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The Balances.

The Balances.

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Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting."
Dan. v. 27.


Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting."
Dan. v. 27.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on May 10, 2013
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Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting." Dan. v. 27. Among the guilty children of men there are a few who are placed above public opinion, and who, being accountable to none of their fellow-creatures, audaciously usurp the mountain of the Divine Presence, and exalt themselves above the God of heaven. These have generally been monsters in crime, and the world's masters have usually proved its greatest curse. We are not in Belshazzar's circumstances, nor can we be : we cannot, as he did, profane the sacred vessels of the sanctuary; but we can dishonour the sacred name of God; we can despise

THE BALA CES. 135 his ordinances, violate his laws, neglect his great salvation, and incur a degree of guilt even more . heinous than that of the Babylonian monarch. The handwriting may not be seen on the walls of our houses ; but the condemnation of God is still written in his book against all unrighteousness and ungodliness of men ; and unless we attend to the warnings and instructions of that blessed volume, it will be one day said to each of us, " Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting." Give me your attention while I endeavour to show, I. That the justice and mercy of God will be without impeachment in the final sentence that will be pronounced upon the children of men ; for they will be weighed in the balances of Divine equity : II. When the examination takes place, on which this sentence will depend, some will be found wanting : III. The consequences resulting

from this discovery will be tremendously dreadful. I. That the justice and mercy of God WILL BE WITHOUT IMPEACHME T I THE FI AL SE TE CE THAT WILL BE PRO OU CED UPO ALL ME . I shall not now dwell upon their case who are in circumstances essentially different from our own. We live under a dispensation, 1. Of law, which law we have violated, but which is in its nature holy, just, and good— which is of perpetual obligation, and which condemns us to eternal death. 2. Provision is made fir our salvation in the Gos-

136 THE BALA CES. pel, and which provision is offered to all whom the law consigns to everlasting perdition, S, On the acceptance or rejection of this salvation our sentence will depend. We shall either be acquitted, justified, redeemed, or we shall fall under the curse of the law, and under the infinitely severer curse of the Gospel. Our condemnation is not to be referred to a divine, irresistible decree, nor to any want of efficacy in the provision and in the means, but simply upon our non-acceptance, our own refusal. If you entertain false views of the Divine decrees, the blame is yours : God has neither misled you, nor in any way influenced you to adopt such views. " If I am to be saved, I shall be saved, and nothing can hinder it. If I am to perish, no efforts of my own can avail : it is in vain for me to strive. Besides, how am I to accept or to strive ? Am I not dead ? and can the dead perform the functions of the living?" You may think all this very ingenious and very conclusive ; but if it be the sole cause of your everlasting destruction, the very thought of it will ere long fill you with horror. Turn, or die ! — turn, and live !

Let us inquire what it is to accept or reject this salvation. ot merely a cold assent to the great doctrines of the Gospel ; not a partial acceptance of it, uniting his merits with our own, and thus making heaven partly a gift, partly a purchase : we cannot accept of it till we have utterly renounced ourselves. In humility the soul is brought to acknowledge its entire helplessness and ruined condition, and to depend only on him. Under this

THE BALA CES. 137 consideration of our own state, and of the all-sufficiency of Christ as a Saviour, a principle of love to him is produced in our hearts. This is to accept of salvation, when we see we are lost and undone without it, and can receive it at the hands of God as the gift of his free grace. And what is it to refuse this salvation ? It is not necessary you should deny the divinity of the Gospel, question the truth of its doctrines, or enter upon a course of open rebellion against its precepts. If we have not faith in Christ as a living principle in our hearts, then we reject this salvation. If we do not love the Saviour, we reject him. II. When the examination takes place at THE GREAT ASSIZE, SOME WILL BE WEIGHED I THE BALA CE OF DlVI E EQUITY, A D FOU D WA TI G. That we may know whether we shall exhibit this fatal deficiency, let us ask of ourselves three things :— 1. Are we conscious that ice have broken the law of Goal? 2. Have ice applied to God for the salvation he has offered ? 3. Have we good reason to believe that our suppli-

cation has been heard, and our request (/ranted? You feel in your hearts the greatest hatred of sin ; the greatest dread of a self-righteous spirit; you are sensible of the infinite value of your soul ; you have learned to know and love the will of God ; to obey is your delight ; all your hopes are in God's mercy ; all your strength is in God's grace ; all your anticipations centre in the holiness and glory of heaven; and Christ is the object you supremely love ; in his presence you look for fulness of joy. The opposites of these prove a state of condemnation. III. The consequences resulting from THIS FEARFUL DISCOVERY. fi The wicked shall be turned into hell. For Tophet is ordained of old : yea, for all sinners it is prepared. God hath made it deep and large ; the pile thereof is fire and much wood ; the breath of the Lord, like a stream of brimstone, doth kindle it." 1. Eternal banishment from the presence of God. 2. The reproaches of a guilty conscience. 3. A constant reflection, that what others enjoy might have been yours, had it not been for your determined and obstinate perseverance in the ways of sin. And now I leave you to make your own reflections on the consequences of being " weighed in the balances, and found wanting." 1. 68 FREE BOOKS http://www.scribd.com/doc/21800308/Free-Christian-Books

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