MORNING SONG. Sister Elizabeth looks out of window. No mirror. Self unseen. Image only Imagined.

Pushes window Outward, breathes air, morning fresh, birdsong From mulberry tree, old still there. The cloister Below, the red brick, arches, Walls, no nun in sight. At Matins eyes hard to keep open, stifled yawns, Chanted from memory, Latin Words on page a dull blur. Wonder how father is? Aged now, pains most days. She sniffs the air, breathes in, tastes fresh air on tongue. She places a hand behind the pane of glass of window. Her refection seen there. Sin of sin. Vanity of vanities. She looks at her refection. Seen. Takes her hand away. Makes sign of the cross. Bell tolls. Bell tower across

the way. Who rings? Which Sister? Lauds soon. Chants And prayers. She fingers her cowl, brushes nose, eyelids. She looks away from window. Cell tidy. Books put in shelves. Crucifix on wall above bed. Wooden and aged. Plaster Christ, pinned by small nails through hands. Mother bought Her her first rosary. White, small, silver cross and Christ. Mother taught to say rosary. Word for Word. Mother cancer eaten. Prayers offered. She moves to the door, goes out. Passageway Clear. None is there. She closes her cell door. Puts hands away In her black habit. Walks, muses, Silent prayers. Down the stairs, as taught, slow but careful, not to rush, no running. Into the Cloister, morning sunlight touches cloister wall and floor. Flowers in flower bed by cloister wall, Well tended, watered. Fingers Rosary, thumb over the body

of Christ, rubs, smooth with Rubbing. Goes by the refectory door, smells of coffee, warm Bread. On by the stairs to upper Landings. Sister Francis by cloister wall eyes closed, lips moving, hands together. passes by, notes White hands, fingers touching. Smell of incense from church, enters, fingers stoup, holy water, Touches forehead, makes sign Of Christ, moves into church, genuflects, enters choir stalls, Takes place. Stands till closes Eyes, sees the image of herself In window mirror reflected face.

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