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David Fitch 10-28-2005 _______________

(Student’s Name) (Date activity will be implemented)

Sky Room______ ____________________________ 10-21-2005

(Name of Classroom) (Mentoring Teachers Signature) (Date Submitted)
Three - Five
(Age Group)
A. General Information
1) Name of Activity: Children and Traffic
Source of Idea-Author, text, page number (required) Health, Safety, and nutrition Class

2) Curriculum Area or Development Area, Health, Safety, and nutrition

3) Brief Description of Activity: The children will pretend that is dark out and it is time to go
trick or treating but they will have to cross streets, share the road with traffic, and will
learn rules of pedestrians.

4) Focus (three's and up) Family

5) Where? Activity area where activity will be presented Patio

6) When? Approximate "Time Block" activity will be presented. Free choice time 09:00 - 10:00

7) Who? Number of children you will be working with at a time-size of group. 5

B. Activity Planning
1) Why? List purposes of activity.
In this activity, children will develop Pedestrian safety.

2) What? List all materials needed (do not include recipe ingredients unless children are making the recipe in
the classroom),
Materials I will Bring: Materials I can use from Classroom Novel Materials
a) Reflection Tape a) Traffic Signs Traffic Signs
b) Brochure for parents b) Flash light
on pedestrian safety
c) Traffic Signs
d) Flash light

4) List 3 things that you want the children to understand from this activity.
1) Standard rules for pedestrian safety.
2) Standard traffic signs.
3) Walking in the dark can be fun.

5) As a guiding adult, I will transition into activity with the following open ended question:
I wonder what all this stuff is for?
6) During the activity, I will use parallel talk or descriptive statements such as...
1) That is a pedestrian crossing sign.
2) You our walking on the side of the road.
3) We are waling towards traffic.

7) During the activity, 1 will ask the following open-ended questions,

1) I wonder what could happen if I ran out in the street without looking?
2) I wonder what could happen if you had black clothes on and no flashlight?
3) I wonder what could happen if you come out in to the street between two parked cars?