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Translation Linguistics

Translation Linguistics

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Published by: Mohamed Sayed Abdelrehim on May 09, 2013
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Ass 1

1- Style.
2- Accurate.

Ass 2
1- Ahmed got the push.
.دمحأ لصف مت
2- Ahmed got the picture.
.عوضوملا دمحا مهف
3- Ahmed has the dutch courage.
.رمخلا برشي امدنع اعاجش دمحأ حبصي
4- All the geese are swans.
.ءايشلا وأ صاخشلا ةيمهأ يف غلابي ام امئاد
5- Pigs might fly.
6- Ahmed left the French leave.
.ةأجف دمحأ رداغ
7- Ahmed full of beans.
.هطاشن ىهتنم يف دمحأ
8- Ahmed was caught red-handed.
.اسبلتم دمحأ ىلع ضبقلا مت

Ass 3
!هليك ءوسو افشحا

Ass 4
1- Emam elgzaly is an authority on islam.
ةجح وه يلازغلا ماملا .ملسلا

Ass 5
1- The company is tax-exempt.
.بئارضلا عفد نم ةافعم ةكرشلا
2- The company is tax-exempted.
.بئارضلا ةصلاخ ةكرشلا تاجتنم

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