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Life under Apartheid in South Africa

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Introductory Lesson: The Apartheid Experiment *see attached lesson plan

The Apartheid Experiment continued Reflection and Discussion of Day 1 activity

Lecture: South African culture and basic history overview

Document analysis Population Registration Act Printed off version of this document will allow for close analysis and mainpoints will be discussed as a class

Overview of other policies under Apartheid -Immorality Act -Reservation of Separate Amenities Act -Group Areas Act -Prohibition of Mixed Marraiges Act

FISH BOWL DISCUSSION abt. the various acts students have been provided w. info. abt. them -results of the acts and how students view them

Discrimination Plagues More than One Nation Lesson *see attached lesson plan

Discrimination Plagues More Than One Nation lesson continued

Specific focus on economic issues in S. Africa due to apartheid (sanctions) -Class will simulate that they are the UN and how they would handle trade relations w/ S. Africa

-Watch a portion of the movie Invictus relating to racial relations in S. Africa due to apartheid - Class discussion

Specific focus on political issues of apartheid -Class will be split into groups and each group must research an important political party during apartheid

Presentations on the research that was done the previous day on important political parties during apartheid

In depth look at Nelson Mandela and his importance to S. Africa

-Document Analysis Mandelas speech after winning the Nobel Peace Prize along with De Klerk *Introduce final project

-Work time on projects

Kaffir Boy Lesson

*see attached lesson plan

.Lecture portraying the drastic changes, but lingering effects, from life under apartheid to life under a democratic regime

A look at S. Africa today. -Students will compare and contrast life in S. Africa today vs. life during apartheid

Review Session -jeopardy game w/ important ppl, groups, events, legislation related to apartheid

Worktime on projects

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Life under Apartheid in South Africa


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Life under Apartheid in South Africa

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