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NLP poem

NLP poem

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Published by: peterbb46 on May 09, 2013
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NLP Poem - Bill Webb

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An NLP Poem
Bill Webb
Bill accounts for his NLP experience in verse In the last week or two You’ve treated me like you knew

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I spend my time writing verse On subjects quite diverse Though why you think it, I don’t know But I thought I’d better have a go.

So I’m writing rather quick And it won’t be all that slick But at least I’m taking part



mustn’t squander I wonder. But I think that in this arena I’ll tell you about a BMIR It’s a Behavioural Manifestation Of an Internal Representation And yet there is another (perhaps I should run for cover). If our eyes they go and wander Then the learnings.uk/articles/An_NLP_Poem. The territory is on my map There’s feedback but no mishap http://www. did you guess This is known as TDS So a TransDerivational Search Is something now you should research.co.htm 2/24/05 .NLP Poem .nlpacademy.Bill Webb Page 2 of 5 With a subject that’s in your heart Though I don’t expect you’ll learn from me Anything new about NLP.

Can I bore you with language patterns? As the subject matter flattens Milton model keeps me motivated So I know it’s not related When your attention I try to keep Yet gradually you fall asleep. And although you may still hanker http://www. I hope it is not too boring But I think that I hear snoring As my metaphors unwind Sleeping is so unkind Yet I know you understand Mind reading is often planned.htm 2/24/05 .NLP Poem .nlpacademy.uk/articles/An_NLP_Poem.co.Bill Webb Page 3 of 5 And your models of the world I respect as this poem is unfurled Yet the meaning of this communication Is your response by implication.

NLP Poem .co. Bye. quit when you’re ahead” “don’t write another letter “it won’t get any better” So for now I think I will Just say.htm 2/24/05 .nlpacademy. “Bill.Bill Webb Page 4 of 5 For yet another anchor Where the Magical Mystery Tour Has you heading for the door I really think its time to take Yet another coffee break. And now my poor little head Say’s.uk/articles/An_NLP_Poem. Bill Webb Practitioner of NLP http://www. bye.

Tel: 020 8686 9952 All information on this web site is © copyright 1999-2004 Michael Carroll of the NLP Academy.NLP Poem . 35 Brighton Road. Surrey.nlpacademy. If you wish to use the material for any other reason please contact: Michael Carroll http://www. All rights reserved.htm 2/24/05 .uk/articles/An_NLP_Poem. You may reproduce and disseminate any of our copyrighted information for personal use only providing the original source is clearly identified.Bill Webb Page 5 of 5 NLP ACADEMY The Pavillions.co. CR2 5EB . Croydon.

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