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Published by Connor Harvey
script for media
script for media

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Published by: Connor Harvey on May 09, 2013
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Andrew is lying in his bed, cuddling his teddy bear! His phone rings all of a sudden! Andrew: oi! Move from me Andrew picks up his phone Andrew: yo! What going on cuzzy? I’ll be there later still We see Andrew in headphones and a microphone, also with a pair of sunglasses on Andrew starts rapping! Andrew: what do you mean, what do you mean, you think you’re sick but you look like a teen! Andrew’s dad knocks on the door Andrew’s dad: Andrew shut up will ya! Don’t give up your day job Andrew: shut up man We then see Andrew getting ready to go and see his friends. Andrew is walking in to a back ally We then see Andrew carrying a knife holding it close to his body. Andrew then sees that its only his friends and puts the knife away

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