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USEC Flight Training v1.2

USEC Flight Training v1.2

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Published by tutmeister
Flight training manual for www.usecforce.com, a Virtual Military group.
Flight training manual for www.usecforce.com, a Virtual Military group.

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Published by: tutmeister on Apr 07, 2009
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2.2.1. Comprising a ground beacon and an airborne installation, automatically and continuously
provides the airborne operator with the magnetic bearing of the aircraft from the beacon. The system is
used extensively as an en-route navigation and terminal approach aid.
2.2.2. VOR, operating in the frequency band 108.00 to 117.95 MHz, has a great advantage over any
MF system offering similar facilities, for its performance is not affected by static or night effect. However
the line of sight properties of VHF transmissions limit the VOR coverage provided for low flying aircraft.
2.2.3. In 1960 ICAO adopted VOR as the international standard short-range navigation aid, and a
large number of Service aircraft now carry the necessary receiver equipment enabling them to use the
numerous beacons throughout the world.

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