Hi, this is the first time I have ever wrote a book, so if there are some grammar problems I'm sorry.

So lets get to this alright, the books title is “Blood”, “ I might make a sequel if I'm interested or if, I have a good audience. Alright I will let you read now....

“ The one thing I need to survive Blood......”

Labib Rahman my name Labib Rahman © Do not post or place on any site, or use this book for infringement sales etc,

Chapter 1 Jacob
Hi my name is Jacob I have a deep dark secret in my life. I am a vampire yes I do drink blood it is the only way I can survive if I did not drink Blood. I would not survive, for my life would have ended and I would have perished, away from this world. But before I get you more confused,I should start from the beginning....

It was Saturday night, “ I was bored beyond limits”, mom & dad were at uncle's house and Jerry was at his friend's birthday. I wasn't even allowed to call over a friend (Mom's rule). So I went downstairs to go get a decent move to watch. I picked “ Twilight” it was the only good movie we had, I raced to the kitchen, and grabbed a bowl. And picked up a popcorn bag, put it in the microwave and waited. I sat on the couch waiting for the popcorn it seemed like a decade until it was done. I took off the top of the popcorn bag dumped it all in the bowl, and went downstairs to go see “ Twilight”. I sat down on the black couch we bought a year ago, and waited for the movie to start. I sat down that whole night watching the movie when it was done, I heard the door bell ring I walked quietly towards the door. I looked through the hole and saw my smart yet humorous brother standing. I opened the door and saw that nobody was there,I started to take little steps away from the door when out of nowhere a crazy brother jumps in and yells “ I want your blood”! I started laughing like crazy when water started to pour out of my eyes. Jerry started to take off his mask smiling he walked toward me and put out a hand. I grabbed it firm then half way up he dropped me.

Hey what was that for, he just laughed, oh my god you have issues. Shut up you shrimp, say that again and I will make you feel SORRY abiding his rules I apologized. So.. how was the party was it good or bad or in the middle. Horrible they didn't have any girls there was only boys, no cool games and the food was I cut him off, ok I get it, well Mom & Dad aren't here yet. Good cause I need some alone time, call me when were gonna have dinner. Ok I replied, and went to the living room. “Jerry was always like that, violent,short tempered and …. spoiled!”. “ I wasn't always beaten up by him, I had a sister, Emily was awesome, and saved me from that … Thing! “ Of course we had to say good-bye to her, because she moved to Quebec”. “ She had straight A+ mark's on French, she took extra classes for French etc”. “ After she graduate-d from high school, she went to a very expensive University, in London,England”. “ I forgot what the name was, but it was Fancy and she got a scholarship from there”. “ And a great opportunity for the future, she took it got some extra funds, and she now resides in Quebec. “ After Emily left there was her big room, which was given away to my Brother”! “ After that things got worse, I had the smallest bedroom in the house, I thought maybe I might get my brothers room WRONG”! “It was used for his study room, and I still was put in my

small room”! “ As if my brother ever studied, he was too busy going to friend houses”! “ Sometimes I would see his friend's second hand smoking, even sometimes Jerry would smoke, I would never tell Mom or dad”.“ He would do things unimaginable for the human mind to think!” I woke up hearing the door open, hey mom, hey dad. Hey sport you had a good time? I had a good time I lied, had fun at uncles? Yes we popped some champagne, talked and watched some old clips. Say wheres your brother? He's upstairs, he said “ I need some alone time”. I told him I would call him, when it's dinner. Ok I'm gonna go upstairs, hey Jacob can you take the garbage out. Sure dad it's all on me, I won't even ask for an early allowance. I crossed my fingers behind my back, hoping he would fall for it. That's my son, sure I'll give you 2$ dollar's extra all on me. He chuckled, walking towards the stairs. “ Alright I'm getting 12$, cool now I can get some pizza for lunch”. “ Maybe today didn't turn out so bad”. “ But I didn't know what would be coming up tomorrow”.

Chapter 2 Late
I slept well, knowing that I didn't have school today. I made my bed, went to the washroom to brush my teeth. I looked in the mirror, making weird faces, when I noticed a small yet noticing mark on my neck. It looked like an uppercase v, I forgot about it when I turned the tap on. Water started pouring and I washed my face with it. After that I turned the tap off and put some paste on my brush (after washing it). I was in the shower for a long time, it felt like a decade when someone started knocking on the door. Hey stop hogging the bathroom!!! It was Jerry, recognizing the voice, I yelled “ use the other bathroo-m!” I would but, my towel's in there … and my toothbrush! I closed the faucet, and got my towel and head out. Finally, you took ages, what are you a girl! No but you are, and saying that I ran away, before he could catch me.

Hey you chicken! I would sleep with one eye open (chuckles). After I wore new clothes, I headed downstairs, whistling a catchy tune. Good morning, did you brush your teeth? I raised one eyebrow staring at her, of course I did mom. Good, I got some new cereal the one you eat was sold out. Ok mom I don't mind, where is it? Up there, on the fridge. Thanks, I sprinted towards the fridge, opened it, and took out the milk carton. Stood on my tiptoes, and got the cereal it said “ Vamp o's”. Weird but I somehow got attracted by the cover, it had a vampire showing its sharp teeth. And a speech bubble saying, “ I love vamp o's, so will you!” I got a bowl and poured some milk and cereal in it. Then I sat down at the kitchen table. Say mom, do you believe in Vampires? Of course not they're just a myth. What brought that question up, she raised an eyebrow and spoke in her Mom voice? Did you watch one of the rated R movies, maybe called “ Count Dracula”? Of course not, but I did watch a vampire movie.. Twilight! Alright then, well if you ask me vampire's are just a myth, bogus information and, unhealthy information for the grade 8 brain!

Yes I get it, no more scary movies “ No Way”! Alright, I have to go to work, take care of yourself, dinner's in the fridge. If you get hungry here's 20$ order something like pizza. And don't buy any junk food alright! Yes mom, “I might buy pizza with this money”. Ok bye, “she headed towards the door and out she went”. “ I scooped up the last vamp o, they tasted good enough to eat”. Hey dork, what are you done yet? Yes, just finished now, why? Nothing, I just need my space! “ I felt suspicious, was he gonna go, and sneak out, to go to a grown up party he's not allowed to go to?” Hey are you going anywhere tonight? No, why would I go anywhere, there's nowhere to go duh! So why would I go? He started to fidget and twitch. He was definitely going somewhere tonight without permission. Hey I know you're going somewhere tonight! He ran at me with full speed, rammed me into the wall. You better not stick your nose in my business alright?

Got it, not me no way, now can you move your elbow from my neck, it's hard to breath. Ok but if you do snoop around I will make you feel sorrier than you are. I ran upstairs, almost in to tears, but I fought them back. Why couldn't I ever be that strong. I mean, Jerry was only 17, and I was 13 not much of a difference. I jumped on my bed and before I knew it I fell asleep. I woke up checking the time it was 10:35! I ran downstairs checking if mom or dad came. And to my dispute they did. Hey Jake come here in the living room. Alright dad! “ I wonder what it was, maybe just because I skipped dinner?”. I sat down on the couch and asked “ what happened mom, dad?”. Jake where is your brother? Jerry, I don't know I fell asleep, about 7 hours ago. You skipped dinner! Yes, sorry mom, dad I won't do it again. That's not the problem right now, where could your brother be? That's when it hit me, “ He must be at a party!”.

But I didn't dare tell dad or mom, so he's not home? No, we came home right now. I saw that they were in their out door clothes, so it must have been true. Well I don't know where he is. Jake if he did threaten you, and you know he's somewhere tell us! Calm down Harry, it will all be sorted out. No Laura it won't be, he must have snuck out. He didn't know that we would come early today! Early? It's 10 o clock! No Jake, it's 9:35, I clicked some buttons on my watch, to make it 9:35. Ok I'm gonna go eat now alright? Sure Jake, there should be some spaghetti with meatballs. Alright thanks mom, I paced myself to the kitchen. Millions of questions were popping up in my head. Like where was he? Why didn't he come home yet? And several more, but I just opened the fridge reheated the spaghetti in the microwave, sat down and ate. But how would I know this whole thing would affect me, and my whole life as a human!

Chapter 2 Jerry missing

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