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Plan de Rugaciune-Egypt

Plan de Rugaciune-Egypt

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Published by: Christ4ro on Apr 07, 2009
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Location :

Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea north of Sudan, and includes the Asian Sinai Peninsula .
(CIA-The World Factbook )

Population : 79 de milioane (July 2006 est.) (CIA-The World Factbook ) Religion: Muslim 86.52%, Christian 12.98%, non-religious/other 0.50%.
The World Factbook )


Ethnic groups: Arab, Arab - Egyptian , Arab – Saidi, Berber - Arabized , Arab – Sudanese, Arab - Libyan , Bedouin - Levantine si alte 27 de grupuri entice. Facts: Egypt is well known for its pyramids, Pharaohs and the Nile. It is a country that has barely changed for hundreds of years and at the same time it is rushing ahead to become westernised. Egiptul este cunoscut datorita piramidelor, faraonilor si fluviului Nil. Este o tara care foarte putin s-a schimbat in sute de ani dar in acelas timp se grabeste sa devina cat mai occidentala. ( Operation World) "The Church in Egypt has survived for nearly 2,000 years, despite times of discrimination and severe persecution!" Biserica din Egipt a supravietuit aproape 2000 de ani , in ciuda discriminarii si persecutiei severe. ( Operation World) "There have been Coptic Christians in Egypt for over a thousand years" In acesta tara locuiesd crestinii coptici de mai bine de o mie de ani. ( Operation World)



Pictures from Joshua Project web-site

Provocari pentru rugaciune:


Pray for Egypt’s government, courts and police. Pray that they would implement laws that are fair and humane for all. Sa ne rugam pentru Guvernul Egiptului , Instantele de Judecata si Politie. Sa ne rugam sa se implementeze legi corecte si umane pentru toti. ( Operation World) Pray that Coptic Christians today would be filled with the Holy Spirit and have a strong relationship with God. Sa ne rugam pentru crestini coptici ca sa fie upluti cu Duhul Sfant si sa aiba o relatie puternica cu Dumnezeu. ( Operation World)



Persecution of Christians is on the increase. They can face intimidation and police brutality and some of died at the hands of Islamic extremists. Pray for courage for Christians to stand firm in their faith. Persecutia crestinilor este in crestere. Ei pot sa se confrunte cu intimidare si brutalitate din partea politiei si unii chiar au murit in mainile extremistilor islamici. Sa ne rugam pentru crestini sa aiba curaj sa stea fermi in credinta lor.

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