Crash by Paul Haggis


4. who is lying in hospital. is involved in an illegal business. 7. 10. 12. 8. the woman who is trapped in the car. 9. 5. 6. Everybody thinks that they are Arab.Provide the information required while watching the film: 1. In which city does the action take place? What are the origins of the two women drivers who crash into each other? Why is the salesperson from the gunshop angry with the man and the girl? What is the police officer who molests the black woman called? Who do the two black men that steal the car run over? Why do they want Jamal to do another take of the scene for a TV series? Farhad’s shop is vandalized and completely destroyed. 11. 2. 13. react badly when she sees who is helping her? Why does the car thief hesitate when he sees the owner Cameron? Why does Tommy kill the man to whom he gives a lift? Ken Ho. What? Why doesn’t the little girl who is shot by Farhad die? Who is the boy who is found dead at the end of the film? . 3. Where to they actually come from? Why does Christine.

12. 3. the other is Hispanic (father from Puerto Rico. 2. 4. 5. 11. Because that’s the policeman who molested her. mother from El Salvador). Because of his speech. Human traffic. A Chinese man. Iran. Because he’s black. They’re talking in a different language. One is Chinese. Because he thinks he was going to get a gun to shoot him. 9. . He’s the detective’s brother.Answer key 1. 8. 10. Because the bullets are fake. 7. 13. 6. Ryan. Los Angeles.

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