Murder Mystery Party

You will be asked to introduce your character. Speak aloud the words below when asked.

Madame Foo Foo
When asked, you will have to track down the characters named below. When you find the character, ask him or her the question given. Remember the answer! The answers are essential if we are to solve the mystery.

Heather Bowmer
When asked, you will have to read aloud the scripts below. Wait to be prompted for each piece. Remember to stay in character!

Ooo La La. I am Madame Foo Foo, the famous French fashion designer. Chanel, pah - my designs are much more stylish. De la Choix - pah. My designs have much more style. Armani - pah. My designs have far more style. I have designed stylist clothes for the baroness - just look at her photographs. Such style!

Questions for Other People
Character 1: Samantha Snoop Question 1: Are the late Baroness's precious collection of ancient and precious artefacts real or fake? Character 2: Classy Galore Question 2: Why did you want the fake clock? Character 3: Vincenzo Vincente Question 3: Have you lost money at card games?

What? That can't be possible. You mean to tell me that the clock I have in my stylish home is fake? How could you play a trick like that on me, after all we have meant to each other? You have no style! Boo, hoo, hoo…

Some characters will ask you the question given. When they do, give the answer below. Please be truthful! If someone asks you any other question, just answer: “I’m sorry. I can’t answer that.”

Your Answer

Your servant and assistant is:

Question: Who knows that the Baroness has a son? Answer: Georgy Porgy

Lucy Lastic

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