. Only your individual choices and actions can open and close your inherent mystical doors to eliminate and control of your demons. before we can appreciate other things and accept others with unconditional positive regard. ring. etc. All people build very elaborate and unreasonable beliefs to fortify his or her erroneous individual misconceptions. and will. dedication. they simply do not want and cannot eliminate their facades and unfounded acceptances. we achieve an ability to efficiently and clearly interrelate and communicate with others and our Self. this self-awareness requires coming face-to-face with your dark side demons and realistically attempting to control these demons through determination. It is very painful to attempt to achieve self-awareness. DD Personal balance is foundational to personal harmony. learned unreasonable issues. power. misinterpreted sensory perceptions. I steadfastly chose to protect my unwavering personal freedom. We gain the ability to view others with unconditional positive regard and discern what relationships are right or wrong for us. if you do not accept and appreciate your Self you cannot accept or appreciate .

Initially. confusion. All conflicts are manifestations of inner chaos. we must independently appreciate each of the four wisdoms. When we fail to appreciate our Self. we cannot use personally driven energies and experiences in isolation. harmony. Although this is not a total list. This is the key to mindfulness and a better life. Documentation suggests we must go into the darkness of our essence to obtain the light of understanding and unlock the peace that is already latent within our essence. page 8: 13-21 . However. Acceptance is a basic element interpolated and interwoven throughout all four wisdoms. In the written material of many religions. including you. The rewards are subtle. before we can optimize self-awareness. John. and Philip graphically illustrate what is available within these gospels regarding knowledge. when we are together inside. However. This process is strictly an individual effort and it remains the sole responsibility of each individual. First selection. lock in the slavery of materialism. and unity reside latently within every person and it is mandatory to unlock that which is within to find peace. Self-awareness removes all distortion and egocentric defenses to look truthfully into your choices. in The Gospel of Mary Magdalene74 Mary reports Jesus as saying: 74 The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Thomas. Accepting our personal abilities allows us to use Reiki and other spirit driven energies to achieve unimaginable positive results and life changes. we become a prisoner in your own egocentric facades and chaos. and cognitive distortions. I introduce a small group of alternate scriptures addressing internal peace. we are together on the outside. You must go into your essence and come to understand who you are. several selections from the writings of Mary Magdalene. but peace grows within us through our individual dedication and efforts. Gnostic scriptures found near Nag Hammadi Egypt have profoundly affected our lives and understandings. however. imbalances. wisdom. and harmony. you will not like yourself and wonder why your choices were so ignorant. gained over time.Religions Fail 201 any other person or thing unconditionally. self-awareness requires development of unconditional positive regard for all things. We must understand and gain wisdom of our Self before we can truly appreciate and/or love another. This is not an easy task. Personal peace and balance is within each person. we must accept the existence of these energies before we can come to understand and use these energies with maximum effectiveness. we find statements indicating that peace.

but the nous between the two 25. These parallels firmly establish Mary’s Magdalene’s credibility and supports her status as Apostle to the Apostles. ‘There it is!’ 19. and allow no one to mislead you 16. 20. Peace be with you—may my peace 14. It is my peace that I give you. 24. thus she demands equal status with other authors and books of the canonized bible. Again Mary’s statement “May my peace arise and be fulfilled within you”.75 75 The Gospel of Mary Magdalene. is paralleled in the Christian Bible book of John 14:27 when the author of that book reports that during Jesus’ farewells announcing his journey to the Father. 18. The nous serves as our vital bridge between our physical world and spirit—superconsciousness and soul. For it is within you 20. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. That the son of man dwells 21. Which see the vision. page 10: 18-25 . ‘Here it is!’ or 18. in a Moment of vision. “Peace I leave with you. By saying: 17. Be vigilant. Lord. The Gospel of Mary Magdalene continues to states we communicate with God through our nous [a Greek word used by Aristotle to describe the higher mind or soul]. Arise and be fulfilled within you! 15.202 Dr. or is it through the Spirit? 22. Mary clearly states that The Son of Man’s peace resides within each of us. he stated. when someone meets you 19. I find strong parallels in Mary’s statement “Peace be with you” and the Christian Bible as we find this statement again in Luke 24:36 and John 20:19. It is neither through the soul nor the spirit. is it through the soul that they see. Go to him. The Teacher answered: 23. DD 13.” Mary’s statements parallel scriptures found within passages of the Christian New Testament. 21.

“When the two become one. When you come to know yourselves. most individuals will stumble through life and never really clearly understand where to look for God. then you will become known. 2. and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father. “When the inner becomes the outer and the outer becomes the inner. Jesus answered this question approximately 2000 years ago and The Gospel of Thomas reports his answer. Jesus clearly points the way harmony is within you. But if you will not know yourselves. Paul’s meaning when he spoke of the Christ within.” In each of these statements two—psyche and spirit—becomes one. and what we believe we become. the Kingdom is inside you and it is outside you. Thomas and the canonized Christian Bible agree regarding this issue. It is interesting to note that this belief is in total agreement with St. Jesus states we must come to know our self. then you will dwell in poverty. “When the male becomes female and the female becomes male. II. It is reasonable to accept. If they say to you. enlightenment.Religions Fail 203 In this passage. Simply stated what we know we love. Rather. Each person may realize and appreciate their good qualities. and it is you who are that poverty. It is in the sea. ‘Where to look for God?’ Jesus responded: ‘If those who lead you say to you.” 3. then the birds of sky will precede you. the nous represents a far more than individual superconsciousness and indicates the presence of a higher mind. See. Thomas records questions by the disciples as they asked. and wisdom.” 2. then the fish will precede you.”76 Jesus’ statement indicates the Kingdom of God is within each person. 3 . the Kingdom is in the sky. 76 The Gospel of Thomas. As outlined above. Jesus addresses unity in several passages: 1. which has formed a bridge between our Anthropos—both male and female—and spirit. It is reasonable to conclude there is energy latent within every person containing his or her superconsciousness that is within the reach of all humanity. several passages from Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of Thomas support the belief of a latent spirit within the superconsciousness of every human.

204 Dr. “We are known by the spirit he gave us. but we must understand wisdom is increased only when we complete the steps of education with a critically review of each incorrect choice. egocentric choices. dear children. 1 John.”79 “The kingdom of God is within you. graphically illustrate the widespread scope of acceptance regarding the spirit within. Each of these passages solidly supports a spirit within the superconsciousness of every person. We are in fact the captain of our soul and the director of our destiny. because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson.”77 “You. you cannot contract or pay for these thus it is not a function of economics. and understand our self. are from God and have overcome them. because he has given us of his spirit. 4:13 NIV. 79 80 77 78 NIV.”78 “We know that we live in him and he in us. DD As we search. Luke. We may accept the guidance of a mentor but we must complete all tasks by ourselves. and wisdom. Through education we slowly gain knowledge and wisdoms. which are contained in passages from 1st John and Luke. Some examples of these parallels. There are no shortcuts to self-awareness and wisdom. 1 John. we do not need orthodox religion’s hype. These require dedicated personal will and effort. As we complete each of the six steps of education. develop of our wisdom. We can accomplish these independently through individual dedication and effort without outside guidance. We learn by what we do wrong. No other person may grant or give you these. 4:4 NIV. we gain enlightenment and increase our wisdoms. there are no formal education programs that awards self-awareness with wisdom. If we accept our energy. 17:21 .”80 Clearly each of these passages strongly supports the existence of the energy within each person. self-awareness. 3:24 NIV. Orthodox religions fail because they deny freedom-of-choice. awaken our latent good qualities. we find more documentation supporting the existence of the spirit within several texts of the Christian bible. 1 John. and dogma.

wisdom is available to all people via his or her personal efforts. Reincarnation. Cooper’s concept of the World School education parallels ancient teachings and beliefs. I satisfactorily complete each of these six steps before I can accept new knowledge and assimilate it into my worldview as new wisdoms. Evaluation. and Verification. Through education. but complicated evaluations blend and interweave as we work through each experience. Irving S. For every experience. Cooper in his book. Wisdom cannot be purchased. life. we experience life situations as they come to us and feel the cause and effect of our choices and outcomes. 5. Experience. These steps progress consecutively. World School is a term used by the Rt. The six stages of education include. awarded. 4. Rev. Rev. Reflection. One is always first and six is always last. Cooper. We experience life first hand through every choice and evaluation. Nevertheless. Rev. Theological Press. Implementation. Irving S. and experiences. by The Rt. 6. Wheaton Illinois . 3. moral codes. and truths that guide us. Cooper I came to understand the six stages of education as a method of transforming experience into wisdom.” From Rev.Religions Fail 205 Education The primary purpose of life is education. generally from one to six. 2. It promotes greater understanding of self. we come to understand our essence and world. Experience During this first stage. The Hope of the World81. 1. Nothing happens in a 81 Reincarnation The Hope of the World. This knowledge improved my life beyond my imagination as my choices became realistic. Understanding. Rev. Cooper stated “During the World School we learn the knowledge. or gained in an institution or religious organization.

3. if this choice is applicable to the future. Evaluate to determine if each outcome was positive or negative. Every choice within our reality will generate some effect. Determine the predictability of the outcome. Our task in the step is to openly review what actually happened without egocentric thought and emotion. Determine if another choice would have resulted in better outcome. George Bernard Shaw stated. 1.” This indicates that we will experience every situation of life. DD vacuum all choices within our reality. and its reasonableness. “Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough. We experience and feel the effects of all choices. Review the reactions of others who were influenced. These choices may originate in others. either by others and by us. As you sow so shall you shall reap. just as the spider’s web. Evaluate if we achieved the desired results. 2. good and bad within our environment. 6. 4. Each statement contains the same meaning. Reflection evaluates the cause and effect to promote reasonable conclusions regarding intended and unintended outcomes. We consider every result and outcome. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. During reflection. Your rewards are proportional to your efforts but gain is proportional to chance. I intensely review the cause and effect using RREEDD. any force on any strand will influence all other strands. Reflection Reflection is a mental process that occurs after an experience. Literature states this law in numerous ways. During reflection. The law of cause and effect says. which is that everything has an equal and direct reaction that is proportional to the initial choice and action. . We are in direct contact with our world thus we see and feel firsthand the cause and effects of our choices. we critically analyze each choice. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Our experiences are a direct result of choices and actions. creates emotions and feelings that exhibit both good and bad outcomes. 5. Review the choices preceding the experience.206 Dr.

and egocentric thought. their justified beliefs. that this is an impossible task for individual with strong personality disorders. thus unpredictable outcomes are indicative of . Understanding requires a tremendous individual effort. It determines the truth or falseness of understanding as we increase the complexity and universally of this new knowledge’s use. It manifests the why of our choices and the choices of others within our reality. they cannot appreciate that they made a wrong choice or take responsibility. Understand is complex because our beliefs. It is possible. Every individual formulates truth using facts and data they wish to consider. they may contain elements of truth and partial correctness. we see facts through tinted sunglass and justifiably conclude incorrect truths. As discussed earlier.Religions Fail 207 When we use RREEDD. we understand what we wish to accept and understand. Self-awareness is paramount to understanding. worldview. this is the usual makeup of all flawed understandings. It is not easy to complete a conscious review of all causes and effects using all data and outcomes. This is a major problem. This ego defense attempts to realistically block understanding. Although. It is not easy to admit personal wrongness and take responsibility for ignorance. Implementation is a practical function of using new knowledge with a primary goal of generating new experiences. Understanding promotes the ability to refer these experiences to new and more complicated situations and environments. we form basic knowledge and researching the cause and effect of each choice. and life philosophy greatly influences our conclusions during reflection. Implementation Implementation allows us to advance and enhance our understandings by applying new knowledge to new situations and environments. Understanding Understanding encompasses an in-depth review of the cause and effect of our choices and outcomes. incorrectly justified beliefs will not promote correct understandings. True knowledge will naturally result in choices with predictable outcomes. ergo reflection formulates a mental database for all stages of education.

therefore. During this stage we complete critical reviews of all choices and outcomes and assesses each choice for its. effects. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. Each implementation results in a new experience and restarts the six stages of education at stage one. and truth. ability to obtain predetermined goals. income. and Implementation we are ready to move on to Evaluation. Knowledge. and status. It has proven true by remaining consistent throughout other experiences. every conclusion must obtain its predetermined goals and achieve its planned effects. Truth is either a positive or a negative hypothesis. is inclusive of many experiences interwoven into the fabric of life. Experience. Favorable evaluation of our new truth does not make it wisdom. added during each step. we do not fully understand the experience. Greater accuracy of understanding makes our conclusion universal and applicable to greater situations and environments. compassion. As we expand knowledge. relationships. any aspect is false. If upon extension. shelter. they must be consistent throughout all new situations. but has gain predictability and within our limited experiences.208 Dr. empathy. Our new knowledge has not yet gained status as truth and wisdom. consistency. before it becomes a truth. food. Although there are truths that function only in specific environments. Before new conclusions can achieve predictability. It is unimportant if the outcomes of our conclusions are positive or negative. we become more effective and we increase our quality of life with better health. Reflection. It is important that the outcomes maintain predictability and we understand our conclusions correctly. Evaluation verifies validity or falseness of new knowledge and conclusions. Applicability to new and different situations evaluates the universality of new knowledge or determines if it is specific to a particular situation and only applicable to closely relating situations and circumstances. Evaluation considers all elements and conclusions to ascertain predictability. but it has completed five of the six stages of education and our application . Evaluation Armed with new data from the completion of the four stages of Experiences. and applicability to new situations. as our knowledge increases so does the scope of our accepted truths. Understanding. predictability. DD false understandings and conclusions.

consciousness. old or young. The six steps of education make every experience a learning tool. Each person’s mind travels a road toward fulfillment of his or her critical goals unless they are experiencing diseases and disabilities influencing their body and mind.Religions Fail 209 outcomes are predictable. Verification Verification uses new knowledge in varied situations and environments to determine truth and universality. Just as students must progress through each consecutive school grade prior to completing their graduation and subsequently starting their professional . Each person must achieve knowledge and finish all World School tasks alone. prudence. and peaceful. wise or ignorant minds. this is strictly an inside process. Each person’s path to wisdom and enlightenment is different but all paths are valid. Fulfillment and enlightenment requires individual work and dedication in the same manner as a student in a formal educational system. will. It is not wise to waste time and efforts on inaccurate and invalid information or to entertain personal conflicts because something is not as you originally believed. Each person achieves wisdom through dedicated personal efforts. comfortable. It awakens good qualities and provides a foundation for wisdom. While memory of experiences and education may form knowledge. Wisdom is a primary goal of life and an individual responsibility. There are no great or small. new knowledge becomes truth. and worldview. Every life is important. ethics. assimilated into wisdom. We must verify every conclusion before it becomes truth and wisdom. compassion. The church cannot complete a single task for you and ignorance is a fool’s folly. and desire. empathy. We must reject and discard invalid conclusions and immediately move on to address new issues and information. wisdom contains a realization of greater meaning. You are responsible for your level of knowledge and choices. which form our essence. Upon verification. our choices and outcomes become efficient and our life becomes healthier. Wisdoms are more universally applicable influencing our hidden thoughts and motives. Through experience and education. Memories within the superconsciousness are eternal energies. and stored within memories. This new knowledge has feasibility and we can effectively use it but it needs verification.

but this is little more than a ritual. each individual must satisfactorily complete every task of critical wisdoms before finishing World School. There are no short cuts this is an inside task. they begin to understand the self to live each day mindfully to the best of their ability. The devil does not restrict your freedom-of-choice and force you to make bad choices. Asking for forgiveness does not educate or mandate a critical review. Each person’s consciousness and superconsciousness must gain knowledge and balance. and effort predispose knowledge but the completion of the six steps of education allows the realization of knowledge and truth. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. and my life is good. Every life is valuable and I understand that every life reflects the sum total of each individual’s choices and knowledge without influence from the devil. There are no shortcuts. You and you alone make your choices. who has the will. as in the terms of the Blues Brothers. As self-awareness increases. and value of life. Although each person’s reality may be greater or lesser we will experience all situations. Self-awareness holds the keys to a good life as it open each person to the duality of their essence. . For each person. DD or working life.210 Dr. There are no valid excuses blaming others for malignant choices and outcomes. The church assigns all bad to the devil but the devil is a Christian deity. Achieving wisdom is a slow and laborious process directed by logical order and rules. they can yell. You appreciate your desire to make life valuable and productive. Each person is responsible for his or her personal choices. Knowledge is not a reflection of a haphazard and whimsical god using Devine Destiny or fate. ‘I’ve been there and done that’ will eventually become a true statement for all people. Forgiveness promoted by another human does not achieve wisdom or peace. It is a church sponsored deceptive method to easily replace personal responsibility with Devine clemency. it formulates a splendid view of your infinite goals and generates a strong and driving desire to complete your worldly tasks. ‘I feel good about myself. evaluations. there comes a time when. It increases knowledge and expands our understandings. “I see the light!” At this instant. crisis. purpose. Personal choices. Christianity fails as it transforms education into faith and their accepted dogma. At this point they can say. and choices—this is the basis of fairness.’ As we fulfill our establish goals and gain an ability to make better more informed choices we appreciate our personal power.

and failures to inner into you consciousness. no radio. and CD to open your senses to the world around you. our world school education process is much too complicated to satisfactorily complete all requirements for knowledge. Try these exercises every day during the next two weeks. 2. from one place to the next. no cell phones. Discern what taste you enjoy and which you tolerate. The list below contains target tasks you should use to improve your awareness. television. Undoubtedly. While walking. no eating. smell its fragrances. and become fully engaged the material . and ethical development in a short time. Eliminate all distractions and tune your attention to the single task. The time requirements of experience realistically require more than one lifetime to complete if we are to understand more than a token of the world’s truths. scrutinize your environment. observe the road and situations of driving. If driving focus on your driving. Turn off the radio.Religions Fail 211 Christianity promotes a free ride to eternity if you support the church economically with obeisance to strict dogma you make life everlasting. enjoy its colors and texture. wisdom. It is important to think only of the food. and appreciate the little things that share this reality with you. feel its beauty and warmth. look. Then focus your thoughts on the nutritional value and gains from the food. Slow down and allow yourself time to complete each task before going on or thinking about the next task. Experience is the first element of knowledge and the primary predecessor of wisdom. I cannot accept that I must conform to religious dogma to achieve all that I am or that any organization can affect my afterlife. 3. 1. focus your attention on the mode of transportation. Awareness Exercise These exercises bring your actions to your consciousness and increase your understanding of your normal methods of communication. and no conversation. Think about what you are observing. do not allow the day’s activities. successes. Get involved in your diet and appreciate what benefits it brings to you. Concentrate your focus on each task and do only one thing at a time. When traveling. While eating focus your attention on the texture and taste of the food.

Remember your responses and body language. 4. Now remember the reactions of those with whom you are interacting. and 5 simultaneously and rapid sequence. feeling.212 Dr. If you transmit negative body language and verbal communications. are simply a reflection of our own subliminal communications. If you are positive. and experiencing your thoughts. feelings. evaluate your level of awareness. During these tasks. do not think about what you plan to say next. maintain notes of your impressions and feelings for later evaluation. During conversations focus all your attention on the communication and become present by consciously knowing. Think only of the conversation. 4. You may experience a tremendous shift in your perception due to your increased awareness of your interactions with others and his or her responses. and the body language of the other person. and responses. Focus your attention on the conversation and listen to the points and issues of the other person. Hateful communication decrease self-worth and these individuals experience hateful responses. Each person promotes or destroys themselves by the totality of their communications. Body language is extremely spontaneous and we must become aware of our body’s motions during interactions with others. Allow your intuitive perceptions to guide you as you respond. DD world around you. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. from others. Listen to the sounds of your environment and appreciate the beauty of all things. As an example when sharing a lunch with friends or business associates. Most individuals have reported their conversations became . thus many negative and positive reactions. Angry people experience angry responses from ignorant people. Other individuals recognize and reflect back your positive and negative body responses. You may complete very task in varying sequences at any time during normal daily activities. Later use your evaluations to correct outgoing negative signals and bring about the positive. the responses reflected back to you would probably be positive. 5. It is important of understand the issue and topic presently communicated. After performing this exercise for two weeks. Acknowledge your body language. you should expect limited communication with these in return. you will often complete items 1. they assume others dislike them and this is possibly true due to his or her communications. Do not become distracted with where you should be or where you are going.

which remains constant throughout the cycles of our emotions. we often experience feelings regarding trust or acceptance of these individuals. physical body. and fragrances of their environments became brighter and crisper. superconsciousness. Do not expel these feelings and emotions but understand they have no foundations in fact. Physical awareness is our first step to self-awareness. and mind.Religions Fail 213 deeper and more fulfilling and the colors. They vary according to interactions of the moment. Spirituality addresses every experience and aspect of our life except self-awareness. home. profession or job. Spirituality vs. clothes. walk away. Spirituality influences every person even individuals holding an absolute atheistic worldview. sounds. Ego Achieving inner peace requires each person to maintain balance between his or her spirit [energy] and ego [material world]. . It is extremely important to understand spirituality and ego if we are going to achieve balance and harmony. and return later to think about what you have written. each person’s inner peace is far deeper and more encompassing than his or her mental and physical peace. As an example. Ego is our analytical psyche and reasonableness providing contact with the material world. Through heighten awareness we gain greater experiences. Therefore. but spirituality is the energy containing our essence. I have found these intuitive manifestations to be extremely accurate. which spirituality does not influence as it builds our communication bridges and all that we are. Ego encompasses our material world. because these are limited and predicated on worldly circumstances and situations. However. Then evaluate if you are secure and peaceful with the experience or if change is required. thus each person makes his or her choices and interactions based on the balance of spirituality and ego. Our worldview and life philosophy is a product of our spirituality. car. after conversations with new acquaintances. I found mundane tasks of normal daily living became easier and I experience new energy with greater appreciation of these tasks. Take moment to jot down your feelings. Realistic evaluations of your feelings and responses may highlight areas you wish to alter in the future. Worldly cycles initiate emotions and responses but they do not influence inner peace. and every aspect of the way we live.

and laws. Nevertheless. but on the positive side.214 Dr. our spirituality guides our choices toward higher aspirations but our ego counters to maintain our grounded physical goals and the status quo. it is temporary as it reacts in the moment. we move toward ego control. Ego-tension is a duality. Both energy and ego are essential and both need reasonable influence to balance our essence. it fuels the fire of awareness. As we become egocentrically driven. self-worth. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. The world encourages and nurtures ego and ego-driven activities more than spirit-driven manifestations. Our ego constantly reacts in favor of apparent socially acceptable appearances with immediate gratification and pleasure. nicer homes. Ego driven goals and desires establish and practice multiple traditions and rituals. Traditions and rituals are of no concern in our spirituality. It is the predecessor of rules. self-concept. Ego utilizes every effort to maintain comfort. and how others perceive us. and immediate gratification. Ego/spirit challenges create ego/spirit tension. We are initially uncomfortable when we realistically journey inside to view our self and open awareness. as they maintain the status quo. we realize that we have power and freedom-of-choice to make decisions . but our spirit steadfastly resists these challenges to maintain our ethical code. Ego desires to create a solid framework for physical existence with power. regulations. As we balance our ego/spirit continuum. pleasure. Equanimity is a goal of ego-spirit balance and inner peace is a result of equanimity. and personal desire. appearance. Ego-driven success is gratifying and rewarding. Ego driven experiences challenge and prompt our spirit to make changes and accept egocentric goals. imagination. DD Self-awareness guides our spirit and ego balance. Egocentric thought incorrectly believes that bigger cars. personal power. We learn to use ego-tension to promote knowledge. Every organization and culture mandates numerous rules. but we are very comfortable and easily directed by our concepts of success. Spiritually seeks wisdom. and more money are measurements of our value. the spirit knows nothing of these traditions and rituals they are products of human myth. as we gain self-awareness. Spirituality with self-awareness and knowledge exposes our ego-spirit separations. and gain gratification of worldly goals and desires. Egocentric thought finds great comfort in repetition of these rituals. Ego control accepts that the outcome justifies the means and forces our spirit to retreat deeper into our self to silence our moral compass. and wisdom. on the negative side it is the foundation of conflict. The ego directs that we reject the needs of our spirit and denies a balance of power within our essence. However. regulations. and laws. control. When we are in balance.

harmony. and anxieties. if he or she is to live without inner conflicts. and strives only for goals of that aspect. with spirituality influencing all choices of the ego. it is equally detrimental if the spirit controls the ego. goals. and self. and appearances. wisdom. and goals to identifying each as an element and symptom of ego-spirit separation and conflict. but spirituality allows us to know our essence and find peace and harmony. life is like a randomly tuned piano unable to produce harmony. conflicts. anxieties. Each person’s spirit and ego must remain in balance. These elements of our essence reflect who we are and what we must become.Religions Fail 215 regarding our life. attachments. we allow our ego to direct and control our spirit or our spirit to control our ego. Our spiritual journey allows recognition and acceptance of our essence. Note. We cannot separate our ego and spirit however we can understand the difference between physical awareness and spiritual awareness. Neither the ego nor the spirit can exist in isolation they are part on each other there is no separation between them. needs. our life becomes a creation of that aspect. It decreases stress. unconditional positive regard. and desires for immediate gratification. Conflicts are manifestations of . Conflicts Ego is ignorant of impermanence and brevity of life as its ostentatious self-value produces illusions. and anxiety. anxiety. you are in conflict. When we allow alterations in the hierarchy of our essence. depression. We develop an extremely dangerous situation when we allow our ego to control our choices unchecked by our spirit. In either situation. We should remember that within our essence we find a reality. Self-awareness provides greater understandings and appreciation of our desires. and peace that are not dependent upon worldly situations. Ego-spirit imbalances cause inner conflicts. depression. Every life experiences a constant conflict between ethical codes and worldly goals and desires. we allow one aspect to direct every aspect of our life. Many individuals promote egocentric control with its responsibilities. It is important to understand our first step to correct this imbalance is to become aware and communicate openly with the spirit and ego. fears. animalistic goals. life. If either gains control. and depression. successes. Spirituality explores deeper levels of both our spirit and ego then it initiates conscious and superconscious efforts to bring about ego-spirit balance. it is equally detrimental to peace.

fears. We can minimize this conflict by simply moving to a safe area to eliminate the negative emotions of this encounter. The ego finds comfort maintaining the status quo and appearance. and facades and come to understand that we have the will and the freedom-of-choice to alter to eliminate ego-spirit imbalances. weakness. Western society promotes and readily accepts ego driven goals and values as ultimate indicators of the person’s value and status. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. they exist only in the moment. We must mitigate ego desires with spirit guidance and our word and choices must remain synergistic. Anger comes from within. armor. External conflicts are results of outside situations and environmental imbalances occurring in close proximity. which affect our choices. The final triggering episode causing the physical manifestation of this anger merely opens our consciousness to the conflict. and refuse to eliminate these ego-spirit and word-choice imbalances and conflicts for a short period.216 Dr. We may willfully suppress.’ Ego is never satisfied and inner conflicts grow as we come to realize that we are not the ultimate of humanity. We are simply acting out what was already present. Our emotions become self-centered as feelings of inadequacy and failure cycle with power and control to justify our egocentric choices. and false facades that overshadow the spirit to imprison the self. External conflicts are temporary. This emotional roller coaster causes our relationships to become weak and justified by appearance. thus power and money are the primary considerations establishing community pecking orders. but . There are two distinct types of conflicts resulting from either internal or external issues. Though self-awareness we recognize and appreciate our ego armor. thus we deceive our conscious mind by accepting ‘if it looks good it is good. appearances. This imbalance perpetuates itself by increasing ignorance and egocentric control. DD an imbalance between ignorant egocentric choices and our spirit’s desires for moral compliance. This explains why our reaction to anger is often out-of-proportion to the initiating incident. justify. Internal conflicts are manifestations of ego-spirit and word-choices [belief-action] imbalances. When ego directs our choices regarding material world responsibilities. Money and power are treasured and serve as major factors in the measurements of personal self-worth and value. An example of external conflict. altering your choices. an angry shopper exhibits negative emotions and you are influenced by these negative emotions. and power striving only for personal gratification it manifests egocentric idealism. money.

anger. Guides can direct a willing person toward self-awareness. They can explain and define compassion. . we must understand: • how our physical body presents itself. Self-awareness is the first step toward elimination of conflict. Go back and complete the Awareness Exercise looking at the physical communications. our positive and negative thoughts. We understand our self via self-awareness. our body language. we have freedom-of-choice and knowledge to direct how we react and regain balance. empathy. and personal goals. and personal limitations.Religions Fail 217 they always manifest themselves in our choices. and unconditional positive regard but achieving understandings of the self and essence remains totally a personal task that each person must complete by his or her dedication and will. Self-awareness is only achievable through personal experience and evaluation. and level of awareness. thoughts. Formal education programs teach methods that we may use to gain understanding. Self-awareness allows every person to eliminate comparisons and judgments. but they cannot teach understanding of the self. Conflict originates within yourself. Unquestionably looking deep into our essence is extremely difficult and uncomfortable. Conflict is always present and we cannot control the choice of others but we can control our choices and responses. Therefore. our subliminal transmitted messages. Conflict comes from within. • what we think. emotions. Self-awareness is an interwoven duality with good and bad tendencies. and we achieve self-awareness by understanding our reality and responses to the stimuli of this world. Understanding Self Understanding our self and building communication bridges with our essence are paramount tasks of each person. day dreams. and • our emotions and reactions to worldly stimuli. acceptance. After two weeks evaluate your experiences for decreases in conflict. There is a Gnostic group requiring every member to finish their bachelor’s degree. and depression and initiate required corrections.

Recognizing why our thoughts and emotions manifest in specific choices and reactions allows each person to alter his or her negative tendencies. they are initially fragmented and random. Many individuals accept messages only as dreams and illusions. understanding. thoughts. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. symbols. eliminating the ‘should and should not’ thinking that limits knowledge. Religious scholars have written and argued there is no self. Wisdom is available only through personal experiences and interpretations. but wisdom is not available within these programs. and emotions. Freedom-of-thought improves every life. and destroying ego’s facades. Failure to achieve self-awareness causes depression and anxiety.218 Dr. To understand ‘why’ we must completely discard all ego-driven pretenses. egocentric blocks and look without preconceived ideation at what we are. Earlier I introduced awareness of our body language. destructive thoughts. We must listen to our internal communications as they come into our consciousness. and rituals in formal education programs. personal will. DD Ignorance imprisons the self. We may memorize and learn books. We cannot understand and accept these messages as real. and wisdom are primal human goals. emotions. and world as the first step toward self-awareness and communication within our self. we come . I am not talking about absolute freedom and the ability to do anything or transgress on others. When we open communications with our essence and listen to its messages. Our journey requires evaluations. thus we become initially confused and overwhelmed. I am talking about freedom-of-thought. We need alter all negative choices. who we are. Each person can achieve knowledge and achieve his or her ultimate ability. freedom-of-choice and personal control. To achieve awareness with open communications we need to complete open and unbiased evaluations of every choice. ego armor. but as time progress and we evaluate the validity of this information. and what steers us on the paths we have chosen. Our journey to a deeper self-awareness recognizes the ‘Why’ of our essence and the need for personal balance. Messages come into our consciousness at an alarming pace and this information comes from multiple levels of our psyche. How do we achieve self-awareness? The world attempts to restrict our progression toward self-awareness and orthodox religions will do anything to negate our understanding of the self. Our consciousness can only effectively work with information from a single level. tearing down. We build our life on a foundation embracing personal power and freedom. Self-awareness. or personal power. but I differ in opinion. professional language.

we must effectively communicate effectively internally.Religions Fail 219 to realize the truth it communicates. as it should be lived. Meditation is a highly effective tool for your journey into your essence. and abilities. When mirror neuron information combines with empathy and compassion it allows us to feel and see the emotions and motivations of others. we must understand our self and essence. Once we achieve self-awareness. we encounter . thus ego’s confusion and chaos collapse. we are out-of-tune with others. Science has proven the existence of mirror neurons located in a cluster within our brain. we become over-involved with its power. Intuitive thoughts are our first line of defense. During meditation. As our self becomes out-of-balance the most powerful aspect of each continuum gains control of our internal communications. Once an individual appreciates the correctness of their intuitive thoughts. old guidelines are lost. self. Our essence embraces the continuums of our beliefs. When we understand our self. he or she will listen to this inner voice. understand our essence. and ego. These neurons assist each person to receive telepathic thoughts and emotions transmitted from others during communication and association. and others. and an appreciation of reality. We waken to realize that our egocentric security and certainty of the past was false. lacking realistic grounding. our material world is in disharmony. There is no need for anger and depression and we gain the ability to live life. When we lack the ability to communicate and understand our essence. if these are out-of-balance. Therefore developing our ability to receive and understand these messages from the aura and mirror neurons will provide extremely insightful understandings of our situation. we can communicate with our essence effectively. Before we can effectively communicate with others. we awaken from our egocentric dreams. Simply mirror neurons allow each of us to understand the motives and emotions of individuals with whom we observe and communicate. Meditation Every person desiring an understanding of their essence will achieve this with self-awareness and meditation. Before we can understand others. and our new self awakens. Self-understanding allows each of us to go deeper into our essence and unconditionally love who we are. We distort reality resulting in confusion and chaos. choices. spirituality. Identification with our ego evaporates as we begin to accept who we are and what we are.

I appreciate the darkness of meditation. Only meditation fosters communication with your essence and develops communication bridges. and find harmony. Although initial communications appear random and imaginary. Many teachers point out a need to develop the ability to achieve nothingness. You may increase communication if you have a clear question before beginning meditation. it is impossible to think about nothing. Egocentric defenses block deep penetrations into our essence. This progressive process builds inner communications. The blackness is a step before entering essence. even if it does not include a material world object it is still something. We come into the silence of the blackness. Each person’s egocentric defenses constantly strive to establish blocks to . eventually acceptance of their accuracy will replace doubt and imagination. it answers your questions. Conscious thought does not consider our deeper spirituality. DD new experiences and communications. Simply we must go beyond the physical consciousness to successfully transcend this chatter. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. During meditative journey you achieve peace with yourself. you will receive messages as life demands. Meditation is successful when you exit the blackness and enter the light of your deeper consciousness and tune to receive the superconscious messages and images. As you come to appreciate the guidance from within and surrender to its direction. we need a method allowing our conscious thoughts to bypass our mind’s chatter and enter the silence of the blackness. The blackness is nothing.220 Dr. My personal definition takes into account the duality of conscious thought [exoteric thought] and superconscious thought [esoteric thought]. Your essence does not chat meaninglessly. You can now communicate with the hidden aspects of yourself. Yet. come to eliminate inherent imbalances. Meditation enters the deep into forbidden areas by transcending our conscious mind’s chatter and chaos. as it is the doorway to my essence. meditation is a duality and it is not free of conflict or aggression. the act of thinking of nothing is something. Nevertheless. Every author defines and explains meditation in different terms. Therefore. it is the absence of light. It evaluates worldly manifestations with egocentric control and rational scientific logical proofs and rules. It is extremely difficult to visualize the blackness inside and journey into our essence while our mind is chattering with randomness.

A word of warning. Take a few deep breaths with evenly spaced inhalations and exhalations and allow your body to relax. and cause massive conflicts and imbalances. Imagine that with each exhalation you are descending deeper into your consciousness. I wish to offer an exercise that allows you to bypass your mind chatter and chaos. eliminate all negative thoughts and conflicts. and discard anger. Upon inhalation. Get comfortable. family. they cannot complete the journey to their essence. Just become aware of this chatter do not react to it. . let your breathing seek its own natural rhythm and feel the clean air entering your body through your nostrils. as you attempt to focus on your breathing. Level of Stillness You must find the level of stillness before moving deeper into meditations. relaxation. I have used this exercise periodically to keep track and evaluate my progression. you must discard this method and continue your journey to the self. After three deep breaths. Our ego wants only its desires and goals. each person needs a method to eliminate and bypass these egocentric blocks. Worldly. when an individual refuses to discard his or her method. these are egocentric blocks that defeat your efforts. social. Now using your imagination think about the rise and fall of your chest during each breath. and work responsibilities hinder the establishment of calmness.Religions Fail 221 communications in an attempt to isolate your essence. and feet flat on the floor. do not use this exercise as a judgment. thus expends massive efforts to override and eliminate our essence’s guidance. but rather as a method to determine how close you have journeyed toward the doorway to your essence. I sit quietly with eyes closed. Now focus your attention on the air passing through your nostrils and let nothing else enter into your consciousness. A word of warning. Transcending the chatter and chaos is achievable by using methods such as breathing. back straight. If you are moving away from your essence. when your lungs are full. Stop thinking of the material world situations and problems. The ego wishes to maintain control of your life and choices. You will notice that your mind is chattering and randomly darting from one subject to another. repetitious sounds. this exercise will serve as a wakeup call and guide you back toward your meditative goals. Once you obtain a meditative state. Therefore. Meditation is a tool. it is not the final destination. and yoga.

Your deeper mind is not in chaos. DD feel your current level of consciousness awareness and imagine the floor of this level opening as you begin your exhalation allowing you to simply float down. more grounded. . you may feel you heart opening up. As I said before. it is opening to you and your essence. appreciate the stillness. stress exist only your physical reality. and centered than on the level above. deeper and deeper into your consciousness. in time you will no longer experience this distraction and your meditation will be deeper and more beneficial. Do not worry about the time it takes to achieve this stillness or the number of layers that you must pass. just continue until you find your level of stillness. enjoy this state. In addition. Step-by-step and layer-by-layer you will go beyond mind chatter and deeper into your essence. You have not exited the blackness into the light. this is the goal of this exercise. Individuals often consider this a condition of imagination and unreal. you begin to understand that as you go deeper and deeper into yourself. Use your imagination and breathing until your become aware of the stillness. Take time and allow your consciousness to float in blackness for a while. I found that the level of stillness and relaxation exercises form the foundations of meditation. I wish to note. Use the rhythm of your breaths as a tool.222 Dr. at first your mind may be chattering with all sorts of emotions and doubts. you are calmer and quieter. I will again use this method in the relaxation exercise. Each breath will take your deeper into yourself. Now feel the quiet calmness. and relax as peace fills your psyche. When you are finish open your eyes and record your perceptions. but you are beginning to appreciate the small specks of light as they dance in the blackness. This exercise helps you understand your personal level of quietness and consciousness. Your arms will become heavy and you will lose sensation of position. initially you may not be successful in this effort but each time you complete this exercise you will go deeper and deeper into the consciousness. Your body will become relaxed and minor pains diminish. as your chest falls. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. During this exercise. You realize several levels awareness and consciousness at once. Your arms feel like they are floating in the air. Appreciate visualization of the blackness with fragments and flickers of light dancing in your mind. but do not allow this influence to alter your meditative consciousness or react to the mind chatter. Your body feels warms and comfortable. Each level will be quieter and you will calmer.

and deeper meditation. After a while. Walking away and achieving an understanding of all facts before reacting to a situation eliminates most negativism and minor conflicts. I realize this method will sound too simple. Initially I did this in a reclining position. Position is unimportant. each hour. It is hard to relax and maintain an open mind. Eventually you will control your negativism and minimize inner conflicts. understanding will come through self-awareness. but it works. There is no need to understand your inconsistencies at this point. Once good thoughts occupy my consciousness I can proceed to the second step of meditation. Self-awareness makes possible thought and conflict control. I will attempt to keep this method very simple. As you become more proficient. and anger. with my arms and legs fully supported. without thinking. you will achieve positive results almost immediately. Second step begins when you find an area in which you are comfortable. social. imbalances. an Okinawan teacher explained several simple steps to meditation and relaxation. Time is important. it is easier to totally forget your body if you are comfortable. and personal conflicts. so set aside time to complete the exercise before beginning. Every person can use this method to initially control of his or her negativism and inner conflicts for a short time. and his body and psyche did not require sleep during many years of his . initially a relaxed mental state requires longer than 30 minutes. often in bed. These ego blocks will not allow you to achieve relaxation. I have completed this exercise while sitting on the floor in the Los Angeles airport with people walking about and over me. you can eliminate these from your consciousness. As you come to appreciate your negative thoughts. relaxation. which I continue to use to gain equanimity and a relaxed psyche. conflicts. There is a story of a monk who did relaxation meditation for 5 minutes. but each period of control allows further progression deeper and deeper into relaxation and greater future control of negativism and conflicts. First and most important step is to eliminate all personal conflicts and stop negative thoughts. Peace and relaxation cannot coexist with work.Religions Fail 223 Relaxation Meditation In 1968. Some disciplines teach multiple positions and methods that are uncomfortable and extremely difficult to maintain in order to keep the psyche busy. you will be able to perform this exercise while sitting in a favorite chair or anywhere you have the time. It has been my experience that when I walk away from conflict I limit egocentric imbalance and gain the ability to concentrate on good thoughts and pleasant activities.

face. Once your feet are relaxed. Stop all muscle control and allow flaccidness to set your feet into a soft limpness. Relaxation is the first level of meditation and after you master this level all other levels will become available to you. your whole body is calm and relaxed. You may gain an altered awareness and position sensations thus arms and legs feel like they are floating in midair. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. I use it when I wish to remain mentally alert and during periods of stress. See the exercise above—this is the same as during the Level-of-Stillness exercise—you are totally relaxed when you are in your Level-of-Stillness. I have not achieved this monk’s level. but look into your blackness and specks of dancing light. neck. The journey to your essence has begun. When you are ready to exit open your eyes. lower abdomen. I count to three and then open my eyes. then knees. and top of your head. At first. and impressions.224 Dr. This meditation is beneficial and comforting to me. If I have discomfort or pain in any area I visualize the clean air massaging and caressing that area. upper abdomen. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Step 3 begins after you are comfortable. After completion of this exercise I take a few moments to reflect upon your experience. You may feel your heart beat with slow regular rhythms in your extremities. you may not be able to maintain an open mind without thought but with practice you will gain this ability and your calmness will become deeper. When you have successfully reached the top of your head. DD service. There are no sensations of pain or discomfort. feelings. It may help to write a journal. feel the clean air rejuvenate your body and allow visualization of its cleansing effects. fill your lungs and expand your chest. thoughts. with no muscle control. allow your imagination to move slowly upward from your feet to the lower legs. Become aware of new body sensations and savor a new state of calmness for a few moments. Now balance the inhalations and exhalations with a rest between and let the breath’s rhythm adjust itself. I feel the warmth and cleansing effects of the good air and my discomfort subsides to allow relaxation of that area. . you breathing may be slower than normal. upper legs. and emotions. so that you can monitor your progressions. Keep your eyes closed and forget about your body. Allow your breath to regulate itself. After each person masters relaxation his or her spiritual journey becomes more fulfilling. chest. Take a few moments to feel your body’s sensations. perineum. Now begin step four by concentrating on your feet and imagine breathing fresh clean air into them. arms and legs are heavy and warm.

and inner conflicts. nor accept our true being. To find peace. and goals. As we gain knowledge through experiences. it is a contradiction to preach love and live hate. Egocentric goals strive to look good and have it all. No person can experience peace until the ego-spirit and word-choice balances are firmly established. Although. Balance and consistency are mandatory. thus ego is never satisfied. outcomes. There are no shortcuts. peace and calmness are rewards of this journey. All reasonable people understand it is inconsistent to kill for the sake of peace. Orthodoxy has not learned from over two thousand years of repeated failures and bad outcomes. we must first understand who we are. but there are always greater or more somewhere else. This road is long and hard and when we address our dark side we may not like our self. motivation. We must be able to hear our self. Without ego-spirit and word-choice continuum balances each person exhibits anger. and what we are. Within every individual lurk the dark side demons that are products of his or her choices. and meditative wisdoms. meditation is an effective tool each person can used to become self-aware. it is difficult to open our essence and expose the secrets hidden deep within. depression. we come to understand our positive and negative choices. Summary Never in the history of humanity has the church been so out-of-touch with reasonable people. jealousy. Nevertheless.Religions Fail 225 Finding Peace Inner peace relies on our ability to gain self-awareness. As we evaluate each new experience. Peace is within all humanity but every person must look inside to find his or her peace. Inner peace is simply doing what is right. we gain inner peace. before we can hear others and communicate effectively. Every person desiring inner peace and calmness can achieve these through self-awareness. and it is impossible to have . Our dark side demons manifests and we experience disharmony. We only gain inner peace upon realization of ego-spirit and word-choice balances. if you are true to yourself you can be false to no other person. self-actualization. As ego suppresses the spirit’s influences it loses its input and our choices are flawed. We must relate efficiently with our essence before we can effectively and efficiently relate and interact with others.

226 Dr. My goal is to open new areas for your consideration. more holistic vision of spirituality if we are to evolve a positive understanding of our self and achieve peace and harmony within our essence and world. and Humanism with Eastern thought to develop my personal balance with peace. and spiritual wasteland before we destroy all righteousness? I cannot offer you eternal life. thus a better world requires greater understanding and wisdom. and wisdom. there is no exclusive path to happiness or eternal life and any religion may eventually get you there. and a good life. as a humble man offer the insight of my experiences. reincarnation. mindfulness. calmness. Clearly. Each person shapes his or her world and life with self-awareness and worldview. as egocentric pseudo-wisdoms express flawed concepts and status quo. I AM. and Eastern thought as elements of achieving better life. The universe is within you and Freedom is Wisdom. but I can. Defeatism and pessimism are powerful temptations. Humanism. Throughout this book. I combine Paganism. In the modern universe. I am very happy within myself and able to communicate openly with myself. it is imperative that humanity finds a less fragmented. this book is but an introduction designed to open your questioning and start your journey to personal freedom. DD peace with violence. I introduce Wisdom. Buddhism. My Journey Within. You are the director of your destiny! . Therefore. Every person can go into him or herself and achieve peace. My subsequent book. explains my journey to self-awareness in detail. How much longer can people continue to accept religion’s definition of happiness with its empty rewards and egocentric goals for personal power? How long can we flounder in an intellectual. in the hope that these experiences will assist you on your journey to wisdom. Gnosticism. Thomas (Tom) Dickerson. balance. However. comfort.

inconsistencies. and freedom of choice. meditation. and provoke the reader. vengeful. domineering. Every person can come to understand orthodox religion’s evilness and achieve selfawareness with personal balance and acceptance of responsibility. a foundational element of a positive holistic life. and it is impossible to have peace with violence. not their rhetoric. S . How much longer can we accept orthodox religion’s definition of happiness as it manifests empty rewards. You are the creator of your destiny. and spiritual wasteland before we destroy all righteousness? Tom Dickerson openly examines orthodox religion’s history of human rights failures. righteous. This book does not deny god.Never in the history of humanity has Orthodox religions been so out-oftouch with reasonable people. it is a contradiction to speak of love and choose hate. Personal balance. deceptions. Reasonable people understand it is inconsistent to kill for the sake of peace. abuses. compassionate. Religions have not learned from over two thousand years of repeated failures and bad choices. as it openly advocates replacement of orthodox religion’s strict dogma with exercises. it strongly questions the validity of Western Religion’s concept of an omnipotent. and egocentric goals? How long can we flounder in this emotional. personal balance. intellectual. shock. and child-like god. introspection. is available to all people willing to open their minds to reason. This book will educate. inconsistencies. and atrocities according to their choices. nevertheless. critical thought.

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