Dear (Elected Official


I work at (Facility Name). I am a (Title) and have worked for the State of New York for (Years of State Service). Governor Cuomo is moving the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities into a managed care environment and looking to have more and more services provided by the private, non-profit sector. These companies pay their workers on average $20,000 less with little or no health benefits and no pension as compared to state employees who work in the same field. This should not be a race to the bottom because it will have long lasting, devastating effect on families and communities in your district. For example, the Town of Tupper Lake will lose $23 million dollars in economic activity if the 600 CSEA state jobs disappear. Governor Cuomo talks about being a job creator but this policy decision will only create poverty level jobs that will dismantle the middle class as we know it! If you and your colleagues do not stop the Governor’s policy from becoming reality, families in the future will have to work several jobs to have the same middle class standard of living. I need you to fight for me and our community so that these good paying public sector jobs exist in the future. You need to pass a budget that includes OPWDD state services getting a share of the work being created in this new community-based system of care New York needs to be a better place for ALL! Sincerely,

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