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Maximizer Action Plan

Maximizer Action Plan

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Published by: Kalimah Priforce on Apr 07, 2009
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StrengthsQuest - kpriforce

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Name: Kalimah Priforce

All Action Items For Maximizer
Affirming Maximizer as A Signature Theme
You see talents and strengths in others, sometimes before they do. You love to help others become excited by the potential of their natural talents. You have the capacity to see what people will do best and which jobs they will be good at. You can see how people's talents match the tasks that must be completed. Some people will be intimidated by your perceptiveness and drive for excellence. These people may want to keep you at a distance, and you may feel rejected or like there is something wrong with you. Maximizer talents are valuable because they help you focus on talents to stimulate personal and group excellence. If a group or organization is on the move toward excellence, a talented Maximizer is probably somewhere in the midst.

Developing Maximizer Talents Into Strengths
Seek roles in which you help other people succeed. In coaching, managing, mentoring, or teaching roles, your focus on talents will prove particularly beneficial. For example, because most people find it difficult to describe what they do best, start by arming them with vivid descriptions. Devise ways to measure your performance and the performances of your friends. The best way to identify talent is to look for sustained levels of excellent performance. To maximize most effectively, focus on your greatest talents, as they are your best opportunities for strengths. Acquire and develop related skills. Gain relevant knowledge. Keep working toward mastery in a your areas of greatest potential. Develop a plan to use your talents outside of school. Consider how they relate your mission in life and how they might benefit your family or the community. Study success. Spend time with people who have developed their talents into strengths. The more you understand how strengths lead to success, the more likely you will be to create success in your own life. Always be aware of the strengths you want to develop, and use them. Even talented Maximizers can be tempted to focus on weaknesses. Avoid this temptation. Maximize your own talents by intentionally focusing on potential strength. Know that discovering talents and building strengths are lifelong

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StrengthsQuest - kpriforce
processes. Every phase and aspect of your life will offer new opportunities for maximization.

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Applying Maximizer Strengths In Academics
General Academic Life Consider specialized programs that allow you to practice your strengths. Find mentors and be one. Study success! Find out what made scientists, historic figures, great innovators, and your professors successful. The greatest outcome of college will be your understanding of what makes people, societies, cultures, and groups successful. Select a college or university that offers leadership opportunities in which you can maximize the talents of others. Study Techniques Read wherever you feel most comfortable -- the library, the coffee shop, or home. Discover your best way to learn and stick to it. Determine ways to manage around any "weaknesses" in your study habits. Study the most of what you do the best. Relationships Help others use their strengths to the fullest. Help your friends recognize the talents and strengths in others. Associate with people who appreciate your strengths as well as their own. Meet regularly with mentors and role models for advice and inspiration. Class Selection Select elective courses that will provide opportunities to develop new strengths and hone your existing strengths. Choose your major on the basis of your greatest areas of talent and your personal mission. In what area of study do you have the greatest potential for strengths? Seek classes taught by professors whose teaching styles best match the way you learn. Extracurricular Activities Find an internship or a job in which you can use your strengths. Involve yourself in mentoring or tutoring. Join organizations and clubs that have missions related to development.

Applying Maximizer Strengths In Careers

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StrengthsQuest - kpriforce
Choose a career that allows you to improve on the qualities you already have. Don't hide your weaknesses in your work; just make them irrelevant by fully developing and applying your strengths. Find work where you can help others see their talents and how their talents make a difference. Choose a work environment where your talents will be appreciated.

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