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Published by: elbuscador2012 on May 08, 2013
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$ TO PLACE TO PLACE $ TO STEAL TO STEAL $10 Mins 10 Mins $15 Mins 15 Mins $30 Mins 30 Mins $360 Controller

360 Controller $45 Mins 45 Mins $5 Mins 5 Mins $60 Mins 60 Mins $Accept Accept $Activate Activate $Actor Fade Actor Fade $Add Add $Animals Killed Animals Killed $ARMOR ARMOR $Armor Improved Armor Improved $Armor Made Armor Made $Armor Rating Armor Rating $Arrows Arrows $Assaults Assaults $Audio Audio $Auto-Move Auto-Move $Automatons Killed Automatons Killed $Autosave Timer Autosave Timer $Back Back $Backstabs Backstabs $Barters Barters $Books Read Books Read $Brawls Won Brawls Won $Bribes Bribes $Brightness Brightness $Bunnies Slaughtered Bunnies Slaughtered $Buy Buy $Cancel Cancel $Carry Weight Carry Weight $Charge Charge $Charges Charges $CHARGES CHARGES $Chests Looted Chests Looted $Civil War Quests Completed Civil War Quests Completed $College of Winterhold Quests Completed College of Winterhold Quests Completed $COMBAT COMBAT $Conjuration Conjuration $CONTINUE CONTINUE $Controls Controls $CONTROLS CONTROLS $Cost Cost $COST COST $CRAFTING CRAFTING $Creatures Killed Creatures Killed $CREDITS CREDITS $CRIME CRIME $Critical Strikes Critical Strikes $Crosshair Crosshair $Current Location Current Location $Daedra Killed Daedra Killed $Daedric Quests Completed Daedric Quests Completed $DAMAGE DAMAGE $Damage Damage $Days as a Vampire Days as a Vampire

$Days as a Werewolf Days as a Werewolf $Days Jailed Days Jailed $Days Passed Days Passed $Defaults Defaults $Delete Delete $Delete this save? Delete this save? $Desktop Desktop $DETECTED DETECTED $Dialogue Subtitles Dialogue Subtitles $Difficulty Difficulty $Disabled Disabled $Diseases Contracted Diseases Contracted $Display Display $Done Done $DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT $Dragon Souls Collected Dragon Souls Collected $Dragons Killed Dragons Killed $Drop Drop $Dungeons Cleared Dungeons Cleared $Eastmarch Bounty Eastmarch Bounty $Easy Apprentice $Eat Eat $Effects Effects $Equip Equip $Exit Exit $FACTION FACTION $Falkreath Bounty Falkreath Bounty $Favorite Favorite $Favorite School Favorite School $Favorite Shout Favorite Shout $Favorite Spell Favorite Spell $Favorite Weapon Favorite Weapon $Favorites Favorites $Fines Paid Fines Paid $Food Eaten Food Eaten $Footsteps Footsteps $Forward Forward $Gameplay Gameplay $GENERAL GENERAL $GENERAL STATS GENERAL STATS $General Subtitles General Subtitles $Give Give $GIVE GIFT GIVE GIFT $Gold Gold $Gold Found Gold Found $Grass Fade Grass Fade $Haafingar Bounty Haafingar Bounty $Hard Expert $Health Health $HEALTH HEALTH $HELP HELP $HIDDEN HIDDEN $Hjaalmarch Bounty Hjaalmarch Bounty $Horses Owned Horses Owned $Horses Stolen Horses Stolen $hour hour $hours hours $Hours Slept Hours Slept $Hours Waiting Hours Waiting $Houses Owned Houses Owned

$How many? How many? $HUD Opacity HUD Opacity $Ingredients Eaten Ingredients Eaten $Ingredients Harvested Ingredients Harvested $Input Mapping Input Mapping $Intimidations Intimidations $Inv/INV Inv/INV $Invert Y Invert Y $Item Fade Item Fade $ITEMS ITEMS $Items Pickpocketed Items Pickpocketed $Items Stolen Items Stolen $Jail Escapes Jail Escapes $Journal Journal $Jump Jump $Large Large $Largest Bounty Largest Bounty $Left Attack/Block Left Hand $LEVEL LEVEL $Level Level $Level Progress Level Progress $LEVEL UP LEVEL UP $Light Fade Light Fade $LOAD LOAD $Load this game? Load this game? $Load this game? All unsaved progress will be lost. Load this game? All unsa ved progress will be lost. $Loading downloadable content... Loading downloadable content... $Loading extra content. Loading downloadable content. Please wait... $Local Map Local Map $Locations Discovered Locations Discovered $Lock Level Lock Level $Lockpicking Lockpicking $Lockpicks Broken Lockpicks Broken $Lockpicks Left Lockpicks Left $Locks Picked Locks Picked $Look Sensitivity Look Sensitivity $lvl lvl $Mag Mag $MAGIC MAGIC $Magic Items Made Magic Items Made $Magicka Magicka $MAGICKA MAGICKA $Main Menu Main Menu $Main Quests Completed Main Quests Completed $MAP MAP $Marketplace Xbox LIVE Marketplace $Master Master $Mauls Mauls $Medium Medium $Menus Menus $min min $mins mins $Misc Objectives Completed Misc Objectives Completed $MISCELLANEOUS MISCELLANEOUS $Most Gold Carried Most Gold Carried $Mouse Acceleration Mouse Acceleration $Murders Murders $Music Music $NAME NAME

$Necks Bitten Necks Bitten $NEW NEW $New content available New content available! $Next/Prev Next/Prev $Nirnroots Found Nirnroots Found $No No $No content downloaded No content downloaded $Normal Adept $Object Fade Object Fade $Object LOD Fade Object LOD Fade $OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES $OK OK $Open Xbox LIVE Marketplace? Open Xbox LIVE Marketplace? $Pause System Tab $People Killed People Killed $per sec per sec $Perks to increase: Perks to increase: $Persuasions Persuasions $Player Gold Gold $Pockets Picked Pockets Picked $Poisons Mixed Poisons Mixed $Poisons Used Poisons Used $Potions Mixed Potions Mixed $Potions Used Potions Used $Power Power $Press a button to map to this action. Press a button to map to this action. $Press [START] PRESS START $QUEST QUEST $Questlines Completed Questlines Completed $QUESTS QUESTS $Quests Completed Quests Completed $Quick Inventory Quick Inventory $Quick Magic Quick Magic $Quick Map Quick Map $Quick Stats Quick Stats $Quickload Quickload $Quicksave Quicksave $QUIT QUIT $Quit to desktop? Any unsaved progress will be lost. Quit to desktop? Any un saved progress will be lost. $Quit to main menu? Any unsaved progress will be lost. Quit to main menu? Any unsaved progress will be lost. $RACE RACE $Read Read $Ready Weapon Ready/Sheathe $RECHARGE RECHARGE $Reset settings to default values? Reset settings to default values? $Rest how long? Rest how long? $Right Attack/Block Right Hand $Rotate Lock Rotate Lock $Rotate Pick Rotate Pick $Run Run $SAVE SAVE $Save on Pause Save on Character Menu $Save on Rest Save on Rest $Save on Travel Save on Travel $Save on Wait Save on Wait $Save over this game? Save over this game? $Saving content. Please don't turn off your console. Saving content. Please d on't turn off your console.

$Saving... Saving... $sec sec $secs secs $Select Select $Select items to craft Select items to craft $Sell Sell $Set Destination Set Destination $SETTINGS SETTINGS $Shadow Fade Shadow Fade $Shout Shout/Power $Shouts Learned Shouts Learned $Shouts Mastered Shouts Mastered $Shouts Unlocked Shouts Unlocked $Show Floating Markers Show Floating Markers $Show on Map Show on Map $Side Quests Completed Side Quests Completed $Skill Books Read Skill Books Read $Skill Increases Skill Increases $SKILLS SKILLS $Small Small $Sneak Sneak $Sneak Attacks Sneak Attacks $Soul Gems Used Soul Gems Used $Souls Trapped Souls Trapped $Specularity Fade Specularity Fade $Spells Learned Spells Learned $Sprint Sprint $Stamina Stamina $STAMINA STAMINA $Standing Stones Found Standing Stones Found $Steal Steal $Stolen Stolen $Store Store $Stores Invested In Stores Invested In $Strafe Left Strafe Left $Strafe Right Strafe Right $SYSTEM SYSTEM $Take Take $Take All Take All $TAKE GIFT TAKE GIFT $Texture Size Texture Size $That button is reserved. That button is reserved. $The Companions Quests Completed The Companions Quests Completed $The Dark Brotherhood Quests Completed The Dark Brotherhood Quests Completed $The Pale Bounty The Pale Bounty $The Reach Bounty The Reach Bounty $The Rift Bounty The Rift Bounty $Thieves' Guild Quests Completed Thieves' Guild Quests Completed $Times Jailed Times Jailed $Times Married Times Married $Times Shouted Times Shouted $Times Trained This Level Times Trained This Level $Toggle Active Toggle Active $Toggle Always Run Toggle Always Run $Toggle POV Toggle POV $Total Lifetime Bounty Total Lifetime Bounty $Train Train $Trainer Trainer $Training Sessions Training Sessions $Tree LOD Fade Tree LOD Fade

$Trespasses Trespasses $Tribal Orcs Bounty Tribal Orcs Bounty $Turn Pages Turn Pages $Tween Menu Character Menu $Undead Killed Undead Killed $Unfavorite Unfavorite $UNKNOWN UNKNOWN $Unlock Unlock $Use Use $VALUE VALUE $Vampirism Cures Vampirism Cures $Vendor Gold Vendor Gold $Very Easy Novice $Very Hard Master $Vibration Vibration $Voice Voice $Wait Wait $Wait how long? Wait how long? $Weapons Disarmed Weapons Disarmed $Weapons Improved Weapons Improved $Weapons Made Weapons Made $WEIGHT WEIGHT $Werewolf Transformations Werewolf Transformations $Whiterun Bounty Whiterun Bounty $Wings Plucked Wings Plucked $Winterhold Bounty Winterhold Bounty $Words Of Power Learned Words Of Power Learned $Words Of Power Unlocked Words Of Power Unlocked $World Map World Map $Yes Yes $You leveled up! Choose an attribute to advance: You leveled up! Choose an attribute to advance: $Zoom Zoom $[NEW SAVE] [NEW SAVE]

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