WFRP Higher Fantasy Supplement Part 1


The names of the Titans will live forever. There deeds so great that they shall never be forgotten. The Titans are the most powerful mortal warriors in existence. They do not feel fear, no enemy is too great, no man can be there equal. The last Titan to walk the earth with mortal men was named Sigmar Heldenhammer. Note: In order to enter this Career you must have become a legend in your own lifetime. Only by passing numerous impossible tests of bravery can you enter this Career. The GM is the ultimate arbitrator in this matter and has the authority to prohibit advancement into this Career.

WS +60

BS +60

S +50

T +50

Ag +50

Int -

WP +50

Fel +20

A +5

W +20

SB -

TB -

M -

Mag -

IP -

FP +2

Skills: Dodge Blow, Evaluate, Heal, Intimidate, Perception. Talents: Dodge Mastery, Incorruptible Constitution or Resistance to Disease, Specialist Weapon Group x4, Weapon Mastery x4. Trappings: 4xMystic Items. Career Entries: Legendary Warrior. Career Exits: Godhood is the only way up.

Wizard Careers (by by Colour Colour)
Note: In the following document deviations from the Generic Wizard Careers are highlighted in Blue.

Wizard Careers (Amber)
Apprentice Wizard (Amber)
WS + BS + S +5 T + Ag +5 Int +10 WP +10 Fel +5 A W +3 SB TB M Mag +1 IP FP -

Skills: Academic Knowledge (Magic), Channelling, Magical Sense, Outdoor Survival, Perception, Read/Write, Search, Speak Arcane Language (Magick), Speak Language (Classical). Talents: Aethyric Attunement or Fast Hands, Hardy or Very Resilient, Petty Magic (Arcane), Savvy or Sixth Sense. Trappings: Backpack, Printed Book, Staff. Career Entries: Dilettante, Hedge Wizard, Hedgecraft Apprentice, Hunter, Scholar, Scribe, Scout, Student, Warlock, Witch, Woodsman. Career Exits: Hunter, Journeyman Wizard, Scholar, Scribe, Woodsman.


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