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bank exam
bank exam

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Bank Clerks' Exam
Test-I: English
Directions (Q. 1-15): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/phrases are printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions. A research report published by a reputed international organisation states that one-fourth of the women who die in the world today are Indian. The report adds that the situation in the country was very grave during the last two decades of this century as the deaths were mostly due to malnutrition and diseases. Despite this fact, it is found that the media is indifferent to building public awareness in this regard. From a month-long study of newspapers and periodicals, it was clear that there was no deliberate, systematic or sustained effort to sensitise the public by investigative and factual coverage on women. It was also found that meagre coverage, not more than one per cent, was related to issues of women education, liberation etc, but not with survival and development. The rural woman is hardly figured in the media, so says the report. The expectant mothers are undernourished, anaemic and hence they give birth to children who are handicapped. These children do not receive prenatal care. Even if such children survive, four to six months later they become susceptible to diarrhoea, respiratory or other infections because of insufficient nutrition, incomplete immunisation and improper treatment. The result is that by the time such children reach 3 years of age, they start showing signs of wasting. They do not grow to their full mental and physical potential. Unfortunately, the bias against girl babies still continues. In the slum areas in India's metropolitan cities, there still exists a bias against immunisation of baby girls. The report expresses a feeling that a social awareness and not merely laws could provide women with the protection and the facilities they deserve. 1. What, according to the passage, is the root cause of increasing number of handicapped children? 1) Abundant prenatal care 2) Undernourished and anaemic mothers 3) Lack of awareness among parents 4) Poverty and other social constraints 5) None of these 2. The report believes that the sad condition of women can be changed by 1) Making firm rules 2) Immunisation programme 3) Proper treatment 4) Harbouring bias against girl babies 5) None of these 3. The report states that the media did not give adequate coverage to 1) Deliberate and sustained efforts of women 2) Issues of women education and liberation 3) The research report published by a reputed organisation 4) Issues of survival and development of women 5) None of these The children become victims of diarrhoea and other diseases because of A) want of nourishing food B) inappropriate cure C) inadequate preventive measures 1) Only A 2) Only B 3) Only A and B 4) All three are correct 5) None of these Which of the following has NOT been covered by the report? 1) Women's educational status 2) Social biases against women 3) Women's condition 4) Children's diseases 5) Media apathy The report puts the blame on which of the following for the sad state of affairs? A) Expectant mothers B) Undernourished children C) Media 1) Only A 2) Only B 3) Only C 4) Only A and C 5) Only B and C Which of the following statements is FALSE in the context of the passage? 1) Women from rural areas get more media coverage than those from urban areas. 2) Pregnant mothers, if anaemic and undernourished, cannot generally give birth to healthy babies. 3) People in our country still do not treat men and women equally. 4) Framing of rules cannot change women's ill status. 5) None of these Which of the following can be the best title for the above passage? 1) Media coverage 2) Health is wealth 3) Women's problems and children's health 4) Rules and regulations 5) Social awareness What does the report mention about the people in the







23-32): Which of the phrases 1). 1) among his wife. All the representatives are clever and good at handling people. If I were the prime minister. 10. 2) They are against immunisation of baby girls in particular. / 5) No error 22. 1) You must/2) resign to the fact/3) that you will never / 4) be rich or famous. (Ignore errors of punctuation. son and sister 2) among wife. 1) good at handling the 2) good with handling 3) well to handling 4) better for handling 5) No correction required 25. 3) They live in subhuman conditions. 1) was revered by 2) had revered with 3) will be revered with 4) had revered by . / 5) No error 18. Neither of the two students that has appeared in the exam has obtained good marks. SENSITISE 1) Arouse 2) Immunise 3) Inject 4) Ignore 5) Allow Directions (Q. son and his sister 3) between his wife. WASTING 1) Exaggeration 2) Immunity 3) Symptoms 4) Degeneration 5) Dirtiness 12. 1) The doctor used / 2) to say that / 3) one must be careful / 4)about his health.slum areas of Indian metropolitan cities? 1) They are becoming more and more unbiased. MEAGRE 1) Scanty 2) Inadequate 3) Exceptional 4) Irritating 5) Excessive 15. 11-13): Choose the word/group of words which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word printed in bold as used in the passage. will be in one part of the sentence. 5) None of these Directions (Q. / 5) No error 19. 1) Taking tea he / 2) went to the office / 3) and disposed of / 4) a lot of pending work. 1) A good school offers many opportunities of / 2) meeting helpful persons / 3) and obtain information about / 4) a variety of career options. 1) I and you / 2) are not supposed / 3) to attend the /-4) function at night. 3) be able to give proper treatment to ill children. his son and his sister . 3) and 4) given below should replace the phrase highlighted below to make the sentence meaningful and correct? If the sentence is already correct. 2) be sensitive to only unimportant issues. My uncle shared his property among his wife. "no correction required" will be the answer. FIGURED 1) To draw figures 2) To be included in something 3) To contribute 4) To look attractive 5) To look healthy 13. 1) by bus than train 2) by bus to train 3) travelling by bus to that by train 4) travelling by bus than train 5) No correction required 26. / 5) No error 17. 11. his son and his sister. I had helped the people to come out of the problem. 1) which has appeared 2) who has appeared 3) that have appeared 4) who have appeared 5) No correction required 29. 23. The error. 5) No correction required 28. The number of that part is the answer. 1) He / 2) applied to / 3) learning how / 4) Parliament worked. 1) as far as 2) too far away 3) so far but 4) very far so 5) No correction required 24. 4) They are susceptible to various diseases. INDIFFERENT 1) Different 2) Inconsistent 3) Irregular 4) Apathetic 5) Sensitive Directions (Q. If there is no error. / 5) No error 21. 1) In this school / 2) it is obligatory for / 3) each student to / 4) write their diary regularly. if any. The chief minister of Bihar was revered with the people of his state. ie No error. 1)1 would help 2) I would have helped 3) I would be helped 4) I have helped 5) No correction required 27. 5) None of these. 14-15): Choose the word which is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word given in bold as used in the passage. if any. I prefer travelling by bus than by train. Ignoring the advice. / 5) No error Directions (Q. 16-22): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. the answer is 5). / 5) No error 20.) 16. 4) conduct research programmes to know the facts. 2). 14. the young bikers went so far that they got lost in dark. The report expects that the media should 1) be indifferent to social problems.

4) between wife. he treats a young girl very . 2). The act of sleep walking is called . where 70% of the cultivable (43) is rain-fed. your objective is to attentively and sensitively to employees who you with their feelings. He is . explain 40. since. at. he is intelligent. A survey (49) that every year more than 50. 43-50): In the following passage. each of which has been numbered. More boy than one has failed in the exam.000 have already migrated (50) one block of a district. As a counsellor. 3). It is a long time I saw my friend who 1 ives his parents the neighbouring town. for. 1) opportunity 2) agency 3) destination 4) force 5) course 49. the personal assistant rushed the airport to receive the prime minister. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each. 1) not only intelligent but also educated 2) either intelligent or educated 3) neither intelligent nor educated 4) more intelligent than educated 5) None of these 34. Gandhiji was the greatest leader of India. 33. 4) and 5). five words are suggested. l)but 2) for 3) because 4) and 5) to 45. had no choice (44) to migrate because of the (45) drought. l)fear 2) weak 3) simple 4)severe 5) best 46. supress 2) thrive. 1) soliloquy 2) somnambulism 3) stoic 4) sadist 5) cliche" 38. in 4) since. I will reach the venue in time. or 5) for. The nation decided to erect a fine in honour of the martyr. Being a misogynist. The glass was full to its . suffer 3) enjoy. one of which fits the blank appropriately. l)into 2) from 3) beyond 4) form 5) although . abdicate Directions (Q. Besides being educated. Madhya Pradesh (47) a favourite (48) besides Andhra Pradesh. 1) If I started 2) Unless I start 3) Supposing I start 4) Until I start 5) None of these 36. subject 5) harass. Find out the appropriate word in each case. Walking is still a dominating mode of travel despite of growing automobilisation. there are blanks. 1) coldly 2) intelligently 3) passionately 4) carefully 5) lovingly 39. just now. Migration is an annual (46) in the drought-prone districts of the state.000 people migrate from one district alone. in 3) when. of 2) since. 1) Taking the breakfast 2) Take the breakfast 3) Having taken breakfast 4) On taking the breakfast 5) No correction required Directions (Q. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blank in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete. In the modern world. believe 5) consider. 1) museum 2) monument 3) momentum 4) monastery 5) majesty 37. the cunning selfish people and the hardworking conscientious people . 1) in spite growing 2) despite of growth 3) in spite of growing 4) despite growing 5) No correction required 32. focus 2) manage. with 41. 1) More boy than one have 2) More boys than one have 3) More boys than one has 4) More boy than one has 5) No correction required 31. directed 3) listen. The people of Orissa. son and sister 5) No correction required 30. with. Below each sentence there are five options denoted by the numbers 1). 1) grain 2)crop 3) water 4) area 5) length 44. trust 4) concentrate. l ) b e 2) were 3) is 4) may 5) are 48. 33-42): In each of the following sentences there are certain blank spaces. 1) project. 1) shows 2) collects 3) provided 4) obtains 5) conducted 50. for. 1) dominate. 1) claim 2) affair 3) festival 4) right 5) demand 47. 1) when. Delhi and even Punjab. Taking breakfast. No other leader of India was 1) more great than Gandhij i 2) as great as Gandhiji 3) greater than Gandhiji 4) the greatest of Gandhiji 5) None of these 35. 43. But this year more than 20. l)edge 2) border 3) brim 4) top 5) height 42. mutilate 3) empower.

Test-II: Quantitative Aptitude .

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