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Colossians Outline and Schedule

Colossians Outline and Schedule

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Published by: Schmicr on Apr 06, 2009
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Colossians Outline

• Introduction 1:1-23 ◦ Greetings 1:1-2 ◦ Thanksgiving 1:3-8 ◦ Prayer 1:9-12 ◦ Deliverance 1:13-23 Body 1:24-4:6 ◦ Paul's Labor for the Church 1:24-2:7 ▪ For your Sake 1:24-29 ▪ For your Encouragement 2:1-7 ◦ Spiritual Wisdom (Don't be Taken Captive) 2:8-23 ▪ The pre-eminance of Christ 2:8-12 ▪ Our justification 2:13-15 ▪ Conclusion – Let no one Judge 2:16-23 ◦ Walk Worthy (Seek things which are above) 3:1-4:6 ▪ Old and New Self 3:1-17 ▪ Household Code 3:18-4:1 ▪ Further Instuctions 4:2-6 Conclusion 4:7-18

My plan is to divide the teaching of Colossians into four parts. This does not mean we will get through the book in four weeks but it will help those who wish to read ahead and think about the passage before we meet. Part 1: Affirmation of the Truth 1:1-2:7 Paul's letter begins with a strong affirmation of who Jesus is and what he has done in his life and in the life of the Colossians. In this passage Paul mentions Prayer, and his labor on behalf of the Church. This passage also contains the famous passage Col. 15-20. Part 2: Admonishion 2:8-23 Paul's letter moves onto a note of warning against being deceived by false teachers. Jesus is and must always be the center of Christian faith. Part 3: Exhortation 3:1-4:6 Next Paul's letter moves to instruction: how the Colossians should live out their faith. He discusses the old and new self, and gives instructions on prayer. This is also the section which covers what are called the Household codes. Part 4: Conclusion 4:7-18 Continuing on the topic on prayer. Paul holds up Epaphras as a model for the Colossians. He also mentions several people in his final greetings which it would be interesting to look at.

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