Who's to judge: The future of Syria's judiciary - The SJAC Weekly Update

5/9/13 1:46 PM



The SJAC Weekly Update- May 7, 2013

Who's to judge: The future of Syria's judiciary
Millions of Syrians look forward to the day that violence gives way to peace. What that peace will look like, though, is impossible to say. But if anything is certain, it’s that the country’s future judges— and their actions— will reveal a lot about the nature of peace and accountability in Syria. How much power will they have, and what kind of justice will they defend? READ MORE.

The Report: Transitional Justice Strategy Meeting for Syria
For more information about the conference, stay tuned. There will be a forthcoming report outlining the discussions and framework arising out of the meeting.

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The SJAC is an independent, non-political, Syrian-led, and multi-laterally supported organization that serves as a coordinating body for all actors promoting transitional justice and accountability for Syria. The SJAC provides vetted, accurate data on human rights violations occurring on all sides of the conflict in Syria. The SJAC expertise and data is used in the transitional justice process for Syria.

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