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Founding Fathers

Founding Fathers

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Published by: unitedtriangle on May 10, 2013
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Our Founding Fathers Are Rolling Over In Their Graves

on seeing the abuses of power and undemocratic tactics being used to push the W illets W est / W illets Point proposal of Sterling Equities and Related Companies: • Shutting out the Community Board and the Borough President's advisory committee from any participation in developer selection – thus violating multiple prior written promises ensuring them that they would participate. Mayor Bloomberg dictating what shall be built in our neighborhood, by whom, and where. Sacrifice of 30+ acres of public parkland for commercial development. Abuse of eminent domain for a non-essential, non-public purpose – to enrich private developers. Give-away of public property worth in excess of $200 million to developer firms designated by the Mayor, for the price of $1.

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W e fought a war against England starting 237 years ago, to put an end to exactly this kind of tyranny! It is time to draw the line. Enough is enough! Reject the W illets W est / W illets Point ULURP application and all of the unAmerican, un-democratic tactics that it embodies!

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