1. Try to spot: • • • • Time Place Topic Characters

2. Find 3 different adjectives for each of the characters




3. Answer these questions

a) What do you think a “wager” is? What is this particular one about? b) Why do the 3 stooges take part in the “experiment”? c) What is the first lesson about? What do they do during the lesson? (Make a brief description) d) Lesson number two is about……

a back biter” “I’m quitting” “Did you call?” “My bean!” “Pick out two” “Always the little clown” 5. what was Curly trying to do? What else did he take? i) How many times does Curly bounce and fall during the dance? j) Who wins the wager in the end? 4.e) What is the third lesson about? What worriers Curly? f) Write/ name the instructions Moe gives to their mates at the party g) What happens to Larry during the dance? h) Moe caught Curly red-handed. Complete the dialogue . Who said this? Write the name of the character next to the phrase • • • • • • • • • • “What happened?” “The dirty rat” “Cut yourself a slice of throat” “I guess so” “Oh.

“How is the __________________?” Professor: No. have ya. you ain’t got a _________________ on ya. Curly: ________________. .no! ________________! __________________! Moe: How can I get it right when he won’t answer me? Curly: _____________________________. 10 in new sentences • • • • • My/the old man Drop sth Get sth right I beg your pardon Say. ___________? GET IT RIGHT – COUNTESS –BUD . Expressions: Provide the meaning of these expressions and try to use.SAY – BY THE BY – GET IT RIGHT – I BEG YOUR PARDON – FULL – TOOTHPICK 6. how can I answer with my mouth _________ of food? Professor: Quite right. at least. how is the countess? Curly: --Moe: I said.Moe: _______________________________. Quite right.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • Ya Bud Sth is at stake Never mind Spread out I changed my mind Get off me! I guess so Gaze into sth /at sth Get rid of sth A rowdie Fool around The hoi polloi .

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