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Spreading Techniques

Spreading Techniques

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Published by: Somebody on May 08, 2013
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Spreading techniques/strategies

First of all: you have to keep in mind that you must convince your public (audience) that you are VERY good! How? Let’s see in the next steps.  You have to make clear what’s your concept and image (in case of the band, make clear the style you play).  Know the medias you have available so you can use it! (if it’s radio, TV, internet or large press, for example).  Always think on your fans (if you do so, you’ll know how to easily achieve it!).  Turn the public on real FANS! How? Simple: interact with them as much as you can! Today everyone wants to keep informed about things in real time.  There’s a spreading technique I think it’s extremely helpful: it is called SPONTANEOUS MEDIA. It works this way: when you want to appear on the media, you don ’t need to wait for journalists/interviewers to get in touch with you. YOU (or your press assessor/manager) can send stuff to them and ask for publishing or coverage. This way it will possibly turn on a viral thing and people will share it.  Spontaneous media works better on internet, where the news are published on specific sites and/or social networks.  Still on spontaneous media, it’s used to create a ‘buzz’, generate your audience’s curiosity, comments (“word of mouth” as it’s called).  You have to dare! Don’t be afraid of the new! Innovate when you spread your brand (in this case, the band). You can mix photos, videos, teasers (texts or short-videos) to get attention.  TEASERS: get people curious about band’s news by using texts just as like as “it’s gonna be unforgettable” or words as “different”, “daring” and “awesome” together.

me or Ask. So why the hell would you use a ‘coming soon’?? 4 months of waiting is NOT soon!) But you can use such text if you’re gonna release something in about 1 month or less. you know. And you can always use a ‘wait and see’. Let them ask you! You can explore Formspring. Formspring.. etc. interaction via social media is a VERY good option to be used. Pinterest. I mean you feel even more fan.fm to let your fans ‘interview’ you (as a fan I can tell you: it’s very nice when a band you like answers a question made by you. Sites. YouTube.  People want to know about your work (and sometimes about your day).  Try to NEVER use a “well… that’s it!’. photo sessions or anything else. It looks like it’s all you can do and show to people!  SOCIAL MEDIA: you can explore ALL the social networks as media! (Facebook.  As today everyone’s connected all the time and everywhere.) And you can use a bunch of them to spread what you do! The point is: you have to know how to use them.  Instead of using just text telling about new songs.?! LOL) .me. NEVER use a “coming soon” in a teaser if what’s you’re spreading is still too far to be released (for example: you’re going to release a new video and it’ll be up on YouTube in about 3 or 4 months. Tumblr.  Create a Site or a Web Blog. Twitter. try to record a video once in a while talking about it! It’s much more “human” seeing a person talking than just reading a text. Blogs.

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