Business Communication 1

Your Business:
You will be placed in teams by your tutor. Each team will be asked to form a company or partnership and choose a project or business to launch. You will be given (hypothetically) up to £10,000 seed money to invest in your plan. The company or project should be based in the university or in the Luton area.

The Business Plan:
You and your team will prepare a Business Plan for your chosen project or business. Each member of the team will be responsible for her/his part of the plan but the overall plan must be presented in a professional manner and therefore you will all be responsible for the final submission. The Team should hand in one copy of the business plan in turnitin in Week 14, Monday 3rd June. Before submitting your Business Plan on breo, you and your team will present the plan in class to your peers and tutor in Week 13. From the formative feedback you will receive, you can make any necessary adjustments to your final plan.

Although the creation of the Business Plan and its presentation is a Team effort, you will be marked individually on your contribution to the Plan. Please clearly indicate what your contribution to the plan is. Submission Procedure:

Week 14, 3rd June, final submission date;
Submit on turnitin:  The Team Business Plan (one copy only)  The Meetings Log

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