Quality 1+ Term ‘Quality’ is often used to signify excellence of a product or service.

Other definitions : • Fitness for purpose • Conformance to requirements • Grade • Degree of preference. • Degree of excellence • Measurement of fulfillment of promises. • In terms of product characteristics: Total product characteristics of engineering , manufacturing , marketing & maintenance thru’ which the product & services in use meet the expectation of the customers. ---Feiganbaum
1-2 Mahajan / Kackar

shear strength. Length Diameter Frequency Viscosity etc • Psychological (Sensory) taste. rejection due to flaws. weight. cracks.g. Directly measurable e. breakages etc contd 8 / Mahajan / kackar . odour Beauty etc Time oriented Reliability. Maintainability etc Contractual Guarantee Safety etc Ethical Honesty Integrity etc These may be 1.g.g. length diameter etc 2 Non measurable e.Quality characteristics 2+ • Quality characteristics can be defined as : Quality characteristics Technological e.. specific gravity.

there is a sequence of activities as shown in the following figure: Design Specification Use Process Engineering Any Quality Characteristics Purchase Sales Inspection Operation Instrumentation 8 / Mahajan / kackar .Quality characteristics: contd 3+ • For each quality characteristic.

radio) Features. e.Meeting consumer’s specifications Performance-Primary product functions i.g.e recording system in TV Durability-Lifetime of the product which includes repairs Reliability-Probability of a product performing its intended duty under stated conditions w/o failure for a given period of time.e quality of voice received(Mobile. Service-Ease of repairs.Added (Secondary) functions i. Aesthetics-External finish given to a product to attract . phone. courtesy of servive personnel while registering complaints &/or while repairing at customer’s site Reputation-Customer’s perception about the product which can be understood from a market research survey.Dimensions of Quality          Key dimensions of quality: Conformance. Response-Human interface.

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