Article 1 (Festive Light

What I know? 1. It is about holiday 2. Family reunion. 3. Happiness 4. Present 5. Reunion 6. Ceremony 7. Meeting friends 8. A lot of food 9. New clothes 10. Stress released 11. Forgive and forget 12. Give and take 13. Lights 14. Fireworks 15. Angpau 16. Songs 17. Expenses 18. Big appetite 19. Accidents 20. 1 Malaysia What I want to know? 1. What are the best foods to be serve in festivals? 2. Is it for vegetarians? 3. Is fruits suitable for desserts? 4. Is vegetable suitable for festivals? 5. What are the fruits that suitable for festivals? What I learned? 1. Try use vegetables for the main dishes for festivals. 2. A lot of vegetables can be cooked in many style. 3. We can place dessert at the center of dining table. 4. The characteristics of fruits that is good for desserts. 5. We can try to roast vegetables and olive oil.

We must be generous to others. 3. 4. Changing lifestyles What I want to know? 1. Money. In Ethiopia. Ambition 2. 5. Freedom 9. How to overcome obstacles in life? What I learned? 1. What is the relationship between pens and dreams? 2. 7. 2. What are the obstacles to success? 5.Article 2 (Big Dream and a Ballpoint Pen) What I know? 1. Rich 8. Was the story take place in Africa? 3. Many African children have bis dreams but they don’t have enough facilities. I know that the three colors on the flag has its own meaning. Hardworking. 6. Write the history. 3. Is the pens stand for education? 4. it is hard to get a proper education? 4. Ethiopia’s flag has 3 colors. Imaginations. Motivation. 5. .

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