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ra.191 DON GIOVANNI An Opera in Two Acts Libretto by LORENZO DA PONTE Music by W. A. MOZART VOCAL SCORE Including the Secce Recitation English Version by NATALIE MACFARREN With an Essay on the Story of the Opera by H. E, KREHBIEL G. SCHIRMER, Inc., NEW YORK DON GIOVANNI, a liceatious young nobleman. DONOTTAVIO 2. 2 1 we LEPORELLO, servant of Don Giovanni... IL COMMENDATORE, Donna Anna's father. MASETTO, «peasant DONNA ANNA, betrothed to Don Ottario . ZERLINA, betrothed to Masetto . s01i7 Dramatis persona. Peasants, Musicians, Dancers, Demons. Don GIOVANNI. DONNA ELVIRA, a lady of Burgos, abandoned by Don Giovanni . Baritone Tenor Base Bass Soprano Soprano THE SCENE JS LAID IN SEVILLA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE 1714 CENTURY. ut Grdaflich Nostitz’sches Nationaltheater IL ay OTTOBRE i787 Ocet, en LA PRIMA VOLTA? DON GIOVANNI IL DISSOLUTO PUNITO DRAMMA GrOCOSO IN DUE ATTI CON BALLI ANALOGHI Parole del SIGN. ABBATE DA PONTE Musica del celebre maestro SIGN. AMADEO MOZART Personaggi DON GIOVANNI, - .. SIGN. LUIGI BASSI IL COMMENDATORE,, | +. SIGN. GIUS, LOLLT DONNA ELVIRA, | -. SIGNORA CAT. MICELLE DON OTTAVIO, DONNA ANNA, . . |. 1 ||| SIGNORA TERESA SAPORIT! : | SIGN. ANT. BAGLIONI LEPORELLO,, » . . . +. . SIGN, FELICE PONZIANI ZERLINA,. |! I] 1 SIGNORA TERESINA BONDINE MASETTO, il auo spos0, - : | SIGN. GIUS, LOLLI Cori di Contadini, Dame, Damigelle, Ballabili di Contadi ini, Contadine, ec, Don Giovanni. Despite the most diligent and patient searches through theatrical archives, private collections and public libraries, the original house-bill for the first per- formance of Mozart's “Don Giovanni” has not been found. Copies of the libretto used on that occasion have been preserved, however, and the evidence which it and other old publications give leads to the belief that the bill read like the announcement with which I have introduced this prefatory essay. The story of how the opera came to be written is short and simple. The opera v