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TEST 2- seventh grade
I(*) Put the words in the box in the correct place on the picture.






II(*)Underline the correct comparative form of the adjective
1. Peter is the most short/the shortest in his family.
2. Winters in Macedonia are bad but winters in Russia are bad/worse.
3. In my opinion History is the most interesting/ interestingest subject.
4. Paul isn’t as tall/taller as his brother.
5. I think ice-cream is nice/nicer than chocolate.

short 2. Good a. That’s a lot of/a little eggs for one cake.III(**)Complete the sentences using gerunds My name is Maria.He’s never ___________. He isn’t___________. Tall b. (go)___________ to the cinema and (play)_________ tennis very much. IV(***) Match the adjective to the opposite one 1. age.cold V(***) Complete the recipe. Peter is very__________. Most people think she is very strong and ______________. I also enjoy(dance) _________ and (listen)_________ to pop music. personality . Big d.He gives a lot of money to his friends. physical characteristics.But he’s very____________ especially with good-looking boys. Choose the correct expression of quantity …_______________ eggs do we need? Ten. 2. VII(****) Describe your best friend ( name. Mark is a real English gentleman. I’m from Prilep in Macedonia. small 4. 3. I like (read) _________ books.__________________ sugar do we need? 12 spoons. hot 3. that’s a few/a lot of sugar! And not many/not much milk… VI(****)Complete the sentences 1. I think (live)__________ in a small country is great. Hot c.

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