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ll ucross the country, µeoµle
ure rlslng uµ und demundlng
thut the foods they eut be
µroµerly ldentlfed und honestly
lubeled. And the constltuency of the
stute of Cregon ls no exceµtlon,
where u trlo of leglslutlve bllls
recently lntroduced would requlre
thut ull genetlcullymodlfed
orgunlsms (CMCs) be µroµerly
lubeled, us well us µrohlblt the
lmµort und sule of CM sulmon, the
frst trunsgenlc unlmul to ever be
µrellmlnurlly uµµroved by the U.S.
lood und Lrug Admlnlstrutlon (lLA)
for humun consumµtlon.
E.8. z¡,¸, whose chlef sµonsor ls
Reµresentutlve Leboruh 8oone
8euch, µrovlslons thut ull foods
contulnlng or mude wlth genetlcully
englneered (CL) muterlul be µroµerly
lubeled ln the stute of Cregon. Any
food µroducts mude wlth or
contulnlng CMCs thut ure not
µroµerly lubeled beglnnlng on
'unuury ¡, zc¡µ, wlll be deemed
mlsbrunded, und lts munufucturer
held lluble for breuklng the stute's
food lubellng requlrements.
ln the sume veln, E.8. z¸¸c
µrohlblts CL sulmon not only from
belng cultlvuted und furmed wlthln
the stute of Cregon, but ulso from
belng lmµorted und sold there. As
reµorted ln yeurs µust, the "lrunken
sulmon," known omclully us
"AquAdvuntuge," wus uµµroved by
the lLA ugulnst the wlll of the
µeoµle, und wlthout udequute sufety
studles µrovlng the fsh wus sufe for
humun consumµtlon und thut lt
would not contumlnute wlld fsh.
ln the event thut E.8. z¸¸c ls not
µussed, E.8. ¸¡,, ls wultlng ln the
wlngs us u buckuµ. 1hls blll, whlch
wus µroµosed by both Reµ. Puul
Eolvey und Reµ. Luvld Comberg,
µroµoses to requlre thut CL sulmon
be µroµerly lubeled. Llke E.8. z¡,¸,
E.8. ¸¡,, deslgnutes thut ull CL
sulmon sold wlthout u µroµer lubel ls
mlsbrunded, und thus ln vlolutlon of
the luw.
"Cregon consumers huve the rlght
to know whether or not the food
they µurchuse wus µroduced uslng
genetlc englneerlng," stutes the
webslte www.CregonRlght1o" Cenetlc englneerlng of
µlunts und unlmuls often cuuses
unlntended consequences.
Munlµulutlng genes und lnsertlng
them lnto orgunlsms ls un lmµreclse
µrocess. 1he results ure not ulwuys
µredlctuble or controlluble, und they
cun leud to udverse heulth or
envlronmentul consequences."
CMCs destroy heulth, und µeoµle
wunt to know when they ure belng
used ln the food suµµly.
Suµµorters of CMC lubellng
throughout the stute huve been busy
sµreudlng the word ubout the luck of
µroµer CMC sufety testlng, und the
fuct thut CMCs huve been llnked to
cuuslng orgun dumuge,
gustrolntestlnul µroblems, ullergles,
und even cuncer.
1he Center for lood Sufety, u
nonµroft µubllc lnterest und
envlronmentul udvocucy grouµ, suys
CMC lubellng leglslutlon hus been
µroµosed ln neurly hulf of ull stutes.
And even though u slngle one hus yet
to µuss, uwureness ubout the
µresence of CMCs throughout the
food suµµly ls growlng, und
lndlvlduuls everywhere ure suylng
"Lnough!" to ull the µolltlcul
gerrymunderlng belng µromµted by
the blo technology lndustry.
"1he µroftdrlven motlves to
µrohlblt CMC lubellng ure
reµrehenslble und reµresent un
egreglous lndlctment of the current
heulth cure system," suld Lr. Mury
2eslewlcz, u bourdcertlfed
µsychlutrlst, to stute luwmukers ln
Colorudo durlng u recent heurlng.
Lurlng her testlmony, Lr. 2eslewlcz
exµlulned thut she hus "seen un
ulurmlng lncreuse ln chronlc heulth
condltlons" ut her µructlce, muny of
whlch uµµeur to be llnked to CMC
C|e¸on :e' 'o |an C|
:a|mon anc manca'e
C|C |a|e||n¸
1kete kas beea aa alatmiag iattease ia tktoait kealtk
toaditioas¸ maay of wkitk appeat to be liaked to 6K0
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