Our Publishing Division has been involved in the compiling and editing of dictionaries and other language learning books since 1968. Our edition of the bilingual Dictionary of English Idioms in various versions (English -French, English - Swedish, English-Greek, etc.) with equivalents and translations in other languages both of the idioms and examples, has been specifically prepared for learners of English, tourists, translators, interpreters, students of the University or the secondary education, teachers, to help them with unusual syntactical structures of the English language. Also it is helpful to learners, teachers etc of the French, Swedish and Greek languages. Versions of the dictionary in other languages are also being edited to come out in the near future. The dictionary has obtained approval from Ministries of Education. All versions of the dictionary have been on sale by major booksellers in England, such as Blackwells, Foyles, Grant & Cutler, WH Smith, Waterstones, Amazon, Samedaybooks, and others, and in other countries, for 4 years now. Also they sell in Paris (Gibert Jeune). It includes all types of phrases (Idiomatic Expressions, Collocations, Prepositional Verbs, Phrasal -Verbs, Proverbs, Formal and Slang Sayings , Words in Context). Presented in handy format (13cmX21cm) for everyday reference purposes, it is an indispensable complement to any general English dictionary. Click here to view sample pages of the dictionary
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French version € 20.00 (404 pages) Swedish version € 27.00 (635 pages) Greek version € 30.00 (800 pages) Email:

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