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6369474 DSWD Forms for Minors Travelling ABroad

6369474 DSWD Forms for Minors Travelling ABroad

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Published by Alanis Kaye Sahagun

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Published by: Alanis Kaye Sahagun on May 09, 2013
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FIELD OFFICE_________________________ Name of Minor: Age: Address: Local Phone No.: Address Abroad: Status of Birth:

Date of Birth: Abroad Phone: Legitimate Illegitimate

If adopted or under Legal Guardianship, please indicate Special Proceeding No. PARENTS: Father: Address: Mother: Address: TRAVELLING COMPANION: Name: Address: SPONSOR: Name: Address: Relationship: DESTINATION: Length of Travel (Inclusive date) Age: Age: Occupation: Occupation: TIN: TIN:


Tel. No.

Reasons for Travel Abroad (inclusive reason for bringing minor)

Reasons why parents or legal guardian cannot accompany minor

Where does minor intend to stay during his/her travel and with whom (please indicate names, complete address and phone numbers.

I hereby certify that the information given above are true and correct. I further understand that my misinterpretation yhat may have made will subject me to criminal and civil action provided for existing laws. Siganature Over Printed Name Date Relationship to Minor This portion is to be filled up by the Social Worker Remarks to Applicable Documents Travel Clearance for Minors Travelling Abroad Parental Travel Permit Date Reviewed Reviewd by: Desigantion

Affiant further sayeth naught. Signature of Affiant Over Printed Name Subcribed and sworn to before me this in the City of day of . That said child will be leaving on (Date) for a period of (address) and will be taken of by 4. # and TIN No. That I cannot personally travel with with my child/children due to and will stay in 5. . That this affidavit was executed for the purpose of attesting to the truth of the facts above stated and for whatever legal purpose it may serve. That I am giving my full consent to the travel of the aforementioned child abroad and to be accompanied by my spouse 6.ANNEX B PARENTAL PERMIT I of legal age and a resident of after (Citizenship) and with Tel. having been duly sworn to in accordance to law do hereby depose and say 1. That my child will travel to for 3. That I am the biological mother/father and/or person exercising parental authority of minor born on and residing in 2.

The following are the additional requirements: a) For immigrants minors: Visa petition approval b) For minors to study abroad: Acceptance from the school where the child is to be enrolled c) For minors to attend conference. etc. study tours. if appropriate. f) Two passport size pictures of minor. if appropriate. c) Notarized affidavit of consent from parents/guardian authorizing a particular person to accompany child in his/her travel abroad. Travel Clearance (Minors unaccompanied by Parent/s or Person?S Exercising Parental Authority) a) Birth Certificate on security paper (SECPA) of the minor.ANNEX D REQUIREMENTS FOR MINORS TRAVELLING ABROAD I. e) Latest income Tax return of sponsoring person and/or parents with official confirmation reciepts. d) notarized affidavit of support of sponsor indicating employment and salary certified by the employer. Certification from sponsoring organization d) For minors going abroad for medical purposes: medical certificate of child e) For adopted minors: certified copy of adoption decree . b) Marriage certificate of minor’s parents. g) Photo copy of passport and visa of travelling companion.

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