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Construction Project Brief Sample-2

Construction Project Brief Sample-2

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Published by Chan Siew Chong
Construction Project Brief for Reference
Construction Project Brief for Reference

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Published by: Chan Siew Chong on May 09, 2013
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1. Project title: Construction of the Obala-Batchenga-Bouam road (280 km) 2. Location: The project is situated in the Centre and East regions. The itinerary links Obala (Centre) to Bouam (East) ; while ensuring the economic integration of the Northen regions, and the opening-up of Cameroon neighbouring markets, especially Chad and the Central African Republic via North Cameroon. This road crosses agro-industrial, forest and fishing zones in Cameroon. 3. Sector: Transport 4. State of preparation: Project aim: Executing works on the Obala-Mbgaba road section (lots 1, 2 and 3) for which the Cameroon Government has already conducted technical studies financed from own funds, then conducting studies and executing the Mbgaba-Bouam road section (lot 4) works. 5. Project background: The Obala-Batchenga-Bouam road (about 280 km) is a section of national road No1, current transit itinerary between Cameroon and neighbouring countries like Chad and the Central African Republic. The project is in four (4) lots as follows:  Lot 1: Obala – Batchenga – Nkolessong (80 km); currently under construction  Lot 2: Nkolessong-Nding (88 km); currently an earth road section with engineering structures to be constructed. An invitation to tender has already been issued for the execution of pavement works of this stretch of road.  Lot 3: Nding – Mbgaba (39,43 km); currently an earth road section with engineering structures to be constructed and for which updating studies are underway.  Lot 4: Mbgaba – Bouam (72 km) currently an earth road section with engineering structures to be constructed and for which updating studies are underway. Annual maintenance on this itinerary is below the required level, owing to insufficient budgetary resources. It should be noted that heavy traffic has increased on this road following the collapse, in December 2006, of the bridge over river Nyong at Abong Mbang. 6. Project justification: Once completed, this road would help to: a. At the economic level  Ensure communication between the South and the East on the one hand, and between Cameroon and the Republic of Chad and the CAR on the other hand;  Facilitate the transportation of goods in this region of high agricultural potentials.

Drainage works.  Reduce travel time. as well as the transportation system between the Northern and Southern regions. .Construction of bridging structures over various rivers.5 m shoulders. At the political level  Consolidate national unity through the establishment of permanent contacts with other regions of Cameroon. c. Cost estimate: 140 billion CFA F exclusive of taxes (2010 basis). Project description: The works shall be executed over a distance of 280 km and shall comprise: . Project merits: Once completed. 9. 280 million US DOLLARS Structure: 20GL+ 20GC + 5BB GL= Lateritic graded aggregate. .b. 10. Project objective: . .Construction of a 7 m wide paved carriageway with 2x1.  Ease the intermingling of the populations.Improve the level of service in this part of the priority network.Construction of tollgates and weighing stations.Link Yaounde to Bertoua by a paved road passable all-year round.  Reduce transportation costs.Improve the safety of road users.  Reduce accidents. 7. At the social level  Open-up this area with a high population density. 8.  Ease all-seasonal traffic road.Earthworks. BB= Bituminous Concret Amount (billion CFA F) Lot No 1 42 real cost Lot No 2 Lot No 3 Lot No 4 (Studies + works + control) 35 estimates Basic Solution 46 17 estimates estimates . . GC= Crushed-rock graded aggregates. the project would help to:  Reduce vehicle operating costs. .  Better spread road investments over the national territory. .  Enhance transit traffic between Cameroon and the Central African Republic and between Cameroon and Chad.

Current situation of project: The construction works and the control of lot 1.11. Contact information: Mr. International Affairs and Partnership Ministry of Public Works. Duration: Basic Solution Timeframe in months 28. Hypothesies/Risks: . underway . Actions required for the execution of project: . George Awoumou Division Chief. financed by Cameroon from own funds. 18. Dieudonne Zonou Inspector General Ministry of Public Works Yaounde Mr. Needs for technical assistance: Assistance to the Project Owner for the award of contracts and monitoring of execution works.Issuing relevant invitations to tender .2 Lot No 2 Lot No 3 Lot No 4 (Studies + works + control) To be determined Lot No 1 24 Lot No 2 24 Lot No 3 18 Lot No 4 (Studies + works + control) 24 13.9 19. Yaounde . Internal rate of return: Lot No 1 Basic Solution TRI 12.4 16. Environmental categorisation: This project is listed as category I.Controllable environmental risks. 17. Messengue Avom Minister of Public Works of Cameroon Ministry of Public Works Yaounde Mr. 16. 15.Conduct studies of lot No 4: Mbgaba – Bouam .Securing financing for lots 2 and 3 for which studies are completed and are being updated .Non-execution of works at short and medium term requiring the complete updating of available studies . shall begin in 2008 at the same time the study phase of the other sections shall be completed.Exetuting the works including mechanisms for road protection.Puting in place relevant resources to execute the construction works of lot 1: Obala-Nkolessong. Problems and proposed actions: Secure relevant financing and issue the relevant invitations to tender. 14. as well as mechanisms for the regular maintenance of structures.

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