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National Plumbing Code of the Philippines (Chapter 2 Plumbing Terms/Definitions) ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene; black pipe ALLEY

Y 2 3 meters ALTER OR ALTERATION change, addition, modification

ACCESSIBLE without obstruction AIRBREAK physical separation AIR GAP, DRAINAGE unobstructed vertical distance between lowest opening (waste) to flood level rim AIR GAP, WATER DISTRIBUTION unobstructed vertical distance between lowest opening (potable water) to flood level rim

AUTHORITY, ADMINISTRATIVE administer /enforce NPCP BACKFLOW water from any source other than regular source BACKFLOW CONNECTION reverse flow can occur BACKPRESSURE BACKFLOW increased reverse pressure above the supply pressure

BACKFLOW PREVENTER vacuum breaker BACK SIPHONAGE backflow/negative pressure BACKWATER VALVE (drainage system); prevent reverse flow BACKVENT PIPE individual vent; revent pipe

BALL COCK valve of an attached ball floating (input) BALL JOINT ball-shaped end held in cuplike shell BATHROOM with shower stall or bathtub BATTERY OF FIXTURES 2 or more similar, adjacent fixtures BELL OR HUB sufficiently enlarged to receive end of pipe

BENDING PIN OR IRON straightening/bending lead pipe BIBB faucet, cock, tap, plug BIDET middle private part; sitz bath, foot bath BLANK FLANGE not drilled for bolt holes BLIND FLANGE closes end of pipe

BLOW-OFF controlled outlet to discharge liquid/detritus BOILER BLOW-OFF valved outlet to discharge accumulated sediments BRANCH other than main, riser, stack BRANCH INTERVAL storey height; 2.43 meters BRANCH, FIXTURE water supply pipe (bet. fixture supply pipe and waterdistributing pipe)

BRANCH, HORIZONTAL drain pipe extending laterally w/ or w/o vertical sections BRANCH VENT horizontal vent BRAZED JOINT melts at temperatures higher than 449C B&S Brown & Sharpe (specification); bell and spigot (ends of pipe)

BUILDING structure built BUILDING DRAIN lowest horizontal piping; 0.6 m outside bldg. wall BUILDING SEWER starts from the end of the building drain BUILDING SUBDRAIN cannot drain by gravity BUILDING SUPPLY water service connection

CAULKING plugging with oakum, lead CAP fitting; closing the pipe end CATCH BASIN receptacle to allow settleable material to deposit CESSPOOL non-watertight lined excavation; permitting liquid to seep (bottom and sides) CHASE vertical shaft (pipe stacks)

CHECK VALVE automatically closes to prevent reverse direction CIRCUIT VENT connects to a vent stack; loop vent CLARIFIER interceptor; grease trap COMMON VENT unit vent; dual vent; (back to back arrangement of pipes)

COMBINATION WASTE & VENT SYSTEM horizontal wet venting (sinks/floor drains) COMBUSTIBLE CONSTRUCTION ignite/burn at 756C or less CONFINED SPACE vol. less than 1.4 cu.m. w/ 250 kg cal of aggregate input rating (fuel-burning appliances) CONTAMINATION impairment of potable water (high hazard)

CONTINIOUS VENT continuation of the drain to w/c vent connects CONTINIOUS WASTE drain connecting compartments CONDUCTOR OR DOWNSPOUT vertical pipe to convey rain water CORPORATION COCK stop valve connected to water service pipe to main COURT open, unoccupied space

CRITICAL LEVEL min. elevation above flood level rim CROSS-CONNECTION bet. potable water supply and plumbing fixture DEAD-END extended portion of pipe closed at one end DEVELOPED LENGTH length of pipe at centerline and fittings DIAMETER nominal diameter as designated commercially

DOMESTIC SEWAGE liquid/water-borne wastes (free from industrial wastes; Sanitary Sewage DOUBLE-BEND FITTING shaped liked the letter S DOUBLE OFFSET 2 offsets in succession DOWNSPOUT vertical portion of rainwater conductor

DRAIN pipe (ground/surface waters, storm water, wastewater in bldg. drainage system) DRAINAGE SYSTEM pipings; convey sewage/liquid wastes DRY VENT does not carry liquid or water-borne wastes DUAL VENT common vent; unit vent


of threaded pipe, tubing, rigid construction

EFFECTIVE OPENING cross-sectional area of water supply FAUCET valve located at end of water pipe FERRULE metallic sleeve; plug is screwed FIXTURE receptacle

FIXTURE BRANCH supply pipe FIXTURE DRAIN from trap of fixture to junction of drain FIXTURE SUPPLY water supply pipe FIXTURE UNIT 7 gpm; 28.3 liters per minute (1 cu.ft/minute) FLOOD LEVEL water begins to overflow

FLOOD LEVEL RIM top edge of a receptacle FLOOR AREA exclusive of vent shafts and courts FLUSH TANK flushing/removing excrements FLUSH VALVE using water directly from water supply pipes

FLUSHOMETER TANK predetermined; air accumulator vessel FLUSHOMETER VALVE actuated by direct water pressure GATE VALVE at right angles; raised/lowered by threaded stem GLOBE VALVE fits against the valve seat (tortuous passage)

GOOSENECK return bend; 30cm.-7.5cm; 3 (faucet); between service pipe and main GRADE slope/fall; pitch GREASE INTERCEPTOR 3 cu.m. capacity GREASE TRAP (interceptor; clarifier) retain grease from one to four fixtures

GROUND WATER standing in or passing through GROUP VENT branch vent HANGERS (Supports) anchors, brackets, cradles HEIGHT OF BUILDING grade line to the highest point of coping HIGH HAZARD (contamination)

HORIZONTAL BRANCH HORIZONTAL PIPE extending laterally; angle of not more than 45 HOUSE DRAIN (Building Drain) HOUSE SEWER (Building Sewer) HOUSE STORM SEWER to the public storm sewer

HUBLESS PIPE CIP (plain ends) bolted steel bands, neoprene gasket INDIRECT WASTE PIPE indirectly connected with building drainage INDIVIDUAL VENT (Back Vent Pipe; Revent Pipe) INDUSTRIAL WASTE free from fecal matter I.P.S. (Iron Pipe Size) INSANITARY injurious to health

INTERCEPTOR (Clarifier) INVERT lowest portion of inside of pipe LATERAL secondary pipeline LATRINE water closet w/ trough LAVATORY wash basin LEACHING CESSPOOL (not water tight)

LEADER (from gutter to downspout) LENGTH OF PIPE as measured along LIQUID WASTE discharge from fixture; no fecal matter LOCAL VENT convey foul air to outer air LOOP OR CIRCUIT VENT MAIN principal artery

MAIN SEWER (Public Sewer) common sewer MAIN VENT (Vent Stack) MANHOLE access chamber MASTER PLUMBER Registered Master Plumber (RMP) NAMPAP Natl Master Plumbers Association of the Phils. OAKUM hemp; hemp rope

OFFSET combination of elbows & bends in piping line PB (Polybutylene) black; cross sectional area: oval PE (Polyethylene) black; cross sectional area: circular PITCH (Grade) PLUMBING art & technique of installing PLUMBING APPLIANCE special class; device

PLUMBING APPURTENANCES adjunct to basic piping system & fixtures PLUMBING FIXTURES (fixture; receptacle) PLUMBING OFFICIAL (Administrative Authority) PLUMBING SYSTEM (water supply & drainage) PLUMBING UNIT min. standard quantity [ one (1) water meter, one (1) water closet, one (1) lavatory, one (1) shower head & drain for bathtub or shower stall, one (1) kitchen sink, one (1) laundry tray, three (3) floor drains, four (4) faucets/hose bibbs

POTABLE WATER (85% corrected) PRESSURE STATIC w/o any flow motion RESIDUAL - pressure drop (friction loss, head, meter) PRIMARY BRANCH base of a stack to its junction with main building drain PRIVATE/PRIVATE USE PRIVATE SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEM effluent discharging to subsurface disposal field

PRIVATE SEWER privately owned; not controlled by public authority PRIVY (Outhouse) PRIVY VAULT (Pit) PUBLIC/PUBLIC USE PUBLIC SEWER common sewer controlled by public authority PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) potable (blue), gray, orange, brown RECEPTOR receive discharge from indirect waste pipe

REGULATING EQUIPMENT valves & controls RELIEF VENT acts as auxiliary vent RETURN BEND 2 - 90 bends; 180 bend in copper tubings REVENT PIPE (Back Vent Pipe) RIM (unobstructed top open edge of fixture) RISER vertical water pipe/extends one full storey ROUGHING-IN (minus the fixtures)

SAND INTERCEPTOR (Interceptor) SANITARY SEWAGE (Domestic Sewage) SANITARY SEWER (Domestic Sewer) no storm water; ground water SEAL (trap seal; water seal) vertical distance from crown weir to top dip SECONDARY BRANCH lateral SEEPAGE PIT (Dry Well; Leaching Cesspool) SEPTIC TANK watertight receptacle

SERVICE PIPE (Water Service; Building Supply) SEWAGE liquid waste; storm/ground water; wastewater SEWER pipe/conduit SEWERAGE, SEWERAGE WORKS constructions for collection, transportation, pumping, treatment, final disposition of sewage SHAFT vertical opening (elevators, dumbwaiter; air well)

SIAMESE CONNECTION hose fitting; wye connection SIPHONAGE suction; less than atmospheric pressure SHIELDED COUPLING elastomeric sealing gasket SLIP JOINT (compression nut/washer; friction ring) SLOPE (Grade) SOIL STACK PIPE vertical soil pipe

SOIL PIPE discharge of WC, UR and the likes SOLDERED JOINT temp. below 427C and above 149C SPIGOT (synonymous with faucet) SPECIAL WASTES (use of indirect waste piping/receptors) STACK (vertical line: soil, waste, vent) STACK VENT (Main Soil & Waste Vent)

STANDPIPE fire fighting vertical pipe 1. Wet Standpipe water pressure maintained 2. Automatic Standpipe System operates by opening a hose valve 3. Manually-Operated Standpipe System remote control device at each hose station 4. Dry Standpipe no permanent water inside pipe STOREY STORM WATER (Rain Water) SUBSOIL DRAIN (Building Subdrain)

SUMP (Sewage Ejector) emptied by mechanical means SUPPORTS hangers, anchors, brackets, cradles SURFACE WATER (river, lakes, seas, ocean) SWIMMING POOL water basin TAILPIECE cut pipe

TAPPED TEE cast iron fitting with thread [Street Elbow) TRAP prevents backflow of foul air/methane gas TRAP ARM between trap and vent TRAP SEAL (Seal, Water Seal) TUBE conduit/conductor (O.D.)

UNCONFINED SPACE vol. equal to 1.4 cu.m UNIT VENT (common vent; dual vent) VACUUM (siphonage) VACUUM BREAKER (Backflow Preventer) VENT PIPE for ensuring circulation of air VENT STACK (Main Vent) VENT SYSTEM protect trap seals from siphonage/backpressure

VERTICAL PIPE not more than 45 with vertical line WASTE (Liquid Waste; Industrial waste) WASTE PIPE free from fecal matter WATER TREATMENT remove suspended solids by filtration WATER DISTRIBUTING PIPE (Distributing Main) WATER MAIN (Main Water Line; Main Water Supply, Main Water Source, Street Main)

WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM water service pipe, water supply line, water distributing pipe, branch pipes, fittings, valves, appurtenances WET VENT vent pipe w/c liquid waste flows WELDED JOINT/SEAM joining of metal parts in plastic molten state

WYE hose connection; two-gated outlets YOKE VENT for preventing pressure changes in the stacks

Taken from UST Architecture exams by Arch. Rafael Alli Recommended review material for UST Preboard Exam Prepared by:

Cast iron pipe Galvanized iron/steel pipe Plastic pipe Brass pipe Copper tube Lead pipe Asbestos cement pipe Glass pipe magnesium pipe Aluminum pipe

Polyethylene Polybutylene

Polyvinylchloride Chlorinated polyvinyl Polypropylene Acrilonitryle butadiene styrene

Welded pipe Seamless pipe

Standard pipe Single hub pipe Double hub pipe Hubless pipe

Change in direction Highest horizontal distance Inside the building near the connection between the building drain and building sewer Outside the building at the lower end of the building drain and extended to grade Horizontal drain serving sinks and urinals Each run of piping more than 15m./50 ft.

(8 possible locations accdg to exam - havent found other answers)

Shower Bathroom floor Garage Near water closet Laundry area Near urinal Kitchen?

siphonage back pressure evaporation capillary attraction wind effects

Gate valve Check valve Globe valve Angle valve Butterfly valve Foot Valve Safety valve

P-trap S-trap 3/4 s-trap Grease trap Bag trap Crown trap Bell trap

Unit vent Circuit vent Yoke vent Loop vent Relief vent Back vent Blind vent Branch vent

A strong, rigid and economical plastic pipe. It resists a wide range of acids and bases but may be damaged by some solvents and chlorinated carbons.

A type of pipe manufactured from low expansion borosilicate having low alkali content; primarily used for the drainage of various corrosive liquids. It is very brittle and should be used when some measure of protection is provided against damage.

A valve that permits the flow of liquid in a pipe in one direction only and closes automatically to prevent backflow.

A fixture providing an opening in the floor to drain water into the plumbing system.

A pipe fitting with a removable plug which provides for inspection or cleaning of the pipe run; also called an access eye or cleaning eye.

A branch vent which serves two or more traps and extends from infront of the last fixture connection of a horizontal branch to the stack.

A pipe attached to drainage pipes near one or more traps which leads to outside air.

A fitting used to connect a branch pipe into a straight run of piping at 45 degrees.

A fitting or device so constructed as to prevent the passage of foul air, gases and some vermin without affecting the flow of sewage inside the pipe.

The vertical distance between the top dip and crown weir of a pipe.

A lined and covered excavation in the ground which receives the discharge of domestic sewage or other organic wastes from a drainage system.

A watertight receptacle which receives the discharge of a plumbing system or part thereof and is designed and constructed so as to separate solids from liquid, digest the organic matter through a period of detention and allow the effluent to discharge into a drainage system.

Also called an individual vent

A vent which terminates on the upper side of the fixture and does not connect to the main vent system. This is sometimes done with the intent of cheating.

A valve in which the flow of fluid is controlled by a rotating drilled ball that fits tightly against a resilient seat in the body.

A type of ventilation system used on fixtures in a room away from partitions.

The unobstructed vertical distance through the free atmosphere between the outlet of a waste pipe and the flood level rim of the fixture or receptacle into which it is draining.

A device or fitting which provides when properly vented, a liquid seal to prevent the emission of sewer gases without materially affecting the flow of sewage or waste water through it.

Any pipe or fitting which makes an angle of less than 45degrees with the horizontal.

A bathroom containing a water closet and a lavatory.

The installation of all parts of the plumbing system which can be completed prior to the installation of fixtures.

Refers to a plumbing fixture that rests on the floor.

A device which discharges a predetermined quantity of water to fixtures for flushing purposes.

A bathroom containing a water closet, a lavatory and a bathtub.

A faucet to which a hose may be attached.

A receptacle for wastes which are ultimately discharged into the sanitary drainage system.

A water supply pipe that extends one full storey or more to convey water to fixture branches or to a group of fixtures.

A vertical line of piping that extends one or more floors and receives the discharge of water closets, urinals and similar fixtures.

The pipe installed to ventilate a building drainage system and to prevent trap siphonage.
(siphonage also syphonage - 2 accepted spellings)

A vent which also serves as a drain. The extension of a soil or waste stack above the highest horizontal drain connection to the stack.

The pipe from the water main or other source of water supply to the water distributing system of the building.

A vertical pipe installed in order to provide circulation of air to and from the drainage system.

A pipe that only conveys liquid waste, free from fecal matter.

A suction created by the flow of liquid in pipes.

A general term for any vertical line of soil, waste and vent pipe extending through one or more storeys.

The flow of water in pipes in a reverse direction from the which is normally intended.

Any group of two or more similar adjacent fixtures which discharge into a common horizontal waste or soil branch.

Any part of the piping system other than the main riser or stack.

A fitting with a removable plate or plug that is placed in plumbing drainage pipe lines in to afford access to the pipes for the purpose of cleaning their interior.

The length of pipe measured along the center line of the pipe and fittings.

The highest part of the inside portion of the bottom surface at the crown of a trap.

The drain from the trap of a fixture to the junction of that drain with any other drain pipe.

A term sometimes used to describe a soil or waste pipe system which is constructed of threaded pipe, tubing or other rigid construction, using recessed drainage fittings.

The lowest portion of the inside surface of any horizontal pipe.

A waste pipe that does not connect directly with the drainage system but conveys liquid waste by discharging into a plumbing fixture or receptacle.

An artificial conduit, usually underground, for carrying off waste water and refuse.

Cased by bicarbonates, carbonates or hydroxide components

Bacteria in water

Caused by detergent

Coagulation, alum is added

Iron in water

Caused by calcium and magnesium deposits

Water softening

Water plus human waste from toilets and urinals

Waste water from laundry area, lavatory, sink, shower and bathtub.

Caused by iron and manganese

Mode of turbidity correction

Indirect water distribution system

Water supply requirement for single family

WSFU value for bathtub, public use

Minimum fixture supply size for lavatory

Toilet - water closet Individual vent - back vent Building sewer Building drain Clean-out P-trap Floor set - floor mounted Gate Valve - full way valve Hub - bell Lavatory - wash basin Vent stack - main vent Common vent - unit vent Soil or waste vent Slop sink - service sink? Flocculation - coagulation