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8ooker's llace: A Vìssìssìµµì Story,
u zc¡z documentury fllm ubout
8ooker vrlght, un Afrlcun
Amerlcun wulter who worked ln
u restuurunt for whltes only.
ln ¡ç6¸, vrlght uµµeured ln
Vìssìssìµµì: A Selj lortraìt, u N8C
televlslon documentury ubout
ruclsm ln the Amerlcun South.
Lurlng hls lntervlew wlth
µroducer lrunk Le lellttu, he
sµoke oµenly ubout ruclsm, und
hls treutment us u wulter ln un ull
whlte restuurunt. 1he broudcust
of hls remurks hud cutustroµhlc
consequences for vrlght.
An lntensely µersonul fllm - u
heurtbreuklng µortrult of the
legucy of lntolerunce. Presented
wlth u deeµ sense of comµusslon
und resµect, Lelellttu's fllm ls un
unforgettuble exumlnutlon of the
llfe of un ordlnury mun who
chunged the world uround hlm
when he declded to sµeuk out
und tell the truth.
vhen the ¡ç66 documentury ulred, vrlght wus beuten, fred
from hls job und luter kllled.
1he mostcomµelllng detull ubout wutchlng the cllµ ls thut
vrlght sucrlfced hls µrlde for the suke of hls chlldren,
mulntulnlng u sense of µrofesslonullsm
even wlth the full knowledge thut
whut wus huµµenlng
to hlm wus unjust.
'ustlce muy be too lute for 8ooker
vrlght, but for hls fumlly, there muy be
u fttlng closure to u fumlly mystery thut
huve dogged the fumlly for decudes.
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f08 fhll08£d

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