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Emotional Intelligence Test

Emotional Intelligence Test


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Published by: regisrajendgr on Apr 07, 2009
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1) I do not get angry when verbally attacked. a) True b) False

2) I am comfortable with others' grief, even those in close relationship to me. a) True b) False

3) I get angry or fearful when physically threatened a) True b) False

4) I am able to decide to love another and then do so a) True b) False

5) I am comfortable with others' anger and hate a) True b) False

6) I worry regularly in some circumstances.

a) True b) False

7) At times and in some circumstances I feel shame. a) True b) False

8) My anger keeps coming back in certain situations or with specific people. a) True b) False

9) For some things I have done in the past, I feel guilty. a) True b) False

10) At times I feel degraded and humiliated. a) True b) False

11) Regularly I get anxious about some situations. a) True b) False

12) Sadness keeps recurring for me over specific issues a) True b) False

13) Jealousy is sometimes a part of my life. a) True b) False

14) I get blue or depressed regularly. a) True b) False

15) In my life is stress that never ends. a) True b) False

16) I am comfortable hugging other adults of either sex. a) True b) False

17) I regularly allow my own wracking sobs and tears a) True b) False

18) Once my sobs and tears have been released, I feel great. a) True b) False

Questions one through five are true, questions six through fifteen are false, and questions sixteen through eighteen are true.

SCORES 90 ± Emotionally Healthy Person 60- Above Average 30 ±Average Below 30 ± Emotionally Weak

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