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CV Rogério Nuno Costa [English]

CV Rogério Nuno Costa [English]

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About the work of Rogério Nuno Costa.
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About the work of Rogério Nuno Costa.
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Published by: Rogério Nuno Costa on May 08, 2013
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Rogério Nuno Costa

Rua de Cavaleiros, 8, 4720-116 Amares
+351 916 409 998, rogerio.nuno.costa@gmail.com

Academic Qualifications
2012/13 — Master Degree in Communication Sciences (field: Contemporary Culture and New
Technologies), at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (New University of Lisbon, Portugal).
2001/03 — Post-graduation in Art History (field: Contemporary Art History), at the Faculty of Social and
Human Sciences (New University of Lisbon, Portugal).
1996/01 — Major in Social Communication (specialization: Journalism) at the Superior Institute of Social
and Political Sciences, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Main Activities
(1) Artistic practice and theory work since 1999, both in theatre and performance, as well as many other
interdisciplinary performing arts. Actor/performer, director, teacher and curator. Independent artist since
2002. My work has already been shown in Portugal, France, Belgium, England, Scotland, Germany, The
Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Finland, Serbia, Romania and The United States.
(2) I have collaborated with many theatre/dance companies, festivals and cultural institutions. Among
others: Advancing Performing Arts Project, Alkantara Festival, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Binaural,
Buda Kortrijk Arts Centre, Cão Solteiro, Casa Conveniente, Belém’s Cultural Centre, Algarve’s
Performing Arts Centre, Centro em Movimento, Chão de Oliva, Évora’s Contemporary Dance Company,
Braga’s Theatre Company, Sensurround, Circular/Performing Arts Festival, CITAC, DanceKiosk, ZDB
Gallery/Negócio, O Espaço do Tempo, OLHO, [msdm], Nomad Dance Academy, NEC, Prado, Quarta
Parede, Re-Al, Tanzfabrik, Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras, Teatro Praga, Teatro Universitário do Minho,
Transforma, TAGV, Mala Voadora, Galleria Nunes, Festivalul E-Motional, and PSi-Performance Studies
International (USA).
(3) Invited teacher at Universidade do Minho, teaching ‘Laboratory’ to the Major in Theatre. Advisor at
Transart Institute (Berlin and New York) for the current master and doctoral thesis projects. Former
teacher at Superior School of Arts and Design, Caldas da Rainha (Portugal), having taught
‘Performance Studies’, ‘Theatre Studies‘ and ‘Directing‘ to both Major and Master in Theatre, as well as
at ArteEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem (The Netherlands), having taught ‘Creative
Processes’ and ‘Open Form Composition’ to both Master and Bachelor in Choreography and Dance.
(4) As cultural journalist, I have collaborated with art & fashion magazine DIF and with the cultural
magazine Artinsite, published by Transforma AC, the same cultural institution responsible for the Festival
A8/Artes em Curso (Torres Vedras, Portugal), where I’ve been working as an observer and consultant
from 2003 to 2007. Currently, I am one of the collaborators of the online cultural agenda VIRAL
(www.viralagenda.com), the food magazine Intermagazine (Edições do Gosto), the Art and Fashion
online platform Porto Fashion Makers, and the fashion blog TRASHÉDIA, writing about Art, Fashion,
Culture and Technology. I am also the author/director of three catalogues about three different art projects:
“Vou A Tua Casa” (pre-edition in www.vouatuacasa.wordpress.com), “The Spectator’s Opportunity”
(pre-edition in www.bigcuratoriswatchingyou.wordpress.com) and “Vou À Tua Mesa” (cookbook). I am
the author of the art manifesto Dogma 2005 (www.dogma05.wordpress.com).
(5) I direct editing and documental projects for Fábrica de Movimentos, Ballet Contemporâneo do
Norte and A22, where I am also the Communication Director. I frequently collaborate with many artists
and cultural institutions as artistic consultant and dramaturgist.
(6) I am also a “conceptual” chef, having developed many projects that interconnect Gastronomy, Art,
Science, Technology and Philosophy.

Artistic Courses (workshops & classes)
Between 2000 and 2013, I have worked with many teachers of different art practices and methodologies;
I highlight the following Jeroen Peeters (Visiting Artists/art critic workshop, Fábrica de Movimentos,
Porto, 2013), Henry Lydiate (Strategic Planning And Business Development, Transforma AC & The
Henry Lydiate Partnership, Creative Arts Business Consultancy, 2008); João Fiadeiro (Real Time
Composition, Atelier Re.Al, 2006); João Fiadeiro (Critical Zone: An Introduction to the Real Time
Composition Technique, Forum Dança, 2005); Cláudia Dias (Presence and Composition, Ninho de
Víboras, 2005); Clara Andermatt & Amélia Bentes (Actor’s Movement, Clara Andermatt Company,
2004); Sofia Neuparth (Ballet — initiation & basic levels, CEM, 2002/04); Mónica Calle (Body &
Word, CEM, 2002); João Garcia Miguel (Actor’s Training, CEM, 2002); Regina Guimarães (Creative
Writing, Braga’s Theatre Company, 2001); Lúcia Sigalho (Theatre, Sensurround Theatre Company,

Intensive Apprenticeship
2014 — E-Motional | Re-Thinking Dance. Reflection platform on contemporary dance, creative
processes, networked cultural mobility, and documentation. Co-organised between Fábrica de
Movimentos (Portugal) and Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Romania), with the participation of artists,
researchers, critics and programmers from Portugal, Romania and Latvia. At Edfício AXA (Porto,
2006/07 — Advancing Performing Arts Project. Intensive tutorial art project addressing the production,
the creation and the programming of a site-specific project. Organized by 6 European cultural institutions
(Torres Vedras/Portugal, Kortrijk/Belgium, Berlin/Germany, Bytom/Poland, Salzburg/Austria and
Castiglioncello/Italy). My project “Vou A Tua Casa/Documentation Project” was supervised by the
American artist/documentarist Jeremy Xido.

2003/04 — Z Zone. Performing Arts & Creative Writing intensive course, directed by Sofia Neuparth,
Gil Mendo, Pedro Sena Nunes, Daniel Tércio, Possidónio Cachapa, Ezequiel Santos and Francisco
Camacho. My final performance project (“ACTOR”, premièred at Belém’s Cultural Centre, June 2004),
was tutored by the Portuguese choreographer Miguel Pereira.
1996/2000 — ISCSP’s Theatre Group. Various courses and seminars: theatre, dramatic expression,
improvisation techniques, text, voice and movement, directed by: João Cabral, Miguel Moreira, Paula Sá
Nogueira, Manuel Almeida e Sousa, Rui Luís Brás, Rita Lello, Marcello Urgeghe, Maria João and Miguel

Performer and/or Co-Director (in other artists’ projects)
— Uma Tarde (performance/working session, a co-creation with visual artist Susana Mendes Silva).
For the project “Generative Indirections”, at O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal.
— Cuidados Intensivos (Intensive Care, by Joclécio Azevedo). Participation in a mixed media project
(installation, performance and talk/conference) for the cycle “Resident Artist” proposed by
Circular/Performing Arts Festival, in Vila do Conde (Portugal). Final performance to be presented at
SOLAR (Cinematic Art Gallery), in the same city.
— Nova Criação™ [empresa de geração de capital simbólico] (New Creation™ [symbolic capital
generation enterprise], a project by Estrutura). Consulting, co-direction and performance, along with
Cátia Pinheiro and José Nunes. Online project, with some “physical” presentations (talks,
conferences and installations) in Lisbon, Portugal.
— WTF? (by Cátia Pinheiro & José Nunes). Theatre consulting, co-creation and acting. Performance
created for the cycle “Influences”, co-produced by Mundo Perfeito, O Espaço do Tempo and
Negócio/ZDB. Lisbon, Portugal.
— Auto Rádio Alkantara (coordination: Patrícia Portela & Maria João Guardão). Online radio project.
Presentation and participation in many shows (interviews, talks, text readings, etc.) broadcasted
during Alkantara Festival 2010, in Lisbon (Portugal).
— Um Capucho, Dois Lobos E Um Porco Vezes Três (A Red Riding Hood, Two Wolves And Three
Pigs, by Sónia Baptista). Dance/music performance. Performer and co-director. Co-production:
Campo Alegre Theatre (Porto), Teatro Municipal Maria Matos and Temps d’Images Festival
(Lisbon). Presentations in many Portuguese cities: Guarda, Braga, Faro, Portimão and Aveiro.
— Vice-Royale. Vain-Royale. Vile-Royale (by Sónia Baptista). Dance. Performer. Premiere in the
Grande Auditório of Culturgest (Lisbon, Portugal). Presentations at Fresh Festival/Buda Centre
(Kortrijk, Belgium), Circular/Performing Arts Festival (Vila do Conde, Portugal), Garcia de Resende
Theatre/International Contemporary Dance Festival (Évora, Portugal), Dance Week Festival (Zagreb,
Croatia), Festival Y (Guarda, Portugal) and Fórum Municipal Romeu Correia (Almada, Portugal).

— Hamlet Sou Eu (I Am Hamlet, based on “Hamlet”, by William Shakespeare). Theatre-workshop
performance for children aged 8-12 years old. Performer/teacher. A performance by Teatro Praga. At
Algarve’s Performing Arts Centre (Faro, Portugal), António Aleixo Cultural Centre (Vila Real de
Santo António, Portugal), Cine-Teatro Louletano (Loulé, Portugal) and Teatro Municipal de Lagoa
— O Avarento Ou A Última Festa (The Miser Or The Last Party, by José Maria Vieira Mendes, based
on Molière’s The Miser). Theatre. Performer and co-director. A performance by Teatro Praga. At S.
João National Theatre, Porto (Portugal), Curvo Semedo Theatre (Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal),
Belém’s Cultural Centre (Lisbon, Portugal), Vila Flor Cultural Centre (Guimarães, Portugal) and
Teatro das Figuras (Faro, Portugal).
— A Última Ceia (The Last Supper, based on “The Cherry Orchard”, by Anton Chekhov). Theatre.
Performer. Directed by Mónica Calle for Casa Conveniente Theatre Company. At Politécnica
Theatre, Lisbon (Portugal).
— It (by Teresa Prima, based on Stockhausen’s intuitive musical scores). Dance performance and
conference. Performer and co-creator. Fábrica Festival, at Espaço Maus Hábitos (Porto, Portugal).
— Subwoofer (by Sónia Baptista). Dance. Performer. Première at Belém’s Cultural Centre, Alkantara
Festival (Lisbon, Portugal). Presentations: Latitudes Contemporaines Festival (Lille, France), New
Territories Festival (Glasgow, Scotland), Y#5 Festival (Covilhã, Portugal) and ‘New Dances New
Audiences’ Festival (Porto, Portugal).
— Life-Zone (by Maria Lemos, Rogério Nuno Costa & Teresa Prima). Performance. Co-director and
performer. For the macro-project “Vou A Tua Casa/Documentation Project”, co-produced by
Transforma AC. A8 LAB Festival (Torres Vedras, Portugal).
— Documented (by Miguel Bonneville). Performance. At Hospital Miguel Bombarda (Lisbon,
— Vaivém, a história verdadeira de um projecto transdisciplinar (Shuttle, the true story of a
transdisciplinary project, by Nelson Guerreiro). Theatre performance. Performer and co-director. A
performance by CITEC theatre group. At Esther de Carvalho Theatre (Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal).
— Auto da Índia (India Play, by Gil Vicente). Theatre. Actor. A performance by Memória Theatre
Group. At Espaço da Flamenga (Lisbon, Portugal).
— Copo D’Água (Banquet, by Nelson Guerreiro & João Garcia Miguel). Performance, conference and
dinner. At ‘1001 Nights’, X Festival. Mercado da Ribeira, Lisbon (Portugal).
— Azul, O Som da Noite (Blue, The Sound Of The Night, collective creation). Street performance co-
directed with Sofia Neuparth and C.E.M.’s performers and dancers. At S. Bento street, Lisbon.
— Capriiicho! (Whiiim!, by Lúcia Sigalho). Theatre. Actor. Performance directed by Lúcia
Sigalho/Sensurround Theatre Company. Casa dos Dias da Água (Lisbon) and Citemor Festival
(Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal).
— O Cerejal — materiais de trabalho (The Cherry Orchard — working materials, by Anton Chekhov).
Theatre Installation. Performer. Directed by Lúcia Sigalho/Sensurround Theatre Company. At Casa
dos Dias da Água (Lisbon, Portugal).
— Sérénité des Impasses (Dead-Lock Serenity, by Alain Béhar). Theatre. Performer. Mise-en-scène by
Alain Béhar. X Festival, produced by OLHO company. At Espaço Ginjal (Almada, Portugal).
— Viagem à Grécia — fragmentos e Antígona (A Journey to Greece — fragments and Antigone, by
Lúcia Sigalho, based on Sophocles theatre and Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen poetry). Theatre.
Performer. Directed by Lúcia Sigalho/Sensurround Theatre Company. At Armazém do Ferro
(Lisbon) and S. João National Theatre (Porto, Portugal).
— Barthes & Mandrake (by Rosa Coutinho Cabral & Hugo Amaro). Theatre. Performer. Directed by
Rosa Coutinho Cabral. At Taborda Theatre, Lisbon (Portugal).
— Eu-Mesmo (Myself, collective creation). Theatre performance. Performer and co-director. A
performance by ISCSP Theatre Group. Mise-en-scène by João Cabral. At A Capital/Artistas Unidos,
Lisbon (Portugal).
— Megastore Festival (a theatre, dance, music, video and writing fair). Organised by Sensurround
Theatre Company. Performer in the following shows: Moi-Même (ISCSP Theatre Group); Theatrical
Installation and Mandrake (Rosa Coutinho Cabral). At Armazém do Ferro, Lisbon (Portugal).
— O Fatalista (The Fatalist, by Denis Diderot, based on an adaptation by Luiza Neto-Jorge). Theatre.
Performer. Mise-en-scène by Rosa Coutinho Cabral. At A Comuna Theatre, Lisbon (Portugal).
— Tranglomanglo (based on surrealist texts by Mário Cesariny). Theatre. Performer and co-creator.
With ISCSP Theatre Group. Mise-en-scène by João Cabral and Manuel Almeida e Sousa. At Cinearte
Theatre and Taborda Theatre (Lisbon, Portugal).

Author/Director & Performer (in his own projects)
— A Guerra dos Mundos (The War of the Worlds, by Rogério Nuno Costa) — A performance
created for the event “Pôr-do-Sol nas Virtudes” (Sunset at Virtudes) from the namesake radio
show by Orson Wells. The presentation took place at a public garden in the city of Porto
(Passeio das Virtudes) and was organized by Sonoscopia Associação.
— Sleepover (installation/durational performance by Rogério Nuno Costa) — A commission from the
cultural venue/gallery Velha-a-Branca for the event “Nuit Blanche”. In Braga (Portugal).
— Terceira Via™ (Third Way™, by Rogério Nuno Costa). Installation/performance and conference,
held in Porto and in Helsinki (virtually). For the Beta version of the macro-project
“University/Yliopisto”, a trans-national platform for the development of a meta-disciplinary artistic
thinking. Presentations: NEC, Porto (Portugal), Galleria Nunes, Helsinki (Finland), Solar/Galeria de
Arte Cinemática, Circular Festival (Vila do Conde), Clube Ferroviário/SillySeason (Lisbon), Galeria
ZDB/Rabbit Hole (Lisbon), TAGV/Colectivo 84/Festival END (Coimbra), Mala Voadora (Porto).
— Residência (Artística) (Artistic Residency, by Rogério Nuno Costa, with the collaboration of 6
performers). Theatre performance and documentary. Co-production: O Espaço do Tempo
(Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal). Première at Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras (Portugal).
— Let The Bite Control Your Body (by Rogério Nuno Costa). Performance. For the event “Final-
Mente”, curated by Luiz Antunes. At Finalmente Club, Lisbon (Portugal). “Version 2.0” premièred
at International Queer Performance Festival “Loose Holes”, at Maus Hábitos (Porto, Portugal).
— A Oportunidade do Espectador [Restos, Rastos & Traços] (The Spectator’s Opportunity [Leftovers,
Tracks & Traces], by Rogério Nuno Costa). Curatorship and artistic direction. Final phase of the
documentation process concerning the project “The Spectator’s Opportunity”, for the cycle
‘Documentation in contemporary art practices’, produced by Atelier Real (Lisbon, Portugal).
Installation, video-documentary, performance and conference. Second presentation at
Circular/Performing Arts Festival (Vila do Conde, Portugal), under the title Big Curator Is Watching
— Espectáculo de Teatro (Theatre Show, by Rogério Nuno Costa, based on “The Human Voice” by
Jean Cocteau). Solo theatre performance, with the collaboration of 10 artists of different art genres.
The project comprises a website, a DVD-rom (making of) and a book. Première: Auditório Municipal
de Vila do Conde (Portugal), at Circular/Performing Arts Festival. Second presentation at Taborda
Theatre (Lisbon, Portugal).
— A Oportunidade do Espectador (The Spectator’s Opportunity, curatorship and artistic direction by
Rogério Nuno Costa). Mixed media curatorial project based on “Dogma 2005” manifesto and divided
into two interconnected modules: the first one practical, involving 20 performing artists and theorists
chosen from 8 workshops (6 in Portugal, 2 in Germany); the other one theoretical, involving many
art thinkers, observers, researchers and academic students. First public presentation: The Curator’s
Office, Transforma B Festival (Torres Vedras, Portugal, 2007). Second public presentation: The
Curator’s House, at the curator’s own house, video-surveilled and video-streamed 24/24 to a public
website; final “gala” at ZDB Gallery, (Lisbon, Portugal, 2008). Third and last public presentation:
The Curator’s School, a series of classes, workshops, and master classes, held at Circular/Performing
Arts Festival (Vila do Conde, Portugal, 2008). Final results: online catalogue (official launching:
February 2014) and video-documentary.
— Vou A Tua Casa — Projecto de Documentação (Going To Your Place — Documentation Project,
editorial direction and coordination by Rogério Nuno Costa and Mónica Guerreiro). Mixed media
project divided into two intervention modules: a performance, a workshop, a conference and an
installation (all held at A8 Festival 2006/Transforma AC, in Torres Vedras, Portugal). With the close
collaboration of a vast group of artists, thinkers, art critics and art directors. Final results: a catalogue
and a video-documentary. Online pre-publishing in October 2011. “Physical” publishing in 2015.
— Lado C (Side C). Performance/urban intervention (third part of the trilogy “Vou A Tua Casa/Going
To Your Place”, by Rogério Nuno Costa). At Rogério Nuno Costa’s own house, for the 2006 edition
of Akantara Festival, Lisbon (Portugal). Subsequent versions: Outside Home (International
Contemporary Dance Festival, Évora, Portugal, 2006); 2009 Version (LUPA Festival/Porto and
Encontrarte Festival/Amares, Portugal); Back Home (Geraldine Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal).
— FUI, esboços (I Went, sketches, by Rogério Nuno Costa). Seven performances related to the Vou A
Tua Casa trilogy, comprising a “practical thesis” around the theme of intimacy and context-based
performance work. The series was presented in many different formats, around some Portuguese
cities and different institutional contexts: Biscainhos Museum (Braga), Casa Conveniente (Lisbon),
EIRA 33 (Lisbon), Ad-Wood Festival (Lisbon), A8 LAB Festival (Torres Vedras), Taborda Theatre
(Lisbon), Auditório de Bolso (Braga), Censura Prévia AC (Braga), and Water Museum (Lisbon).
— As Parasitas (The Parasites, by Patrícia Portela & Sónia Baptista). Mixed media performance work
for the platform APAP (Advancing Performing Arts Project), co-created with Patrícia Portela. At
Fresh Festival, BudaCenter (Kortrijk, Belgium).
— No Caminho (On The Way). Performance/urban intervention (second part of the trilogy “Vou A Tua
Casa/Going To Your Place”, by Rogério Nuno Costa). In public spaces chosen by the spectator.
Première in the city of Torres Vedras (A8 Festival, 2004). Presentations in Lisbon during the year
— ACTOR (based on “The Actor Prepares” by Constantin Stanislavski). Dance/Theatre. At Belém’s
Cultural Centre (BoxNova cycle). Other presentations: Sintra’s Theatre House/Chão de Oliva,
Hospital Miguel Bombarda (Lisbon) and Blue Elephant Theatre (London, England), for the Welcome
Goodbye Festival 2006.
— The Final Contdown. Performance. For the 1001 Nights/X Festival. Organization: João Garcia
Miguel. At Ribeira’s Market, Lisbon (Portugal).
— Saudades Do Tempo Em Que Se Dizia Texto (Missing Those Times When We Used To Read, around
a group of texts chosen by 8 Portuguese artists). Theatre performance. At Taborda Theatre, Lisbon
— Vou A Tua Casa (Going To Your Place). Performance/urban intervention (first part of the namesake
trilogy, by Rogério Nuno Costa). At the spectator’s own houses. Première in Lisbon (Portugal), in
2003, with hundreds of presentations held during a period of 3 years. Other presentations: A8 Festival,
Torres Vedras/Portugal, 2004; Postscript Festival, London/England, 2004; Quarta Parede Festival,
Covilhã/Portugal, 2006, Censura Prévia AC, Braga/Portugal, 2006, Sonda Festival, Caldas da
Rainha/Portugal, 2006, A Sala, Oporto/Portugal, 2006 and Dance Kiosk Festival,
Hamburg/Germany, 2007.
— God Knows What! (co-creation with the choreographer Marina Nabais). Dance-theatre performance.
Première: Deslize Bar, Braga (Portugal). Other presentations: Sociedade de Instrução Guilherme
Cossoul (Lisbon), Casa Municipal da Juventude do Laranjeiro (Almada), M Space (Lisbon) and
Ponto de Encontro (Cacilhas).
— A Leitura Encenada É Um Género Que Não Faz O Meu Género (Stage Readings Are Not My Cup
Of Tea, based on “Hamlet”, by William Shakespeare). Theatre performance. Co-production: Braga’s
Theatre Company. At Espaço Alternativo PT, Braga (Portugal).
— A Cabeça do Escritor (The Writer’s Head, by Hugo Amaro). Theatre. Performer and co-director. At
Sociedade de Instrução Guilherme Cossoul, Teatro Municipal Maria Matos and Taborda Theatre
(Lisbon, Portugal).

— Terceira Idade (Third Age, a theatre show directed and written by Rogério Nuno Costa,
based on the namesake play by José Maria Vieira Mendes). A collaboration with the Drama
students from Universidade do Minho (Guimarães, Portugal), inside the framework of the
course Laboratory. At Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e da Arquitectura, in Guimarães.
— EURODANCE (a choreographic work by Rogério Nuno Costa). A commission by Ballet
Contemporâneo do Norte for the program “Outros Formatos/Other Formats”. Premiere at Centro
Cultural de Milheirós de Poiares (Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal). The show is the core element of
the macro-project/brand !TRASH.
— #PièceDeRésistance (by Rogério Nuno Costa). A collaboration with the students of the Major in
Theatre from Universidade do Minho (Guimarães, Portugal). Museu Nogueira da Silva (Braga,
— !TRASH (a cross-disciplinary macro-project by Rogério Nuno Costa). Pre-presentation at Edição
Única, an event produced by Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica (Edifício AXA and Passos
Manuel nightclub (Porto, Portugal). The project comprises a Eurodance band (along with Portuguese
choreographer and dancer Mariana Tengner Barros), conceptual eurotic parties and essays, a theatre
show (to premiere in 2016) and some experimental video/photography works. The dance show
EURODANCE is one of the creations to appear under the scope of the !TRASH brand.
— Subterrâneos (inspired by a text from César Zembla). Direction of one of the 10 monologues for the
event “10 Monologues,10 Actors, 10 Directores, 10 Years”, for the 10th anniversary of NACO
(Oliveirinha Theatre School), Carregal do Sal, Portugal.
— Realpolitik (by Rogério Nuno Costa). Theatre (text and mise-en-scène). Production: CITAC theatre
group. Première: Sala-Estúdio do CITAC, Coimbra (Portugal). Second presentation at Gil Vicente
Academic Theatre (Coimbra, Portugal).
— Selecção Nacional (National Selection, by Rogério Nuno Costa & Luís Filipe Cristóvão).
Community theatre. A photographic installation, a live show and a movie. Production: Académico de
Torres Vedras theatre group, in collaboration with many visual artists. Première: Teatro-Cine de
Torres Vedras (Portugal).
— Educação Artística (Artistic Education, collective work). Durational performance that closes the
seminar “Advanced Mise-en-Scène”, directed by Rogério Nuno Costa with the collaboration of the
Theatre students; at Superior School of Arts & Design (Caldas da Rainha, Portugal). Co-production:
Adição+ Festival 2009.
— MASHUP (by Rogério Nuno Costa). Community theatre. Text and mise-en-scène. Production:
Académico de Torres Vedras theatre group. Première: Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras (Portugal).
— Final Presentation (collective work). Final presentation of the workshop “Going To Your Place”,
organized by TanzFabrik, with the collaboration of 6 performers and 1 documentarist. At
Fabrikationen Festival ‘07, Berlin (Germany).
— Show Case/Avaliação Final (Show Case/Final Evaluation, collective work). Final presentation
(performance and video-installation) of the Performance seminar held at the Superior School of Arts
& Design/Caldas da Rainha (Portugal).
— 26 de Abril (26th April, by Rogério Nuno Costa). Direction, text and dramaturgy. Street theatre
intervention with the collaboration of Animares street art group. In Amares, Portugal.
— Pictures At An Exhibition (based on the namesake musical oeuvre by Modest Mussorgski).
Performance/installation. Production: Minho’s University Theatre. In 10 galleries around the city
centre of Braga (Portugal).
— Cash & Carry. Theatre performance-installation, in collaboration with 30 artists and performers. For
the first anniversary party of the arts and fashion magazine DIF. Lux Club, Lisbon (Portugal).
— Ophelia (co-creation with Marina Nabais, based on texts by William Shakespeare, Fernando Pessoa
and Ofélia Queiroz). Theatre/Dance performance (mise-en-scène and dramaturgy). Première: Ateneu
Comercial de Lisboa (Portugal). Other presentations: Fórum Municipal Romeu Correia (Mostra de
Teatro de Almada, 2003), Taborda Theatre (6.ª Mostra de Teatro Jovem de Lisboa, 2004).
— O Jardim das Delícias (The Garden of Delights, collective work). Theatre performance (direction
with the collaboration of Marina Nabais). Production: Minho’s University Theatre, Braga (Portugal).

As “conceptual” Chef [under the alias Chef Rø]
— Thug Unicorn 3yrs (party). Conceptual birthday cake for the third anniversary of Thug
Unicorn. At Gare Club, Porto (Portugal).
— Online Cooking (online show cooking/performance, with the artists Daniel Pinheiro and
Lisa Parra). For the program Of Food And Other Pleasures, curated by Hector Canonge foe
the Grace Exhibition Space (New York), inside the framewoek of The Great American
Performance Art Festival.
— Fome/Hunger (conceptual dinner). By Chef Rø & Hugo Dunkel, for the launching of Flanzine at
LOCAL (Porto, Portugal).
— Eurø-Food (theme dinner-party). Conceptual tasting menu, inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest,
and organnised by the Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision (Portugal) at Lusitano
nightclub (Porto, Portugal).
— ® de Reunião (portable and interactive catering service). “Conceptual Lunchbox” created for the
conference and open sessions cycle “Em Reunião”, organised by Baldio and co-organised by Teatro
Maria Matos, in Lisbon (Portugal).
— ® du Temps (readymade.installation). Interactive object created for the issue #3 of Flanzine.
Lauching at Primeiro Andar (Lisbon, Portugal).
— La Mia Casa È La Tua Casa (Gastronomy, Art, Performance & Pop Music home delivered
workshop). Production: Velha-a-Branca. Private houses in the city of Braga (Portugal).
— Let It Rø (theme dinner parties/Christmas performance). Production: Velha-a-Branca. Private houses
in the city of Braga (Portugal).
— Cozinha Finna (two dinner-performances for Ravintolapäivä/Restaurant Day). At Galleria Nunes
(Helsinki, Finland) and Miss’Opo (Porto, Portugal). In collaboration with chef Klaus Ittonen.
— Fashion Food (culinary performance-installation, a co-creation with fashion designer Jordann
Santos). Co-authorship: Fashion Thinkers™. Fro the launching of Incubadora de Moda & Design da
Fábrica de Santo Thyrso. Curator: Hugo Branco.
— Hôte Cuisine (theme menu/performance, in collaboration with chef Céu Barrios and invited artists).
For the opening of the event Generative Indirections. At Convento da Saudação, O Espaço do Tempo
(Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal).
— Tempestade [num copo d’água] (The Tempest [inside a glass of water], based on “The Tempest”, by
William Shakespeare) — Dinner-performance for the ‘Cultural Week (The Water Cycle)’, organized
by the University of Coimbra, in collaboration with the Culinary School of Coimbra. Co-production:
Gil Vicente Academic Theatre. At S. Marcos Palace, Coimbra (Portugal).
— Consumo Obrigatório (Mandatory Consumption, in collaboration with GATA/Activism and Art
Transformation Group). Tasting menu for the celebration of Women’s Day. At Gato Vadio
Restaurant/Bar, Oporto (Portugal).
— Pop Rø. A pop-up restaurant held in people’s own houses, a culinary artistic experience inspired by
“Vou A Tua Casa” (2003/2006), available for everyone, no matter who they are, or where are they

— Nem Carne Nem Peixe (Not Meat Nor Fish, in collaboration with GATA/Activism and Art
Transformation Group). Tasting menu for the celebration of GATA’s anniversary, around the main
theme of “gender equality”. At Contagiarte, Oporto (Portugal).
— ® [Marca Registada] (® [Trademark], in collaboration with many performing artists). A
personalized catering service offered to the artists of the 8th edition of Circular/Performing Arts
Festival (Vila do Conde, Portugal). Textual and visual documentation:
— Azeitegeist (Olive Oily). Workshop, performance and tasting menu, Portuguese-German inspired. For
the event “German Mark”, organized by Teatro Praga to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Goethe
Institut in Portugal.
— As Bocas dos Mortos (The Dead Mouths, in collaboration with Renata Portas). Personalized menu
and theme dinner-party, inspired by the texts of Heiner Müller. Collaboration with the chef André
Portas. At Contagiarte, Oporto (Portugal).
— Vou À Tua Mesa [Youtube Cooking Show] (I Go To Your Table). A conceptual cooking show for
Youtube. First Season [“Chef Rø Goes Alentejo”, 2010] produced during Nomad Lab’s residency,
co-produced by Nomad Dance Academy and O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal), in
collaboration with artists from Portugal, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria and Romania. Second
Season [“Chef Rø’s back in Minho”, 2011/12] produced by Encontrarte Festival/Amares (Portugal).
Third Season [“Chef Rø at Gralheira”, 2011/12] produced by Magaio Voicespaces Festival, co-
produced by Binaural (S. Pedro do Sul, Portugal). All seasons online:
— Anti-Restaurant Nova Criação™ (a project by Estrutura company). A series of “underground
dining” events in private places (Lisbon) and a final presentation at Teatro Praga. Co-creation with
José Nunes and Cátia Pinheiro. Collaboration with many artists and invited chefs.
— Arte Da Mangiare (Edible Art, a collaboration with the philosopher Nuno Miguel).
Performance/Sound Installation for the TELL Festival (Passos Manuel, Oporto, Portugal). Second
presentation: Add-Wood Festival (Purex, Lisbon).
— Noites Ruminantes (Ruminant Nights). Three different gastronomic and musical events produced by
Prado/espaço ruminante, at Teatro Municipal S. Luiz’s Winter Garden, in Lisbon (Portugal). First
event: “Chef Rø’s Private Collection” (inspired by Patrícia Portela’s theatre work). Second event:
“Food Must Be Beautiful” (inspired by Marina Abramovic’s work). Third event: “Around The World
In 80 Minuts” (inspired by Jules Verne’s oeuvre).
— Do sensual absoluto e outras estéticas tecno-emocionais (About the absolut sensuality and other
techno-emotional aesthetics, a collaboration with the philosopher Nuno Miguel). Video-installation
presented at LUPA Festival (La Marmita, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal).
— Belo Cirúrgico (Surgical Beauty, a collaboration with Salão de Beleza Bela). Video-installation for
the online television project “Bela TV”, a collaboration with Mariana Tengner Barros, António MV
and Nuno Miguel.
— Buffet Micro-Biológico (Micro-Biological Buffet, a collaboration with Cooking LAB). A conceptual
tasting menu and a Molecular Gastronomy workshop, held during the event “The Microorganisms
Day”, produced by the Science Pavillion, and Prado/espaço ruminante, in Lisbon (Portugal).
— Summer Love Liqueur. Conceptual cocktail commissioned by Teatro Praga for the show “Midnight
Summer Dream”. At Belém’s Cultural Centre, Lisbon, Portugal.

— Amigos Coloridos (Friends With Benefits). Foodjaying event for the closing party of Alkantara
Festival, produced by Prado/espaço ruminante. At Teatro Municipal S. Luiz’s Winter Garden, Lisbon,
— Vou À Tua Mesa [Radio Show] (by Rogério Nuno Costa, with the collaboration of 10 performing
artists). An audio gastronomic/artistic experimentation for the project “Auto Rádio Alkantara”,
produced by Prado/espaço ruminante, at Alkantara Festival (Lisbon, Portugal).
— Bollyfood. Personalised catering, inspired by Indian-American fusion food, for the lauching of the
soundtrack “Demo”, a musical performance by Teatro Praga. At Espaço Praga, Lisbon, Portugal.
— Vanguardas Ruminantes (Ruminant Avant-gardes). Closing dinner-party to the series of conferences
produced by Prado/espaço ruminante. Sous-chef of Annick Gernaye. At Volúpia Café, Lisbon,
— Cha Cha Cha + Casa Cena. Invited chef for two theatre performance shows produced by Cão
Solteiro theatre company. At Casa dos Dias da Água and Casa Cena, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Workshops, Classes and Master Classes [as a teacher]
— University [Year One]. A series of masterclasses, lectures/conferences and working groups
around various themes related to the infamous “university crisis”. A collaboration with many
cultural institutions and universities in Portugal and abroad. First session: ZonaD Dancelabs,
produced by Gabriela Tudor Foundation, in Bucharest (Romania).
— .dk [Dogma Kids]. Creative Process workshop based on the document “Dogma 2005”, for children
aged 8 to 12 years old. Collaboration with Cátia Pinheiro. Production: Núcleo de Experimentação
Coreográfica, Porto, Portugal.
— Dogma ’05. Workshop on Creative Process and documentation-based performance work. At Gil
Vicente Academic Theatre, Coimbra, Portugal.
— Ch-ch-ch-changes. Creative Process seminar with Drama students of the Superior School of Theatre
and Cinema, a project directed by Pedro Penim. Final presentation at D. Maria II National Theatre,
Lisbon, Portugal.
— Going To Your Place. Series of workshops based on the document “Dogma 2005”, by Rogério Nuno
Costa. In Caldas da Rainha (ESAD, 2006), Torres Vedras (Transforma AC, 2006), Oporto (NEC,
2007), Lisbon (CEM, 2007), Hamburg (DanceKiosk Festival, 2007), Braga (Censura Prévia AC,
2007), Berlin (Fabrikationen Festival, 2007) and Almada (Ninho de Víboras, 2007).
— Theatre Writing. At Sintra’s Contemporary Art Museum. Organization: Chão de Oliva.
— Eurovision. Theatre and art theory classes in order to prepare young audiences for the namesake
performance by Teatro Praga. Theme: contemporary parody, post-modernity crisis, originality
critique, meta-discursivity. A collaboration with Pedro Penim, Martim Pedroso and André e.
Teodósio. In Torres Vedras, Portugal.
— Performance. At the Theatre Initiation Course produced by Minho’s University Theatre (Braga,
— Theatre & Movement (based on the play “Prometheus Bound”, by Aeschylus). At the Theatre
Initiation Course produced by Minho’s University Theatre (Braga, Portugal).

Conferences, Lectures & Talks
— Dramaturgia fora de si [Dramaturgy Out Of Itself]. Conference/Game with Ana Pais, Paula Caspão,
Rogério Nuno Costa and Vera Mantero. Casa da Escrita, Festival END. Coimbra (Portugal).
— Looking Back Into The Future. Conference/Performance + Movie screening about Portuguese
contemporary dance. With the artists Joclécio Azevedo and Joana von Mayer Trindade. For the
Festival “E-Motional”, at ZonaD (Bucharest, Romania).
— Post-modern without ever having been modern?. Lecture/round table for the project “Homeland”,
the Portuguese representation at the 14.ª Venice Bienal of Architecture.
— F for Fake/T for True. Lecture/round table around the movies “F for Fake” by Orson Welles and
“Close-Up” by Abbas Kiarostami, for the Cycle Cinema Choreography organised by Núcleo de
Experimentação Coreográfica, in collaboration with Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade do
Porto (Portugal).
— Imaginary Archive. Talk about the work of the American artist Mark Dion. For the cycle “Intensive
Care”, at Memory Museum, in Vila do Conde, Portugal.
— F for Food. TED talk about the relation between Art and Gastronomy, at TEDx Guimarães
— Interactivity & Relation. Lecture at the Architecture Course of Minho’s University. Guimarães,
— Documentation & Performance. Lecture at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Coimbra,
— Polaroid Conversations. Lecturer in the series of talks about urbanism and future cities, produced by
Núcleo de Experimentação Coreográfica (Oporto, Portugal), coordinated by Cristiana Rocha and
Hélder Sousa.

— The Trap. Moderator of a “roundtable” about the namesake dance performance by Mariana Tengner
Barros. At Circular/Performing Arts Festival, in Vila do Conde (Portugal).
— Words & Things. Lecturer in a “roundtable” about the project “A Theatre Show”, by Rogério Nuno
Costa. Production: Estufa/Plataforma Cultural. In Torres Vedras, Portugal.
— Influences. Lecturer in a “roundtable” about the project “WTF?” by Estrutura theatre company. Co-
production: Mundo Perfeito and ZDB Gallery. Lisbon, Portugal.
— Generosity In Contemporary Art. Lecturer in a “roundtable” moderated by Nelson Guerreiro, with
the participation of the performing and visual artists João Galante, João Pedro Vale, Susana Mendes
Silva and Patrícia Portela. At Forum Dança, Lisbon, Portugal.
— The 5 Obstructions [working session]. Lecture for the project “The Spectator’s Opportunity
[leftovers, tracks & traces]”, with the collaboration of João Fiadeiro and David-Alexandre Guéniot.
At Atelier Real (Lisbon, Portugal).
— Dogma ’95 vs. Dogma ’05. Lecture for the Master students of Multimedia Arts, at the Beaux-Arts
Faculty, Lisbon University, Portugal.
— The Curator’s House. Lecture about the namesake project by Rogério Nuno Costa. Organization:
REDE. At Atelier Re-Al, with the collaboration of Nelson Guerreiro and João Fiadeiro. Lisbon,
— Dogma 2005. Conference produced by TanzFabrik, with the participation of German artists, art critics
and curators. At Fabrikationen Festival, Berlin, Germany.
— Representations. Conference/roundtable with the architect Cristina Castelo Branco. For the project
“Ways of inventing cities”, organized by Luís Filipe Cristóvão. At Transforma AC (Torres Vedras,
— Going To Your Place. Roudtable about the trilogy by Rogério Nuno Costa, organized by ‘A Sala’,
Oporto, Portugal.
— Contemporary Theatre Movements. Lecturer in a class directed by Nelson Guerreiro, at the Superior
School of Arts & Design, for Drama and Cultural Animation students. Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.
— Observatory. Series of roundtables around the issues of site-specificity and curatorship. At A8 LAB
Festival, Torres Vedras/Portugal, produced by Transforma AC, with the participation of many
performing artists.
— On The Way/Final Cut. A conference/talk and an installation to close the public presentation of the
performance “On The Way”, by Rogério Nuno Costa. At Centro em Movimento, Lisbon, Portugal.
— Going To Your Place/Director’s Cut. A conference/talk and an installation to close the public
presentation of the performance “Going To Your Place”, by Rogério Nuno Costa. At Centro em
Movimento, Lisbon, Portugal.

— Finger Food™. Post-dramatic theatre play/essay for the first edition of the magazine Retina,
published by Colectivo 111.
— Super-Pop. Essay for the program of the show “Golden particles in a world mostly dressed in black”,
by choreographer Joana Castro. Teatro do Campo Alegre, Porto (Portugal).
— Myopia is the new Utopia. Poetic essay for the no. 7 of Fanzine magazine.
— Why Join The Navy If We Can Be Pirates?. Text for the program of E-Motional reflection platform
(Portugal, Romania & Latvia). About dance, mobility, collaborations and creative processes.
— Perto… Tanto Quanto Possível. Text for the show’s program choreographed by Joana Castro &
Bruno Senune. Premiere at Teatro Campo Alegre, Porto (Portugal).
— Ar do Tempo. Text (“recipe”) on Gastronomy and Philosophy. Flanzine #3.
— Aesth(Ethics). Notas para a compreensão do meu trabalho à luz do projecto “Cuidados
Intensivos”, de Joclécio Azevedo. Final paper about the participation in the curatorial program
“Intensive Care”, directed by Joclécio Azevedo. To be featured in the exhibition’s catalogue, to be
launched next September 2014.
— Public Domain. Coordination and direction of the documentation project (catalogue) for MAP/P
2013 and 2014 festivals, produced by Fábrica de Movimentos. Lauching: 2015.
— Post-Pop™. Program texts for the performances “Rare: a naïve and utopian discourse” and “Nil
City”, by the choreographer Flávio Rodrigues. Balleteatro, Porto, Portugal.
— Chef Rø at Gralheira. Essay about the artistic residency in S. Pedro do Sul (Portugal) for the Festival
“Magaio Voicespaces” (production: Binaural), published in the namesake catalogue. Themes: art,
food and anthropology.
— University/Yliopisto. Series of texts and essays around the project by Rogério Nuno Costa. Themes:
trans-artistic pedagogy, alter-modernism, pop culture. All published in the blog:
— Big Curator Is Watching You!. Online catalogue for the documentation project of “The Spectator’s
Opportunity”, by Rogério Nuno Costa (curator and artistic director). With the collaboration of many
artists and theorists. Themes: artistic freedom, guerrilla art, documentation, surveillance, reality vs
— Aesth(ethics). Series of essays published by Atelier Real’s art newspaper, organized by David-
Alexandre Guéniot.
— To Have And Not To Hold. Essay for the catalogue of the project “Garbage Pin”, organized by the
visual artist Ana Cardim. Themes: creativity, dogma, ethics of the observer.
— Midnight Winter Dream. Essay published in the magazine “Toque de Saída”, produced by Escola
Secundária de Amares (Portugal). Theme: autobiography.
— Outside Home Version. Essay about the presentation of “Side C” in Évora (Portugal), for the nr. 2
issue of the magazine “Dance Cahiers”. Production: Évora’s Contemporary Dance Company.
Themes: contextuality, autobiography.
— About a critique on originality (notes for the understanding of “Eurovision”, by Teatro Praga).
Essay about the theatre show “Eurovision”, by Portuguese theatre company Teatro Praga. Online
publication commissioned by the critic Tiago Bartolomeu Costa. Themes: post-modernity, post-
dramatic theatre, parody and reenactment.
— Dogma 2005. Art manifesto, presented publicly for the first time at Taborda Theatre (16th November
2005) and later on in many different cultural venues (in Portugal and many European countries). The
text comprises Rogério Nuno Costa’s personal and artistic statements. The document has been studied
by many scholars and theorists. It was thoroughly used in a series of workshops and master classes
directed by Rogério Nuno Costa himself, a 2-years process that led to the curatorial project “The
Spectator’s Opportunity” (2007/08). Translated to English and German, it was partially published in
the fanzines “SchwungBein” (Berlin, 2007) and “Enfarte” (Barcelos/Portugal, 2011). As far as 2013,
the manifesto has been used by a total of 15 artists and documentarists.
— Sensible Object. Essay about the relations between site-specific work and the theatrical practice,
published in the nr. 1 issue of ArtinSite, organized by Transforma AC (Torres Vedras, Portugal).
— Utopia. Essay about Centro em Movimento, a dance and performance centre in Lisbon. Online
— A8/Ongoing Arts. Short essays about the activities of the A8 Festival (produced by Transforma AC,
Torres Vedras, Portugal). All texts distributed freely to the audience.

— Sleepwalkers (by Patrick Mendes). Short experimental film written and directed by Patrick Mendes.
Production: Jumpcut.
— Masterchef (Endemol/RTP). Television. Finalist in the cooking competition TV Show.
— Lavado em Lágrimas (Washed By Tears, by Rosa Coutinho Cabral). Cinema. Written and directed
by Rosa Coutinho Cabral. Production: Paulo Branco/Madragoa Filmes.
— Querença (Willing, based on Fernando Correia da Silva’s namesake romance). Cinema. Directed by
Edgar Feldman. Production: Paulo Rocha/Suma Filmes.
— Big Party. Advertising/Television spot. Directors: João Anahory and José Carlos Bontempo.
— O Último Beijo (The Last Kiss). Soap opera. Special appearance. Production: Fealmar.
— Super-Pai (Super-Dad). Soap opera. Special appearance. Production: Fealmar.
— Cuidado Com As Aparências (Keeping Up Appearances). Television Series. Special appearance.
Production: D&D.

Other Works & Collaborations
— Wanted. Artistic collaboration in the theatre show by Cátia Pinheiro & José Nunes
(Estrutura), premiered at Mala Voadora, Porto (Portugal).
— 10 Anos. 10 Noites. 1 Década Revista. Assistant producer for Velha-a-Branca’s 10.º anniversary
performing arts event. In Braga (Portugal).

— The Walk. Assistant to the interactive work created by Cátia Pinheiro. Produced by Núcleo de
Experimentação Coreográfica for the Edifício AXA and Avenida dos Aliados (Porto, Portugal).
— Miku’s Calaca [Fashion show, SS 2013]. Styling, artistic collaboration and production assistance for
the fashion show of Jordann Santos/Autopsy, at Bloom/Portugal Fashion, Alfândega do Porto,
— Mis-Behave!. Foodjaying event during the closing party of Encontrarte Festival (Amares/Portugal).
— Turbo-Folk. Artistic consultancy for Teatro Praga’s namesake theatre performance. Teatro Municipal
S. Luiz, Lisbon, Portugal.
— My Place. Video-installation. At Fabrikationen Festival, produced by Tanzfabrik, Berlin (Germany).
— Dedicatórias (by Lúcia Sigalho). Direction assistance to the theatre performance by Lúcia
Sigalho/Sensurround Theatre Company. At Armazém do Ferro (Lisbon), and S. João National
Theatre (Oporto).

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